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Tammy left school all excited and concerned; the eighteen year old girl with light brown hair and blue eyes was excited that she was going to an earth day event downtown and she was concerned for the fate of the planet. While having dinner with her mom, her father ran off with another woman over a year ago, Tammy exclaimed, “Mom why don’t you come with me to the global warming and earth day lecture downtown?”

Carol looked lovingly at her enthused daughter and answered, “Oh honey, I would love to go with you but I had such a long day at work that all I want to do is stay home and relax but you can tell me all about it when you get home but be careful when you go into the city. There are a lot of bad people in this world so be aware of your surroundings and watch out for strangers. I love you very much and don’t want anything bad happening to my little girl.”

The 5’3″ girl told her mom, “I am 18 and will graduate from high school in two months so I am not a little girl but I will be careful.” The slender girl showered, slipped into her jeans, tee shirt, and sandals then walked two blocks to the bus stop.

Tammy looked out the bus window as she thought that it would take about an hour to reach her destination. Tammy’s thoughts were interrupted when a tall black woman sat in the seat next to her and introduced herself as Myra. As they conversed Tammy found it difficult to keep her eyes off of the woman’s huge breasts and long dark legs. The woman’s pink blouse was so low cut that her nipples were tantalizingly close to popping out. Tammy blushed when she viewed the woman’s garter that held up her black mesh stockings. Myra’s short black skirt had ridden up so far that Tammy could see the jungle of black pubic hair between Myra’s legs. Tammy felt very uncomfortable and was confused by the way she felt while looking at the sexy woman.

Myra gave the young girl a seductive smile when she noticed the young girl’s reaction to her voluptuous frame. That’s why she didn’t wear any panties and exposed as much of her sexy body as she could; her plan was to engage, allure, seduce, and then dominate unsuspecting females. Other lesbians were OK but she much preferred to introduce so called straight women to her lifestyle. The 42 year old 6′ woman was an aggressive lesbian and decided right then and there to seduce the timid white girl. When Tammy told her about the lecture Myra eagerly stated, “That sounds great! Would you mind if I went with you? My pad is close by and I want to do my part for earth day.”

The young girl was pleased that the woman was interested in saving the planet and exclaimed. “That would be great Myra and besides I could use the company.”

The lecture lasted over an hour and they were all given pamphlets to hand out. The unlikely couple walked together down the street and into a nearby park handing out the earth day fliers to all they encountered. When they were finished Myra lit a cigarette and stated, “That was easy now let’s you and I go have a little fun darling.”

Tammy watched as the woman inhaled and let the cigarette dangle from her thick ruby-red lips and said, “Smoking is not good for you and it pollutes the air so please put it out and what do you mean have fun? What kind of fun are you talking about?’

The much bigger and stronger black woman grabbed Tammy by the arm and led her inside the park ladies room, slammed her against the wall, blew smoke in the girl’s face, and then kissed her firmly on the lips declaring, “Listen bitch, let’s get a few things straight. Don’t ever try to tell me what to do or not do again. I’m the one in charge here; do you understand?”

The frightened girl meekly asked, “What are you doing? Please let me go; you are hurting me.”

The rest-room was empty so Myra forcefully pushed the unnerved girl into the end stall and sat her down on the toiled seat. Tammy was petrified when the large woman removed her blouse and skirt and stood provocatively in front of her wearing nothing but a garter,stockings, and high-heels. Myra brought the girl’s trembling hands to her heaving breasts commanding, “Fondle them baby, play with Mommy’s big tits.” While Tammy was squeezing the giant breasts Myra bent over and ordered, “Now suck them baby girl and do it right.” Tammy was much too intimidated to disobey Myra and did what she was told. Much to her surprise the girl discovered that she enjoyed sucking on the giant globes and it turned her on.

Myra pulled her stiff nipples from the sucking girl’s mouth and offered, “Good little girl,now Mommy has a very special treat for you.” Myra moved closer so that her fumy cunt was in Tammy’s face, she pulled the girl’s face to her smoldering slit, and demanded, “Eat the motherfucker, put your tongue up in it, nibble on my pussy lips, suck my clit, make Mommy cum, and lick it all up!” Tammy stared mesmerized at the puffy pussy and breathed in the musky scent of the hot-hole and felt herself weaken, lose all will to resist, and was overcome with desire to taste the dripping woman flesh and please this dominating woman. In a low sultry voice Myra encouraged, casino şirketleri “Gobble it all up little girl. Mommy knows how much you want to feast on my goodies so suck it baby, go ahead and Mommy will reward you with her sweet tasting honey. That’s it baby, just like that. Oh yeah, so fucking good, don’t stop, yessssss! Lick it all up precious. Oh fuck, suck, suck, suck, shitttttt yeah!”

As Tammy was lovingly licking up all of the sticky juices Myra heard footsteps outside the stall door and opened it slightly to see a park policewoman listening with her hand on her crotch. When she saw Myra the slender black policewoman tried to be professional and demanded to know, “What the hell is going on in there?”

Seeing the lust in the woman’s eyes Myra pulled her inside the stall and boldly stated, “Come see for yourself and don’t try to act so fucking uppity with me because any fool could tell that you want in on the action. Kiss the white girl and taste my pussy on her sweet lips, go ahead. Taste good doesn’t it? Now pull down her pants and show her what you can do. Yeah, hell yeah, eat that white pussy.” The police woman was lapping away like a thirsty cat with a bowl of milk. Tammy was moaning and her eyes were rolling; she was in orbit and her frail frame was trembling. Myra pulled down the officer’s slacks and finger fucked her violently. The savory scent of sex filled the air as both women quaked to rousing orgasms. Myra then stuck her fingers in the woman’s mouth and told her to taste her own cunt then she let Tammy sample the other woman’s juices from her fingers. While they were dressing the policewoman gave each of them her card and expressed a strong desire to see them again.

Myra walked the dazed white girl through the park and informed Tammy that they were going to her place to finish her training. Poor puzzled Tammy asked, “Training, what training?”

“Well you see it’s like this white girl; from now on you are going to be my submissive little pussy licking bitch! You got any problems with that?”

“I…I ah, don’t know.” When Tammy looked into the dominating woman’s dark eyes she melted and felt a wave of excitement rushing through her veins and wanted to please the assertive woman and give herself to Myra in sweet surrender. Tammy then said, “I will be and do whatever you want Myra.”

Myra chuckled and stated, “From now on I want you to call me Mommy or Mistress and obey my every command. You liked feasting on my big juicy black cunt, didn’t you bitch?”

Tammy meekly replied, “Yes I did, it was fantastic, and I love it when you order me around. I don’t understand but it makes me all wet.”

“That’s because you are a submissive little girl and you adore worshiping my mature woman’s body but don’t worry honey because tonight I am going to feed you all the hot cunt that you want. Before the sun comes up you will be a perfect pussy eater and you will belong to me.”

They entered Myra’s apartment and she told the white girl, “Get your tongue ready for a workout because you are staying the night and your face will be buried in Myra’s Magnificent Muff the whole time but you love that don’t you?”

“Yes Myra but my mom is expecting me home.”

“What did I tell you to call me bitch?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mommy.”

“Don’t let it happen again slut or I will take you over my knee and spank your puny little white ass until it turns red. Now call your mother and tell her that you are spending the night with a friend.” Tammy did as she was told and was led to the bedroom and ordered to strip. Once again she obeyed and sat on the bed ogling the ebony sex goddess as she disrobed. She licked her lips while gazing at the huge ebony globes and meaty pussy surrounded by black curly pubic hair. Tammy didn’t know that a woman could have so much hair down there. Myra seductively cooed, “Like what you see little girl? I know that you crave it, you love it, and you want some more of it. Right baby?”

“Well I..I want to please you Mommy and I want you to be proud of your little girl.” Tammy discovered that the role playing was a huge turn-on and her pussy flooded.

Myra pushed the girl on her back, straddled her face, lowered her dripping pussy to the girl’s waiting lips and uttered, “Here is what you have been waiting for little girl. Worship my cunt with your mouth and make Mommy feel really good. I’m going to ride your pretty face and let you suck out every drop of my sweet nectar. Yesss!” Tammy could hardly breathe as her mouth and nose were covered by the meaty, drenched, and delicious cunt. Then Myra fucked her face with fervor until Tammy chocked and gasped for air.

The black seductress lifted her horny cunt from the panting girl’s face and observed, “Baby you look so beautiful with your face glistening from my juices and red from the friction of my cunt rubbing all over your pretty face. Now I am going to reward you for being such a good little girl and making Mommy’s kitty purr.” Myra got between Tammy’s slender legs, spread them wide, and dove right in. Tammy’s little pussy was shocked by the size of Myra’s casino firmaları monster tongue as it wiggled up her tight little love hole. Nothing ever felt so good to her before and she reached the most intense orgasm of her young life.

They relaxed for about twenty minutes as Myra let the girl come back down to earth and regain her composure. Then she sat on the girl’s face again but this time it was her hairy butt hole that met Tammy’s mouth. Tammy was confused and didn’t know what to do until Myra demanded, “Kiss my beautiful black buttocks all over and then put your mouth on my poop-hole. Then tongue fuck it just like you did my cunt. Put your tongue to work , stick it up my ass hole as far as you can, lick and suck it for Mommy, and fuck my ass with your face.” Tammy was afraid but she reluctantly stuck out her tongue and probed the bowels of her lover’s nasty pit. She was surprised that the taste was not as gross as she had imagined so she eagerly tongue fucked Myra’s anal cavern.

Myra told her that she was a good slut and sat opposite her and proceeded to insert her toes into Tammy’s tight pussy. After bringing the girl to a climax with her feet Myra made the white girl suck her sticky toes clean. Then she grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Tammy’s face to her smoldering cunt and the young girl hungerly devoured the fleshy feast. Myra ran her long fingers through the girl’s hair praising, “Yes, just like that. You are such a good girl and your pussy licking skills have improved so much in so little time, you are a natural my little pet. You love munching your Mommy’s muff don’t you little girl?”

Tammy looked up at her mistress, her face glistened from Myra’s secretions, and she lovingly cooed, “Oh yes. Your pussy is a delicacy and I could eat it all night long.” Then Tammy resumed gorging on Myra’s yummy love muffin.

“I know just how much you love eating my muggy muff so go ahead and lap it up. Don’t stop my pretty little pet; eat the motherfucker all night.” Tammy didn’t make it all night long but she did go several hours before her tongue felt like it was going to fall off and she rested her head on Myra’s thighs. The authoritative black woman thought of reprimanding the girl for stopping but instead noted, “You did good my little slut. I just might let you move in with me; so tell me if you have ever eaten pussy before. You are doing much too good for a first timer.”

Tammy admitted, “Well, I did fool around with a couple of friends from school but it was nothing like this.”

“I thought so, say, why don’t you stay with me for the whole weekend and I can feed you all the hot black pussy you want?”

“Oh Mommy, I would love nothing better but the nursery is going to deliver some trees, bushes, and other plants this morning. Mom and I are going to plant them in the back yard; it’s our contribution for earth day.”

“Tell me about your mother and how come your father is not helping?”

“Mom is 37 but she looks much younger and people often mistake us for sisters. Dad left us but my mother has a good job at the Governor’s office and takes good care of me.”

“Sounds nice so I will let you go help your mother and perhaps I shall bring a couple of friends over to help out but I have one more treat for you before you go. Now close your eyes and don’t dare open them until I tell you.” Tammy was both nervous and excited; she had absolutely no idea what was in store for her. When directed to open her eyes she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Myra was wearing two strap-on dildos. They were both about eight inches long and were black but one was very thick while the other was thin. When Myra told her to get on her hands and knees she complied but was panic-stricken.

When the well lubricated dildos entered her holes the double penetration caused Tammy to cry out, “Oh God, Oh God, it hurtssssss soooo baddd. Ohhhhh, pleaseeeesss da..don’t hurt meeee! Oh, oh, oh, ummm, aggggg!’ Soon the pain in her rectum subsided and it was replaced by pleasure and Tammy screamed as she humped back wildly, “Yessss, fuck me, fuck me where I pee and fuck me where I poop. So good, so fucking good, harder, harder, hurt me, yesssss!”

Myra furiously pounded the girl’s ass and pussy as she taunted her saying, “Is this hard enough for you my little slut? I noticed that your ass hole was virgin but your pussy wasn’t. Who have you been fucking you nasty little pig? From now on you don’t fuck anybody but me unless I tell you to. Next time I am going to fuck you with my bigger dildos; this time was just to break you in. You are my clam craving, pussy licking, ass kissing, toe sucking fuck slut and I will do anything I want to do to you. Do you understand little girl?”

“Oh yes Mommy, take me, fuck me, and do whatever you wish. I’m going to cum again, yessssss!” As they basked in the afterglow of their torrid fuck session the sun came shining through the drapes. They managed to get a couple hours of sleep before Tammy kissed her Mommy goodbye and headed home. Myra informed the girl that she would be over later as Tammy walked out the güvenilir casino door.

It was exceptionally hot for April and both Tammy and Carol were dripping buckets of sweat as they planted in the back yard. A van pulled into the driveway and three hot black chicks emerged carrying beer and a large cooler. They barged into the backyard and introductions were made. Carol was taken aback by the skimpy thongs and almost nonexistent tops that did little to hide the black women’s bodies. Tammy and Carol wore shorts that went halfway down to their knees and tank tops but didn’t wear bra’s because of their small breasts. Because of all the sweat their nipples were clearly visible. Carol inquired about Myra’s friends names, Busty Bertha, and Sally School girl. Myra grinned and explained, “My friends are both strippers and that’s their stage names; you can just call them Bertha and Sally if you like.”

The newcomers helped with the planting and soon the yard work was completed. Bertha grabbed some beers and passed them out to everyone. Carol objected, “Tammy and I don’t drink.”

Carol cringed when Myra retorted, “Don’t be such a tight-ass; let’s celebrate earth day and cool off, after all it’s only beer. Don’t be so rude to your daughter’s new friends especially since we brought you gifts and helped with the yard work. Myra handed them both earth day caps and shirts.”

Carol was reluctant to confront the large woman and gave in saying, “Well, I suppose a little beer wouldn’t hurt and thanks for the gifts; that was very thoughtful of you . How old is Sally and should she be drinking?”

Sally smiled and answered, “I know I look young but I am 20 and am quite used to drinking so don’t worry your pretty self about me.” Sally was about the same height and build as Carol and Tammy right down to the tiny tits.

Bertha added, “Sally is a big hit at the club and they all go wild about her schoolgirl looks. They like to fantasize about being with such a sweet young thing. Then I come on stage and show them what a real woman looks like.” Busty Bertha was 32 years old, stood 5’8″, and no one had to ask her how she got her stage name. Tammy noted that the woman’s tits were rather large but not quite as big as Myra’s giant globes.

When Myra and Bertha went to the cooler to get some more beer Carol choked when Sally asked Tammy if she wanted to come work at the club with them. Tammy shocked her mom when she said that she would think about it. While getting beers for everyone Bertha asked Myra, “I have some stuff that I can slip them that will make their cunts itch and crave to be scratched. The bitches will go insane with desire and it will make them beg us to fuck them. What do you say? Should I put some shit in their beer?”

Myra thought for a second then replied, “Put some in Carol’s drink. I want to see that condescending bitch turn into a cunt lapping whore. You guys can fuck the shit out of the goody-goody mother and I want her to see Tammy worship my black body with her mouth. Then the bitch will know that Tammy has a new Mommy! As for my baby girl, she doesn’t need anything but my cunt to get her hot.”

As the group drank and talked Carol felt very strange and found herself ogling the delicious ebony bodies. The conservative mother was overcome with a burning desire unlike anything she had ever known before. She was consumed with lust for sex and let her hand drop to her inflamed crotch. Her behavior did not go unnoticed and Bertha instructed Sally to go to the van and bring back the duffel bag. Then Myra suggested, “Let’s all take this inside and get out of the hot sun.” Carol was visible aroused and couldn’t take her eyes off of the lush patch of pubic hair protruding from Myra’s skimpy thong. Myra pulled Tammy to her feet and kissed her passionately; both mother and daughter were shocked. Sally returned with duffel bag in hand and they all entered the house.

Once inside Carol was placed on the sofa and Bertha and Sally sat on either side of the confused, hot, and extremely horny mother. Tammy and Myra cuddled in the love seat. Carol was urged to finish her beer and she gulped it down. When she finished her drink Carol was stunned to see the two drolly dolls had discarded their skimpy attire and offered no resistance when they helped to remove her top, shorts, and panties. She was in awe of Bertha’s curvy frame and intrigued by the patch of pubic hair trimmed to form an arrow pointing down to her thick lipped pussy. Looking at Sally she marveled at the long, stiff, and dark nipples on the girl’s small breasts. She shuddered and trembled with lewd longings when her eyes traveled down to the girl’s bald beaver.

Bertha kissed Carol full on the lips and inserted her tongue into the woman’s mouth. Carol kissed back and her tongue mingled with Bertha’s. The white woman moaned with ecstasy when Sally blew in her ear, kissed, and licked her neck. Soon both women were sucking her nipples and fingering her inflamed pussy. Carol went insane with carnal lust when Sally dropped to the floor and eagerly assaulted the woman’s slushy pussy with her hungry mouth and probing fingers. Bertha hand fed Carol her breasts as Sally gorged on her pretty pink pussy. The sex crazed mom completely forgot about her daughter being in the same room and gave herself totally to the skilled lesbian lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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