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I have recently completed several months of medical treatment for a serious illness. I am in the recovery phase now and won’t get any indication on the success or failure of the treatment for another couple of months.

I’m of the belief that the creative process is some of the best medicine and with that in mind please enjoy the following short story I wrote to reintroduce myself to my muse.


Neighborhood Adult Store

Joe E Hartley

May 2022

A bored Tom entered the adult store looking for some new reading material. He didn’t often shop at this store, but every month or so he welcomed seeing all the sex toys and glossy magazines. He never bought any of the magazines; they were too expensive and he could get plenty of visual stimulation online for free. He did enjoy some of the erotic novels and loved to exercise his fantasy life using the printed word. He was never looking for high quality literature, but loved reading about someone else’s fantasies.

The store would have been more crowed if he had come later in the evening, but he was not interested in seeing others, the patrons of stores like this tended to ignore each other much like being in an elevator. He glanced over at the racks of magazine displaying naked tits and ass and felt his arousal building as it often did when he entered this store. He walking over to the toy section and checked out the display of floggers. It have been a while since he had anyone in his life who would enjoy being flogged, but his fantasy was strong.

He soon found his way back to the paperback novel section and stared to check out the titles and cover art. He had a book in his hand reading the description on the back cover when he noticed another patron walking down the aisle near him. Normally this would be no big deal as most patrons tended to avoid each other, but normally the other patrons were male. This newcomer was not male and although not dressed to entice, the mere fact that a woman was in an adult store was erotic in itself. He checked her out–she had a nice ass. She turned allowing him to see her front side as she picked up a paperback novel.

He immediately recognized her as one of his neighbors. He quickly turned away taking the book in his hand and headed to the cashier. He hoped this neighbor hadn’t recognized him as he paid for his purchase, but he did notice that she was staring at him. Suddenly she stood directly behind him and placed her item on the counter along with some cash.

She waited until he left the building, before she called out to him. “Hi Tom.”

He could no longer ignore her and turned to greet his neighbor. He knew he’d been caught inside the adult store and braced himself for the usual condemnation. He’d been called a pervert before and as he turned was surprised to see her smiling. “Hi Gail.”

He noticed she also carried a plain brown paper bag similar to the one he carried.

“I haven’t seen you in my store before. Do you come here often?” she asked.

“Your store?” Tom responded.

Gail smiled and answered, “I call it mine since I yalova escort come here often. It has become my little erotic vacation spot.”

Her response surprised Tom. He’d never thought that normal women enjoyed stores like this. He knew that a lot of women enjoyed erotica but that they would not go out on their own to seek it out. “I guess I come here once a month or so to pick up a new paperback novel,” he shared, “What about you? Do you like the books or the toys?”

Gail responded, “I like both, but do you know they have videos in the back that you can watch?”

“Most of these types of stores have those, but you can see videos online that are just as good and free,” he shared.

“True, but online does not have glory-holes,” she said with a wink.

“Those are for guys giving other guys blowjobs. I’m really not into other guys.” Tom replied.

“Not only guys go back there,” she added with another wink.

“You mean, you give blowjobs to strange men?” Tom asked flabbergasted.

“Well not strangers per se, but I don’t know their names. There are a couple of guys I’ve met several months ago and whenever I see one of them in the store, I give them a wink and we both go to get some tokens and meet in the back for some fun. That keeps me satisfied for a couple weeks at least,” she shared.

“Wow! I’m impressed. There is a lot more to you than I thought,” Tom replied.

“You know, you are the first person I’ve met in the store that I know in real life. Well, I at least know your name and we have talked. Are you busy right now; would you care to have a cup of coffee and you can show me what you bought?” Gail offered.

“I’d love to have a cup of coffee with you and get to know you a bit more,” Tom answered.

They walked over to the coffee shop next door and took a seat off in a secluded corner..

Gail started the conversation, “you know I noticed how good looking you were when we first met, but didn’t have the nerve to say anything. I’ve actually been trying to find a reason to get together with you for a while now,” she offered blushing. ” I never dreamed I’d see you in an adult store. Were you checking me out before to knew it was me?”

“I have to admit I thought you were hot when I met you too, but had no idea how to approach you either. There is a reason I have no one in my life. Yes, I was checking out your ass in the store and that wasn’t the first time I noticed what a cute butt you have,” Tom blushed as he admitted his attraction. He’d never been this forward with a woman before; always fearful the woman would consider him perverted.

“Really?” she answered, “You like my ass?” Gail paused for a moment then added, “So, what is your book about? Tied up bare butt women being spanked?”

“I’m not into bondage or pain. The stories I like are mostly vanilla. I do like caressing and a bit of light spanking. I really like oral and nudity is a must. I like it when the woman entices the man by teasing and displaying her body,” Tom shared.

Gail’s eyes lit up hearing Tom’s description. “Maybe the next time I see you in the store you and I can share yalova escort bayan a glory-hole,” she invited. “I love giving blowjobs, but would love to have one of the guys return the favor and get me off orally, but I’m afraid that if I press my naked butt up against the opening, they will want to fuck me. I really don’t want to be fucked; I want to be licked.”

Tom’s arousal grew hearing the invitation from Gail. “I guess I’ll have to make a point of going to the adult store more often,” he offered.

“You know I’ve never been one to make the first move. I always thought that that would turn off men and, for the most part, that has proven to be true, but maybe we don’t have rely on a chance meeting at the adult store. Wanna see what I bought?” Gail said without much thought. She was instantly embarrassed about what she just said and hoped Tom would ignore it, but part of her was glad she said it.

She glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention to them then opened the bag and brought out her new vibrator. She handed it to Tom discretely under the table. He examined it, then made a bold statement, “I’d love to see you use this.” And like Gail before him, he instantly regretted saying it. He feared he went too far and she would instantly get up and leave–never to see him again.

Instead, she smiled and asked if he wanted to see her collection. Tom noticed that her face was beet red, but not only that but her nipples were hard and pressing against her shirt. He could not help but to stare. She did nothing to hide her arousal and Tom felt his pants tighten and knew his arousal would be apparent to all as soon as he stood, but he could think of no way to calm himself.

“I’d love to see your collection,” he answered. They both stood, but Tom held his bag from the adult store in a way to hide his erection. They walked back to their cars and Gail commented, “You remember where I live don’t you?” There was no reason he would since he’d never been there before and she had only indicated that she lived just a few houses down the street from him.

When Tom admitted that he didn’t know her address, she shared it with him. He followed her in his car the mile back to their neighborhood and parked in front of her house four doors down from his own house. He followed her into her home watching with interest the hypnotic sway of her butt.

Once they were both inside Gail’s home, neither of them knew what to do next, neither had ever made the first move before. Gail turned around and placed her bag on the coffee table in the middle of her living room. Tom took that opportunity to stroke her presented ass.

Gail sighed at the touch and pushed her bottom into his hand.

Tom asked, “Do you ever buy any of the sexy lingerie at the adult store?”

Gail stood, turned to face him with a huge smile. “Yes, I do and I’ve dreams of showing them off to someone, Wait here.” She turned and walked into her bedroom.

She returned shortly wearing a see-though baby doll top that didn’t quite reach her waist and a likewise see-through skimpy thong. Tom savored the erotic escort yalova vision in front of him as Gail did a slow twirl.

Tom waited for her to bend over the coffee table before he started caressing her mostly bare bottom. She started to moan as his hands stroked her and squeezed her cheeks. He massaged her and she started to move in a rhythm that matched the motion of his hands. He dropped to his knees behind her and buried his face between her cheeks. She pressed against him and felt his tongue touch her and taste her sweet honey.

She stood. “Wanna see another outfit?”

“Love to,” he replied.

Gail again stepped into her bedroom and stripped down. The door wasn’t closed and Tom enjoyed seeing her naked body. She walked out moments later wearing a sheer vest that was tied together by a red bow between her breasts. The vest had opening to allow her breasts to be totally uncovered. The vest itself flared from her breasts exposing her abdomen and navel. It, like the baby doll before, did not reach her waist.

Around her waist was a red ribbon with a bow barely covering her genitals. She did a brief spin letting Tom know that what she wore was not a thong, before assuming the position she held before over the coffee table.

Tom stroked the fleshy globes presented to him and started his gentle massage. She responded to his touch by moving her ass in time with his hands. He gave her several light smacks centered on her ass and low. She pressed her ass back as if asking for more.

He lowered himself to his knees and again buried his face between her voluptuous cheeks. He gave her several long slow licks before centering on her clitoris and flicked his tongue rapidly across the small nub.

She started to move like a wild woman and Tom had to wrap his arms around her hips to keep her in place. Several minutes later she thrashed out her orgasm and relaxed.

Gail stood, turned around, and said, “Stand up and take off your pants.”

Soon Gail was on her knees in front of Tom’s erect cock. She took him into her mouth and started to pump him as she had her male friends at the adult store. Gail suddenly realized that she was treating Tom like the men at the glory hole who wanted to get off as quickly as possible. She started to slow down and treat the cock in front of her with the same slow arousal that he had treated her. She licked his cock from base to tip then flicked her tongue across his tip.

She noticed that he started to pump her mouth, but she maintained her attention on his tip until she could no longer control his thrusts. He exploded inside her mouth and she held him there until his erection subsided. Only then did she back away from him and comment. “That was fantastic.”

They spent the next several hours together and before Tom left to head back home he made sure that they had exchanged phone numbers and made plans for him to see the rest of her lingerie later in the week.


Thank you for reading my work. Remember that I, like most writers on this site, receive no compensation for our work. The only reward I get is the votes and comments I get from you, the reader.

If you choose to contact me through e-mail, make sure to check you junk folder, because I always respond.

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