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She returned carrying a tray of tea, she put it down and poured us both a cup. It was weird, she was wearing just stockings, suspenders and panties in front of me a paying guest and pouring tea like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I sipped the tea she handed me and wondered what to say to her, what do you say to a woman who 10 minutes ago sucked your cock, swallowed your sperm and who just handed you a cup of tea? So we sat in silence, I didn’t know what the next few hours would bring but I guessed she had something in mind. When she finished her tea she took my cup and put them both on the tray. As she turned around, she pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing these tonight. Do you like stockings?”

I thought her legs were fantastic and her bum superb, but my attention was focused on the hair I could see between her legs, consequently I didn’t respond to her question.

“Most men do, I’ll take them off if you don’t like them”.

I was thinking about how good it felt to have her mouth around my cock, how much better could it be to have my cock inside her?

“So should I leave them on? (Pause) I don’t think it matters much does it?”

She climbed on the bed knelt next to but facing me, I was once again focussed on her breasts her nipples were dark, with no point of reference I didn’t know if they were large or small but they were lovely. I cupped her breast and started to gently squeeze it rolling the nipple between my fingers and pulling it slightly. She leant over and kissed my cheek

“There’s nothing going to happen that isn’t OK, if I make any noises don’t worry about it just keep doing what I show you.”

“But I’m a freak my cock’s too big for any women, I know I’ve been told.”

“It might be too big for a girl but as you said I’m not a girl, so don’t you worry about it.”

We kissed again and our tongues again pushed in and out of each others mouths, I continued to roll her nipple, she took hold of and stroked my cock, I couldn’t suppress an ecstatic moan as her fingers slid up and down the shaft returning it to a state of raging hardness. She broke our kiss and lay down on the bed, I followed her to lie down next to her. Propping my head up with my arm I laid my hand upon her stomach and slid it up to her breast to caress her other nipple.

“Suck them”.

I must have look puzzled

“My nipples and breasts suck them, lick them, kiss them and bite them, it’s nice, just be gentle with them at first.”

Well that was news, women liked their nipples sucked. After a few seconds to think about that I moved my head to her breast and start to kiss and lick it, she ran her fingers through my hair which felt nice, but also stimulating. I kissed her nipple and sucked it into my mouth flicking my tongue over it, feeling the slightly rougher skin and bumps that surrounded it. She made that groaning sighing sound that people make when they’re relaxed, excited and turned on: the same sound I’d made when she sucked my cock. I had been sucking and licking her nipple for a while when she said

“There’s another one you know.”

I mumbled something but realised that the hardness of her nipple in my mouth was exciting, was there because of what I’d done and I wanted to do the same to her other nipple. I knew she was enjoying what I was doing and after making me come before I wanted to make her feel good.
After another feast of kissing licking and sucking her other breast she pulled my head up by my hair and said

“I want you to lick me like I did you. Slide down between my legs and do the same there as you’ve done to my nipples.”

I was like a rat up a drainpipe, and the smell that greeted me when I got between her legs was exquisite; so soft, feminine and natural it drew me in. Although I didn’t find out that it meant sexual arousal until later her lips were swollen and moist, her pubic hair was soft but coarse at the same time, the skin of her thighs so soft and the aroma so tantalising that I didn’t need instruction on what to do next. I eased forward and started kissing between her legs. Her body jerked and her hand once again lifted my head by my hair. She looked into my eyes

“It’s not a race, slow down, be gentle and use your tongue.”

I eagerly returned to my task but had to force myself to go slowly and after hearing her moan

“Gently, we’ve got all escort bayan night.”

I slowed down and caressed every inch gently with my tongue. This was all new to me and I learnt that using my tongue to lick the top of her slit made her react immediately and gasp, whilst pushing my tongue between her lips near the bottom of her slit made her sigh and squirm, it was also far wetter there than at the top. Lying there moving my tongue around making her gasp, sigh, squirm and jerk in time to my ministrations was wonderful, if that was what women liked I was going to love giving it to them. If possible my cock was more swollen and harder than before and again I found myself wondering how much better it would feel inside her than in her mouth or how much better it could feel than having my tongue in between her lips.

“Put two fingers inside me.”

I recognised the need in her voice and wanted to ease that need but I didn’t know where to put them. She must have realised because her hand pushed between her legs and her middle finger disappeared up to the second knuckle inside her. I didn’t need showing twice and she withdrew her finger as she felt mine touch her lips, I eased two fingers inside her up to the second knuckle thinking that was what she wanted, but was a little shocked when she grabbed my hand and pushed it until both fingers were buried completely inside.

I moved them around exploring the feel of her insides, enjoying the moisture and heat of her pussy but obviously not doing what she wanted because she pushed my hand away the fingers coming out then pulled it back in again the fingers sliding completely inside her again.

I started to copy her movement and she moved her hand to her mouth and bit her finger, her body was moving in time to my fingers and her breaths were short and fast, she moaned, her hand gripping the blankets, she mewled, her legs tensed, her pussy gripped my fingers and released them again. Had I been a little less involved in the process I’m sure it would have been fascinating to watch but I didn’t need telling she was enjoying my fingers thrusting into her. I could hear slapping sounds as my hand hit her lips, as I pushed my fingers fully into her I heard a wet squelching. The only other thing I noticed was the steady increase in pitch of the noises she was making. Her body seemed to go through cycles, tense, relax, tense, hold it, relax, make a noise, tense, hold it, jerk grunt and relax. The only work I did recognise was the occasional harder or faster.

It’s a measure of men that at a time like this we get distracted but to be honest my arm was beginning to ache and I slowed up my thrusting


The need in her cry made me thrust hard again and the cycle restarted immediately.

“DON’T Stop, Don’t Stop, Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t st, don’t, don’t, don’t.”

She let out a loud cry and bit her finger to stifle it, her body seemed racked with pain, her pussy clamped down on my fingers so hard I couldn’t move them, her legs clamped around my body like she was trying to crush me. Suddenly everything relaxed then she was still, a moment later it all repeated, then as she relaxed again I removed my fingers she let out a low guttural moan and shook, then she tensed again.

Every muscle in her body seemed locked and I was genuinely concerned I’d hurt her, I knelt between her legs looking at her without knowing what I’d done or what I should do, when she relaxed she looked at me with unfocused eyes and her face sort of smiled. Unfocused or not she must have seem my concern,

“It’s OK, you just made me come.”

She was gulping huge lungfulls of air and her shin was a deep pink and covered in a really sexy sheen. She looked straight at me and said,

“Put your cock where your fingers were and push it inside as far as it will go.”

As I moved forward she lifted her legs and put her ankles on my shoulders, I guided my cock to her pussy lips and eased forward, but her pussy didn’t seem to want to let it inside. Her hand encircled the shaft and she pulled the head inside, she gasped but didn’t stop pulling my cock inside her. Her pussy was hot and wonderfully wet, the feel as I slid inside was like nothing I can describe it was just heaven. As I continued to push inside her she made quiet little Ohhs and Ahhs, I had just over half of it inside her when she cried out

“Stop, I need a minute.”

I heard the freak kocaeli escort bayan comment in my head and wondered if I’d hurt her, I must have looked worried

“It’s not you. I’ve not had regular sex in six years and I just need a moment to get used to it.”

I waited for a minute enjoying the feel of her pussy but worried regardless of what she said

“Slide it in and out and just go in a little at a time, OK. Don’t worry if I cry out just keep sliding in and out.”

So I did as I was told: out a couple of inches back in a couple, out a couple in a couple, gradually pushing a little more in each time. I so wanted to bury myself in her and feel my entire cock wrapped up in her pussy but I was scared of hurting her.

After a few of minutes, a few winces, a couple of gasps and a moment when she bit her lip and closed her eyes tight, which I knew meant pain, I had managed to work about 7 inches inside of her and I realised she knew what she was doing. As I worked it in again I felt the head touch something and as I applied more pressure she gasped

“That’s it.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means it won’t go in any deeper, you’re too long.”

I was torn between wanting to carry on pushing and thinking I was a freak who was too long for women. But she wasn’t indecisive she wanted to be fucked, she squeezed her pussy, it clamped down on my cock, bringing me out of myself. I pulled back and slowly started pushing in again, I kept going until I touched her cervix, she gasped and I stopped, I started repeating the action building up speed as I got used to how deep I could go.

They say time is relative well let me tell you when you’re fucking time has no relevance at all, if Einstein didn’t know that he was far from a genius. After some immeasurable length of time I realised that when I pushed in deep she was no longer gasping she was making sounds that told me she liked it.

“Kiss me,”

I leant forward bringing her legs with me, I kept thrusting in and out but the feeling around my cock changed as her legs moved further back, our lips touched and our tongues fought to gain entry into each others mouths. She now moaned, an erotic desire filled sound that drives a man on, each time I pushed into her,

“You’re so big, I can feel you stretching me every time you enter.”

“Should I stop?”

“God no.”

I smiled and slowly increased my speed, I might have been wrong but I felt like I was getting more of my cock into her every thrust. She slipped her legs off my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist, her arms clung to my back and I could hear her breath expel with every thrust, I stopped to ask her if she was OK.

Between gasps she said

“No, no, no, keep going I’m so close, so close.”

I went back to hard deep thrusts, all I could hear, almost under her breath, was

“Yes, yes, yes oh yes, yes.”

It was her underneath me but the words contained absolute animal need and it spurred me on, I thrust harder and harder and faster and faster, she cried out in the same way she had when I was fingering her. As she cried out and I felt her teeth bite into my shoulder, her legs, arms and pussy all gripped me like a vice, but this time I understood why and this time I didn’t stop. I wasn’t going to stop fucking her until I cam again.

I smiled knowing she was coming and just kept thrusting hard into her over and over again. Unlike before her body didn’t relax, I heard her muffled cry again as she bit down into my flesh harder but still I didn’t stop, I just thrust harder and harder.

Ever since I’d started fucking her I’d been aware of the pressure growing deep inside and I knew I would come soon, the continuous grip from her pussy didn’t help, it made that pressure grow more and more rapidly, had I not already come twice that evening I’m sure I would have done so by now.

I started thrusting as hard and as fast as I could, wanting to come in her while she was coming, it must have been a good plan because she continued to squeeze my body in a vice like grip. As I stepped up my pace something odd happened, I suddenly went deeper into her, my hips hit hers, she attempted to scream and bit my neck so hard it was me who gasped, had she not been biting me I think she’d have been heard in London.

I Like to think I’m more considerate a lover now but at that moment I was just too kocaeli escort close to coming to care what had happened so I just kept thrusting hard and fast into her, our hips now slapping together with every thrust. Her bite lessened and she was back to moaning with every thrust, her legs and arms trying to squeeze the life out of me. I felt the pressure break out and I started to come I thrust hard into her and stopped as deep inside her as I could, my hips twitched and my groans matched each spurt of sperm as it shot out of me and coated her insides. I gave up trying to keep some of my weight off her and basically flopped on top of her.

I whispered her name, the fucking was over and we’d both obviously enjoyed it, between gulps of air I started to laugh, it was enough to move my cock inside her and she shuddered and gasped,

“Stop, don’t move.”

Again the selfishness in me took over, all I wanted was to lie down so I lifted myself off her and pulled my cock out, this caused another shudder and I lay down next to her my head on her shoulder watching her breasts rise and fall in time with her breathing until she’d recovered enough to speak.

As we recovered we kissed a lot, laughed a lot, and tried to work out what had happened, I say we I didn’t have a clue and if I’m honest I didn’t really care, I’d buried myself completely inside her which was what I’d wanted. But after a few days she told me she thought I must have pushed through her cervix and the last or first inch, depending upon your view, had entered her womb.
We spent the rest of that night together and had sex twice more, neither of them ended as intensely as the first time, both of us came again, her many more times than me, but for me it was one of the best nights of my life, a night full of new experiences spent with a very willing lover.

Over the next month we were at it like rabbits and every time I ended up buried completely inside her and every time it felt fantastic, OK I was young and she was my first so I’m biased but I treasure the memories of that month.
She taught me how to make love to woman, she taught me that there is nothing two people can do together that, if both want it, isn’t OK, and she taught me that big might be intimidating but it’s OK. Looking back over the last thirty years I’m more than pleased to say that what she taught me has always stood me in good stead.

But possibly the most important thing she taught me was how to approach women, how to talk to them, how to make them feel wanted and good about themselves, I suppose she taught me how to get them into bed. She also taught me to love stockings and suspenders, although I might not have needed to learn that.
In the thirty one years since she taught me I have used what she taught me many times and I often recall the first time I did this or that with her when I’m with other woman. Today young women appear to be more confident, more self assured and more open regarding their sexual wants, more sexually aggressive, but I still think the basic rules of seduction apply, I her have to thank for knowing them.

My next job was in Edinburgh, when I left her house I’m not embarrassed to admit that I got five miles away and I stopped and cried. We never met up again although we spoke a couple of times the last time was 26 years ago. She was still single and had no wish to be married but she’d got a good paying job rather than paying guests. I asked her why she’d seduced me her answer was sincere but a little sad,

“You were young, shy and had no confidence, just like I was at seventeen when I got married. I learnt about sex from a man who wanted sex but didn’t like women much, I wanted you to know that sex should be wonderful, I wanted you to like women and I hope you remember that when you take women to your bed.“

There have been times when I wondered if I should have stayed in touch with her, I’ve even wondered if I should have made Swindon my home base just so we could enjoy each other, but that’s usually only when bed partners have been on ration for a few months. I’ve had many lovers since I was twenty three and managed to never get caught up in long term relationships, I now live in a city with an abundance of students and am lucky to not have to work too hard to have fun with them, that however is maybe for another time.

My apologies for ending the story with thoughtful recollections and some nostalgia but I’m old enough to recall various parts of my life fondly and forget the parts I’d rather not remember.

I hope you enjoyed this – Be nice

The Penguin

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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