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Jamie went to get in his car and I went into the house. I showered and dried myself paying particular attention to my private parts. I put a bit of perfume between my breasts and on the hair on my mons. I wanted to be sweet smelling for my young lover. I chose a frilly bra that I had purchased several years before and I guess I had put on a couple of pounds, well maybe five. My breasts tended to flow over the top of the cups; I looked in the mirror, smiled and thought, maybe he will like this. I put on matching tap pants, popular at that time, a sexy female version of boxer shorts that were loose in the leg. I then chose a filmy negligee that while not exactly covering everything revealed sufficient I thought to be provocative. Then I waited for my young lover to arrive.

After finishing my preparation I waited; five minutes passed then ten and I began to wonder if Jamie had got cold feet. A minute seemed like an hour. Now that I was committed, I longed to be with this young man; to once again share those moments of intimacy that only can occur between two lovers. Then there was a quiet knock at the back door and it opened and in he walked. In his hand were three yellow roses and some fern. I almost cried. “How thoughtful of you; you need not have done this.”

He said that yes he did; he could not come to me without some sign of affection that was not simply physical. I said that I needed to put them in some water and walked to the kitchen. While filling a vase with water Jamie came up behind me and nuzzled my neck reaching around me and taking my breasts in his hands. I pushed back against him I think feeling his erection against my derriere. We stood like this for what in reality was seconds but seemed like minutes before I went back to taking care of the flowers.

When I was finished with the flowers, I turned to Jamie and said, “This is the last chance. Once the genie is out of the bottle, you cannot put her back. Are you sure you want to make love to me?” He responded without hesitation, ‘yes’. I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. We stood face to face and I took his face in my hands and pulled his lips to mine. His arms went around me and our lips met, tentatively at first and then our mouths opened and our tongues explored the others mouth. We stood like this for what seemed like minutes but was likely only about a minute and a half.

He stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. Next his pants came off and lay in a puddle beside the shirt. Off came the sox and then he was only wearing his jockey briefs. His erection was very obvious protruding up and out straining for release from its prison. His hands started to explore my body, running up and down my spine and then gripping my derriere. He pulled me to him and I could feel his erection against my tummy. We continued to kiss and then he moved his attention to my ears and then my neck as his lips found their way slowly down my upper body. His lips moved from my neck to my upper chest, while his hands came up to caress my breasts. He opened the top buttons of my negligee and his lips moved down to the top of my breasts that swelled over the top of my bra.

After a few kisses he plunged his face into my ample cleavage remaining there as he inhaled my feminine smells. Jamie undid the rest of the fastenings on my negligee and pushed it off my shoulders letting it fall to the Ankara escort ground. His hand pushed up on my breasts I think hoping that they would suddenly pop free from their entrapment but no such luck. I reached behind and released the clasp and Jamie feeling the release let go allowing my bra to slip down and then he slowly eased the straps off my shoulders exposing my full breasts. He gasped then leaned forward raising first my left breast to his lips taking the nipple in his mouth and teasing it first gently with his tongue, swirling it around the hardened nub that only seemed to grow longer and harder with such ministrations. He then sucked on it trying to take as much of my tit into his mouth as he could and finally gave each nipple a gentle bite that drove me to distraction.

He backed up, pulling me with him until he sat on the edge of the bed. His head was then in the middle of my stomach. His hands came down and encircled my hips; with one hand holding me tight to his face the other went down and sought out the loose leg opening on my tap pants. It went up my leg and found my ass cheek squeezing it firmly and staying there for a few seconds. Then he moved his hand around caressing the curve of my belly and proceeded to move ever so slowly down the front just brushing lightly over my pubic hair. Yes, in those days few if any women I knew would shave their pubic area. His hand slipped between my legs and traveled downward discovering the feel of the soft skin that lay there. He then changed hands and using the other massaged the other inner leg and moved up until it came to the delta where the two legs meet. I felt his index finger move to my slit and spread my labia trying to find the core of my sexuality. As I was very wet with all of his ministrations, lubrication was not an issue and I guess I spread my legs to help him find access. He found my clitoris without too much assistance and took in between his thumb and index finger gently massaging it at first and then as it grew being more insistent. I gasped with pleasure and sure moaned as he rubbed this bud of pleasure.

He pulled my pants down and pressed his face into my crotch inhaling the female odor that I am sure came from there. I was glad in most ways that I had applied some perfume to my pubic hair. I said “do you like that smell?”

He responded in a husky voice, “Oh Yes! You just wait and see. He stood up and I pulled his underwear down letting his erection spring free. It wasn’t monstrous, remember I am a nurse and have seen a lot of penises, nor was it small. But it was hard and it was reasonably fat and from the liquid I could see and feel emanating from the tip was ready for business. He reached behind me with one arm around my hips and the other around my back and lifted me, turning to gently deposit me on the bed, I had previously had the foresight to pull the covers back. He knelt next to me, first kissing my lips once more before working south over my breasts, ministering to each in turn before moving on over my stomach and belly until my pubis became the center of his attention. Leaning forward he spread my legs and then using the fingers of his right hand spread my labia and blew gently into the space created. With its wetness, the coolness caused by his breath was shocking.

He then bent further down holding my lower lips apart with his right hand and supporting himself with his left. His tongue Ankara escort bayan flicked out and sought my clit. It wasn’t hard to find and after a bit of licking he began to suck it in earnest. I was approaching a climax but he would not allow me to go over the edge yet. He stopped suddenly and I thought Oh No! but he reversed himself, kneeling between my legs and raised my hips with one hand and inserted a pillow under them with the other. He then lifted each leg onto his shoulders and down his back as he moved in for a closer inspection of my most private parts. Once he seemed to be satisfied that all was in order, he began to probe my slit with his tongue starting at my anus and working upward to the clitoris. Back and forth and back and forth he went tantalizing and teasing me. When I wondered when he would bring me to an orgasm his lips found my clit and began to once again suck it in earnest while he inserted his middle finger into my vagina, seeking out my g-spot. I thought that this young man was inexperienced. He cannot be; he knows too well how to please a woman. I was about to say something but he took me over the top experiencing the greatest orgasm I have likely ever had. I shook and gasped and I think almost crushed his head with the pressure of my legs on it.

Jamie took me in his arms and held me while my breathing returned to normal. Then I said to him, “it’s your turn”. I pushed him back on the bed and kissed him deeply then working my way down over his broad chest tweaking his nipples in the process. I took his erection in my hand and then inserted it in my mouth. I licked the head and then proceeded to move my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. I could taste the pre-cum and the thought of having this man cum in my mouth drove me wild. At the same time I wanted him to be able to feel my vaginal muscles grip his member and milk every last drop from him.

My hand found his scrotum and I massaged his testicles as I continued to suck his cock. He was moaning with pleasure as I ministered to his sexual needs. When I could feel his ball sack start to tighten I slowed down to extend these moments of pleasure. As I thought he was about to cum, I stopped and said, “Do you want me to continue and you cum in my mouth or do you want to cum inside me?”

He responded, “Why not both? I have a large load that could well choke you. If we fuck first I will get rid of most of it and maybe you will have another orgasm as well. Then after a short while you can suck me again and I will cum in your mouth.”

It sounded like a great plan. How do you want me I asked? He responded, I think on top of me; that way I can suck your nipples and play with your lovely breasts and my cock will rub against your clit as well as being able to fill your vagina. I needed no more prompting, straddling his hips and guiding his erection into my vagina. With all of the lubrication from my orgasms he slipped in without any trouble. It was such a sensation to once again feel a man’s penis engulfed in my vagina. Oh, how I had missed this feeling. I leaned forward putting my hands on either side of his chest leaving his arms and hand free to be able to fondle my breasts. I slowly started to move back and forth and he was correct; I could feel his hardness inside me as well as it rubbing on that knob of pleasure.

He reached up and guided my right breast to his mouth and he took my nipple in Escort Ankara sucking it and using his tongue to tease it giving me such erotic pleasure. While sucking the right one, his hand sought out the left which he grabbed and massaged brushing the nipple time and time again. I increased the pace of my hips moving along his shaft and soon he started to respond, his hips moving in tandem with mine so that he fully penetrated me. I could feel the head of his cock hitting against my cervix and my internal muscles grasping his erection. I started to feel my orgasm building as both my vagina and clitoris were stimulated by the rubbing of his cock as I rode him. Just about as I was to go over the top Jamie screamed, “Oh Molly! I am going to cum! Oh shit this is so marvelous!” And we came together rocking back and forth until we were both spent.

I lay in his arms while we both recovered. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear telling me how marvelous a lover I was and how he had never imagined that lovemaking could be this great. While normally I would have made light of such compliments I accepted them as the sincere expression of this young man’s thanks. I finally rolled off him and felt his semen started to leak from me. It came and it came and it came. My intention was to simply lay there playing with him until he was erect again and then once again take him in my mouth. However I felt so wet and gooey as his semen spread across my inner thighs that I could not help myself. I told Jamie that I needed a moment to clean up and left him to go to the bathroom where I washed my nether parts removing most if not all of his cum. Some continued to leak from me as I walked back to the bed but I guess if I was going to take his well lubricated tool in my mouth, maybe he could taste it too If I knew what he had in mind.

He was lying where I had left him, legs spread wide apart with a mixture of his cum and my love juices coating his cock and his balls. While not completely erect, he was not limp either. “Do you think you can handle another go?” I asked. “Just try to stop me” was his response. I took his cock in my hand and gave it a few good strokes which brought it fully back to life. I bent over taking it in my mouth and picked up where I had left off about 20 minutes before. Oh the joy of having a young lover; the recovery time is very short. I sucked and teased and fondled his balls using all of the talents I had to bring him once again to an ejaculation.

As he became more and more aroused, I increased the tempo. Then I heard him say, “Oh Molly, straddle me so that I can use my tongue to pleasure you as you are me.” I follow directions well and swung my leg over his chest and pressed my mound that was once again sopping wet against his mouth. His tongue took over probing my vagina and then moving from my rectum to my clit, back and forth and back and forth. As I thought he was about to spurt, his lips wrapped themselves around by erect clitoris and he sucked violently on it. I gasped with pleasure and sucked him even harder squeezing his halls. All of a sudden I heard him gasp and felt the hot ejection cum into my mouth that virtually filled it with his semen. I too climaxed and felt my liquids spurt from me covering his face. He liked me and buried his face between my labia holding me so that I would not get away. I swallowed his offering and then lay forward with my face between his legs.

After we both recovered and lay side by side, Jamie said’ “Well Mrs. “L” that was a hell of a way to spend a summer afternoon.” We both laughed and hugged each other. I asked will there be others? Jamie responded, “Just try to keep me away.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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