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It was a warm summer morning, I woke up at 7 AM, and the sun was beaming in the windows as if they were spotlights from the heavens sent just to wake me up. The birds were chirping, the sweet aroma of Honeysuckle and Lavender filled the breeze that whispered in through my bedroom window, and the bouquet filled my nostril and caused me to stir pleasantly. It was going to be a great day, and I could not wait to get started.

I ran to the shower and climbed in, the warm water poured over me as if I were standing under a wondrous waterfall. I washed my hair first lathering it well, after rinses it clean I then doused it with conditioner as it soaked in I shaved my legs, under arms and trimmed my pubic region as always leaving the smallest patch of kitty fur behind.

I then began so wash the rest of my body, soaping my self to a rich creamy froth. Dragging my hands over my tits, and then to my belly, from there I slid my hands across my smoothly shaven mound, wow was I horny. I rubbed harder on my bundle with my left hand, and pinched my nipples and squeezed my tits with the right.

I was so aroused; I began to slide my fingers across my pussy lips that were now distended and searing, I slid a finger between the lips, forcing myself open. I leaned back against the wall and placed one foot at the edge of the tub. Then I tipped my head back, and began to just finger myself softly, as my passion grew it turned to need, and I slid in a second finger. Still I wanted more, a third finger then a fourth, I was fucking myself so hard, damn it felt so good. I was so close to falling into that abyss I loved to throw myself.

Then I stopped, finished washing and rinsed my hair. I love to tease myself until I cant take anymore, I wanted to get good and hot before I really made myself orgasm. I toweled off, dressed into a very sexy short slip style dress; I omitted the panties. It was clingy to my essence, and the silky off white material with little straps, embraced me tightly. I went to my mirror, I smiled at what I saw there, and then I combed my hair.

I hate to toot my own horn but I looked great, my ass looked like small firm melons and my tits were perky and the nipples jutted outwardly through the thin cloth, My reddish blonde hair hung to my tits in waves, and my emerald eyes were as shinny as ever.

I headed to the kitchen and as I made my coffee and drank a cup, I noticed the neighbor boy was outside mowing his lawn. He was almost nineteen and almost Greek god material. He was tall, and very lean yet muscular, had an awesome tan and his ass was so tight and sexy, it was his smile that really made me wet though. He has the sexiest smile I believe I have ever seen on a man, and his brown eyes just seemed to glisten with desire for life.

His name is Nathan and He was forever bringing new girls home and often I would catch him fucking them in his back yard where he didn’t think I could see him behind the tool shed.

What he did not know was the angle of my bedroom window gave me a great view, and several nights I masturbated as I watched him fuck some little high school girl who did not really appreciate him and his awe-inspiring structure and cock at all.

I decided I was going to give him a show in return, so despite that I had just showered, I was going swimming. I went out the patio doors, I walked around the yard a bit smelling the flowers and just acting as if I did not realize he was there.

I stood at the edge of the pool and dipped my toes in dragging my foot through the water; I bent over to touch the ripples with my hand, knowing my bare ass would be displayed nicely for the young man to see as long as he was peaking through the fence.

Aware of his age and sex drive I was sure that he was, I slid my dress off; and I dove in naked and swam around the pool for several minutes, first showing off my ass, then floating on my back to show my great tits and shaven “Y”.

At that point I climbed out and went to the diving bored, there I walked to the end took position and just before I dove in I got a glimpse of Nathan there on the other side of the fence peaking through at me.

I posed for him for a moment, and then I dove in, I climbed out again trying to move in a seductive approach, I sauntered over to the lounge chair where I spread out as if I were sunning my already tan sleek figure. I slid my hands all over my self, and let my legs fall apart just enough to let him see my sweet pink lips.

I became very still, I pretended to drift off wanting to see what Nathan would do, but he disappeared into the house, and I was again alone and horny. Well I was to damn horny to let this great wetness go to waste so I grabbed the dress, and put it on and headed back into the house.

I went to the fridge to find a snack and as I stood there, I was over come with a sexual passion, I found a huge cucumber there in the fridge, and bursa escort I decided I was not so hungry I was going to eat it; I was going to fuck it.

I took the Cucumber to the living room and I put on some “Pearl Jam” music to fuck by or what I call it anyway. I stretched out on the sofa, opened the drawer in the end table and pulled out a very small yet powerful vibrator and a tube of vaginal lube that is mint flavored and produces the most pleasant tingle when smeared across the vagina and clit.

I slid my dress up around my waist, buttered my cunt with the lube, not that I needed it I was super soaked already. Nevertheless, the tingle was the effect that I was after it helped me have a better orgasm when I am alone.

I then rubbed my hand across my women hood, slowly and seductively I slid a finger in my wetness and pulled it out again, I licked the mint tasting juice from it, It was so good, I was so horny that I could not wait I needed more.

I was underway to rubbing my huge DD tits through the dress, then I slid my other hand back to my hot box, I picked up the large green squash from the coffee table, draped one leg over the back of the couch and placed the other foot on the edge of the coffee table.

I spread my hips wide apart, and skimmed the cucumber over my highly juiced, efficiently lubed slit, getting it all slick and ready to pierce my aching love canal.

I moaned loudly as it slid past the opening of my lips, it was larger than I had realized and it began to stretch me open a tad more than I felt I ever had been. It did not matter I was horny and I wanted to fuck it, I wanted to be able to cum so hard I would lose my breath.

It slid in deep, and as I began to work the cucumber in and out, side-to-side and rotating it slightly, it became more comfortable inside of my tight aching vagina. Then less strain and more pleasure seared through my loins, my nipples were hard and protruding through the dress, and I had placed the vibrator against my clit gently, and turned it on low, thus helping me to reach the edge of my vegetable delicacy.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing, and the music reverberate through the room so loudly I almost did not notice the patio door slide open and a male figure enter; I didn’t stop what I was doing right away as I was so close to the finish line.

Then I looked over and I saw that it was Nathan, he still had no shirt on and his chest was unbelievably sexy. He had sweat shorts on and they were pushed down in the front just below his cock line, and a just above average hard on was holding the shorts in place.

He was stroking his cock with a firm fist, it was not huge but it most definitely wasn’t typical either. It was very hard, and the bulky veins were palpitating, the head was dark and already glistened with a bit of pre cum just at the tip, I was shocked at the fact the he was standing there, and I didn’t know what to say or do.

Just as I started to open my mouth to ask him what the hell he was doing, and as I started to slide the cucumber out, he spoke to me, “No Don’t stop, keep fucking that lovely cunt.”

I am not sure why I listened but I did, I slid it in and out, and it was feeling great. Nathan took a seat on the arm of the couch just above my head, and as I was stroking my cunt with the large green veggie, he began to assault my tits. He was squeezing them, and mauling them, pinching the nips. He was anything but gentle, it was so rough it almost hurt but for the same reason it felt so great, I began to fuck myself harder.

Nathan then stood and walked to the chair across from the sofa, he pulled it as close as he could, he had a great view of my stretched hole, and I had a great view of him stroking his cock.

“That’s it baby, let me see you fuck that juice twat, I want you to shove it all in that wet hole. Fill it as full as you can, that’s it now rub your clit hard with the vibrator, harder I want to see you cum and I want to hear your pain as well as pleasure.”

The words coming from his lips made me even more filled with fury and yearning, I was slamming that squash in and out so hard it was almost disappearing inside of me, my clit was jumping and I was so close to cumin I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh Yes, I am so close, feels so good to fuck my pussy for you, MMM yes.”

When I said that Nathan let go of his cock and leaned up, he took the cucumber from my hand and slid it out of me, then he hovered over me and slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders, pushed the top down exposing my small yet wonderful tits and then he began sucking and biting them.

His hand crawled like a hunting leopard, and soon it pounced on my flesh, his hand was fucking me hard, his mouth ravished my tits and his teeth dug hard into my nipples.

Nathan was cramming me, three fingers were slamming inside of me so hard it was a bit uncomfortable; His bursa escort bayan hand moved to the tempo and the beat of the music, teeth grinding my nipples sent shots of pain to my cunt, and I was screaming in pleasure.

We said so very little, just the sounds of my screams and his grunts were barely hood over the mega phoned noise booming from the stereo, as I was again so close to diving over the edge of my ecstasy.

I began to beg, “Yes Nathan oh god yes, I am so close make me, make me cum please!”

Yet again with my words he withdrew and this time he stood. He looked down at me and grinned that very overwhelming sexy smile. I couldn’t believe the effect that it had on me; I swiveled on the couch and sat up, grasped his cock in my hand and sucked it deep into my mouth.

I sucked and licked his cock with everything that I had. I rubbed his balls and played with his ass hole, he was bucking his hips, and held my head tight as his cock rammed in and out of my face.

I moaned as I ate his cock, and I was mauling his ass and going at full speed, I never felt so driven to suck a cock before, I couldn’t get enough and I couldn’t suck hard enough. He tasted so good, felt so great in my mouth and I was so aroused, it was then right at that moment, my desire took over and I came so hard that I felt my juice slam across my thigh. I shook uncontrollably, my jaws tightened around his cock and I screamed despite that his dick filled my mouth so massively.

I fell back against the couch as his pulsing fuck rod slid from my mouth, I exhaled hard, and felt totally drained. I felt Nathan grab my legs and force me open, and with a swift movement, his mouth was sucking my still twitching clit, oh, shit was that an awesome feeling I screamed in glee.

“Oh damn Nathan, fuck yes, that’s feel unbelievable! Oh my, more yes!”

I felt my wave crash against my clit again, and he slurped up all of my cum, then slithered to my mouth and kissed me with great force sharing my taste with me.
I loved the way that I tasted on his tongue, and I was so full of satisfaction I couldn’t begin to envision that there would be more, but I was to be very pleasantly surprised.

Nathan picked me up and carried me to the dinning room table; he placed me on my back with my ass riding the edge of the table. He solidly planted my feet at the edge, knees up and my legs were spread wide, and he took a seat in the chair where he received a bird’s eye view of my gaping cunt.

Nathan then began to pull my still sopping wet cunt open, he inspected it and played with it, touched every crevice and fold. He slid his fingers in and out, and every now and again he would suck and lick my cum from his fingers, he rubbed my clit gently and suckled my swollen lips sporadically.

I was feeling so good, my head spun as he explored me, the music pounded in my ears, and I loved that I was so lifted onto a different plane than I ever had been. I could not comprehend that a boy not yet nineteen was able to give me such an out of body experience.

I was so relaxed and so engrossed in what Nathan was doing, he then stood from the chair, and slid his cock into me. I gasped deeply and he leaned his head back and moaned so loud, I knew he loved the way that I felt wrapped around his massively engorged tool.

He started to fuck me hard, holding onto my hips, he then grabbed my legs and swung them over his shoulders, holding them together tightly. He pulled my ass closer to the edge of the table and lifted my succulent buns further up into the air, I couldn’t believe how far into my he was driving, and how tight it felt.

He had managed to lick me dry enough that I could feel the sensational friction being caused with each stroke, just the right amount of lubrication was left. The fucking was fierce and concentrated, he grunted and groaned and gritted his teeth driving hard and I could see the animalistic passion surge through his face. His chest rising and falling in large contractions, his balls slapping hard against my ass, as he was so close to filling my cunt with that wonderfully hot cum.

I was amazed when he began to speak, “Fuck bitch you are so tight, so hot. I have never had a cunt so great, I could fuck you forever!”

All I was able to do was just moan and scream a simple, “Yes”.

Nathan’s face was crimson red, and his cock was palpitating inside of me. I wanted the sensation of his load pelting through me.

Nathan then seized me tightly and sat back on the dinning room chair, He embarked on lifting me and lowered me harshly onto his cock. I placed my feet at the edge of the chair and slid myself as vigorously as I could up and down, the tang of our sexual juices wafting through the air, and the wet slapping thuds were the most poignant. I have ever experienced, you could never conceive of the effect that the whole scene had on me at that escort bursa moment.

“Harder cunt, fuck me harder, I want to feel my full length buried inside that sweet hole, oh yes that it feels so good I am going to fill you so fucking full!”

Before another second past, Nathan stood again, spun me around, bent me over the table and entered me from the rear, one torrential shove and his cock was all the way in.

“Oh god Nathan yes fuck me, I am so close to cuming again!”

Nathan pulverized my pussy brutally, holding me firmly against the table; he was almost in a state of total rage. I have never before been fucked so relentlessly; he seemed to be getting even with me for something I had done to him. Although it scared me a bit, it sent me all that much closer to the third very miraculous orgasm of my life.

As Nathan continued to grind into me, he filled his hand with my flaxen scarlet locks, and wrenched as hard as he could, the other hand reached for my clit, and his fingers pinched it cruelly and he rolled it between the tips of his string fingers. That’s all it took for me and I was again having a convulsive orgasm.

“Nathan oh damn, that’s it I am spilling all over you again, shit I love that cock fuck me harder damn!”

My head spun, and my cunt twitched and sucked on the cock that was spearing me repeatedly, I was in total ecstasy and never wanted it to end.

“Damn that’s good, oh shit your cunt feels so hot, and its sucking my cum from my balls! I am going to cum so hard.”

“Do it Nathan fill me with your load, I want to be filled with your jism!”

Just as I felt Nathan go very ridged he pulled out and I felt the first stream of cum shoot onto my back, He grunted louder than ever and his hand was pumping hard to drain his cock. He yanked me backwards by the hair he still held in his hand, and as he turned me to face him his next shot hit my face and then across my tits.

“Open your mouth you teasing whore, you will taste me as well as wear me, now open”.

At the second that I parted my lips, he stroked another silver shinning jet out of his very talented cock. The sperm filled fluid shot across my teeth and tongue, I hate the taste of cum and I was planning to just let it sort of drip away.

However, Nathan had other plans, he slowed the stroking he was giving his cock, “Now lick it of your teeth and lips, swallow me and love it you fucking tease.”

For some reason I did as this boy ordered me to, and I hated it, I gagged at the thick pungent odor and taste, I was sure I would throw up but I did as he ordered me to any way.

Then Nathan shoved his still hard cock into my mouth, he grabbed my head with both hands and began to fuck my face with such force I felt as if my teeth would be knocked loose. I could barely breath, his mushroomed tip was hitting my tonsils and I was gagging and trying hard to get away, it was no use he was in total control and was fucking my face and there was nothing I could to stop him.

Just when I couldn’t take any more, I felt his cock jolt in my mouth and I knew what was next, “Oh that’s it baby swallow it all mmm your face is the best fuck I have ever had,, doesn’t that taste good, don’t let one drop get away, swallow bitch swallow.”

I gagged harder and swallowed as fast as I could, I had never seen a man cum so much or so hard, shit I was going to choke to death and my husband would find out what I had been up to when he found me dead on the dinning room floor covered and filled with cum.

After about the sixth shot into my mouth I felt Nathan relax, his gripped reduced on my head and his stance became more at ease. He finally withdrew his cock from my mouth my jaws were killing me, and my stomach churned at the cum that washed my insides.

Nathan didn’t say much he grabbed his shorts and put them back on, then headed for the door as I lay there on the floor in a puddle covered in his cum. However, as he got to the door, he turned and with a very satisfied smile he said,

“You know you shouldn’t dance around the yard like a slut, and when you masturbate during the day you should be more careful about who is seeing you through the windows.”

“You mean you have watched me before. Why were you looking in the windows?”

“For the same reason that you watch me fuck those school girls in the back yard, I get horny and you’re worth watching.”

“You knew I was watching?”

“Are you kidding I planned for you to be able to see hoping you would watch”

“Well and I thought that you were innocent, turns out you aren’t so much.”

Nathan laughed a deep vulgar laugh, “I have to go to work, but I will be back every day while he is at work, and I will get what I want know why?”

“No why do you think you should be so privileged?”

“Well for one because you love my cock, and for two, I just video taped us from my bedroom window and if I don’t get what I want I will show your husband.”

With that Nathan disappeared, and I found myself already getting wet in anticipation for the next day, He didn’t have to black mail me, I would willingly fuck him daily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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