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Big Dicks

It was night and my stepmom Cindy was suppose to meet me in the parking garage of the Argyle apartment building. She was to show me an apartment that she thought would be in my price range or rather my dad’s price range. He was helping me without her knowing. I had just graduated medical school and I’d just gotten a residency with the local hospital, so dad agreed to pay my way until I got on my feet. And it just so happens that my dear stepmother was a real estate agent and she was more than happy to help me.

The garage was dark and lit with the old style sodium vapor lamps, which gave off a dim light. You could still see good enough but there were shadowy areas where you couldn’t. It didn’t bother me because there seemed to be enough parking where the light was descent. So I stood outside my BMW roadster and waited. I looked down at my watch it was seven thirty. Mommy dearest, was thirty minutes late, I hope she wasn’t late with all of her clients. But then again it was me, I guess I wasn’t important enough to show up on time for.

Cindy and I have never been close. I mean I was fourteen when dad married her and I do have to hand it to her she did try to be a mother to me. But then I had to go and fuck things up by sneaking into their bedroom and watching her take a shower in the master bathroom. I don’t think Mom would have notice me except for the fact that I took out my cellphone to take a picture and my stupid flash went off. Once discovered I ran back to my room, like that was gonna stop dad from confronting me.

Dad took my phone and erased the picture and a few weeks later it was off to boarding school. But I can say the worst of it was the hurt look that Mom gave to me when I apologized to her. But that didn’t stop me from jerking off to her image in my mind or raiding her panty drawer. In fact in my mind I’ve fucked her sweet body in the mouth, in the pussy and even in that plump mommy ass of hers. Hell I even fantasized about fucking her in college too since I didn’t have a girlfriend.

The elevator opened and three guys stepped out. They were rough looking individuals and looked to be in some sort of gang. They walked past me and waved and kept walking. Well maybe they weren’t gang members. Maybe it was just me profiling. I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth per say, private schools and what not.

One of the guys stops and turns around to look at me. He’s a big guy, tall and muscular. The other two stop and turn around as well. “Oh shit!” I think to myself. They start walking toward me now and before I know it they’re gathered around me and I’m back up against the hood of my car.

The guy who’d turned around first extended his hand, “Relax, boy. You act like we’re gonna rob you or something.”

“Or something?” the guy to my right said and laughed.

“Shut up, Alex.” the man said and kept his hand extended. “I’m Brad.” he said.

I nervously took his hand, “I’m Winston. Please to meet you, sir.”

“Sir? Oh my God!” the guy to my left said and busted out laughing. He shoves Brad’s hand aside and grabbed my hand and started pumping it. “They call me, Terrance.”

“Please to meet you too, sir.” I said because I certainly wanted to be respectful since all three of these guys were bigger than me. I was skinny and short for a guy and I barely came up to their shoulders.

“So what are you doing here, boy?” Alex asked.

“I’m waiting for my mom to show me an apartment that might be available in this this building.”

Brad smiled, “I think he’s talking about, Mrs. Hanson’s old apartment.”

All three of them started laughing and I just looked at them like I didn’t get the joke. Because I didn’t.

Brad clapped a big hand on my shoulder, “Mrs. Hanson was the old cat lady.”

“Yeah she had more pussy in that apartment, than you could shake a stick at!” Terrance cackled.

I frowned, “Really?” I was allergic to pet dander and Mom knew this! What the hell was she thinking?

“Those fucking cats feasted on her corps when she died. Talk about loyalty.” Alex shivered.

“Do you mean she died in the apartment?” I gasped, starting to feel queasy on my stomach.

“Hell yeah. The coroner said she was dead a week before her daughter came in to check on her.” Alex said and pinched his nose.

Brad smirked, “You don’t look so hot, Winston. Was it something we said?”

The three of them started laughing.

At that moment I see the lights of Cindy’s shiny black Jaguar as it pulls into the parking garage. She pulls up next to my BMW and parks. She’s on her cellphone as usual. She see’s me and gives me a cutesy little wave and shuts off the Jag. She doesn’t get out but continues talking and laughing to whoever is on the other end.

The guys eye’d Mom like she was a piece of sex meat. I can’t blame them because I’ve stared at her like that many times before. And if sex was a meat, l would give up being a vegan.

“Who yalova escort the fuck is that?” Alex whispers to Brad.

“I don’t know, but she sure looks fine.” he laughs and grabs his crotch.

“Fuck yeah!” Terrance agreed.

“That’s my stepmom, guys.”

“Damn!!” Terrance laughed and clapped me on the shoulder.

“Fuck, Bro tell me you’ve tapped that.” Brad asked with a big smile.

“Dude, she’s my dad’s wife.” I said.

Terrance draped a big arm over my shoulder and keeping his voice low he leans in, “I used to make my stepmother suck my dick.”

“What?” I snickered, but he gave me a serious look.

“I sure did. She wouldn’t fuck me but she sure would suck my dick. She didn’t consider it cheating on dad and nor did I. That old Milf had a mouth on her too. Damnn!” Terrance laughed.

“Old rich bitches know how to suck a mean dick.” Brad said pulling on his crotch again and this time cutting his eyes toward, me.

“Yeah, Winston I just bet your mom would suck your dick.” Alex said.

I shook my head, “I don’t know, guys.” The very thought of Mom’s mouth on my cock, started to make my dick hard.

“What’s to know, Bro? Stop being a pussy will yeah? When you get her into that elevator, just push the stop button and whip your dick out. I bet she’ll suck it.” Terrance laughed.

Mom opens her door and stepped out of the Jag and she looks at the guys and gives them a half smile, “Hello?”

Brad smiled and nodded and then he looked at me, “We’re gonna jet, Winston. I hope you get the apartment.” and with that he started walking away.

Alex snapped his fingers and pointed at Mom. “Later, sexy.” he said and hurried to catch up with Brad.

Terrance gave me a fist bump. “Remember what I said, Bro.” then he waved at Mom and hurried after his buddies.

Mom folded her arms and looked at me questionably, “Friends of yours?”

I shrugged, “I guess you would call them a welcoming committee.”

“That’s nice, see you’re already making friends here, Winston. I told you that this place is mean’t for you, didn’t I?” she said taking a set of keys from her expensive tanned, Birkin purse.

I let Mom lead the way and as she walked I couldn’t help but notice the way she was dressed. The tight white blouse she wore was unbuttoned pretty low and showed the tops of her tits nicely. And the black skirt she had on was so tight that it seemed to mold to her ass. So when she walked her bottom snapped back and forth. And lets just say Mom’s got a nice tight phat ass for a fifty three year old woman. She has to dress to impress her clients and I guess I am a client, right? I can’t help but wonder if Mom has ever sucked a client’s dick to make a sell. She was one of the top sales agents for the firm she worked for. In fact she was just a few sales away from being agent of the month. My dad had let me in on that tad bit of information.

The idea of just whipping my dick out as, Terrance had said, made me nervous. Because what if she tells my father? He’d kill me. But not really he’s a frail old man now at sixty eight. The worst he could do would be cut me out of his Will. But I wanted too so fucking bad. The thought was arousing me to the point that I was starting to get a tent in my basketball shorts and no I wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

Mom stops in front of the elevator with her back to me and she pushes the up arrow button. I could have punched that button with my dick right now. Then she takes out her cellphone without even turning around and she just starts texting away. She seems to be ignoring me and I don’t know if she is doing it on purpose or she’s just that busy.

“Dad told me you’re about to make the list for the top sales agent of the month, Cindy.” I said.

She just nodded and kept texting.

The elevator doors opened and we step in. Mom takes a corner and I position myself close to the elevator control panel.

“Please, push the number twelve button, Winston.” she asked me. Again without taking her eyes off her fucking phone.

I tapped the 12th floor button and I noticed that there were no other buttons above it. “Ah the penthouse suite.” I chuckled.

Mom looked at me and scoffed, “Hardly. Not for two grand a month, my darling boy.”

I ignored the comment. Mom was such a ritzy acting bitch.

She just chuckled and continued texting.

“So how many sales do you need before you get agent of the month?” I asked trying to make conversation.

She stopped texting and gives me an annoyed look, “This lease will put me over the top, Winston! Okay?” She looks back down at her phone.

“That’s if I sign the lease agreement it will.”

She shot me the, Look, as my dad calls it. Dad would cower in fear when Mom glares at him but as for me, it always sets my dick on end, “And what exactly is that suppose to mean, Winston?”

I like how my name just slides of her tongue, so I smile yalova escort bayan back at her, “I’ll tell you what it means, Mommy dearest, if I don’t like the place, I’m not signing shit!”

“Don’t you call me that young man. I tried to be a Mother to you but…” she stopped and took a deep breath and changed her tone. “Winston your gonna like the apartment I promise you.”

I chortled and pushed my hands into my pockets and arched my back. The boner I had in my shorts was still evident and Mom’s eyes went straight to it. But then she quickly looked away pretending not to notice the elephant in the room, or elevator. My dick is seven inches and its fat with a very plump head which was about to pop through my shorts right now. “The guys downstairs already told me the grizzly news of how the former owner died in the apartment and how her fucking cats ate her dead body…”

Mom threw up her hands, “Oh my god! Stop being gross, Winston!”

“Well that’s what they told me!” I snapped.

“I’m not aware of any such happening, son.”

“Don’t call me your fucking son if I can’t call you my, Mom.”

She sighed and I could tell she was trying to hold it together, “Look, sweetie you need a place to live and this apartment is in your price range and I…”

Suddenly the elevator stopped. And without me even pushing the button either. It stopped so quickly that it jolted us both to the floor.

“Fuck!” I snapped, picking myself up off the floor. I looked over at Mom to find she was sitting ass first on the dirty carpet with her skirt up past her waist. But unfortunately her natural sheer pantyhose was covering her pussy. And by what I could see she weren’t wearing any of her fancy thongs. And in that moment I also discovered something else too? Mom wasn’t a real blond, because I could see a big black hairy bush being mashed down by the crotch of her pantyhose. I certainly hadn’t notice that the day she was showering. Maybe she just said fuck it, like most women her age and just let grow out.

I walked over and took her under the arm and gently helped her up and that’s when I noticed that her blond hair was leaning to one side. Fuck me! Mom was wearing a fucking wig! An expensive wig, but a wig all the same. She tried to push it back in place and realized that her skirt was up and she tried to push it back down and when she did the wig fell off her head and onto the floor. Lets just say my mouth dropped.

Mom turned and pressed her face to the corner, “Don’t look at me like that, Winston!”

“Like what?” I said spreading my hands and stepping back. I wasn’t laughing or even smiling. I was just in shock is all. She didn’t look at all like the woman I’d seen that day in the shower.

Cindy began sobbing, “I’m so sorry, Winston. I wanted to look nice for you and now look at me.”

I reached down and picked up the wig. “Why would you want to look nice for me, Cindy.” I said,

She reached into her purse and took out a small tissue and dabbed her eyes and she turns around and looks up at me, “Because, Winston…”

“Because?” I asked and reached up and took her wig cap off and tossed in in the floor. Beneath the cap was, her’s real hair. It was jet black, with streaks of gray and was cut very short. Mom tried to look away, but I took her by the chin and forced her to look at me, “Answer my question.”

She snatched the wig from me and pushed me back. “I didn’t want to look like some old woman!” she pulls the wig back on and tries to adjust it back into place but with no luck. Instead she succeeds in making herself look like some hooker who’s just finished getting gang banged in a restroom. Strangely enough she looked even more appealing to me than ever.

“You look fine, Mom. Don’t worry about it.” I smiled and the elevator suddenly started rumbling beneath our feet but it still remained in place.

A panicked look crossed, Mom’s face, and she looks at me, “What on earth is going on, Winston?”

“I don’t know, Mom.” I said taking her in my arms and giving her a big hug. She wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight.

“Ohhh, I hope it doesn’t drop us.” She said burring her face against my chest.

I look at the elevator control panel and see that we were on the tenth floor. “Shit if this baby does drop we’re dead.” I said and I felt Mom start to shiver and she begins breathing harder.

“Oh goodness.” she steps back from me and places a hand to her chest.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“I…I…I’m…” she was so out of breath she could barely speak.

“Are you having a heart attack?”

She shakes her head vigorously, places her hands against her temples and backs up against the wall. She was having a panic attack. “I can’t stand closed in spaces! Oh, god!” Mom’s legs go weak and she slowly slides down the wall to her knees.

Oh crap! I didn’t know what to do for her. I was starting to panic for her.

She expends escort yalova her hands outwards, “Come here, Winston. Please!”

I walked over not sure what I could do to help her. Mom patted the space beside her on the floor. So I sat down and put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

“Thank, you honey.” She says.

I know it may have been wrong but I couldn’t help it I made a move on her. I pushed my hand into her blouse and cupped her right breast. Mom didn’t make an attempt to stop me. So I went further and pushed her tit out of the bra and squeezed it hard. Oh fuck it was so soft and warm in my hand. I feel the blood start to pulsate in my cock as my excitement increases. I’d always wanted to touch her tits and now here I am doing just that. Excited was an understatement.

Mom reached up and I thought she was gonna try and stop me but instead she begins unbuttoning her blouse. And when she had it opened she pinched the little snap at the front of her bra and her tits spill forth. My lips went straight to her nipples. I suckled one and then the other.

Suddenly I feel her small hand reach inside my shorts and she grips my cock and begins fondling me using her index and middle finger to stroke my sack. Damn did her expensive manicured nails feel nice! She stroked my cock with her small hand as I groped and gently bit and twisted at her nipples.

She quickly pulls her hand from my shorts and looks me in the eye, “Oh, Winston what about your father?”

I kissed her to shut her the fuck up and pushed her flat on her back as I did. She pressed her hands against my chest, but there was no power in her resistance. In fact Mom shoves her tongue into my mouth and tries to reach for my cock again but I slap her hand away and begin kissing my way down her body. I unfastened the snap at the side of her skirt and unzipped it and pulled it down her smooth legs. Then I rip open the crotch of her pantyhose to expose her beautiful pubic mound. I press my face into it and push my tongue into her pussy. She was soaking wet and I took my time and feasted upon her.

Mom nearly came unglued, as she whimpered and churned her hips to rhythm of my tongue against her clit. She just couldn’t keep still. I push my thumbs into her pink pussy and spread her labia and begin flicking the tip of my tongue against her clit button.


Baby? That was a new one.

Mom now opens her legs wider in submission to me. Gone was that ritzy fucking attitude. I was in control, not her and I had her moaning and crying like the slut she really was. I slip my hands under her and squeezed her ass hard digging my nails into her delicate skin.

“Ohhh…Oooooo!!!” Mom gasps and her body started trembling beneath me and suddenly she arches her back and screams in pleasure. She’s having an orgasm! Liquid squirts forth and drenches my mouth and my chin. I begin licking her clit faster, drawing out her orgasm even longer. To which she spills forth more delicious honey. Slowly her body goes limp and I raise up on my elbows to look at her. She lifts her head and rolls her eyes and drops back down exhausted.

I slide up on top of her and try to mount her but she pushes me off of her and in one fluid motion she turns her body around. She shoves me flat on my back and I immediately know what she wants. I open my legs and she starts sucking my dick like a pro. I had my dick sucked by a hooker before but Mom was putting that bitch to shame. *LOL* It turns out that, Mom is a real good cock whore. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft taking me all the way to the hilt without even gagging. Fuck! Her mouth and throat felt like a pussy. She’s looking at me as she sucks my dick and with globs of pre cum dripping chin and the corners of her mouth, she gives me a loving little wink. Then she pulls her lips from me. “Talk dirty to me, Winston.”

“Suck me you fucking whore!” I snapped and shoved her face back down on my cock.

Mom opens her mouth and takes me inside again and this time she gobbling me with even more gusto.

“That’s right, bitch. Suck me like you do, all your clients!” I started thrusting my hips.

I was no match for her mouth and I found myself about to blow. It was like Mom knew I was about to cum so she pushes her mouth down until I was lodged deep inside her throat. I came so fucking hard I saw her eyes go wide in shock. But she held fast and gulped down every last drop of me. And when Mom finally released my cock from her mouth she wiped her lips with the back of her arm. Then she smiles and crawled up next to me and lays down. I pulled her close and neither of us say a word. We just hold each other.

It would be another hour before the elevator started again and in the mean time I just lay back and let Mom focus all of her attention on my cock. At least she wasn’t panicking, right?

I ended up signing that lease agreement and it turns out it was the best thing I could have ever done, because Mom comes to see me on a regular bases now. Just to show me her love. She don’t let me fuck her but the good news is I’ve never had to pay a hooker to suck my dick again. ;-))))

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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