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Chapter 4: I Just Lay In Bed

“Girls?” I said, startled. Seeing my wife like this when I’d returned home the previous day, that would made sense, but my teenaged daughters…I had absolutely no idea what to make of it.

Just as startling, though, was how little the sight surprised me. Somehow, it felt absolutely right. These girls were mine. They were my daughters, and I was the head of the family.

In the same way that I knew my wife was mine, and I was certain that the barely-dressed girl sitting in my car awaiting further instruction was mine, these girls were mine as well.

“Hey Daddy,” my youngest said. “We have to tell you something.”

I stepped inside and shut the door.

“Where’s your mother?”

“She went out,” one of the pair eventually replied, but there was a worried-looking glance between them first.

I’d deal with that later.

“What are you doing, girls?”

Again, there was a glance, but this time it wasn’t worried.

This time, they looked proud.

“So we were thinking…” one of my girls started, and after a brief hesitation, the other one continued where she’d left off.

“…raising a kid is expensive.”

“Really expensive.”

I nodded. They weren’t wrong.

“And so, well…we were thinking.”

“We owe you.”

“Big time.”

“We want to pay you back for all that you’ve done for us over the years.”


The pair shivered at that last word – it was quickly becoming clear what had happened. I knew that they’d listened to the tape about being subservient. But there was no reason that would inspire them to make an advance on me, their father.

No, it was obvious that their mother had shared the most recent tape with them. The one that taught them all women were whores, that all women should be whores.

My little girls wanted to be whores. They wanted to pay me back for bringing them up, and the tape had taught them that the best way for any woman to do that was by offering her body.

And looking over the two of them, that was one hell of an offer.

My eldest daughter was dressed in the sheerest black crop-top I’d ever seen. It wasn’t transparent, but it was so form-fitting that I could not only tell exactly where her nipples were, but the exact size and shape of her areolae as well. Aside from that, she was only wearing pair of stripper heels, and a denim skirt that was so tight, I could tell she was going to need help standing up again.

Her younger sister was wearing a top that was barely anything more than a belt around her boobs, and a pair of short shorts that rode so high, the edges of her labia were clearly visible. It looked like it was going to chafe, but it also looked like she didn’t care – when she saw me looking, a flush spread across her whole body.

She wasn’t wearing anything other than those two pieces of cloth – as she knelt before me, barefoot, I couldn’t help but start getting hard.

I couldn’t let them do this. Could I? On one hand, they were my daughters – my baby girls, who I’d raised, been there for their whole lives. I’d seen them grow up, I’d helped them become adults.

On the other hand, they were right. I’d poured money into their upbringing for almost twenty years now, and what did I have to show for beylikdüzü escort it? I deserved this. I deserved to take their bodies, use them however I pleased. I had made them – I’d brought them into this world, and I’d shepherded them through it for their entire lives.

They were mine, and some part of them had clearly realized that. The two of them had worked out the best way to show their appreciation for all I’d done for them.

My daughters were grown women now, and they wanted to pay me back. They wanted me to fuck them…and who was I to say no?

I didn’t say anything as my eyes moved over my daughters’ bodies. The bodies that I was about to take.

The bodies that I deserved.

They trembled with anticipation as their father blatantly checked them out, and it didn’t take long for me to make up my mind.

“Follow,” I said, striding past them, and the two of them hurriedly tried to follow me – one having to help the other stand up.

The click-clack of the stripper boots followed me down the hall, into the master bedroom.

The Master bedroom.

I’d fucked my wife on the hallway floor the previous day, and while I’d certainly enjoyed the spontaneity of it, my knees had spent the whole day reminding me that I didn’t really want to make a habit of it.

“Bed,” I said, and the girls quickly obeyed, almost tripping over each other in their attempt to obey my commands. The tape in my hand quickly made its way into my wife’s stereo, and I hit “play”, the addicting music from the final tape filling the room as I turned back towards the two teenage temptresses sitting on the bed.

Their eyes filled with lustful anticipation as I commanded them to strip, and in their efforts to obey, they almost tore the (very expensive-looking) clothes that my wife had bought them earlier in the week.

No, I corrected. That I bought. Every cent my wife spent was my money.

These girls were my property. I owned them, and I owned everything that they owned, a thought that made me smile. I was going to have complete control over what they wore from now on. Not that there was anything wrong with their choices so far, of course, but there was something erotic about the level of power I realized I had over them.

These girls were mine. Everything they did, everything they wore, everything they ate and thought and said and felt – it was completely under my control.

The music played, its throbbing beat filling my ears, filling the room. The girls were already subservient little whores, but I wanted to make sure that they knew our arrangement – that all women needed a master, and that I was theirs.

It was clear from the look in their eyes that a part of them wanted me to hurry up, to take my cock out and fill them with it, so that they could start to repay their debt, the debt that we all knew they could never fully pay back. But I was enjoying the anticipating of taking them for the first time, and so I spent a few more minutes standing above them, looking down and appreciating their nudity.

My youngest daughter had fuller breasts – as she breathed, they moved up and down slightly. Her nipples were rock-hard (as were her sister’s) and I wondered how much fun they’d had the previous night, on their dates.

I beyoğlu escort wondered if it had been enough of a good time that their dates would pay to go again…but that was a thought for another time.

My oldest daughter’s breasts, while not quite as large as her younger sibling, were significantly more pert. Her pink nipples were turned up, something that she had clearly inherited from her mother (although, sadly, my wife’s nipples have felt the effect of gravity over the years, and haven’t peered up at me for a while now). Her legs were longer, too, and beautifully toned.

Their pussies were both beautifully shaved, leaving just a small, neat triangle of hair. I smiled at the sight of the teenage pussies, winking at me, dripping with wetness and anticipation. I could tell from their engorged lips how much they were looking forward to me entering them, taking them.

Taking what I owned.

Yes, I thought to myself with a satisfied sigh. We raised two beautiful girls.

And now it’s time to reap what I have sowed.


When my wife came home an hour later, she was shocked by the sight in front of her. I’d cum twice already, and so as a breather, I’d asked the girls to get each other off for my entertainment. She must have heard the sounds of pleasure the moment she’d opened the front door, and following them to the Master bedroom, been totally stunned to find her youngest riding the face of her oldest child, moaning and pinching her nipples all the while.

“Sit down,” I ordered, pointing at the chair in the corner of our room. I could see the hesitancy on my wife’s face, but she couldn’t fight against the effects of the tape, and after a few seconds she obeyed me, sitting and watching the show.

She was wearing a large trench-coat. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing anything underneath, but that was a question that could wait to be answered until we were done, until the final tape had finished.

The sight of my daughter quivering with an orgasm brought on by her older sister was enough to get me ready again, and a cough was all it took to get my girls’ attention – at the sight of my erection, their faces lit up, and they quickly got into position, one of them licking each side of my cock. Occasionally their tongues would meet in the middle, and lightly caress each other.

The sight of my cum coating both their faces a few minutes later was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed it would be.

My first orgasm had been like this, the two of them bringing me off with their mouths, and my second had been inside my oldest daughter, after a full fifteen minutes of pounding her into the mattress while she sucked on the tits of her younger sibling, who was enjoying three of my fingers pistoning in and out of her repeatedly.

“Know your limits,” I muttered, and decided that my third orgasm would be my last one of the night. The tape ran out, and I looked over at my wife, who was becoming increasingly flushed at the sight of her husband cavorting on the bed with her two daughters.

“Be a dear and turn that over for me, would you?” I said to her with a smile, and she practically leapt out of the chair to obey my command.

Once the music started up again, I instructed my daughters to get my cock nice and bomonti escort wet.

I had decided to be the first one to fuck my youngest daughter’s ass. Neither of them were virgins, which was a pity, but at least I would be the first to take one of their beautiful holes.

She grunted with pain as I entered her, but it wasn’t long until she could accommodate me, and soon she was loudly moaning with pleasure at every stroke.

Glancing over at my wife, I could see that she’d moved from worried shock to accepting arousal, and her hand was twitching like she wanted to reach under her coat and play with herself.

“Go and get your mother off,” I grunted at my eldest – she was sitting back on the bed, stroking a finger up and down her pussy as she watched us. She immediately did as I asked, and soon I found myself reaching orgasm as I watched my own daughter perform cunnilingus on the love of my life.

I lay back, panting, enjoying the sound of pleasure coming from my wife’s mouth, and the incredible songs that were on the mail-order tape. Finally, when I’d regained my energy, I sat up and gathered everyone together.

“There’s going to be some changes around here,” I said, and the three of them nodded. “Outside in the car there’s a woman called Rhonda. She’s going to be living here from now on – treat her as a maid if you like. We own her now.”

Again, they all nodded. It was clear that the last tape had been completely effective – none of them so much as blinked an eye at the idea of their Master owning another.

“Honey,” I said, turning to my wife, “where were you today?”

An embarrassed look came over my wife’s face.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered. “I know I should have asked, but…”

“But what?”

“…well, I couldn’t get that thought out of my head all morning. What you said, about being a maid. My friend Joanne – you remember Joanne? – her sister’s friend was involved with one of those nude maid services, and I thought…I thought about what you said about making some extra money.

“I went for an interview at lunch, and they signed me up on the spot. I had my first client today, and when he saw me, he got hard, and I…I couldn’t resist…”

A single tear slipped down my wife’s face, and I prompted her to continue.

“He fucked me. I begged him to. I charged him fifty dollars, and he fucked me, right then and there.”

“Oh, honey…” I said, my voice dripping with disappointment.

“I’m so sorry,” she repeated, throwing herself at my feet. “I know, I should have asked you. You should have been the one to decide what I did, what I do with my body. You control who I fuck, I just…-”

“Sshhh,” I interrupted. “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. Fifty dollars?

“You’re worth far more than that.”

A look of comprehension slowly spread across my wife’s face, and she managed to force a teary smile.

“You’re not mad?”

“Of course not,” I said with a smile. “But from now on, how about you let me set the prices, okay?”

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, of course.”

“Now, how much do you think we could get for all three of you at once?”

A broad grin spread across all of my daughter’s faces as they realized what I was suggesting. I sent my older daughter to go and fetch Rhonda from the car, so that we could start brainstorming this new business idea in earnest, and turned to my youngest.

“Sweetness, are you still part of that cheerleading squad at school?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Great. Next time you have a practice, there’s a tape I want you to play them, okay?”

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