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This story is about a college guy named Keith that meets another college guy named Maximillion, who has a big juicy bubble butt. Max ultimately becomes his loving buttslut.

After our weekend together, I did not know how to act towards Max. I had never had a serious boyfriend before, probably because not a lot of people know I am gay and not a lot of guys catch my eye the way Max and his bubble butt did. I’m also not really the romantic or sappy type. I actually tend to get hit on more by girls, but that’s only because they don’t realize I am attracted to guys. I could maybe have sex with a girl, but I could never be in a relationship with one though.

Was I supposed to call Max or something? Was I supposed to take him out to eat? I really had no idea. We would text often, but I just wasn’t sure where any of this was going and if I really felt comfortable with it. I’m not quite in the closet, but I am also not very open about my sexuality. I tend to keep it to myself. What I had going on with Max seemed like it may change everything.

Finally, after texting Max on and off for about two weeks straight, we decided to go out to eat. Not really like a date, but more like two bros just going to grab a bite of eat. The only difference is that unlike most of my bros, I know exactly what Max’s butthole looks like. I see Max walking out of his dorm wearing these form fitting gray pants that succeed in giving my tongue a boner.

“Hey good to see you,” he says as he gets in the car. “I thought you had been avoiding me,” he openly blurts out.

“Nah I’ve just been really busy,” I lied. I honestly couldn’t even tell you why I had been avoiding Max, but when I saw the way his pants hugged his hot ass, I started to question myself on that even more.

We got to the restaurant which was just some local burger joint. I walked behind him the whole way in. I’m pretty sure he knew I was checking out his ass the whole time and he made a lot of provocative poses that he knew would catch my attention. We finally sat down and I was actually a little jealous of his seat because I wanted to rip a hole in the back of his pants and have him just sit his tight ass on my dick. We finally ordered and I decided to just be direct because he was clearly wondering why he had not heard from me much in two weeks.

“So, what are you looking for exactly,” I asked him. He looked a little confused so I clarified, “in a relationship I mean.”

“Oh, um I guess I just would maybe like to see where things might go,” he replied looking a little confused as to why I was asking him.

“Yeah, I’m not really looking for a boyfriend,” I said before I could really think about what I was saying.

“Oh… okay,” he replied with a blank stare on his face.

I’m not sure why I told him like that. I just didn’t want to get his hopes up that we were in some gay love story where boy falls for boy and they live happily ever after. That’s just not what I was interested in. We didn’t really say much throughout most of the meal, but all of a sudden he started talking about his ex-boyfriend, which I guess also happened to be his first and only boyfriend. Apparently, his ex-boyfriend is the reason he came out of the closet. He told me the only reason they broke up was because the distance between them since he now lives a few hours away. I didn’t know if he was trying to make me jealous, but I’m not really the jealous type so it didn’t really phase me.

On our way back to his dorm I decided to open up a little bit more about what I told him earlier. “You know I like you I’m just not sure I want to be in a relationship.”

“It’s okay. I can tell that you are not used to being with guys. I would never want to put pressure on you to do something that you didn’t want to,” he told me.

That actually made me feel a lot better so I decided to grab his hand. We both looked at each other and smiled.

When we got back to his dorm I jokingly said, “well I’ll see you later buttslu…,” but before I could finish he leaned in and kissed me. I wasn’t even worried about anyone seeing us, but I doubt anyone could anyways with how dark it was outside.

He took my hand and placed it on his butt. “Damn I’ve known you for two weeks and you already know my weaknesses,” I told him. We started making out harder and I started rubbing all over his butt squeezing it and jiggling it in my hands. He then suddenly sat on top of my lap and started gyrating his ass all over my dick. I got so fucking hard.

“You like that?” he asks me. I didn’t respond because he already knew the answer.

“Why don’t you come up to my room. My roommate is gone for the weekend,” he says while now grinding his butt onto my dick even harder. The way Max was wiggling his ass on my dick made me feel like it may burst out of my pants.

I lifted him off of me and I told him, “only if you promise to be a good buttslut.” I saw the biggest smile I’ve seen from him all night form on his face.

“I’ll be best behaved buttslut bahçeşehir escort that I can be,” he responds in that seductive grin that he knows gets me. We both rush up to his room almost knocking one guy over on our way up. When we get to his room I do a quick onceover, but I was too distracted by that bubble ass to really take in any other type of scenery. He told me to sit on his bed and that he would be right back.

He returns wearing a pair of sexy sheer white underwear. He walks right up to me, turns around and shakes his ass right in my face. The round globes of his ass looked so sexy in his underwear that didn’t even completely cover both of creamy white cheeks. I moved forward and gave both of his ass cheeks huge sloppy kisses. With that he turned around quickly.

“I couldn’t help but to notice you had a thing for my ass,” he told me while he spanked his own ass. He then pulled a black dildo out of his dresser. “Since you seem to like my ass so much, it seems selfish of me to fuck my ass with this dildo without giving you the pleasure of watching me do it.” And with that he started sucking on the dildo. “Wouldn’t you agree?” he asks me.

For the first time in my life, I was at a loss for words and just started shaking my head yes. He then asked me if I wanted him to fuck himself with the underwear on or off. I told him to leave them on since they looked sexy on him and since they were so light I could practically see through them anyways. I grabbed his body and pulled him in closer to me and turned him around. I stretched out the material of his underwear with one hand and used the thumb of my other hand to poke a hole right in the middle of his underwear where his asshole was. I then stuck the finger up to my nose and mouth.

“Just as delicious as I remember,” I told him like a giddy schoolboy. He then got down on his knees and crawled to his roommate’s bed. His thick rump looked so appetizing crawling across the ground. He then stopped suddenly and just started shaking his ass on the ground. If I had some ones on me right now, every single one of them would go to that ass.

He finally reached his roommates bed and started sucking and slobbering all over his dildo to get it wet. He then turned it towards his pretty pink pucker and began to penetrate his own ass. I had no idea Max was so freaky, but he clearly knows how to draw a guy back in.

“Yeah fuck yourself buttslut,” I told him really getting into the scene before me. “Fuck your ass like you’re a virgin and not the slut that we both know you are.” He started moaning so loud when I said that.

“I’m so tight I can barely fit it in,” he told me. “I think I might need some help or else I’m just not sure it’ll fit,” he tells me looking back to see my response.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” I tell him getting up. “All a stupid buttslut like you knows how to do is take dick, you don’t even know how to work one in to your own ass,” I tell him as I make my way over to him and grab the dildo and shove it in his ass. He lets out a large moan. I hoped that the walls in his dorm were not that thin because I’m pretty sure the people two doors down would have been able to hear that. I then tell him to open up his mouth and I spit in it while I continue to fuck him with the dildo. I then take my whole hand and shove it in his mouth and get it wet with his saliva and my spit and start slapping both of his big buttcheeks through his underwear loving the sound and the jiggle.

I decide to get a closer view of his ass so I move up right behind his butt. At this point I completely rip his underwear. Max’s underwear were torn to shreds all over his now reddened booty. I enjoy the sight of watching his asshole open and close as I move the dildo in and out of him. His tight little pink hole and creamy full cheeks are a sight to behold.

I then decided to do something nasty that I have never done in my life, but an ass like that will make you do crazy things. I took the dildo that had been deep in his ass and started sucking on it. It had this funky sweet taste. I didn’t really care if it what I was doing was dirty, his ass just tasted and smelled so good. I stuck it back in his ass and leaned up to kiss him.

“You know my roommate really has a big ass too,” he told me while I continued to fuck him with the dildo.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“Yeah he’s this sexy soccer player with great legs and even hotter ass. I’ve seen it a few times, you’d love it,” he told me.

“What does he look like?” I asked him while I continued to dildo fuck him even harder on his roommate’s bed while my own boner was leaking copious amounts of precum in my pants.

“He’s about 5’8, tanned skin, but it’s the ass. He’s always wearing these short Adidas shorts that can barely contain his round booty. I “accidentally” knocked in to him once with his back turned and you should have seen the thing jiggle,” he continued to tell me knowing full well how much he was turning me on.

He beylikdüzü escort continued on to say, “I thought he was straight, but I think I saw him checking out my own ass a few times.”

I pulled the dildo out of his ass again and this time stuck it in his mouth. I then started to kiss him while the dildo was shoved in his mouth. I then stuck the dildo back in his ass.

“I want you to fuck us both at the same time and then I want you to cum in his ass and then I want to eat your cum out of his ass while you fuck me,” he continued to dirtily confess to me. The things he was saying was really turning me on. “I’ve even sniffed his dirty soccer boy undies while he was gone. Do you want to see?” he asked.

“Yeah I do buttslut,” I said as I watched that hot ass that I was just fucking with a dildo move to his roommate’s closet. He pulled out his roommate’s sexy black underwear. He walked up to me and started sniffing the front of his roommate’s underwear. He then pulled my face right in to his, except that his face was covered by his roommate’s underwear so I was pulled into the back of his underwear. I could smell his ass sweat and sexy anal scent that was present in his underpants.

Me and Max then started to make out through his roommate’s underwear while I grabbed and jiggled his ass with my hands. I was practically in ass heaven while huffing the musk of his roommate’s ass and playing with Max’s big juicy bubbly butt.

Max looks at me and tells me, “it’s so hot doing this on the bed where that ass sleeps.”

I tell Max to turn around and shake his ass for me. He starts shaking that sexy donk all around the room as I watch.

“I want you to give me a lapdance buttslut,” I tell him as I slap his ass hard.

I pulled down my pants and then Max moved his big booty right over my hard-on and started shaking his thick butt meat right over my stiff penis. He holds my dick and then inserts it right in the crack of his cheeks and starts clapping his buttcheeks right on my dick. The inside of his ass felt so warm.

“Yeah just like that buttslut,” I say in a husky low voice. “Where’d you learn to move your ass like that?”

“I just wanted to learn so I can make daddy happy,” he told me while he continued to move my dick all around in his cheeks.

I had a brilliant idea being the nasty pervert I was and grabbed his roommate’s underwear and wrapped them around Max’s dildo with the ass part of his underwear right on top of the head. I then stuck it right up to my nose. There was no denying that both of these items had been up an ass especially with the combined aroma of butt they were radiating. I then stuck the tangy butt combination right in my mouth.

“Tell me more about your roommate,” I told Max with my mouth full.

“His ass is always jutting out his shorts,” Max told me as he held my dick and started to now grind my dick up and down his crack. “He always wears either underwear or briefs that make his ass look like he is carrying two basketballs on his lower back.”

“You told me that you thought you saw him checking out your ass. Tell me what you think he would like to do to your ass,” I asked him getting closer to cuming by the second while sucking on the ass flavor of Max and his roommate with my dick between his cheeks.

“I bet he’d like to fuck me. I bet he’d like to stick his dick in my ass like I was some dirty bitch and make my cheeks bounce against my groin,” he said like the sexy buttslut he is.

“Yeah, but your roommate can’t. Do you know why?” I asked as Max looked at me with a puzzled look on my face. “Cause you’re my buttslut,” I told him as my dick suddenly exploded from max rubbing his round globes around my dick.

Max turned to me and told me that he “wanted to be my buttslut forever.”

“You don’t really have a say in the matter,” I told him as I leaned in to kiss him.

Since Max had been so good to me, I decided to get him off too. I told him to lay on his back while I grabbed the dildo. I started jacking off his dick while fucking him with the dildo. He told me to use my mouth.

“What do you mean,” I asked him.

“Put your mouth around the other end of the dildo and fuck me like that please… master,” Max asked me with a desperate look on his face. The fact that Max knew his place in the bedroom and that he really was turning in to my own personal buttslut turned me on a lot so I happily obliged. I stuck my mouth around the other end and got the best view of my life as I saw his hole dilate open and close. I loved watching his anus gape when I pulled the dildo out with my mouth really fast. I started to jerk his dick harder and just like that Max came.

I started rubbing his cum around my fingers and put my fingers in his mouth. Max and I moved back to his bed to sleep for the night. The fact that we fucked all over his roommate’s bed was bad enough so we weren’t going to sleep in it too. I still wasn’t sold on the fact that this was avcılar escort a relationship, but if I were going to have a relationship with a guy, a buttslut like Max would be first choice.

I woke up around 9:00 A.M. to Max’s sexy tushy pushed up against my morning wood. I decided to give Max a special wake up and stuck my dick right in his crack. Fuck breakfast in bed, this is how a real buttslut wakes up. I liked the feel of his cheeks around my dick. I spat on my hand and lubed my dick up with it and then stuck my dick right in his hole. He jumped like he had just woke up, but I had a feeling he had already been awake.

I started fucking him just like that with us both on our sides. I wrapped my arms around his chest and brought him in closer to me. Fucking him on his side felt really good since his cheeks were pushed in to me. I then pushed him on to his chest and started fucking him with his legs closed so that his butt would jut out more.

His butt looked like two round basketballs or should I say two round bootyballs as I fucked him. I slapped both of his asscheeks hard and they were starting to turn red. My dick had completely disappeared between his bouncy buns. It’s like my dick had found a home that it just wanted to never come out of. My dick had a mind of its own and did not have any intentions of ever leaving Max’s crack and hole.

“Oh yeah baby fuck me,” Max cried out to me. Max calling me baby turned me on. I like that he just lets me use his ass however I want to. Max started throwing his ass back on my dick and I didn’t think I would last much longer since I also felt like I needed to pee. Any guy who wakes up with morning wood knows what I mean. Suddenly I went for a grand slam and just slammed my whole entire body into Max. I was practically balls deep in Max’s booty when I felt myself cum. I could feel my dick depositing load after load of cum in Max’s ass.

If this is what being in a relationship is, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Unlimited ass whenever you want it, well at least with a guy like Max. We decided to take a shower together and of course I volunteered for clean up on his ass. I soaped up his shiny globes and rinsed them off with great interest like I was almost polishing a new whip. You have to take good care of the things you ride. After we were done I put my finger in his hole to make sure he was clean. I then put my finger in my mouth.

“Mmm, tastes fresh and new, almost like you didn’t take every bit of cum my body had,” I told him. Max smiled at me. I watched his fine behind walk out the bathroom and put on one of his signature thongs. This time a deep crimson red one. Before I left to head back to my apartment I gave Max a kiss as I slapped and jiggled his cheeks. I gave both of his buttcheeks a kiss and told his cheeks I would miss them as Max laughed. I wasn’t lying though.

I got back to my apartment and passed out. I didn’t really get that much sleep in Max’s room. Damn, I really did like Max, but I wasn’t trying to be all in my feelings like some lovesick female. But I mean when you have a guy that is good looking, has a great personality, is super chill to kick it with, and has a great ass, I mean how can you turn that down. I feel like I may have been trying to let me being a tough guy and not let my feelings be known prevent me from actually being something with Max. I mean I can’t just keep fucking the guy and that’s it, can I?

When I woke up I saw a text from Max. I was thinking about changing my cellphone picture of him to his booty. That way I wouldn’t even have to look at the name because I would recognize that ass anywhere. He asked me if I wanted to go a party that a friend of his had invited him to. I did not really want to go because I was about two years older than Max and did not really want to hang out with freshmen, but the thought that I might get at that ass again tonight definitely changed my tune a little bit.

I was not really sure what to expect about the party. I started to realize that I really didn’t even know much about Max. I didn’t know a lot about his family, friends, or anything. I figured I would get to know more about that stuff as I got to know him better.

Max had walked to my apartment so we could just head there when he had gotten here. When I saw him he was wearing a nice black shirt that looked really good on his light muscles and a pair of dark blue jeans, except that he wasn’t wearing a belt so the top of his asscrack was peeking out a little bit. I was planning on just leaving, but I quickly pulled him inside and stuck my hands down the back of his jeans and started fingering him. We were making out against my door.

“Fuck you don’t know what that ass does to me,” I told him.

“I have a pretty good idea,” he says as he turns around backs his ass back up against my now hard dick in my jeans and walks right out of my apartment swaying his sexy ass. Damn that ass was like a monument that needed to be praised and worshipped.

I pretty much fingered Max the whole way to the party when we were out of sight from everybody. I loved the feeling of his snug asshole wrapped around my fingers. When we got there, there was loud techno music playing. I’m more into hip hop or rock music, but hey if Max could move that sexy rump to the music, then I’m all for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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