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Here it is 7:00AM, I’m lying in bed with my six inch hard on, which you can’t see (nor feel) as it is concealed under the covers. Meanwhile you’re sitting at the computer in the corner of our bedroom. I give myself a few obligatory strokes. And yes, I want to fuck, but you’re mind is elsewhere, off in the distance of some far away land (so much for computer games). I squeeze my thighs tightly against my balls, just to make myself extend even more. You pay no attention to me whatsoever, so I decide to be brazen and just be content lying here stroking my cock.

I start off slowly enough, just teasing myself as it may be. Letting my hand glide effortlessly up and down my shaft. Slow but deliberate, from base to head and back again. I lie on my side, so even if you were to glance over my way, you wouldn’t be able to tell what I was doing. I stop every so often to massage my balls (every guy likes their balls caressed…for those all females who didn’t know). But it only takes a few seconds before I’m back to slowly sliding my hand up and down my now throbbing hard on. Now my mind is elsewhere, thinking about the load of cum building up in my balls, thinking of the joy of release.

I pick up the pace ever so slightly. Stroking myself a little faster. A bead of pre-cum slowly dribbles down the underside of the head of my cock. I use it for what God intended it to be, a lubricant. I massage it into the area just below the head using my forefinger. It makes my cock jump with anticipation. I fantasize that it’s your tongue doing the tickling. But being ever the guy who enjoys a good tease, I go back to pulling on my prick. My grip gets a little tighter, the speed a little faster. What guy doesn’t like to cum?

Out of the corner of my eye I see you shifting in your seat. I sense you’re about to get up, so with much dismay I let go of my cock, and let it bob against the isveçbahis blanket. My hunch was correct, as you stand up and stretch (I get a great side view of your tits and ass thru the thinness of your night shirt). You nonchalantly ask me what I’m doing and I lie ever so slightly by replying “Nothing”. And with that you stroll over to the bathroom and shut the door.

Thankfully my cock didn’t lose too much of it’s firmness, as I reach under the blanket to pick up where I left off. Only this time my hand is moving faster than before. I keep a keen ear tuned to the bathroom door, waiting to hear the eventual flush of the toilet. Now I’m at the point where I’m practically coaxing the cum from my prick. I want release. Again I squeeze my thighs together. My balls are beginning to tense against my body. I know it won’t be long now.

Just then I hear the toilet flush and I instinctively let go of my prick, damn the bad luck. I’m disheartened, but still very, VERY horny. I feel another bead of pre-cum making it’s a way down my shaft and it practically tickles. Excuses are running thru my mind as to how I would explain myself if by some slim chance you would join me in bed. My cock begins to wilt at the thought but strangely enough the door doesn’t open. Rather my cock jumps for joy as I hear the water for the shower begin to run. I know I have at least ten minutes of uninterrupted bliss.

I quickly push down the blanket, lie back, and take hold of my prick once more. In a matter of thirty seconds I am back to full hardness. This time I stroke myself more deliberately, for I know I’m going cum. Faster and faster I pump my fist up and down. With my free hand I begin squeezing my balls, almost as if trying to urge it’s release of it’s built up sperm. I slow down just long enough to squeeze some more pre-cum from its tip, once again using it to tickle the underside of my now throbbing isveçbahis giriş cock. I watch myself, anticipating what the outcome would be.

I slow down, just long enough to quickly look around, I needed somewhere to cum. I couldn’t very well mess up the sheets. My breathing was heavy and quick. Fortunately I located a pair of my wife’s panties on the floor. I quickly scooped them up, and laid back on my side. While one hand went back to my cock, the other spread the nylon bikini panties out before me. And as more pre-cum dribbled from my prick, I let it ooze onto the crotch of the panties. For whatever reason, I found the sight of this very stimulating. My grip intensified.

The clock within my head was at five minutes and counting. I squeezed my thighs together just about in time with my strokes. My hand was now flying up and down my shaft. Closer and closer. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out too much longer. Seconds before I knew I would blow my load I slowed down. I wanted to tease myself just a bit more. I opened my legs and massaged my balls some more. I squeezed them, I pushed them together and then I did one at a time. I rubbed them with the palm of my hand. And finally once again I gripped both of them together with my fingers and gave them a gentle squeeze.

Meanwhile, it’s kind of funny to see your cock actually bob and throb with your heartbeat, but that’s exactly what was happening. I took hold of my cock once more and squeezed out the last bit of pre-cum. From there I went back to full fledge masturbation. Time was of the essence now. If I was to find any relief, it would have to be soon. I took my fore finger, middle finger and thumb and began masturbating just the head of my cock. The pre-cum helped make it a bit easier.

I was inching ever so close now. I looked down at myself again. Aching for release I took hold of my cock once isveçbahis yeni giriş more. With a full grip, I began moving my hand up and down. Lying on my side once again, my right hand pushing and pulling on my cock. I felt my balls tighten a bit more as I squeezed them with my thighs. I looked at the beige colored bikini panties laid out before me, lining up my shot(s) if you will. My breathing was rather heavy and quick now.

Time was of the essence now. My hand flew up and down my cock now, at lightening quick speed. Fore finger and thumb wrapped around the head, with the rest wrapped around my shaft. Suddenly I reached the point of no return, as I gritted my teeth the first spurt jettisoned out of my prick, landing about two feet past its intended target. In succession the other five spurts landed more so on the panties. With the few remaining dribbles rubbed squarely on to the crotch for good measure. I continued a slow stroke to be sure I was totally empty.

I was admiring my handiwork when it was then that I heard the shower shut off. I quickly scooped up the panties, wet cum and all, then proceeded to wipe up the remaining cum and/or rub it into the sheets. I immediately shoved the panties under the bed (hidden by my shoes), and covered the wet spot with the blanket. I put on my underwear from the night before (to catch any remaining dribbles…I still had to take my shower). I turned on TV with the guise of watching ESPN.

By the time she came out of the bathroom I was laying there as cool as a cucumber. I just smiled to myself knowing what transpired not two minutes earlier. “Not too bad for an OLD guy I thought to myself. Fifty-three and I can still cum like a teenager (I just don’t get an erection as quickly as what I used to afterwards)”. I guess there are some advantages to being a late bloomer. If truth be known, I still jerk off about four times a week. And I still have sex with my wife at least twice a week! I guess that little boy in me refuses to grow up. Then again, I don’t think there’s a woman in the world who can make a man feel as good as what his own hand does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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