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I immediately stood up. “Little Becky Redmond?”

“Little Becky” is not so little anymore, big brother. And she tastes great.”

Holy fuck. We called her Little Becky because even as she reached her young teens Becky still looked like she was ten years old. Her blond hair was cut short. She was as thin as a rail and had not started developing at all.

“She tastes great?” “Megan, are you trying to tell me…?”

“Not ‘trying’ to tell you. I AM telling you.”

“Jesus Christ Megan. You eat pussy?” “When did that start?”

“Oh it’s been about six months now.”

“But how?” I asked Meg.

Her response just had me shocked. “You know how it is. We were working on a school project together. It was getting late so we got permission for her to stay over. Mom and Dad didn’t care and neither did her parents. It was a Friday night and besides she used to stay over here all the time anyway. So when it got late we got into my bed just like she and I used to when we were younger. No biggie. We started talking about boys we liked and she asked if I had kissed one. I hadn’t but she had. She was telling me about them making out and how he felt her up. It was pretty hot.”

“Go on” was all I could say.

“Becky then asked if I had kissed a girl. I told her she was crazy but she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. I pushed her back and asked her what she was doing. Becky said she loved me and that I was her BFF and she moved in and kissed me again. Next thing you know I’m kissing her back. One thing led to another and…” “We had to be really quiet to not wake up Mom and Dad but it was fucking amazing. After that we would get together all the time.”

“I can’t believe it. My baby sister.”

“Look at you Sam. You’re hard again.”

“How could I not be after that story?”

“Let me take care of it for you.”

And with that Megan got on her knees in front of me and took my entire cock into her mouth. Man she was good. She slid her mouth up and down the shaft using her tongue to aid in lubrication. She looked right into my eyes as she licked the tip and eased back deeply onto my dick. She started rubbing my balls with one hand while her other hand went between her legs and fingered herself. I told Meg it wasn’t going to be long and she picked up the pace. Her head was bobbing furiously on şişli rus escort my cock. I warned her I was going to cum and she just kept going until I exploded a hot stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and what dribbled out of her mouth she scooped up into her fingers and ate it. My God.

“That was unbelievable.”

“Glad you liked it Sam.” Let’s go to bed now.

We washed up and then slept naked in my bed. I held her all night.

I had a great night of sleep. I woke up around nine and noticed Megan was not in bed. I assumed she was downstairs having breakfast or something. I walked to the bathroom to pee which was difficult as I was getting hard again thinking about last night. I was hoping Meg was ok with things and not feeling any guilt.

After peeing I started walking down the hall back to my room. I was going to put on some shorts before heading downstairs. As I was about to enter my room I heard a noise coming from Meg’s room at the other end of the hall. I slowly started creeping that way because what I heard was Megan moaning. Was she starting without me? Well I wouldn’t mind beginning my day watching her masturbate. Her door was open a few inches so I took a peak in. Megan was moaning all right but she wasn’t masturbating. She was lying on her bed and another chick was lying on top of her in a sixty-nine. I couldn’t make out who this girl was but she had long blond hair that was flowing over Meg’s thighs. She also had a killer body. I could see the sides of a large tit against Meg and a perfect ass above Meg’s face which was buried deep in her friend’s pussy.

In my shock and excitement I accidentally banged into the door. Her friend raised her head and turned it towards me.

“You’re right Meg. Sam does have a big dick.”

“Becky? Is that you?” I asked.

“It’s me Sam” she answered. “Now why don’t you and that dick of yours get over here and join us?”

I approached the bed and just stood there. It was so hot seeing the two of them but I didn’t know where to join in. Becky reached over and took a hold of my cock.

“Mmmm, I like” she said.

Megan was just holding Becky’s thighs watching us, not saying anything. Becky said “I need to get back to eating your sister. Why don’t you eat her ass?”

She then şişli türbanlı escort pulled Megan down and started giving her long, wet licks. I stood on the floor at the edge of the bed where Megan’s pussy and Becky’s head were laying. I spread Meg’s ass checks and started tonguing her rear hole. I licked all around her ass and then would lick as far as I could towards her pussy. My tongue would meet Becky’s and we would share Megan’s cunt. Then I moved back to her ass and inserted my tongue as deep as it would go. Megan stopped eating Becky as she was screaming with pleasure. She yelled so loud when she came that I was worried the neighbors would hear her!

Becky crawled off of Megan . “That was so fucking hot. Your brother just ate your asshole.” “I want to see you two play some more.”

With that she got off the bed and sat in Megan’s computer chair, turning it to face the bed. I climbed onto Megan and kissed her. My tongue that had just been in her ass was now in her mouth tasting her own tongue. I moved down to her breasts and took a nipple into her mouth. I turned to look at Becky and she had moved the chair to the side of the bed for a better view. She had her feet propped up on the edge of the bed and she was fingering herself. She definitely has matured. Her tits were huge with hard nipples. She was shaved just like Megan. She was gorgeous.

I moved from tit to tit licking and biting Megan’s nipples. I reached out for Becky and she took her hand off of her pussy and grabbed my hand. I pulled her fingers to my mouth and sucked on each one individually. Becky’s other hand was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. I pulled Becky off of the chair and onto the bed next to me. I guided her head to Megan’s breasts and we shared her tits, sucking them together. I left Becky to the job of taking care of Meg’s tits. I crawled up on Meg until my cock was in front of her mouth. She reached out and gave it a lick. Becky looked up and told Megan to suck my dick. Meg happily obliged. I was moving my hips back and forth to get the full sensation of her mouth on my cock. All of a sudden I felt a jolt as a finger went into my ass. Becky, who had gone back to sucking Meg’s breasts, just looked at me and smiled. Her finger was going deep into my ass massaging my prostate. The combination şişli ucuz escort of Meg’s mouth and Becky’s finger was too much. I pulled out of Meg’s mouth and shot my load into her now open, waiting, mouth and over her face.

Becky then pushed me aside and got on top of Megan. Their tits were mashed together and they started making out. Becky was tasting my cum on Megan’s tongue. The cum on Megan’s face was getting rubbed onto Becky’s face. The two of them then licked each other’s faces clean. These girls were so erotic and sexy.

Becky said “I hope you can get hard again Sam because I want to feel that cock inside me.”

I told Becky to give me a few minutes. “Why don’t you two help bring my dick back to life by scissoring each other?”

“That’s a great idea” said Meg.

She had Becky lay on the bed on her side. Megan than turned the other way and intertwined her legs with Becky’s until their pussies touched. I sat on the chair and lightly stroked myself. The two girls started rubbing their pussies together. They started slow and soft but then they got faster and harder.

Megan was such a dirty talker. “Take my pussy Becky. Take it like it’s yours. It’s your pussy. Rub it hard with your cunt.”

Megan reached for Becky’s tits and started squeezing them roughly. She found a nipple and pulled on it. Becky was moaning with pleasure and I was once again fully hard. I couldn’t take watching any more. I grabbed Becky towards the foot of the bed and told Megan to lie down.

“Now eat her” I commanded of Becky.

Becky lowered her head to Megan’s cunt and did as she was told. I moved to the end of the bed and got behind Becky whose ass was sticking up. I moved up to her and guided myself into her pussy from behind. She gasped and I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock. She was so tight and wet. I started pumping Becky while laughing how my life had changed so much in the past twenty-four hours.

“Oh fuck me Sam. Fuck me hard. Megan, your brother’s cock is inside me. It’s so big. We all need to cum together.”

She buried her face back into Meg’s pussy. Meg started moaning louder as she was about to cum I picked up the pace and pumped Becky harder, reaching around with a free hand to rub her tits.

Megan started crying that she was cumming and Becky said “Me too. Yes Sam. Yes. Don’t stop fucking me. Ohhhhhh.”

With that I came in Becky’s pussy just as hard as I came earlier on Megan’s face. I continued pumping until I was spent. I pulled out of Becky and the three of us lay collapsed on the bed.

Megan then looked at me, smiled, and said “Now I want you to seduce Mom.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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