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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Please comment whether you like it or not as that is the only way I can know.


It was about midnight when I heard a car pull up outside. I’d been dozing while watching the television when I heard her stumble in. I’d spent the night thinking things over, trying to delude myself with the possibility of things going back to normal. As far as I could tell there was no realistic way out, other than to tell my mother before Garima did. Of course, that just wasn’t an option, and the problem was that Garima would know it too.

I arose from my seat after a few minutes as she still hadn’t come in to the living room. Whatever she was doing in the hallway was making a right racket and I was worried that she might wake our mother. I quickly opened the door, luckily just in time to catch her as she fell towards me. She was obviously drunk, and mum would go through the roof if she caught her.

Right then a wicked thought crossed my mind; perhaps I could get some leverage and threaten to tell on her. It would be a little agreement; I wouldn’t tell about her drinking in exchange for her keeping silent about our earlier incident. It seemed like a good plan, and I decided to play it cool, before springing my deal on her when she least expected it.

“My god Garima, you’re wasted.” I gasped in mock surprise.

“Shhhhhhhhh don’t tell” she giggled, hanging her head back over my arm. Her breath stank of alcohol and from her narrowing eyelids I could tell she was close to passing out. That wasn’t necessarily a good thing; from my many nights out I knew that she was at the stage where inhibitions were completely gone. Her body was close to limp in my arms, and staggering together we headed for the couch before she collapsed.

Once she was seated I slipped to my knees and started to remove my heels from her feet. I figured that this was the best time to take them from her, while she was almost incapacitated. The straps had left indentations in her fragile skin, which to me was very cute. They must have also been sore as she moaned when my fingers unclasped the miniature buckle. The date had been hard on her feet, her soles were covered in perspiration and the odor was truly riveting. Her skin was almost flattened at the points where it made contact with the heels, and I briefly massaged her soles to ease her aches.

It was through either my naivety or a strong desire to get my heels back that I failed to consider how Garima would perceive my actions. I had simply wanted my heels back, though she must have interpreted it differently. All became obvious when she raised her foot and traced the edge of my ear with her toe.

“I’ve been dancing…alllll night. My feet must stiiiink…they must be so…sweaty! You want to smell them?” she said as her toe tickled my ear, causing me to shudder in response.

“Please don’t.” I whined, brushing her foot away from my face. I wanted to get her to bed without any foot action, as I knew once I started I would probably embarrass myself further. Garima was not so understanding of my plight (but why would she be) and her foot darted back to my mouth for a second bout of baiting.

“I know you want them.” She cooed, forcing me to flinch while she teased my lips with her toe. She was right, I really did, but I still had the tiniest shred of dignity that I wanted to keep. Her eyes were almost closed as she watched me, and with her head resting to one side she looked almost peaceful. I tried my best to restrain myself, knowing if I gave in there would definitely be no going back.

However, the whole situation was really turning me on. It was somehow erotic to me, the fact that it was my own sister that was the object of my affection. It was wrong, very wrong! But this only added to my lust, I just wanted her feet so bad. I longed to sniff and lick them, maybe massage them after a hard day of her lazing around the house. I wanted nothing more than to come home from my job and peel her socks off after she’d spent hours shopping at the mall, so I could soothe her tired feet. In all honesty, I wanted Garima to take charge. I needed it so much. It was so unfair, yet so very sexy.

“Lie down on the floor…like…so I can use you as my stool…footrest.” She said in a relaxed, yet assertive tone. I was a bit taken aback by her request as I was just about to take the heels and leave, thinking she was almost asleep. As a result I hesitated in complying with her wishes, which was probably a mistake. Our mother tended to go to bed quite early during the week, as she had the morning shift at work.

There was no danger of us being disturbed if we were quiet, but that wasn’t the problem, I was a bit worried where it may lead. The alcohol had made her bolder and I already knew that there would be no deal between us. She wasn’t best pleased with my lack of action, and letting out a huff she screwed up her face like the spoilt brat she was.

“Ah ah ah Gunjan, you’re going…to have bahçelievler escort to try a lot harder if this is…umm…going to work outttt…” she paused for effect, or maybe it was the hiccup that popped out of her throat “urgh…you don’t want me to…to tell mum do you?” she said.

From my point of view, she wouldn’t need to. Our mother would be down the stairs at any moment if she kept talking so loudly, and all would become clear as she caught Garima using my face as her foot wipe. I honestly didn’t know how to react.

“I’m waiting Gunjan.” she chuckled, giggling at her own immature joke. Her voice was far too loud, a consequence of the alcohol I imagined, and I was sure my mother would wake up. That was something I definitely did not want.

Feeling there was no alternative; I lay down on my back and slid towards the couch, situating myself between her hovering feet. My heart was beating at an increased rhythm, a tribute to the thoughts rushing through my head. This was my ultimate act of submission, placing myself as a piece of furniture for her to use. There was a chance that she wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning, but if she did, I’d firmly cemented my place in the house.

Moments later the soft soles of her feet came to rest upon my face. It was a match made in heaven, the way her toes sat snugly on my chin with her heels pressed into my forehead. I could feel the dampness of her soles on my cheeks, and I sighed at her toes as they wiggled elatedly above my mouth. Surprisingly, she was gentle with the pressure upon my face as I had expected her to be violent and degrading. However, she seemed to be using my nose to massage her feet, rather than to hurt me. This was an obvious sign of things to come; everything would be for Garima’s pleasure.

“If you like my feet so much then…ummm…every day I want you on the…here… waiting, so you can take off my shoes and rest my feet on your face. I bet you’ll like that won’t you missyyy. Smelly feet for Gunjan. Hehehe.” The words seemed to roll off her tongue as if the request was a completely normal one.

Her toes flexed over my nose, fighting to cover it as she clapped her hands in glee at my humiliation. I caught sight of her between her toes at certain points, and her face was reassuring. She looked like a kid with a new toy, having so much fun and I felt that was a good sign. I just lay there throughout, figuring that it was better to just do as she wished. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it either, her feet really did smell great, especially after her night out. I just felt it was less embarrassing for her to initiate things. She constantly urged me to sniff and would grind her soles down, mashing my face whenever she felt me stop.

Eventually her scent, and the overall situation got the better of me and I began placing soft kisses on her soles. The giggle in response from her told me that she was pleased, though she occasionally pulled her feet away from my lips. I knew she was torturing me, as her toes would tickle my chin, and then quickly pull away when I reacted. She was testing me, trying to see how far she could push me and I made no attempt to save myself.

“I can’t believe you like this…” she said in awe of my devotion, making me feel slightly uneasy, yet never ceasing in her teasing. Her big toe slipped between my lips, forcing me to suck in response as she peered down curiously. Cutely, her other toes spread out while she bobbed the big one in and out for a few seconds. The taste was glorious, and I couldn’t hide my disappointment when she finally withdrew it and wiped it dry on my shirt.

In a final act of torture, she circled her toe above my mouth, moving it around as my tongue greedily chased. Growing in frustration I raised my head in a final attempt to taste her foot again, only for her to push me down with her toes upon my forehead.

“Well, that was fun. But I’m tired. We’ll talk about this more later. But I think you understand what this means right?” she said, seemingly sobering up. Her query was needless, and I suspected her of provoking me for the sake of it.

Seemingly happy with the frustration she’d built up in me; she gave my nose a final tap with her toe and then stood to leave. My eyes followed her soles as they padded across the carpet, bringing the night to an end as she tip-toed off to bed.

I sat up against the couch and leant my head back on the cushion. There I remained for 15 minutes, eyes closed and brimming with excitement. With my face smelling of her feet and my pussy begging for more; I understood perfectly what it all meant.

That next day I got through very little at work. Not that it made much of a difference; I didn’t sell many windows on a good day. I found myself distracted, thinking about her words the previous evening. It had been a long time fantasy of mine for a girl to use my face as a footrest, but I cringed while thinking of Garima as the girl I was servicing. It had progressed far too fast for my liking and I was scared balgat escort with what she would make me do. Only the day before, my fetish was a secret, but with it out in the open, who knew where things would lead.

Even though my secrets were definitely out in the open, I was still unsure of Garima’s intent. It may have just been the alcohol the night before, and she actually might not be as into it as I detected. If she wasn’t, there would be positive and negative repercussions. I hoped that if she wasn’t interested then she would just forget about it, but realistically that wasn’t an option. This was my sister I was talking about, and she’d do anything to get me in trouble. I couldn’t see her wasting such an opportunity to gain control over me.

I was very nervous upon arriving home that evening, so it was a welcome relief to see my mother sat in the living room along with Garima. I assumed that she wouldn’t expect me to act as her footrest in front of our own mum, and when she failed to acknowledge my arrival I felt at ease.

I set my bag down on the floor and collapsed exhausted into the spare armchair. They both seemed pretty engrossed in the television, and neither appeared to be interested in how my day had been. I was more than content with being ignored; at least it gave me a chance to relax. Opposite my lazing self, Garima was sat with her legs tucked beneath her, still wearing her cheerleading uniform from practice. On the floor were her sneakers, but with the way she was sitting it was impossible to tell if she still had her socks on.

I settled into watching the mindless show that held their attention and tried to keep my thoughts away from my sister. It didn’t help that it was a load of rubbish on the box, and my mind soon wandered to her. I tried to be discreet in my glances, but I wanted her feet right then and there. Her hair was braided cutely in a tail at the back of her head, probably to stop it getting in the way during practice. She had to know that I was begging to get at her feet. Although, there was the chance that she was so drunk that she hadn’t remembered anything. It was possible, but when I first entered the room I thought I saw the slightest of smirks from her, so I couldn’t be sure.

Just as I was growing frustrated with her seeming ignorance and my own confusion, Garima startled me by speaking up. “Gunjan, could you do me a favor please, and rub my feet? They’re a little sore from practice.” She spoke without even looking away from the television and my mum briefly glanced to see my reaction. Her tone was almost playful, and I considered for a moment that she might just be joking. One thing was for certain, joke or not joke, I now knew for sure that she’d remembered the previous evening.

A few seconds passed, before she turned her head and looked towards me in a patronizing sort of way. My mother must have missed it though, as when she looked over Garima replaced it with a pout, then sighing she sat up and brought her legs from underneath her. I thought that maybe she was just messing around with me, trying to embarrass me in front of our mother. A little nod of her head soon corrected that idea, and when she bent her legs at the knee and raised them both, her seriousness was clear.

“Sure.” I responded uneasily, before looking at my mother and offering her a reassuring smile. I tried to make it seem as casual as possible, as if I was merely doing Garima a favor as her caring older sister. Her usual white socks adorned her precious feet, and I gazed longingly at the contrast they formed with her tanned legs. I had a perfect view of the soles of her socked feet as I climbed from my seat, and I thought I detected a hint of dirt upon them.

We both knew that it was an order rather than a request, and I didn’t want to consider the consequences of disobeying. Besides, I found it very arousing being told what to do by my little sister. I think it was something to do with the role reversal, as I was older and I had always been left in charge in the past, yet I was letting her secretly boss me around. Obviously from her smile she was enjoying our new relationship too and I guess she couldn’t believe her luck. She knew that she had a certain power over me because of her feet and I was unable to resist them.

However, the fact that she had the confidence to make such a demand in front of our mother was slightly worrying. I had naively assumed she would keep it a secret, as long as I bowed to her demands. But Garima was beaming as I nervously slipped my backside onto the couch next to her, unsure of how far she was going to take it.

She elegantly stretched out her legs and placed them on my lap, crossing her feet at the ankles. As if suddenly eager to begin, my hands slipped around the foot on top; delicately kneading the sole with one, while caressing the top with the other. A gentle moan from her was the perfect incentive for me to continue.

Even though I loved female feet I wasn’t actually familiar with giving a foot massage. I had given batıkent escort my friends a couple in the past, but I’d never really known what I was doing. I tried putting pressure on her sole with my thumb and fingers, while maintaining a soft approach.

The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her, and it was my desire to make the massage as pleasurable for her as possible. I knew that if she really enjoyed it then she would more than likely want the same treatment in the future. More massages meant more time at her feet.

I alternated between each foot, lovingly soothing her tired soles while she watched the television. It was obvious that my efforts relaxed her, as she kept closing her eyes even though she was trying not to. I guessed that she didn’t want me to think that I had any control over her, but it only spurred me on. Her socks were a bit damp, and coupled with the smell they were beginning to turn me on. Pleasing her in such a way made me feel good, and I had just begun to focus on her instep when she suddenly wriggled her feet free and kicked them in front of my face.

“Take my socks off please.” She asked in a sweet voice, disguising the order which we both knew was there.

Without hesitation, I nodded in submission, placing her feet side by side on my lap. Her toes pointed towards the arm of the chair, and with the curve they formed, I couldn’t resist tickling the bottom. I lightly trailed my fingers across her sole and giggled along with her as she openly laughed. I soon realized that display of affection was actually quite careless, as my mother quickly looked over at the noise in curiosity.

From her face I could tell she was baffled by our sudden change in behavior, and I felt my cheeks redden in embarrassment having been caught out. In utter humiliation, I dropped my eyes back to Garima’s feet, peeking up occasionally to check my mother wasn’t looking. Then, satisfied that we were no longer being watch I obeyed my sister’s order.

I peeled her socks off one foot, and then the other, placing them on the arm of the couch. With her feet now free of their suffocating prison, she wiggled her toes, sending a wave of foot stink up to my nose. I breathed in deeply as she fanned it up towards me, mesmerized by her intoxicating fragrance.

She truly did have exquisite feet; it shocked me to think that I hadn’t noticed them earlier. Her cute toes delicately decreased in size from the big toe outwards, each one having been painted pink by her since I last saw them. There was also a toe ring on her left foot, something which I’d never seen before. She’d obviously gone out and bought it that day, which I assumed was for my benefit.

It was hard to get my head around everything, her feet looked so sexy. The fact that she’d put so much effort into making them look nice since my accidental confession made me think that she was comfortable with it. There was a possibility that I would be spending a lot of time at her feet, without having to worry about being embarrassed. I couldn’t have been happier. I’d been living in the same house as her for all these years, and it had taken this long for me to pamper her with the love she so deserved.

“Ohhh this feels so good.” She moaned as my fingers danced from toe to toe. Her cute decorated toes bobbed up and down in response to my fingertips, as I rubbed away the aches. I was happy that she was enjoying the treatment so much, and I felt further turned on by the fact that she was such a brat. The idea of her being so spoilt and commanding me to service her was a lovely one.

“Mum, you should give this a try. She has such good hands.” She sighed, bringing forth an uncontrollable blush from me. The way she was showing me off was humiliating enough, but to actually force me to massage my mother’s feet would be nothing but cruel.

“It’s alright honey. I think Gunjan is suffering enough at your stinky feet, never mind mine.” Our mother replied, thankfully not taking my sister’s bait.

Garima grinned at me and lay back into the couch, closing her eyes while sighing in approval. I wanted to just throw her feet off and tell her where to go. Foot fetish or not, it was out of order to do all of this in front of our mum, and she was taking advantage of me in the worst way.

Yet, I couldn’t argue with the tingling sensations between my legs and even though I despised her treatment, my pussy forced me to obey. Like a good servant, I kept up a steady pace on her toes, alternating the attention of my fingers between each one. I noticed that applying pressure to the bottom of each would cause a little twitch in her thighs, and I was curious of its meaning. She provided no insight however, and just lay there throughout, a contented smile upon her pretty face as she thoroughly enjoyed the pampering.

“Good, I didn’t want to share anyway” she purred from behind closed eyes. Her feet flexed and twisted in my hands as she spoke, and I could feel her sweat rubbing off into my skin. I traced my eyes along her tight body, imagining how it looked under her cheerleading uniform. I guessed that she was beautifully toned with all of the constant exercise, although I had never seen her naked. My thoughts drifted to wrongful images of her naked body, lying in the sun and catching a tan while I knelt at her side, tending to her needs.

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