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For the next year I was living in state of constant dream, I kept returning to the summer I met her and the only thing I was thinking about was her, everything about her, her smile, her clothing, her fragrance… I remember almost nothing of that year – everything flew by so fast. When our annual visit to the cottage was closer and closer and these stupid thoughts were crawling into my head, “Will she be there? Will she remember me?” these thoughts were with me for many weeks, up until we departed and arrived.

I did not bother with unpacking my stuff when we arrived, just put everything into my room and bolted outside to find her. Summer was just at its beginning and all I could smell was freshly cut grass from nearby garden of local villager. I must have looked ridiculous, almost running across village in my black pants and loose white shirt. Upon finding the right house my investigation began. I could see that someone was keeping the grass cut, the flowerbeds were watered and stepping stones were not overgrown, but I did not see her or anyone else. I stayed there for a while, probably looking like a major stalker when I realized that the noise I’ve been hearing was not from some neighbors garden but from hers! After I carefully looked around me and checked that on one was around I opened the front gate and entered the perimeter. I came a bit sneakily around the house to the back garden. She was there. “Hello!” I exclaimed and startled her a bit, she turned at me with some horror in her eyes but laughed when saw me. She was just working on her garden, sporting a bit longer summer dress with blue, orange/pink and greed flower motifs, wide sun hat, wielding small gardening scoop with working gloves on her hands.

“Nice to see you again after…” was what she was trying to say as I hugged her, making her unable to talk. When I loosened my hug and let go of her, she took a good look at me “You look great” and hugged me whispering “I am so happy to see you again. Since the day you left I’ve been thinking about you, every day.” That made me almost cry with happiness.

“It’s been same with me, I’ve been thinking about you the whole year.” That hug lasted what seemed as eternity, I could smell her light bahis firmaları perfume and hear her hearth beat.

“Hey, you wanna go inside and have a drink? I’m finished here.”

“Sure, I… yeah, lets go.” I answered still a bit dizzy from seeing her again, she laughed a bit and took my hand, leading me inside. The cottage was old, walls were thick and so the heat was mostly staying outside, leaving inside bit cold. She removed her sun hat and I noticed that her hair was cut now, still blonde, but shorted, basically a bit messy bob, I loved that. She was just pouring us a water “love your new hair” I said “it looks so…” I couldn’t find the right word.

“So shorter?” she answered with mischievous smile.

“No! well… yes, but beautiful!” was all I could answer that second. She just smiled at me, seating at the table, we talked and talked, about the whole past year, what happened, what were we doing, what we are going to do while we stay here.

It was later that day when it was time to go back to my family’s cottage so my parents aren’t worried. As I was leaving she told me “I’ve got and idea and you will love it!,” that tone in her voice made me a bit worried, “what about you live here with me? I’ll go with you and personally ask your parents!”

I knew why I was worried, that was exactly what I feared, of course my parents were supporting me and loved me, but I knew it would be embarrassing. After short negotiation, that went like: “show up at least once a while just so we know you are ok and come home before end of the summer, or call us and we’ll come for you.” I took all my stuff and we were on our way to the dream, well this all felt like a dream. We spent some time at my family’s cottage and when we arrived at her cottage it was already dark.

“I’m tired, let’s have a shower and go to bed, you’ll help me with the garden tomorrow okay?” Before I could answer she vanished in bathroom, so I took my bags, unpacked them and waited for her.

She came in in a night gown with subtle lace edges and signaled that the bathroom is free now. I took my personal hygiene stuff and took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got into my pajamas, that were compared to her night kaçak iddaa gown, silly “well what can I do?” I thought to myself and went to the bedroom. When I entered she was already in the bed. Her mouth shaped into cheeky smile “yes?” I asked,

“Oh, oh nothing at all,” she giggled and invited me into the bed.

As I laid down she reached to my face, “you are so beautiful” and kissed me, this time I knew what I want to do. I felt her hand on the back of my head, her other hand slowly slid underneath me and I could feel her on my back, pulling me closer to her body. I reached to caress her back and hips, everything was happening automatically, I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to control it.

She slowly pulled up my shirt, revealing my small breasts, my nipples were already filled with blood, hard, sensitive. I tried to pull up her gown but she was lying on her side, luckily she noticed and quickly pulled her gown over her head, revealing her breasts, they were bit bigger than mine, but not too much. I slowly and gently kissed her nipple, she let out slight moan. That sound worked like a magic for me, I wanted to hear it more, so I licked her nipple a bit, upon hearing another, this time louder moan I began sucking her hard, bright nipples, while fondling her other breast, she was now on her back. “You are mine now,” I whispered to her ear as I was caressing her breast.

“Yes… ohh… yes I am yours” was the only thing she managed to say. I began kissing her whole body, neck, breasts, armpits, chest, tummy, everything about her was perfect. I was slowly moving downwards, her moans were stronger with her expectation of what will come next. Her mound of venus had slight hair, light, fair, I kissed her, then her inner thighs, both. When she was almost begging me to start licking her vagina I retracted, bite my lip saying

“Ohh, not yet my love, you have to wait to enjoy it,” and with that I kissed her legs, her thighs, her feet and sucked on her toes. After that I knew that It was time for me to lick other woman’s vagina for the first time. She was already so wet it almost dripped on the bed, but I was faster and my tongue collected it all. The moan she let out was something I will never forget, kaçak bahis so sensual and so urgent, the taste of her was also unforgettable and indescribable. I started licking her, sensually, vigorously, I wanted to taste all of it, while her moans were filling the room and stimulating me into more and more contact. I could feel her body shaking when it came, she screamed and screamed with pleasure, my tongue and fingers tired,

“Yes! yes!” was all I heard, her legs wrapped around me, pulling me toward her. Then she finally shouted, I never stopped licking throughout all this, she had to pull me up to her face, lying on her sweaty body, her hearth was racing and her breathing was so fast. We kissed. “And now…” she took a deep breath, letting some air in, “now is my turn to make you feel that good.”

My body was turned, suddenly she was above me, her hand slowly made its way down to my vagina, circling around, teasing me… “You said I need to wait to have more pleasure, now you will wait…” we smiled at each other, her finger was still circling around, sometimes even slightly stroking my butt. She was now kissing, licking, and sucking on my nipples, I must confess I don’t have much recollection of this, as I was in complete state od trance. I remember her slowly making way to my feet, when she knelt and sucked on one of my feet’s toes while stroking her breasts and vagina with the other one, I never knew I would love that so much. She licked the other foot clean and slowly, slowly, reaching my wet vagina. After that all is blur, I can feel the texture of her tongue on my clit, I can remember my body being so damp with sweat, I can remember the screaming of pleasure I was letting out, when I wrapped my legs around her. That rush of blood when I came, shouting even more, her warm sensual caressing of my body.

After I came, she went back up to me and smiled at me, we kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, both of our bodies were wet with sweat and the air was filled with smell of our bodies. She finally looked at my damp face and said “That was so beautiful, you are so beautiful, I love you,” my body felt like something different, so light, so tired, but loved.

“I love you too” I said, with exhale and slight smile. After that we both laid there naked, slowly drying and falling asleep. I knew that next weeks will be only more and more beautiful.

Thank you for reading it, love you all,

Pale Lady

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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