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It was my second year at the University of Pennsylvania when my parents went bankrupt and then separated. I’d always been spoilt, indulged and well educated (it was out of the question for me to go anywhere that wasn’t Ivy League) so last fall they packed me up and sent me to Pennsylvania. And god, did I love it. Freedom? Check. Thousands of attractive boys begging for my attention? Check. Partying, drugs and drinking? Check, check and check, again. I didn’t go home once, my mum visited me for lunch every month. We went to the same Italian restaurant and we both drank too much wine, it’s okay – she wouldn’t drive, she got picked up by her chauffeur (who she had been secretly sleeping with for almost eighteen months) and would go home shortly before four, despite the journey only taking an hour and a half, I’d receive a text from my dad at approximately half seven saying she was home safe.

I loved my parents, I did, but when I received that god awful phone-calling from my mum, who had screamed down the phone the entire time, I realised I truly hated them both. Apparently, after the news they had run out of money things had been difficult and was made considerably worse when my mother had discovered that he had been having various affairs and confronted him. He then confronted her that he knew she had been sleeping with various different men and they screamed at each other for approximately eight hours before he packed up and went to the summer house with Jeanette, the neighbours eldest daughter, who he had been sleeping with for over a year.

I attempted to console my distraught mother but stopped short when she ordered me to not talk to my father. I listened to her sobs and promised I’d return home next weekend, but made no such promise to ignore my father.

After all, he supported me, financially and I still needed that.

A few months later, all three houses were sold, including the yacht in Saint Tropez and lawyers came and divided everything in half. My parents were left with an apartment each, one car each and something to live on, however there was practically nothing left to support me on. I didn’t talk to either of them for a month, they deserved that. They deserved worse, for being so careless and thoughtless, but I figured I’d make their lives hell later on. In the meantime, I decided I best get a job. I didn’t want to have to leave Pennsylvania so I swallowed my pride and googled it. I didn’t want to work in a supermarket, or a shop, I didn’t want to be seen and recognised. A few days later an advert popped up: Assistant needed for The Greyfells. I read the job advert, the word ‘assistant’ was used but it was more of a nanny/maid/house-sitter combo. I sent off an application and waited for a phone-call, which came the following evening. Mrs. Greyfell called izmir escort me and organised to meet me the following Friday evening, after my lectures had finished.

Even from the phone-call alone, I knew Mrs Greyfell was a powerful woman, her voice was calm but firm and she pronounced every word lazily, as if speaking was beneath her. She explained that her husband worked away from home Monday to Friday, she had one step-daughter who was twenty-two (two years older than me) who was living at home until her wedding which was in April (five months away) and a son who was twenty-three and worked in the city and stayed at home Thursday til Tuesday. I got the impression that their house wasn’t dissimilar to our old house. Mrs Greyfell explained they had a large team of cleaners and two cooks, however they needed some assistance that was much more personal. She insisted I wear a black skirt and white shirt and didn’t say goodbye before she hung up.

I entertained the idea of working in someone else’s home, it made me feel disgusted and ashamed of myself however we had discussed payment and I realised I’d have to suck it up in order to pay for expensive habits. Besides, I might enjoy myself.

That Friday I dashed back to my apartment, five minutes way from campus, which I’d managed to keep despite the bankruptcy. I showered quickly, washing my silky long brown hair, soaking my olive skin under the hot water, I brushed my teeth as I clambered out of the shower and shaved my legs at the same time. Pulling on the knee length leather black skirt I’d found in the back of my cupboard and a smart white shirt that only did up just above my cream bra. I checked my appearance, careful not to appear to inappropriate but still stylish, pleased I slipped on a pair of heals. I blow-dried my hair and applied my make-up hastily, then I grabbed my car keys, purse and bag off the side and dashed out of the apartment.

The Greyfells were considerably richer than my father was. Their house (more like mansion) was completely isolated in the middle of the countryside and was over twice the size of our old house. A young man opened the door for me and bowed his head, he took my coat and bag silently and lead me to the living room where he poured me a cup of tea and left without saying a word. Nervously, I shifted in my seat awaiting her arrival. I was there for about ten minutes before the door handle turned and the silent man returned, holding the door open for who I presumed was Mrs Greyfell.

“Miss Nadia White?” She asked me, I nodded and rose to my feet, offering my hand which she ignored.

“Yes, M’am.” I murmured, suddenly shy and embarrassed. She laughed haughtily and strode past me, sitting down promptly on the chair opposite me. Even the chair looked alsancak escort powerful, like a throne with her perched upon it. I turned back to sit down on the emerald sofa opposite her:

“No, Miss White, remain standing.” I blushed, humiliated, and nodded turning to face her, “You’re quite beautiful, aren’t you?” She murmured, although it didn’t sound like a compliment nor a question, so I remained silent,

“Do you have any other work experience somewhere like this?” Mrs Greyfell proceeded.

“Yes, m’am, I worked as a maid back home.” I lied smoothly, I suddenly realised I wanted to work for this woman. I wanted to satisfy her and please her. She seemed pleased with my answer, even though I wasn’t applying for the role of a maid, I think she approved of the fact I’d worked before.

“A maid, mhm. Well, I suppose a ‘maid’ is rather similar to what you’d be doing her.” She murmured, she looked amused by me.

Mrs Greyfell was a particularly attractive older woman, with cropped black hair that shaped her angular face, large blue eyes and big full lips, she had a slim figure with long legs and she was wearing a silk green blouse and a matching green pencil skirt and tall black heals.

“Well,” she continued, pausing momentarily to raise a glass wine to her lips, “the job you’d be doing here would entail, serving and organising myself and two children personally, preparing occasional meals, serving at social events and doing general housework if needed. How does that sound?” Like a lot of work, I thought inwardly but nodded nonetheless.

“Yes, perfect. I’d be more than happy to do that for you.” I said, although it came out as a rather soft whisper. Mrs Greyfell smirked triumphantly and then told me quite firmly that the payment was very generous and would cover all the hard work she expected from me.

“We also have a studio room available for you, if for whatever reason you needed to work late or where expected to stay over.” She said very matter-of-factly and I realised I would be working hard for the Greyfell family and I then realised that this concept excited me greatly.

“Can you start now?” Mrs Greyfell asked drily, I realised I had little choice and that I didn’t want to say no.

“Of course.” I agreed eagerly. Mrs Greyfell smirked broadly and kicked off her high-heeled shoes and looked at me expectantly.

“Good. I’m in desperate need of a foot massage.” She ordered, I looked at her surprised but tried to hide my surprise as quickly as possible. I nodded and moved onto my knees in front of her, she was wearing long black stockings, I began to massage her left foot with both hands. I felt her relax and she recoiled her head backwards and shut her eyes, I began to work my confidently, buca escort pressing my fingers into her heals and massaging her feet slowly, I alternated between both and changed the tempo of my movements frequently. Mrs Greyfell let out occasional sighs of relaxation as I worked: “Take off the stocking.” She muttered, seemingly now bored, I looked up at her shocked but her expression remained unchanged so I nodded and carefully began to pull the stocking off from her toes, watching as the stockings slid down her long legs, revealing her white creamy hairless legs. “Continue.” She added, she sounded irritated with me so I continued to massage her bare feet, as I worked on her left foot, I felt her right leg raise and rest on my shoulder. I glanced up at her, but her head was rolled backwards and her eyes shut. From where I was I could see under my new bosses skirt as her legs were parted, I noticed that she was wearing a pair of white silk panties, I felt embarrassed for looking and glanced down immediately.

“Use your mouth.” Mrs Greyfell shocked me by saying. I looked at her quizzically, as a response she lifted her foot so it was inches away from my face. I should have denied her, but I physically felt bound to her. I wanted to please her. As a response, I bowed my head and opened my mouth, beginning to suck on her toes, she let out a soft moan, I felt myself become more confident as I began to lick up and down the soles of her feet, desperate to hear the soft moan again.

Her phone rang as I was massaging and licking her feet, she answered it in a slow drawl, not signalling for me to stop and I knew better than to disobey her. As she spoke on the phone, she leaned down to me and pressed her hand against the back of my head, spreading her legs apart and drawing me up in between her thighs. I knew what she wanted me to do and I obliged. I began by running my tongue along the silk panties, in a backwards and forwards motion, dampening her underwear and feeling the silk against my lips, I then moved my tongue to the side and lifted the silk underwear. I extended my tongue and traced it along m’am’s glistening wet slit, I licked up and down willingly and eagerly. Her grip tightened in my hair, I knew I was doing a good job. Her voice never faltered, she continued to talk on the phone as I licked and sucked at her sweet pussy.

My tongue flicked against her clitoris, I felt her hips buck against my face and I knew I was doing a good job, I dove my tongue deeper inside of her and used two fingers to rub her folds as I continued to submissively lick her pussy. The phone call ended and she dropped the phone to the ground and gripped my head with both hands, forcing my face against her pussy, my nose buried against her folds. As I pushed my tongue in further and continued to rub her soaking wet lips, I heard her scream out in ecstasy and felt her orgasm against my mouth. She then raised her bare foot to my shoulder and pushed me away, so I was knelt on the ground in front of her, my mouth and chin soaking from her juices.

“Good girl. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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