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I went back to my apartment after we had nearly fallen asleep on her couch watching some True Crime show. Despite a work emergency, it had been a good day. Marie and I had recorded ourselves in a 69, and then I had came inside her while we watched the video. It had been really hot for both of us. I had kissed Marie good night before going back to my place and went to bed. I had to be back at work for my short shift the next day.

In the morning, I got up and headed into the office with my laptop. The servers were both fine and the A/C was blowing cold. I caught up on emails from over the weekend, and answered several Help Desk tickets. At around 9am, I got a text.

Marie: Hey handsome, how much longer do you have to be there?

Erik: Only another couple of hours. Want me to bring home lunch?

M: I guess so, if you don’t just want to eat my pussy for lunch.

E: I’m willing, but my body needs food too. 🙂

M: Okay fine, you pick and I’ll pay you back.

E: Sounds good.

The last two hours dragged by. There were actually things I needed to do, but I wanted to get back home to Marie. After what seemed like an eternity, I left and hit a taco place’s drive thru. When I got to Marie’s, she opened the door wearing shorts that were insanely short. Her big ass cheeks could be seen at the bottom of each leg hole. She also wore a loose fitting tank top that showed off a lot of cleavage. I smiled and she kissed me on the cheek.

She noticed my laptop bag and asked “need that for something?”

I said “I thought we might watch some porn. You said you haven’t watched very much.”

She grinned and said “I’d love to. It’s been probably 15 years since I watched porn. I usually masterbate with my imagination only.”

We ate our lunch and then we went to her bedroom and got in her bed. I opened the laptop and went to a porn tube site that I had an account to and I let her scroll around on it.

Amazed, she said “god, there’s so much! I had no idea. I mean, I knew there was a lot of porn on the internet, but damn. Jeez look at that one. Her boobs are so fake they look like beach balls.”

I laughed and said “some stars like that look I guess. Is there anything in particular you want to see? There’s literally every kind of person, position, and number of participants that you can imagine on this site.”

She said “uh, I don’t know. What do you usually watch?”

I shrugged and said “what I watch changes on my mood. Sometimes girl/girl, sometimes blowjob videos, sometimes a certain pornstar, sometimes just regular folks trying to get each other off, whatever my dick decides at the time.”

She asked “there are just regular people on here too? Not just pornstars with big fake tits?”

I said “oh sure. Tons and tons. Switch it to ‘home made’ instead of ‘professional’. See?”

She filtered out all of the professional videos and clicked on one with a young brunette giving a blowjob. She had big boobs that were clad in red bra.

Marie said “oh she’s cute. Look at her boobs. Mine used to look that good too.”

I reached over and squeezed bonus veren siteler hers through the tank top and said “I like yours better.”

She smiled and we watched the rest of the 6 minute video. The girl’s partner came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I was already hard, but I wanted to let Marie keep watching videos.

I asked her “do you want to see some videos with women closer to your age?”

She said “oh come on, there’s no old geezers like me on here.”

I said “you’re not a geezer, and yes there are. Look, hit the ‘Mature’ category and there are thousands of them.”

She clicked on one called “Milf tindr hookup”. There was woman probably in her 60s with black hair with gray in it laying on her back getting fucked by a much younger man. The woman had fake tits, a trim waist, and single strip of black pubic hair. She was obviously enjoying herself too.

Marie cried “she has to be older than I am!”

I pointed out the view count on the video. It was well over 20,000 views. I said “see? People like this kind of video.”

She said “I had no idea. I just assumed it was all young barbie doll girls getting fucked by muscular men. Shit this is hot.”

She reached over and felt how hard my cock was and said “oh are you dying? Do you need to get off? Take your pants off.”

I slid my pants off and she was able to start stroking me. I let out a small sigh of relief. Marie stroked my cock for me, but her eyes were still focused on the video. The woman was now getting fucked doggystyle. After another minute of the guy thrusting into the mature woman, he pulled out and shot cum all over her back. Marie’s eyes were glued to the screen. When it was over, she stopped stroking me and found another video to watch. This one was called “Mature bbw wife blowjob and cum on tits.”

The video was in POV of the guy, so it was looking down on a woman kneeling in front of him. The woman was plump, with round cheeks on her smiling face. She had giant natural boobs that had a couple blue veins visible. She looked up into the camera as she started blowing the man. Marie kept stroking me, but most of her attention was on the video. She was really into the porn.

She asked “can you try to cum whenever the guy does?”

I chuckled and said “that’s sorta up to you, but I can try.”

Marie stroked me faster as the big woman in the video blew the man. There were loud slurp and sucking noises from the video mixing with jacking sounds from Marie’s hand on my shaft. The woman in the video really knew how to give a blowjob. The man moaned after several minutes of fellatio and pulled out of her mouth. He started stroking his cock fast and the plump lady lifted her heavy tits up to give him a target.

I said “he’s about to cum on her boobs, jerk me harder if you want me to get off at the same time.”

Marie angled my cock toward her own tits and lifted her tank top up, exposing her own glorious big tits. She started jacking me off harder and faster as I was about to start cumming. I was able to hold out until the guy on the video started bedava bahis though. He shot out blobs of white spunk all over the woman’s fat tits and she started rubbing into her boobs like lotion. I groaned and started to cum too. Marie stroked out a few big stringy shots of white cum onto her big tits and covered her nipples. She jerked me all the way through my orgasm until I was finished and I let out a sigh. The video stopped and she looked down at her covered tits and grinned.

She said “holy crap this is so hot for me. Watching other people screw and then fooling around the same way? I had no idea how much this would turn me on.”

I said “I’m glad you like it. How do you want to get off?”

She took off her tank top and used it to clean up her cummy tits. Then said “will you go down on me while I watch something?”

I smiled and said “fuck yes I will. Pick out something to watch.”

I reached over and slipped my hand into shorts and moved a finger up her hairy slit. I could feel how wet she was already. I then leaned over and kissed her neck. She shivered and said “I found one I think.”

I looked up from her neck and looked at the screen. She was hitting play on a video called “Real lesbians fucking at home.” I smiled and went back to kissing and licking her neck.

She said “I’m not into women, I’m just curious about this one.”

I said “it’s fine, watch whatever you want. I’m not going to get jealous.”

The video started with two women sitting on a couch together. One was probably 30, and the other in her 40s. The younger one was brunette, petite, and very pale. The older one was thicker, with blonde hair, and had more of a tan. They were kissing as they undressed each other. I repositioned myself in front of Marie and I slid her shorts down her legs. I did it slowly and I enjoyed the view as her curly blond pubic hair appeared. She spread her legs wide for me after I removed her shorts. Her pink pussy lips were nearly dripping. I started rubbing my fingers up and down her slit slowly. I couldn’t see the screen, but I could hear some moaning.

I asked “what are they doing?”

Marie glanced toward me and said “the blond is on the couch with her legs apart and the little brunette is on the floor licking the blond’s pussy.”

I took that as my cue to start licking Marie’s cunt. I lowered my mouth down and licked from the bottom of her lips all the way up slowly. I found her clit and licked it gently. Marie let out a sigh and a small whimper of pleasure. With her clit in between my lips, I inserted two fingers into her hairy pussy and stroked them in and out, making wet noises.

Marie reported “the big blond came on the brunette’s face. Now the brunette is standing on the couch cushions with her pussy in the blond’s face. She’s holding the little brunette’s ass in place. The brunette is squirming and moaning. Fuck, I want to try that later. God, you’re really good at eating pussy Erik.”

I kept up my attention on her clit by sucking on it and twirling my tongue around it. I sped up my fingers and started curling them deneme bonus upward a little on each inward thrust. Marie was panting and starting to push her pussy onto my mouth and fingers harder.

She said breathlessly “the little one is cumming, fuck, I am too!”

I felt and tasted her cunt get wetter as it contracted around my fingers. Marie groaned and her legs shook around me. I licked and pushed my fingers in and out until she caught her breath. She moved the laptop off of her stomach and set it aside to where I could see. The brunette was putting on a strap-on harness for a dildo. It looked like she was going to fuck the big blond.

Marie said “yeah, me too. I need you to fuck me. Hard. Hurry, please.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I was fully hard again after eating her pussy. I guided my rigid prick into her boiling snatch just as the blond on video bent over to be fucked doggystyle. The brunette was almost comical being so much smaller, but she knew how to fuck the bigger woman. I slid my dick into Marie with a sigh and she looked up at me from a missionary position. She smiled as I began to fuck my cock in and out of her. I did just as she asked, I didn’t start slow and build up, I just started right off fucking her hard. I’d pull almost completely out of her gripping pussy, and then slam back into her with a hard clapping sound. In and out, in and out, in and out, over and over. Marie was moaning on each in thrust. Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to do that for very long without cumming, but since she had jerked me off already, I wasn’t close even after probably 5 minutes of hard fucking.

Marie was switching from looking at my face and the video of lesbians. The blond suddenly came from getting fucked with the strap-on and Marie came along with her. A guttural groan tore itself from her throat as she arched her back off of the bed. Her cunt squeezed my cock even harder and it made sloppy sounds as I continued to fuck her as hard as I could. She shuttered through her orgasm until I couldn’t hold out any longer. I pulled out of her and stroked my slick cock until my orgasm hit me.

I came so hard it almost hurt. My first shot landed between her big tits. A second shot of white ropey cum went from her blond bush to her belly button. My third went really far and got her in the chin. She yelped and flinched in surprise, but started giggling. I stroked the last of cum out and it dripped onto her curly bush. I sat back on my heels and tried to catch my breath. Marie had my cum all over her body. From chin to pussy. She looked gorgeous.

The video of the lesbians was over and Marie handed me her phone to take a picture. I snapped a photo of my glazed lover before she got up to start the shower. I collapsed on the bed and caught my breath while she cleaned up. I scrolled around on the porn site while she showered. I wanted to show her a facial compilation; a video of nothing but women taking cumshots to their faces. I figured when it was time for round two in a little while, she’d be interested in seeing that. I bookmarked the page and waited for her to come back to bed.


Thanks for reading, rating, and leaving comments. Sorry for the delay in this next part. My daily life has gotten more hectic lately and it’s been cutting into my smut-writing time. I’ll try to get another chapter done faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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