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Hopefully this second story is more understandable than the first one I wrote.

Ever since my aunt told me that she always dreamed about us having sex together, we have not done anything else together but sex. Two months had passed and we were still fucking each other. We were having trouble getting together my parents were back at home and it was hard for me to just get out of the house with the excuse that I was going to the store. So I switched to a new job. Close to my aun’ts house. My schedule helped us out a lot I started at 3 p.m. and get out close to midnight. So since I was getting out of work late in the night that was my excuse to stay with Johanna. Johanna is my aunt remember.
My first day I got out exactly at midnight. As soon as I got out of the restaurant I rushed to my aunts house. The door was locked but she gave me a key that afternoon. I went inside walked toward her room. The door was half open. I walked inside the room and shut the door and locked it. There was a lamp next to her bed I turned it on. The light was not to bright but bright enough to look at her body. She was sleeping with her ass upward and the blankets covered only up to her tighs. She was wearing a small thong pretty small. It was only a little string and a little triangle that barely covered her sweet pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed next to her and begin caressing her back making my way down to her ass. I got to where her ass hole is and pulled the string of her thong as far as it could stretched. I let it go and the string hit her little hole braking the silence in the room. I rest my head next to her and kissed the beack of her neck. She turned around so she could face me. She was not wearing a bra or anything, her breast were resting on the kocaeli escort blankets. She opened her eyes and smiled.

” Hi baby……..mmhmhm….where were you”she said kinda sleepy.” I tried to stay awake but I fell asleep “

I got up and sitted, resting my back on the wall. She sitted next to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and started kising me on my neck making her way to my mouth. Our lips met and we kissed for about a minute.

“I just got out of work” I told her. “I rushed here as fast as I could I couldn’t wait any longer to be with you”
“I couldn’t wait either baby….You want me to make something for you to eat.” She asked
“NO……sweety Im ok.” I responded and beggin kissing her and sucking on her lips.

I put my left hend between her legs and beggin to play with her pussy. I stuffed two fingers inside of her wet clit and pushed them in and out and making ricles inside her.
”Oooohhhhh…..daddy …….aahh….” She begin moan. I went to lick her nipples soon her nipples were hard and wet. I made my way down to her waist kissing and licking her body not missing a spot of her hot body. She started to sweat and the sweat made her look hotter and made me want her even more. I got down to her pussy. Her thong was on the way I licked the fabric until it was dripping. I got on my knees and pulled her from her legs. She was laying flat on the bed resting her head on the pillow. I spread her legs and went down for her pussy again. I pulled off her thong with my mouth up to her knees. I took of her thong and put it aside before stuffing it in her cunt. She stood up and pushed me. I landed flat on the bed with my head hanging at the edge of the bed.

“My turn… relax darıca escort and enjoy.” she said and went down to suck my cock. I was in heaven her mouth was warm and wet. She licked the tip of my head with her tongue.
“Aaaaaaghhhghh…..muaahhah….” she sucked on it long and hard. Then she climbed on top of me. She spread her clit with her right hand and with the other lead my cock deep inside her pussy.
“Ohhh..oo…yes ….baby….that feels so good daddddyyyyyy….aahhahh..” She moaned She kept going up and down, squezing my balls with her ass hole when she went down.
“goooo…god….oh.h.ooh my god ……ooh god ooogoohoh… baby…..” Her tits bounced up and down. I grabbed her breasts and squished them in my hands. She kept moaning and hitting it harder and harder everytime she went down.

She got off me and laid back resting her head again in the pillow. She spread her legs and told me to get on top of her.
“Get on top of me….please baby I want you on toooo..pp…p of me” I got on my knees and grabbed her from behind her knees and pushed her legs up to her chest. I spread them apart and got my cock inside her wet clit. I begging slowly enjoying every second. I beggin pushing in and aout a little harder.
“Ohh…baby….ye..yes kee…keeep go…oing” “don’t stop…d…oo.don’t sstoppp..hahahhhhhh….hhhaahhhhhh…”
I started to pull my cock upward every time I pulled out trying to reach all her walls and made a circular motion deep inside her tight cunt.

“Ooohh … …ohhmyymymy.. baby please baby….make me cum …make me.e.e…cc..uuuuummm.” The circular motion hit all her walls making her reach an orgasm that splashed cunt juice all over.
“Ooohhhh…yesss…..yeahahhhh….haahaaaaaaahhhhh…” gölcük escort she gasped for air.
“oohh my ggod baby thats felt soo gggoooood”
It felt so good to feel hot sweet cunt juice all over my waist. I got off the bed and pulled her to the edge. She got on her knees. She grabbed her thong and stuffed it deep inside her pussy. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it resting her chest on it and putting her ass in the air. I pushed the thong deeper inside her clit and pushed my dick all the way in again.

“Ooohhhhh…baby ….that feels good…..” The fabric of her thong caressing deep inside her got her going again. As I pushed in my head touched her thong which was already wet and warm. The feeling of her hot pussy and her thong made me get chills all over my body. I kept on fucking her pussy enjoying the way she moved to make ot it a better fuck. She begin to moan even louder than before.
“HHAA……..AAAAHAHAHHHHHHH……oohh.h.h.ooohhhhh baby …oh yeah yeaaaahhh….ahh” “yes baby just like that… sweety kekekeeeep goinggn” I was about to cum so I pushed in and out a couple of more times and cummed all oven her back and her ass dripping down to her pussy….She reached her hand down to her cun’t pushed her two fingers inside her and pulled out her thong.
“OOHHHHmyyy…ohhh god.. ooohhhh goo…god” When her thong was completly out another splash of hot sweet cunt juice splashed all over again. She stood up with almost no strength in her legs. She stitted in the bed and I sitt next to her. She put her thong in her mouth licking and sucking out all the juice that the fabric soaked in.
“Mmmhmhmmmm…it tastes so gogoood…….” “Baby that a a great fuck you just gave me.” She went toward her pillow laid on her back and spread her legs..
“ I want you to fuck my ass….fuck me hard and make me cum again baby.”

I didn’t tought about it I just went for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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