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We got home from our night of fun and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was I gay now? Bi? What changed so much in my wife that now all she wants is big cocks? I had a knot in my stomach and had a hard time sleeping. I kept sleeping fitfully until my wife asked me if something was wrong.

“I’m curious about our sex life now,” I confessed. “Are you not happy with our sex life? Am I really that pathetic in bed for you? Why did you want me to do a gay act? How did our night go from a simple full swing to me being a cuckold who does gay acts? I’m so confused!”

My wife rolled and over, started rubbing my chest and opened up to me. “I am not unhappy with you in one bit. We got into swinging to try what? New things. I didn’t intend for it to turn into this, but I found a side of me I can’t hide now. I am happy with our sex life, just not satisfied. I still want us to have regular sex, but I want to make sure my needs are fulfilled. I’ve spent 5 years making sure you always cum and putting my orgasms last. Well, now I want to have some satisfaction. I always knew you had bi tendencies but were to scared to act on it. I told Hillary and Neal about our lives, especially our sexual tendencies and desires during some IM conversations before we met up with them tonight. Neal said he knew how to open us up sexually and to give him full control. I felt I could trust him, plus was intrigued, so I gave him total control of the night. Hillary knew to take you up to their room without me to see how you would react. If you said no, we knew you weren’t going to make a good cuckold, but I knew you would say yes. You have always been submissive to me, so I knew a real man could get you to do what you knew you wanted your whole life: to serve both me and men sexually.”

I looked at her and nodded. I knew what I was, just afraid to admit it.

“I give you full permission to do what makes you happy sexually. If hung men satisfy you, then lets do it. I’ll do whatever you want, even if that means servicing the men,” I sheepishly admitted.

She rolled on top of me grinning from ear to ear. She kissed me deep, then scooted down and started to lick ankara olgun escort my cock. It didn’t take long and I blasted a small load into her mouth. She climbed back on me, kissed me deep and pushed all of my cum out of her mouth and into mine. She pulled away and said, “Swallow it you cuckold.” I did as she wanted and we both giggled. We fell asleep snuggled up and I felt content.

I woke up the next morning really late. I looked around our room and my wife must have woken up before me. I walked out into the living room, and she wasn’t there. A quick pang of fear and jealousy hit me. I took a few deep breaths and calmed down. I poured myself a cup of coffee and turned on the TV. About an hour went by and I heard the garage door open. I waited and my wife rushed in, ordering me to the bedroom. I ran behind her into our room where she ordered me onto my knees beside the bed. I got down onto my knees as she took off her shorts and panties. She laid down on her back, spread her legs wide and told me to lick her pussy. As I licked her pussy I tasted that familiar salty taste and knew what she had done. She pushed out gob after gob of thick white sticky cum all over my face and eager mouth. I lapped it all up while feeling my cock get rock hard. I looked at her inquisitively. She smiled back at me and started telling me what happened earlier that morning.

“I got up early because I knew we needed some stuff from the store. So, I showered real quick, threw on some easy clothes and went to go buy some groceries. As I was pushing the cart through the store, I noticed this good looking man following me and I could see him staring at my tits through my tank top and bra and staring at my ass in my little shorts. It made me blush a little, so I kept walking and teasing. I was back in the meat section looking at some steaks for tonight when he approached me. He told me he knew where he could get a better selection of meat. I giggled and looked at him. He winked at me and kept staring at my tits. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was a big guy, so I motioned to the restroom sign and told him I’d meet him ankara ucuz escort in there in 2 minutes,” she said.

My cock was so hard as I continued to eat her out. I knew she was hot and horny by her gyrations as I continued to lick her pussy clean.

“I pushed my cart to the front and motioned for a bag boy. I asked him to watch my cart because I needed to use the restroom real quick, but I didn’t want to lose my stuff. He said it would be no problem and I could see him look at me too. I gave him a wink and rushed to the back of the store and to the restrooms. I went into the female restroom, but my guy wasn’t there. I stepped out, knocked on the male’s restroom and he opened the door. I stepped inside and he locked the door. I turned to him and fell to my knees. I unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear to see a huge cock stare right back at me. I put my mouth on it and went to town. I licked his cock, I sucked as much as I could and I licked his balls. He was moaning quietly as he rubbed my tits through my tank top. I was moaning and grinding my pussy into my shorts getting myself super horny and super wet,” she said as she moaned and squirmed around.

My cock couldn’t take it anymore and I could feel small amounts of cum leaking out of my super hard cock. I stood up as if I was going to fuck her, but she just snapped her fingers and pointed at her pussy. I got back on my knees and kept licking and listening.

“He gently grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to my feet. I stood there staring into his eyes, my saliva all over my lips and some on my chin. He pulled up my top and bra and started sucking on my nipples, making me moan and get even wetter. He lowered my shorts and my thong and was rubbing my clit as he sucked on my nipples. As his fingers rubbed my clit, I moaned into his ear I wanted him to fuck me with his big cock. He spun me around and had me grab the handicap bar. I could feel the cool bathroom air on my hot wet pussy and so wanted him to fuck me hard. I heard him shuffling, looked over my shoulder and saw him fiddling with a condom. No condom! I want your fertile cum ankara yabancı escort deep in me so my sissy husband can have some breakfast,” she said laughingly.

I started moaning as I licked what seemed the last of this strange man’s cum out of my wife’s well fucked pussy. My cock was super hard and was leaking a lot now. My wife grabbed my hair and stood me up.

“You can fuck me now, but if you cum too fast, you will be punished,” she said.

I ripped down my shorts and entered her so fast. Her pussy was so warm and stretched out. I tried to go slow. I really did, but the next thing I know, I came in her, a lot. I looked at my wife and she was not happy.

“Get out of my pussy now and clean that mess up!” she yelled at me.

I sheepishly obeyed and got back on my knees and started licking up my own cum from her pussy.

“Good boy,” she said. “I will continue with my story since you are a pathetic sexual partner and cannot please me except with your mouth.”

What she said stung a lot, yet I was so turned on to hear the rest of what happened, I bit my tongue and started licking out my own cum from her pussy.

“He grabbed his cock and shoved it all in me deep in one giant thrust. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me and a giant orgasm hit me. Oh you little dick cuckold, if only you could know how big his cock was and how tiny you are. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard you little sissy. He mashed me head into the wall calling me a cum slut. I just moaned in agreement begging for his cock and his cum. He slammed into me, and I could feel spurt after spurt fill my pussy up. He pulled out of me and heard a plopping sound. I turned around, got on my knees and cleaned his cock up. I helped him zip up his pants, then gave him my number and told him to come fuck me anytime. I told him you wouldn’t mind at all,” she said in a stern tone.

I murmured that I’d love to see it as I kept licking her pussy. She shuddered and came on my face and then sat up. She gave me a big kiss and grinned.

“Take a shower. You are covered in cum sissy,” she laughingly told me. “Oh, and don’t make any plans for Monday night, cause he is coming over for a more intimate time.”

“What is this guy’s name?”, I asked?

“Don’t know,” she said, then bursting into laughter. “He knows mine when I gave him my cell number. I’ll have plenty of time to ask him in between each round of sex on Monday night I guess!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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