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Mistress told me to meet her at a bar we have never been to and wait for her in the bathroom. As I sit waiting for her to come, I wonder what her plans for tonight are. She had me dress in a sheer white button down silk dress, no bra or panties only thigh high silk stockings with a garter and black high heels, with my hair tied back in a tight ponytail and full makeup and always my collar showing who I belong to.

Mistress finally comes an hour after she told me to be there, it is her prerogative as to what she expects of me. Right now she is teaching me patience and humility. Mistress is carrying a bag with her toys for tonight.

“I am glad you are dressed as I told you slut.”

“I am glad I please you, Mistress.” When she calls me a slut it makes my pussy wet.

“Follow!” Mistress says as she walks out of the bathroom after putting on my leash.

I follow Mistress into the bar, walking behind her and watching her, not looking where we are going. Mistress is always beautiful; tonight she is dressed in her black leather corset and black slacks and very high heels. All of a sudden she stops and points to a pole in front of her, I stand in front of the pole and wait.

Mistress goes and talks to the bartender, then comes back and tells me to lift my arms. I lift my arms as she pulls a length of rope from her bag. Mistress ties my hands to the pole casino şirketleri tightly; people are starting to look now. This makes me smile.

“No smiling slut!” Mistress Commands.

“Sorry, Mistress.”

The bartender yells out, “Tonight, we have a special show for you. Hope you enjoy it.”

Mistress pulls out a flogger from her bag and lightly touches me with it as she steps closer to me she smiles and rips my dress open, the buttons fall on the floor and expose me. They crowd around us gets bigger as they see me naked. Mistress begins to flog me; she hits each of my breasts hard leaving red marks on them. She comes close and takes my tit in her hand and squeezes hard as she twists the nipple between her fingers. She runs her fingers down my belly to my cunt she sticks them in me and pumps up and down while rubbing my clit. I begin to moan.

“No Cumming slut.”

“Yes Mistress,” I moan, I concentrate on not cumming as she continues to fuck my pussy. She takes her fingers and puts them to my mouth, I open and she sticks them in and I suck my juices off, I do love the taste.

She motions for the bartender to come over and he bends down and takes a nipple in his mouth and bites down hard. I wince but keep quiet. He finger fucks me hard and motions for someone else to come over. He touches my cunt and feels how wet and swollen I am.

“You casino firmaları do really like this slut, don’t you?” I don’t say anything because Mistress hasn’t said I could talk to anyone.

“Answer him slut!” Mistress growls at me.

“Yes.” I tell him.

“Do you want more slut? I know you do, I can feel how wet you are. You really are a slut aren’t you?”


The bartender comes back with a table; he unties me from the pole and points to the table. I bend over the table and Mistress flips my dress over my head and bears my cunt and ass for all to see. The bartender ties me back to the pole and forces my legs farther apart. Mistress pulls a dildo out of her back and sticks it in my cunt and turns it on. I moan again.

“No cumming slut!”

“Yes Mistress.” I can barely say.

She pulls it out and then puts it in my ass and fucks my asshole. I can smell the sex in the air. I hear the zippers coming down and men pulling out their dicks.

“Anyone can fuck her, no cumming in her. If you cum in her you will have my wrath.” Mistress tells everyone.

I feel hands on my ass and inside me. Soon I feel dicks in my cunt and ass and I have one in my mouth. I start to feel cum on my ass and my back, and soon all over my face and hair.

The bartender unties me and tells me to turn over. He ties my legs folded at the knee güvenilir casino and wide apart with my ass over the edge of the table. He blind folds me and ties me to the table under my tits. I can’t move. I can’t see what’s going on but there are hands on my tits pinching and slapping them, I feel someone fucking me, then cum on my stomach. Next the dildo comes back and fucks me, someone puts it to my mouth, and I open and taste so many things other than my own cunt juices. Someone is rubbing my clit, I am concentrating so hard at not cumming, it is very hard. I feel a whole hand in my cunt and fingers in my asshole, while someone else is rubbing my clit. The sensations are too much. People are sucking my tits till they are swollen and too sensitive.

“Enough! Everyone back away.” Mistress commands.

Everyone backs away. I feel empty, alone and exposed.

“slut will cum for you now.” Mistress tells the crowd. She slaps my clit hard and commands me to cum.

I am so thankful that I get to cum. I cum so hard and gush all over the place, my body is shaking as I come down. Everyone claps for the show.

The bartender unties me then takes off my blindfold and I can see everyone who participated and watched. He helps me up off the table and kisses me hard. “You were a very good girl, slut.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Come slut.” Mistress commands as she clips my leash on my collar. She pulls me by my leash and walks to the door. I walk out the door with my head held high my dress hanging off me and cum drying all over my body.

I know I have pleased my Mistress and that makes me happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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