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Sitting down in the waiting room next to an old lady reading a magazine, I looked at my watch. 3:30pm. Leaning against the back of the chair, I tried to relax from a long and busy day at work but this now was my first visit and I could not get myself to be calm. Flipping through magazines would not help, I knew, so I stood up and walked around the waiting room, looking at some of the paintings on the wall as I went.

A colleague had given me the phone number of a gynecologist she said she had gone to for years. The topic had come up a few weeks ago when I mentioned over lunch that I didn’t go for a checkup in years since the thought of spreading my legs for a man I did not know freaked me out each time I even thought about it.

So here I was, waiting to be seen by a female gynecologist, and when my name was called and I made my way down the hallway to her room, I wondered why I did not feel better now that I wasn’t about to take my clothes off in front of a male doctor. When she reached out across her desk to take my hand into hers to shake it, while giving me a very warm smile, I felt a little better.

The first ten minutes were spent with asking and answering routine questions about my age, menstruation, etc. I was answering mechanically, having gone over these things so many times, and found myself looking at my new doctor with increasing interest. She seemed to be in her late thirties. Her eyes were of a rich hazel color and matched her beautiful curly long brown hair that was held back loosely by a white satin band.

I could not detect any makeup on her face. Instead, her lips were of a deep natural red, and every so often she licked slightly across them with her tongue, leaving them shiny and inviting.

I straightened myself in the chair across from her but could not shake off my thoughts. My eyes traveled down her long and slender neck, across her pale yellow blouse, to her güvenilir bahis hands resting on the keyboard on her desk. She had long fingers and before I could prevent it, I started wondering how those fingers might feel examining my pussy.

When I followed her to the examination chair, I noticed she was quite tall, maybe even a few inches taller than me. When I stood next to her, looking at the chair, she could sense my uneasiness. ‘Why don’t you just remove your shoes and panties? You can simply hike up your skirt when it is time to sit down.’

She gave me a reassuring smile when I had place my black panties on a stool close by. ‘Now let’s look at your breasts first.’ And, standing right in front of me, she raised her hands to my satin blouse and opened the delicate buttons one by one, starting from the top. I pulled the bottom of the blouse up and out of my black skirt to make sure she could finish the job, all the while taking in her sweet perfume.

My blue blouse fell open after eight buttons, and she reached around my sides to my back to open the clasp of my bra. Since it did not have any shoulder straps, she could take it right off and lay it down right next to my matching panties.

With one hand, she moved the satin to the side to reveal my left breast and my pink nipple. Looking at it for a moment, she smiled before she started massaging it very lightly. ‘You have beautiful breasts,’ she said. ‘They are firm and their size is just right.’ I could feel my nipple swell and harden under her touch. The warmth of her hands and fingers were exquisite on my skin.

Done with her examination of my left breast, she soon went to reveal the right one from its light satin covering. Her fingers worked expertly over my skin, and I was rewarded with a brilliant warm smile for standing still and letting her touch me when she was done. My breasts still exposed, nipples hard and perky, she looked at türkçe bahis me for a few seconds.

‘Lift up your skirt to your waist!’ she said, and I slowly complied. When the soft material of my skirt rode up my thighs, I noticed my nipples hardening even more, almost painfully so, and when my pussy was uncovered and I felt her eyes of my skin down there, I could feel a rush of warm cream running down my cunt.

‘You are gorgeous!’ she said, and I blushed slightly. ‘There is just something about a clean shaven pussy, isn’t there?’ she asked while padding the leather chair next to her, prompting me to sit down. ‘I keep mine shaven as well. It is just so much more sexy!’

There was no way she would not notice how wet I was, but I couldn’t do anything about it. As I lifted and spread my legs in front of her, I tried to imagine her naked pussy. It sent a shiver down my spine. She helped me place my legs into the leather padded holders and asked me to slide forward a little more until my pussy was wide open to her gaze.

And this is how I laid there: my blonde long hair framing my face, my satin blouse not doing anything to keep out the cool feel of the leather beneath me. I shivered, more from anticipation than anything else. My nipples still standing at attention, my flat belly quivering slightly with excitement, my delicate skirt hanging around my lower waist.

I raised my head to look at her. She was beautiful, sitting there between my legs being spread so wide, staring at my shaven and glistening pussy. I couldn’t wait to feel her fingers on me.

And I didn’t have long to wait. But instead of feeling her plastic covered fingers on my pussy, I felt her warm hands touching my inner thighs instead. ‘What a pretty little pussy,’ she said, almost in a whisper. ‘I don’t get to see pussies like this very often.’

There was a slight noise in the room and it took me a second to realize güvenilir bahis siteleri that I had let out a moan when her hands traveled up my thighs in slow motion. Feeling her hands right by my outer lips, I couldn’t contain myself and raised my hips in an effort to feel her hands right on my pussy.

This time, a moan came from her. ‘Oh baby you are so wet.’ She said, massaging my outer pussy lips lightly with her fingertips. ‘Did I do this to you?’ She looked up into my eyes for a second, teasingly. Then she continued her exploration of my pussy.

‘It makes me so hot to see a waiting wet pussy like yours.’ She circled my clit with her index finger. ‘And what have we here,’ she said mockingly. ‘Your little horny clitty is coming out of its hood already. You want it badly, don’t you?’ And then she buried two of her long fingers inside my vagina so rapidly that I cried out in surprise and then in the fastest and one of the most profound orgasms I had ever had when her slender fingers rubbed against exactly the right spot.

‘Hmmm, yes!’ she made, pulling out her cream covered fingers after a few minutes and bending over me to rub them across my parted lips and my hard nipples. ‘Taste yourself sweetie!’ she said, sitting back down on the stool between my legs. ‘I can see that this pussy is still too horny to get up. I don’t want you to leave here unsatisfied!’

And with that she bent forward once more, lowered her head, and dove right into my pussy, lapping from my cunt all the way up my clit, circling it, taunting it with the tip of her tongue, holding my pussy wide open with her manicured fingers, touching me in ways I have never experienced before. I loved every minute of it! My orgasm came in waves this time, starting in my pussy like a volcano and spreading to every nerve ends in my body while she sucked my clit into her mouth while fucking me expertly with now three fingers up my cunt.

She let me ride out my orgasm all the way which was another thing I hadn’t experienced in a while, and afterwards, I laid there totally exhausted.

She gave me a few minutes before she handed me bra and panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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