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My wife and I had our third kid 4 months ago. She’s breastfed all three of them. With the first (who’s almost 5 now), I was interested, and tasted a little a few times during sex. She was ever so slightly weirded out, but let it happen. With our second child (who’s almost 3 now), she was more OK with it, and would even offer a taste of her milk. This time-of course, sex is less frequent now-she’s been even more OK with it. Basically, every time we get physically intimate, I get to enjoy a taste of the nectar of the gods.

Well, Saturday night, we went to a Mardi Gras ball, and we had a night without the kids. We danced, ate, drank, and had fun. We got home late, and, though we had been very horny and all over each other during the evening, we got were just exhausted. I honestly assumed we’d just end up going to sleep.

So, I crawled in bed, and she looked at me and said, “I have a problem.”

“OK. What’s up?”

“I’m really full.”

Me, being oblivious, “You didn’t eat that much at the ball?”

“No. I mean, my boobs.”


“So, ümitköy escort I can pump. Or…you’re always offering to help out.”

*Giddiest of giddy grins*

See, I’ve always made comments like “I can help take the pressure off,” or whatever. Honestly, I never thought I’d ACTUALLY drink the milk. Just a little taste or two. But, with a comment like that, what can you do?

So, she’s on her back, and I lean over her. Her boobs are HUGE right now, and her nipples are so dark, and her areolae are huge as well. I gladly took the left nipple in my mouth. I suckled on it a few moments, and got a little milk. I knew that I needed to drain her though. So, I kept working. I could feel her nipple going deep into my mouth, and suddenly, I started getting a LOT of milk. She realized it, too. I was massaging her breast with my hands to work the milk down, and she was smiling, and kinda laughing at me. Then, she heard me swallow, and realized how much milk I had gotten. She was looking avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort shocked. She stopped me to ask if I was OK really drinking it like that.

I told her I was, kissed her deeply. She then relaxed. Let herself go. I kept suckling and drinking, and she started running her hands down toward my cock. She eventually started giving me a hand job, and then moved down to play with my ass (I love ass play, prostate play, pegging, etc.). She was working me, and I was drinking her. It was amazing.

As I realized the left breast was not giving me anything else, I moved to the right. On the way, I stopped to kiss her. She continues to rub my ass. I was speechless, and literally panting. It took me a couple of minutes of us kissing her and massing my prostate through my perineum, before I made it the few inches to her other breast.

I made it to the right breast, and it started like the first one did. A couple of drops, then all of a sudden, urfa escort BOOM, I had her nipple pulsing into my mouth, and, milk was flowing quickly. We were intermittently kissing, and I would go back to sucking. She kept playing with me.

She was moaning and groaning and kept saying how amazing it felt. She was massing me harder. We would kiss harder. She would bite my lip, and I would go back to suckling her nipple.

Finally, after the right breast was done producing anything for me, she laid me back, and got on top of me. When I entered her, I was like, “You feel like you already came.” She told me she did.

I lasted like 10 seconds inside her at that point. I was exhausted. Had a full belly. She was exhausted. We had both cum-her, without me even touching her pussy. I felt like I’d just finished a milkshake.

After we got cleaned up, I told her that I’d never really envisioned that I would actually drink her milk that like. She asked how much I thought I got. Based on when she has pumped, and the fact that I drained both breasts completely, I assumed a good 8 oz, straight from the tap. I had heard of orgasms from nipple stimulation, but never envisioned that my wife was capable of having one.

Honestly, it was one of the hottest, sexiest, most sensual and intimate nights we’ve even spent. That’s 10 years of marriage, and this was probably the best night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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