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Note the change in the title, this story follows Book 3 part 7.

I plan to edit and re-title the first three books of the “White Knight” series to this new “Volume.Part” tittle format. I never expected to carry on this long, but the characters were very persuasive and kept coming up with new ideas.

Volume 4 of the series covers the time between the July trip to Peru and the start of September. There will be armed conflict between tribes, including some nearly naked savages, Our Hero will send a tank to a gunfight, because he can, and will insure the Five get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the Mountain they wanted to play Pizarro on. In addition, the usual suspects will find their way into his bed or his toy room, depending on the situation.

The previous story ended as the group returning to the US was taking off in a Cessna 208 from the Colony. The flight would take them north to the airport in Iquitos where they would meet a charter jet to LA and on to Detroit overnight.

The first 5 chapters feature sexual contact during the return home, and the first night in the mansion. Chapter 4 takes us back to the horse used in the playroom, where Zar desires her master play with her body.

In Chapter 2 includes a radical suggestion for the Five, to insure none of them dodge the questions by catching a bullet. Some folks just need to see the options in order to do the right thing.

Chapters 6 and 7 advance the story, especially for Resha who sees the path clearer. It ends with Nia getting a taste – but just a taste – of something she has wanted for months.

Chapter 1. Shaking In Los Angeles

Dawn Monday July 21, 2008

The Mansion

I woke up from a very deep sleep with the bed shaking. I am very aware of my sleep state, I have done studies with brain wave gizmos. I was deeply asleep. But somebody or something was making a type of commotion I am usually concerned about.

Non-Angelenos must understand that, living in LA, one is very sensitive to vibrations of one’s bed. Earthquake scientists, who pretend to know about such things, tell us the “the big one” is only a matter of time and a shaking bed is the way some folks will learn about it before the horror and the screaming begin.

I mean, where would you rather be when it happened? In bed with a special friend and a new vibration feature, or in the crowds on Sunset Strip, with all the usual LA venomous reptiles who hang there? Or maybe within the I-5 / I-10 / 110 Interstate parking lot, baking in the sun helplessly until the expressway goes to pieces?

When the big shake happens property values will change radically as many of the high-priced parts of LA slide west to become one with the seabed, taking along with the unimaginable wealth, the beautiful people, and the tons of coke they contain. I expect that, for a time it will become an all-you-can-eat buffet for sharks, which seems strangely appropriate. The other side of the fault line will become the Nuevo Cali coastline.

However, as I came to the surface of my sleep I realized that these shakings were not the great earthquake, I figured that out before I opened my eyes. Instead it seemed that somebody was enjoying the heights of sexual activity in my bed. But this was itself very confusing to me. It was my bed, I was sure of that. But the usual rule is that when there is sex going on in my bed, I am very particular about enjoying some of the fun. Was that happening this time? I thought a moment, took a little internal inventory. After due consideration it just did not feel like I was enjoying it.

I was very comfortable in my deep sleep, I really did not want to break the surface of my sleep to wake up even a little bit. But it seemed that I should.

I thought maybe I should open one eye, to get a look without really waking up. That way it would be just that much more relaxing to close it and return to sleep afterward. I thought about that some more, I knew it never worked before, but I had to try it anyway, just to reassure myself.

Resolving what I saw was not that difficult. It seemed I had left Zar’s hands in bondage when I was done with her before I fell asleep. They were basically locked in these elbow-length gloves that were in turn attached to a solid steel ‘handle bar’ that was used to suspend her from one of my sex machines. It was not the type of thing I would usually forget to fix. Maybe she decided she wasn’t done, or maybe Abril had asked to take the lead in the next dance.

I had deliberately allowed Abril to watch my fun with Zar on the horse (a sex machine) and I am sure the sights had excited Abril’s very lovely private sex parts. As I thought back I had not dismissed Abril when I was done with my part of Zar’s creamy business. On the contrary, I started to remember that once I carried Zar to my bed Zar had invited Abril to enjoy the fresh creampie. So Abril was in my bed and horny. Zar was in my bed, tied up and potentially still capable of enjoying some attention. almanbahis I deduced that after I carried her here I fell asleep. Abril and Zar apparently renegotiated what they felt like doing next. But judging by the light in the window that was some time ago.

I focused my open eye to that a look at what they were doing now. Some hours had passed since I brought Zar into my bed and left her to Abril’s tender mercies. My guess was that Abril enjoyed her creampie, and then both of them had fallen asleep where they where. Well, I could hardly blamed them for that. But maybe they only took a nap.

Looking at more details I was how Abril was wearing somebody’s favorite toy with a harness as she was putting it to the usual use of fucking Zar with a great deal of energy. That was noteworthy because Abril was more the “receive” rather than the “give” type at such play, Cynthia usually wears the harness in Abril’s bed.

After doing who-knows-what to Zar’s helpless body in preparation, Abril was now banging away on her with remarkable energy. They were face-to-face, but at a slight angle. On one side their luxurious large breasts were pressed tightly together, a remarkable and enticing sight. I imagined having my cock wrapped in that sandwich. Yum. On the other side Zar’s erect nipple was being molested by Abril’s lips, tongue, and from what I could see, a little bit of teeth.

Zar’s smile said she was having a very good time being the passive one in this little two-women-tryst in my bed.

I would have groused at them for not including me, but honestly I had made my contribution earlier, so I was out of stuff to grouse about – Zar took a big load from me. Plus it was too interesting, as tired as I was I could hardly stop watching. I was still half asleep, and my body wanted that other half back. So after Zar made some delightful reassuring noises about what Abril was doing I closed my open eye and slipped back into the sleep using a trick I learned to turn things off. In moments I was back in the realm of pleasant dreams where I never seemed to run out of my creamy stuff for the ladies. I slipped easily into a different dream about my future wives, who were Zar’s nieces and looked much like her, only slimmer and younger. (Just because I like older women,, that does not mean I can’t dream about young ones.) I could not decide on one so I enjoyed them both in turn using an egg timer. Good times.

Chapter 2. Return To LA

Overnight Sunday-Monday, July 20-21, 2008

Flight from Iquitos to LA

Drive from LA airport to Mansion

In consideration of our time, the Patron flew us on a 208 to Iquitos and chartered a jet for the flight from Iquitos to Detroit with stops in Panama (fuel only) and LA. All of us could travel comfortably together instead of anyone dealing with the ‘cattle car’ comforts, adventures and company of commercial flight.

There are some charter jets that can make the entire trip without refueling, but those cost twice as much to rent, and for an overnight flight the marginal time is no big deal. So we made the extra stop on Panama but did not get off the plane.

The biz jet was better than a commercial flight in a lot of ways, but really the seats on any business jet are made for comfort while sitting quietly working or talking about business. Even if it is dark outside, a charming attendant moves around the cabin, regularly checking on anybody with open eyes to see it they need anything. This makes privacy impossible unless both parties are exhibitionists.

Our attendant was a slim Asian girl named Saarika who was wearing a sari. (Why, no matter how they are wrapped, did they always look like they were ready to slip open, revealing a lovely prize?) I must say she had a very pleasant lyrical voice.

There was one double seat on the plane which could be screened for a degree of cover. Gracie dragged me there for the flight out of Iquitos. She had sin on her mind and a dress that unbuttoned down the front. I guess she had used all her clean underwear. When she settled, sitting across my lap, her buttons were all open so I could get to her body and she was very ready to be played with. She wanted mutual enjoyment, but the seats limited our actions. She could get on top of me, except the seat angle held my butt too far back in a sitting position. If I moved to a reclining position (there was nothing useful in between) her knees had a problem, one knee was against a hard surface and the other knee got stuck between the cushions. Plus we both agreed that she was likely to be too noisy so others would know what we were doing and would want some of me for themselves. That meant there would be no “mile high” club tonight, unless we did it on the floor of the cabin in front of everyone.

I was not up to that… who knew what they used to clean the floor?

Still, Gracie and I had a good time with me making a happy feast of her nipples as I fingered her private pleasured flesh and she almanbahis giriş handled my joystick until it got messy. Then Gracie had no problem asking Saarika for a couple of tissues.

The attendant was discrete and appreciative of the way Gracie enjoyed the flight. I was appreciative of the attendant’s unflappable discretion.

One time as I had my fingers working just right inside Gracie, Saarika looked in just after a critical moment. Gracie made a recognizable noise. Saarika was not shocked or upset, she was about to pull her head when Gracie said that she didn’t have to, she did not mind.

“Really? I find that hard to… do you really like to be watched?”

It took a moment, Gracie was still enjoying things, but soon enough she answered. “Not exactly ‘like to be’ watched… but I enjoy this, and I enjoy talking, and I don’t mind doing them together. Why is sex this big secret? I mean, where do we come from?”

“You know, that is true. It is a question in my own mind. Of course, with children…”

“Well, of course. But there are no children here yet… even if three of us are pregnant from this wonderful man’s jewels.”

Saarika gave me a look. “Are you a muslim to marry three women?”

I sure don’t look muslim, I still had my fingers inside Gracie. “Who said anything about being married? No wedding ring yet. One tricked me, she was very attractive. This charmer and other were reasonable mistakes of others, anybody can make a mistake.”

Gracie got back to being watched. “Last week there was a time when we were camping outside. We woke up and there was a woman on his magnificent horse. She was topless, we and the horse were naked, but the horse did not seem to mind either case.”

Saarika almost barked out a laugh at that, but she held most of it in.

Gracie continue. “The girl knew my guy, she got married to a friend of his last weekend. Somebody on the plane might have watched those two. But back to me. I asked this guy to tie me across the front of the jeep and, you know, enjoy some mutual fun under the sun. What good is being in nature otherwise? So we did.”

“You wanted to be tied up? Why would you want such a thing?”

“You have never been tied up by him… tension can add a great deal to the experience. He has this room full of machines… Actually, that is how we met, killer sex. Anyway, we were out there, enjoying being very human together under the sun, when cowboys started to show up. About a dozen. The girl had called them on her walkie-talkie.”

“Oh, you poor girl! Did they do things? Were you harmed?”

“None of the above, they were all his friends. I was glad to meet them, no need to change what we were doing. They formed two lines and, one at a time, they came up and, well… I couldn’t shake hands, so they each gave a tender shake to one of these.” She shook a breast with her hand. “It was very nice, friendly and you know what, they will remember that meeting for a long time. Would you like to remember me…?” She held up a boob.

“I shouldn’t, I’m on duty. That is quite a story. Is it really true?”

“Yes, every word. Sure you wouldn’t like a shake?”

Saarika bit her lip with indecision. “I should not, it seems to be wrong… but on the other hand I am curious, and would not want to be unfriendly.”

“Please, it would be my pleasure,” Gracie said. “It is a story I will tell my kids someday.”

Finally Saarika put a hand out and gently weighed one of Gracie’s breasts. “Ohmygoodness Kirishna,” she said quietly. “That is so nice. I never realized… you know I never have before… except my own of course. It is not the same.”

Gracie talked about that. “My mother… she did not trust boys, so she made sure I had girls to play with. Now I like both, but this one is best.” I smiled on cue. “Of course, girls can bring their own baggage, some are damaged. So either way you have to be careful.”

“Thank you both,” Saarika said. “It was very nice to meet… make that very very soft and warm and nice to meet you,” Saarika said. “Your mother? Really? What an interesting idea.”

“It is legal to marry now, in some places in the US.”

The concept had never occurred to the Asian girl, in her country there was great condemnation of such ideas. Saarika had to ask, “Would you really? I mean, what about children?” She was raised all her life to make grandchildren for her parents to spoil as grandchildren, and the idea was hard to let go of.

“I am not saying I am planning to go that way… but my mother would not have been opposed to the idea, and if it happened I am sure she would have wanted something ‘artificial’ for me. Yuck. But an woman can usually find a volunteer. Plus, many times a female has male relatives that can help out. Women have options.”

“You have given much food for thought. Thank you.” With that Saarika straightened up to leave and we got back to the job of making Gracie very happy.

Gracie said Saarika was welcome almanbahis yeni giriş to look in and watch at any time, but she declined. Her job was very important to her and she strived to stay professional, despite temptation. “Once is a new custom, but twice is across the line… or something like that.”

I think she was paraphrasing something said to De Sade after an S&M orgy.

At one point Resha invited Saarika to sit down and they had a short chat in their language. Saarika gave a brief history of how she got here. Six months ago Saarika graduated from college (chemistry) then left New Delhi on an around-the-world cruise with her parents and brother. It was a smaller cruise ship with an all-indian crew and 200 cabins. The ship included several pools and an unusual number of exercise facilities, showers, steam rooms, etc. The voyage would be long with many stops. Her parents had talked about this “family dream cruise” for years. Her brother (two years older – a screwup) even postponed graduation for it.

What Saarika discovered once they left Chennai was that this was a match-making cruise. All the passengers were of the same caste (Kshatriyasm – second highest). The parents brought one or two marriage-age children along, and spent time seeking matches. Some children were active in the search. A few, including Saarika, were upset with the trap.

Family financials and backgrounds were on the ship’s computer network, along with professionally-taken pictures of the children at family events. Saarika’s pictures included some from her trip to the Maldives when she was 18 and in the best shape of her life, her mother had insisted in bringing these really skimpy swimsuits and would pout if Saarika did not wear them. She did not realize her mother had employed professional photographers. Saarika’s swimsuit shots were rated in the top 5% in terms of beauty so she had a waiting list of scheduled “meetings” for men with their parents were present.

Saarika was 100% not interested, but a sea, where could she run to? Her only privacy was her tiny cabin (they were designed that way), plus she had to eat all meals with her parents and whatever “new friends” they arranged – by design there were no options. She was quite miserable. Her salvation was that she had dual passports from her time at university, and she kept one hidden away. Long story short, during an excursion while transiting the Panama Canal she jumped ship, sold some of her gold and gems for support, and started to contact HR departments. Her beauty, manners and solid passport (British) gave her choices. Over the next few weeks she considering several options and finally took a job with the charter airline.

Her parents were in the Atlantic, on the way to Puerto Rico before they realized their daughter was not in the same time zone anymore. The ship was not turning around. Plus, their son was a harder sale, so they had to stay “in the market” with him.

Somebody would be sent to fetch her, so Saarika was always looking over her shoulder. But airports are pretty safe these days and with the charter job she was always on the move. Resha told Saarika that she was very clever, but it was really only a temporary solution. Saarika needed more education to land a good job, she was keeping her eye open. She just didn’t know what to look for.

When Saarika asked, Resha said that she was a mother who worked as a mouth whore while her child’s two grandmothers cared for the baby. Saarika could see that Resha had a very different perspective. She agreed that, in her own way, Resha had an ideal job. Saarika did not have the skills, but she would consider that path. They both made people happy, which had to count for some karma.

They also talked about girls-with-girls. Resha said that such things were common enough in LA. Besides her job she was seeing me, as others were, and often there was “just not enough of him to go around,” so the girls “licked each other. Actually, with him I met a woman in Peru I could see a future with… we shared… but it probably won’t happen.”

“Are you also pregnant? I was told that three…”

“No, I have to take precautions, with my job. I only do oral sex, but my employer requires some stupid medical things. The three are Gracie, Cynthia, and Belen… I have not been with Belen yet.”

“But, she is old, the mother of Cynthia, and married! How can that be?”

“Girlfriend,” Resha smiled as she made the word seem almost indecent, “it works the same way, there ain’t no age requirement. He really is a very friendly, broad minded guy. Plus, for a time the couple was into wife-swapping. Another thing common enough in LA, in fact it is a job requirement where we work. Anyways, she had this fantasy, they swapped, and everybody was happy with the results. I admit, I find it hard to understand, but I know that is just the way people are raised. He was raised different. Older guys can like younger girls… he just turned that around. I know she is not his only older lady.”

Resha was glad to just chat in her mother tongue and it gave Saarika a lot of ideas she had never thought of before. They exchanged phone numbers and would talk again. Saarika found herself in LA at least once every 10 days.

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