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There was a wedding in my family; a family which has an abundance of beautiful and sexy women. It didn’t miss my attention that most if not all of them seem to like me, with more than just family affection, and I have learned to take advantage of that good fortune. At twenty-five I’d already shaken the family tree and enjoyed half a dozen fruits – aunts, cousins and one in-law; no hang-ups haunt me. I know that six will not be the final score, because even when I try to keep my distance there is always one or two sending me sexual signals and my attitude towards women is the same as that towards food – don’t waste.

At the wedding reception I was seated at a big table along with my parents, sister, brother, and five other relatives, including my mom’s youngest sister Debbie, a stunning thirty-five year old. She was childless and unmarried. Whenever we met, even during my childhood Debbie had a way of looking at me with piercing eyes and a slow smile that seemed to say ‘I know your secret’, and it didn’t help that her eyes were a cat-like light olive on a dark brown face. It used to have a scary effect on me in my early years, but as I grew older I found it very attractive and sensual. Until a year ago she had been living in a far off region of the country where she was a teacher, but now worked in the city as an education officer.

I noticed that Aunt Debbie was turning down every offer to dance from male guests, including family, she was sitting between me and my mom and I overheard mom say:

“What’s wrong with you girl, you hoping for Kenrick to pop up out of thin air and take you onto the dance floor? It’s not going to happen, he’s gone out of your life … for good. You’d better accept it and move on fast, you’re not getting any younger.”

“Leave her alone … and it’s about time you do some moving yourself, old girl,” my dad said, dragging mom up out of her chair.

Aunt Debbie simply gave a little laugh and reached for the rum bottle on the table. I watched as she poured a generous shot and mixed it with a little ginger ale. She downed it all in two swallows a minute apart. I reached across for the same bottle and my arm brushed hers, sending a nice feeling through me. After taking a sip I looked at her and said:

“Don’t let mom get to you, you know how she is”

She turned and looked into my eyes, which is exactly what I wanted.

“Does it look like she’s gotten to me?” she asked in a mocking way, followed by a suck-teeth and a little laugh.

Since I grew up and started noticing her as a woman, those eyes always drove a heat into me. I let my eyes drop to her bosom for a lingering look, and the combination of sexy eyes and attractive boobs caused a stir in my crotch. I’d felt that movement a few times over the years when near to her, but I’d never had the chance to test the waters of her pool. As I looked at her I felt that the time was right. She took another drink and I smiled inside. Fifteen minutes later when mom came back to the table, she said to me:

“George, drag yuh aunt off her ass and onto the dance floor before she gathers cobweb.”

Debbie laughed, and I was out of my chair like a jack in the box with my hand outstretched. Debbie took my hand and got up, shaking her head resignedly and glaring at her older sister. She followed me and my half boner onto the dance floor which was overflowing with couples slow dancing. I was happy that the lights had been considerably dimmed a while back. I took Debbie into my arms and pulled her close. She let her slim body lean into mine. The soft body and sweet perfume combined with the thought that my cock was so close to really fine pussy, made my body tingle and before you could say knife, I had a full blown erection that I pressed into her thigh every time we made a turn or was bumped by other dancers.

As we came to the end of the lengthy song, I let my cock rest firmly and comfortably against her, and as the DJ moved us smoothly into a slower song, I pulled her closer, leaning my cheeks onto hers. Shortly after, I moved my body over to the right and deposited my hard cock plumb on her private sponge. I kept it there, gently rolling my hips and applying some pressure.

“Please keep it in mind that it is your aunt you’re dancing with,” she whispered in my ear. But her tone was jovial.

“I will,” I said, but did not relinquish the close body contact.

All I did was cease the rolling of my hips, but the pressure of cock on pussy as we moved, remained. At the end of the song she started to release me, but I kept my hand around her lower and upper back.

“You’d better remain here a while longer, if you don’t want to have your sister kick your sweet butt back onto the dance floor,” I said

She sighed and I felt the soft bosom rise against my chest, “I think I’ll take your advice … but, how do you know my butt is sweet?” she asked, leaning back and looking at me.

“Seeing is believing, and there’s a connection between the eye and the tongue … you never looked at a cake and ankara escort felt the taste?”

“Don’t think it works that way for me, mine is more like a connection between smell and taste … and anyway, my butt is not a cake.” She said.

“I got the taste though, and it’s only because the cake is not cut yet that I haven’t taken a piece.

She laughed heartily, causing bosom and pussy to rock against their respective support.

As the song progressed, I once again guided my cock plumb onto her pussy and started a slow grind, with much more pressure than previously. Though she did not reciprocate the action she didn’t pull her body away from the stimulation. After a couple of minutes, following an extra hard grind, she said:

“You seem to have really forgotten that you’re dancing with you aunt.”

“No, I haven’t, but I think he has.”

“Who?” she asked

“The little guy down there,” I said, bouncing him against her girl.

“Oh, well please do remind him. And I wouldn’t call him little.”

“I can try but I can’t promise he’ll listen to me. When he gets it into his head to explore, he just pushes on, whether I want him to or not,” I explained.

She threw back her head and laughed, “Sounds like a stubborn little … I mean, big fella, just like his daddy. Well I guess if that’s how he is we’ll just have to accommodate him the best way we can, but he should take into consideration that there are other folks around and his actions might be frowned on.”

“I think he’s banking on the darkness to hide his movements.”

We moved into the next song and soon after, I realized she was matching my moves, even opening her thighs a little bit to make things easier and hotter. We continued like that for a couple more songs … no talking, just a smooth and not so subtle enjoyment of each other’s body until the DJ announced that he was moving into some hip hop.

“No jumping about for me, these heels are killing me,” Debbie said.

When we got back to the table only mom and an old aunt were there. Mom gave us a little applause.

“That was a long session,” mom said, smiling

“I decided to do all my dancing for the night at one go, so that’s it for the night for me. I’ll just sit here and watch the action … So will you please leave me alone?”

“I hope this is the beginning of your new beginning,” mom said, reaching over to hug her sister.

About two hours later an old aunt asked Debbie for a lift home. And much to the ire of my siblings, mom decided that she wanted to leave as well. Because we all had come in the one car, there was no arguing.

Three days later, after I got home from work mom asked me to drop by Debbie’s and collect the customary little box of wedding cake that guests are usually given. The mother of the bride had dropped off a few boxes at Debbie’s for some other family to pick up because of her home’s central location.

I pretended to be not too eager to make the trip, but then agreed to. I didn’t want mom having even the slightest suspicion of my interest in her sister. When I got there at about 8 pm I saw my Uncle Eddie’s car outside the house. Debbie let me in and in a low tantalizing voice said:

“The cake is cut, you can have your piece.”

She laughed and walked away, her plump ass bouncing above slim, shapely thighs. Eddie and his wife Alicia were seated near a table on which were a bottle of rum, soda and a couple of beer bottles. When I sat down Debbie informed me that everybody else had collected; I was the last. She invited me to have a drink in the small gathering. I sat down, hoping the other two would soon be on their way. I wanted a chance to be alone with Debbie to pursue what we’d started the other night. There was no doubt she was game. There was something in the way she’d said the ‘the cake is cut’, obviously referring to our little exchange on the dance floor.

At one point when Debbie got up to refill an ice bucket I announced that I wanted to use the washroom. She told me to follow her. Uncle Eddie made a popular overused joke that guys drinking sometimes teased each other with, Implying gayness. A joke that I always found to be childish and distasteful.

“Remember that you suppose to stoop down.”

“What makes you think your nephew is like you,” his wife quickly countered, and I thought ‘ouch! That must hurt.’

We all laughed at the smart retort, Eddie included, but the look in his eyes told me he wasn’t too pleased about his wife upstaging him like that. If the rumors of his temper and quick hands were true then she was in for some trouble when they got home. His previous wife had left him because of abuse and his drunkenness. I followed Debbie, my eyes glued to the ass bouncing in the red, soft, tight shorts. As she placed the ice in the bucket, I stood slightly behind and to the side of her. I softly put my hand around her waist.

“I thought you wanted to pee,” she said, looking down at my hand.

“I want cake,” I said, lowering my hand to gently escort ankara grasp a butt cheek.

She looked at me. “You want me to give you a stare?” she asked.

We both laughed, knowing she was referring to the way I used to be frightened of her staring eyes as a child.

“You’ll have the time of your life getting rid of Uncle Eddie; you know he doesn’t leave until he feels there’s no more liquor around, I said, my hand still grasping the soft butt.

“I know,” was all she said, then turned right around and looked me with her now likeable stare.

I felt like licking those full brown lips and poking my tongue into her sexy little mouth.

“No problem if he stays long, tomorrow is not a working day for me. And my house mate is away for the rest of the week, so I can stay up how long I like, entertaining or whatever.” She said

“You better not give him that useful bit of info,” I said.

“I definitely won’t.”

She turned to walk off but I remained still instead of stepping aside. Her hip bounced my semi hard cock.

“You always have a hardon?” she asked, looking down.

“Whenever you’re near me.”

“Do I have to keep reminding you I’m your aunt, or should I just give you a stare?”

“I like pussies these days, you cat eyes won’t frighten me,” I said.

I grabbed her and kissed her passionately, my cock pressed against her belly; she wasn’t wearing shoes. She kissed me back for a few seconds, then broke away.

“You crazy, George, suppose one of them had come in here?”

We returned to the living room, me once again lagging behind to gaze at the fine, bouncy ass.

Fifteen minutes later Debbie got up to show Eddie to the bathroom. I turned to Aunt Alicia.

“I hope you don’t get into trouble for defending me. I know about his temper and how he is with his hands,” I said.

“I know, but I had to speak up; your uncle could be very rude and annoying, and boring when he’s drunk … gosh!” she said making a distasteful face.

“I’ll be worried and thinking about you. You must give me a call and let me know if all’s well,” I said.

“What’s your number?” she asked, picking up her phone.

I gave her the number and she entered it, then pressed the call button, sending hers to mine. Just then Debbie returned.

Alicia was a short – five foot – cute, slightly chubby woman in her early forties. She was of mixed ethnicity, mostly Indian with a little Chinese, that showed in her slanted eyes and cheekbones and some black that showed most in her ass, shape and wavy hair. Her oval, light brown face, was more sexy than it was beautiful, though not by any means ugly. She had large, wet, black eyes, a slightly upturned, small nose and full roundish lips that smiled easily. She was wearing white polyester shorts and even though I was there on a signed, sealed and ready to deliver mission and was engrossed in that thought, I was finding it hard to keep my eyes off the juicy thighs and lightly creased crotch that was being revealed to me every time her legs moved apart when laughing or sliding forward to the drinks table. I know she was aware of my glances and once, locked eyes with me for about eight seconds, before blushingly looking away. Luckily both Debbie and Eddie were busy, bent over the table fixing drinks.

An hour passed, and Debbie seemed to be getting restless. I know I was. We were saved by the ringing of Alicia’s phone.

“We gotta go; the girl’s dance class is over … I’ll drive,” she announced, looking at her sloshed husband.

She added, “You must come visit us soon Debbie, you too George, you guys are fun.”

She hugged us both and I shivered from the touch of her full breasts, which she seemed to deliberately crush against my stomach. Her small hand swiftly caressed my back. As Debbie started to walk away with them, I said:

“I’ll just put these things away in the kitchen for you Aunt Debbie.”

“No, no, you don’t have to do that I can manage, you go ahead, it’s late and you have to work tomorrow,” she replied.

My heart sank and I gathered up my car key and the gift box of wedding cake and started for the door with them. As I was going past her, Debbie grabbed my hand and pulled the key out of it. I kept on walking. Alicia and Eddie got into their car before me.

I heard Debbie shouting, “George, you left your key. I’ll bring it out to you, let me put on a slipper.”

Debbie began slowly fitting her feet into her slippers

“It’s okay, I’ll come for it,” I replied and started slowly walking toward the house. Alicia drove off.

When I entered the door she was grinning, her olive eyes blazing.

“I guess it’s time for your boy to finish the exploration he started on the dance floor, if you really want cake,” she said, meaningfully.

“That was smooth,” I said.

“That’s me, darling, all smoothness,” she replied, raising her bare arms and rubbing them.

She then bent over and rubbed her thighs and legs.

“Smoothness all over ankara escort bayan … wanna see more?” she asked.

“I wouldn’t miss the show.”

She straightened, up lifted the hem of her blouse and eased it over her head. The full dark breasts gleamed under the light. I took in the hot sight, licking my lips.

“Show me more smooth,” I whispered.

Backing me she hooked her thumbs in the elastic waist of the soft shorts and bent over, pulling it down slowly, revealing smooth dark ass and smooth shaved vaginal lips peeking out from between smooth, slim but rounded thighs. She straightened up and revealed an admirable mound of smooth-shaven pudenda. By that time I was already out of my shorts and tee. My brown hard dick stood tall, angling to the roof. She looked at the throbbing staff and licked her lips.

“I’ve shown you smooth, you show me rough.” She cried, placing her hands on her hips and spreading her legs.

I stepped forward, placed my hands under her waist and lifted her five foot six lithe frame and walked with her across the room. I let her down and pushed her against the wall. The cat eyes blazed at me as I bent my head, took a hard black nipple in my mouth and bit into it.

“Aiiiiiiiiiee!” She screamed.

As my mouth forcefully sucked on the succulent breast, I lowered a hand, found the crack between her thighs and sent a middle finger up into the wet snatch. She jerked then rolled her hip. I moved the finger back and forth rapidly as she grabbed a handful of my short, locked hair and rocked my head. She was moaning loudly, when I removed my hand from the dripping pussy, got between the quivering thighs and crouched. She held my cock in place as I straightened up and sent it rocketing up into her dark hole.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah,” she cried, and leaning forward, bit into my shoulder … hard.

I put both hands on the insides of her thighs and lifted her legs off the floor. She wrapped her hands around my neck as I rammed her puss, while supporting her body with her legs thrown across my arms. She grunted hard and rolled up her eyes. I continued slamming away, forcing her against the wall. After a while I dropped one of her legs to the floor and continued to ram her while using the free hand to grasp her neck in a gentle throat hold. She nimbly lifted the leg and threw it onto my shoulder, and the pounding continued.

“Yes, yes, oooohh yes, pound me baby boy … pound yuh auntie pussy. Ohhhh fuck!”

“Rough enough? I asked.

“Yes, but show me more.”

I placed my hands on her shoulders and forced her down to the floor. She rested on her knees and opened her mouth wide, looking up at me with challenging eyes. Without using my hand for guidance I crouched and lunged forward, sending hard cock into the waiting mouth, pushing forward hard, sending her head to rest against the wall. She gagged growlingly. Then reached up and grabbed hold of my balls just as I started pumping my cock into her mouth, with quick short strokes. She rubbed my balls between both palms, moistened with saliva that was flowing from the fucked mouth. She was coughing and gargling, so I pulled out and stood over her as she spluttered and breathed heavily for about a minute. My cock was lurching. She looked up at me wide eyed and I knew she was telling me that she was ready. Her body was drenched in sweat as I reached down and lifted her off the floor.

I took her to the single seat sofa chair and plopped her down in it. I got on my knees, held her ankles and spread her legs wide. I lowered my head and began eating out the pulverized pussy, licking and probing and chewing the fatty lips roughly. Loud moans of pleasure escaped her mouth in a steady flow as I feasted on the puss. I moved to the clit and latched on to it, sucking hard while twirling my tongue around it. She soon let out a scream and began bucking wildly.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Ow mih gawd, oooohh, oooohh!”

As her jerking eased into a gentle shiver she was blowing hard as if trying to put out a fire. She looked at me and then down at my cock. I turned her around, and without any prompting she stood up, leaned over and hoisted one leg onto the arm of the chair, her hands on the back, her ass stuck out invitingly, beads of sweat running down from her back and onto it. I accepted the invitation and entered her glowing dark body, pushing deep, hearing her softly say “ooooooh!”

I went into her smoothly, making long deep, slow strokes. She wriggled her cute ass as if urging me on. I. smacked the ass gently and she giggled while it quivered. I slapped it a couple more times and again she giggled as if being tickled. I shortened, the depth but quickened the pace of my strokes, while holding on to the slippery ass. I pounded her at a steady pace, shifting positions to hit different walls of the clinging pussy, watching the thick batty bounce with every stroke. She took her leg off the chair arm without flushing my cock out. She then bent over and placed her arms wide on the chair, but held her legs only slightly apart. I grabbed hold of her frizzy hair in a tight grip and began jabbing the tight pokey with sharp short shots as she mewed. I felt my control break and I slammed into her hard as I exploded, shooting cum shrapnel into her hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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