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“Sweet Lisa”

I met her via the Internet. Nothing special about that, I realize. People meet “on line” all the time. Only Lisa was different. She had written and posted an exciting true accounting of an incident from her past, one in which she had engaged in sex in a rather public men’s locker room, and I wrote to tell her how much I admired both her talented and skillful writing as well as her exhibitionistic spirit.

At first our email exchanges were polite. Gradually I learned more about her. She described herself as being 5’6″, “around 125 lbs or so,” brown hair, greenish eyes, with medium sized C-cup breasts. Lovely! Then she gradually began to share with me that she had probably engaged in a lot more sex than most women. “I love it,” she’d indicated, and I told her I loved it as well… and lots of it.

Lisa said she enjoyed reading about other people’s sexual experiences, so over time I began to describe some of mine to her. I told her about the time I visited a brothel in Bangkok for one of their famous “full body massage baths.” I told her of a few of my other sexual experiences as well, including some I’d enjoyed while traveling throughout Europe, the Far East.

Our e-mail relationship blossomed, and as I suspected it might, grew into something much more exciting. In one of our emails I asked for her phone number. She gave it to me, and we progressed from email and messaging exchanges to phone sex. Naturally my wife knew none of this. She and I had come to an understanding years earlier. She had her women’s club and country club activities; I, masturbatory sex (in addition to occasional “normal” sex with her as well, although her idea of good sex was a one way street… I could eat her, and fuck her, but she had no interest in sucking me. So okay, I admit it. I’d gradually become addicted to raw, perverted porn. The nastier the porn was, the more I got off on it, whereas my uptight, conservative “country club” wife was strictly plain vanilla.

The first time Lisa and I engaged in “phone sex” it was incredibly exciting for both of us. It didn’t happen at first. Initially we just tiptoed around the edges of sex. She has a lovely voice… deep… very sexy, and over time, the more we talked, the freer she became with me, telling me things she loved to have done to her, while I, in turn, shared my fantasies with her. I learned she also loves to have a man suck her pussy, although certainly there isn’t anything unusual about that. I’ve never met a woman yet who didn’t enjoy THAT! What was a bit more unusual was that she loves having her cunt sucked in semi-public places, something I found incredibly exciting about her. We discussed some of the things she’d like to do, but hadn’t yet, and soon she was masturbating with me as I made love to her over the phone.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” she said to me one evening following a particularly satisfying experience. “We don’t even know each other.”

“Oh but we do, Lisa. We probably know each other better than most married couples do. Look at us. We’ve told each other everything, Lisa. We love the same things, and are alike in so many ways, other than age, right?” I asked softly.

“Well…” she began. “I don’t really know what you look like, do I. I only know what you’ve told me. That you’re an ‘older man’… that you’re 6’ tall, weigh 185, have brown hair and eyes. Not much to go on, is it.”

“Well… if this helps, over the years I’ve been told I somewhat resemble Rock Hudson, Sylvester Stallone, Billy Joel, Robert Mitchum and even Rodney Dangerfield,” I laughed. “With a range like that I guess I can see how you might be a bit confused over what I look like. Let’s just say my mother is proud of me and tells me how handsome I am, but then after all she IS my mother. Let’s also just say if we were ever seen together in public I probably wouldn’t embarrass you. But I also wouldn’t make your cute little pussy all dewy either. At least not from looks alone. On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d probably rate myself a 6… maybe a 7, for my age, but nothing special. Anyway, Lisa, it’s not my looks that would turn you on. It’s my tongue. Did I tell you I played trumpet in college? Ever been triple-tongued, Lisa?” I asked, teasing.

We had fun on the phone together. Lots of fun. We were relaxed with each others company, and could, and did tell one another everything, almost like having a secret confessor in whom we could confide anything and everything, which we did. And oh my God how exciting it was to hear her come on the phone with me. She said she loved it when I took her places, to some of the exotic spots I’d traveled over the years. I told her about living in Paris for a while, and in our phone sex fantasies, I took her there with me, too, as well as to Ibiza, Moorea, Rio, Penang, and several of the other romantic locales I’ve been fortunate enough to visit. But mostly I took her to Nirvana, speaking softly, sensually, as I described to her what I was doing to her as she lay there in the dark, masturbating, istanbul escort listening to me making love to her over the phone, my voice soothing, imaginative, believable….

We began to trust each other, implicitly. I knew she’d never cause a problem for me, or my marriage, just as she knew I’d never cause a problem for her for the same reasons – my marriage. Which is why, I guess, we finally did actually meet.

In one of my notes to Lisa I told her I would be away on business for a few days in what turned out, coincidentally, to be the city in which she happens to live, although I didn’t know it at the time. She was silent for a moment, as though her mind was racing to try to decide something. And then she revealed to me I would be in the same city as hers, meekly asking if I’d like to meet her “for a drink or something.” Naturally I told her I would, adding lightly that I’d be especially interested in the “or something.” I think she mumbled “Me, too,” or something like that, and we made plans for her to meet me at my hotel for dinner two evenings later.

When Lisa walked into the hotel bar I knew immediately who she was. Her brown hair, trim figure and sexy, definitely sensual eyes identified her instantly. She saw me and smiled, recognizing me right away as well, since I’d told her I’d be wearing my normal Brooks Brothers navy blue suit and red tie corporate uniform.

“Hello, Lisa,” I said, smiling. Not that I could have kept from smiling even if I’d wanted to. God she was seductive, especially those “fuck me” eyes of hers that bore right into me as I knew they would. Was this really the sweet young thing I’d masturbated with over the phone? This sex goddess?

“You don’t look as old as I imagined you would,” she said, smiling, apparently not too put off by my appearance.

“Really. That’s funny, because you look exactly as I imagined, and hoped, you would – sensuous, beautiful, and oh so young,” I grinned.

“Age is a state of mind,” she smiled, as I led her to a quiet booth in the back of the bar. “I think one is only as old as one feels, don’t you?” she asked, sliding into the booth across from me. The flickering orange light from a small candle on the table seemed to accentuate her youthful sensuality, and without thinking I replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t felt you yet.”

Fortunately, she laughed, and as we began to talk, we gradually found ourselves as comfortable with one another in person as we had been over the telephone. At one point Lisa reached over and touched her hand to mine, an impulsive reaction to something I’d said, but when she left it there, touching me, as the conversation dwindled, we both suddenly realized how incredibly eager we were to make love.

“I’m old enough to be your father, Lisa,” I said. “I’m not a hardbelly like your other lovers probably are.”

“No, you’re not. That’s true,” she smiled. “But from what you’ve told me you offer other… rewards… based on your experiences.”

“And are you interested in reaping those rewards?” I asked, hopeful.

“Yes. Very much so,” she said. “Let’s go to your room. Right now.”

“We haven’t had dinner yet,” I offered, wanting to give her every opportunity to back out while she still could before she’d driven me crazy with desire for her naked body.

“I have something for you to eat, don’t worry,” she grinned seductively, signaling for the waiter.

I paid the drinks bill quickly, and we left, walking toward the elevator. As I followed behind her I observed her trim body, wondering what it was going to be like to run my tongue everywhere across it, feeling a rush of excitement coursing through my balls and cock.

In the elevator we were joined by another couple who exited two floors below mine. As soon as the doors closed behind them I took Lisa in my arms and kissed her, feeling the softness of her lips on mine, feeling her lips parting as I slowly touched her tongue with my own. My hands crept lower on her body, encircling the soft cheeks of her ass just as I felt her fingers gripping my own, pulling me, and my hard cock, into her slender body.

When the doors opened, we got out quickly and hurried to my room. As I put the Do Not Disturb sign out and locked and chained the door, Lisa walked into the large room and looked around, noting the minibar.

“Think we could have another drink?” she asked.

“How’s champagne?” I suggested, opening the minibar.

“Great,” she answered, studying me as I opened the bottle and filled two glasses for us.

“To us,” I said, gently clinking glasses with her. “To the great sex we’ve already had, and to the great sex we’re going to have,” I continued. Her eyes, accentuated by heavy brown eye shadow, were grinning at me seductively over the rim of the glass as she sipped the chilled champagne.

I took off my jacket and tie, and asked Lisa if she wanted to undress.

“Yes,” she said, “but you first. I want to see you naked while you watch avcılar escort me undressing. I want to see the effect of my nudity on your cock.”

I did as she asked, somewhat self-consciously, aware of my slightly overweight body, crawling quickly into bed, beneath the covers.

“No… pull the covers down, Rob, please. I really do want to look at your cock while I undress, okay?”

I again did as she asked, letting her see my semi-erect circumcised cock. She smiled, and slowly reached to the bottom of her dress, then pulled it over her head, revealing a pair of perfectly shaped breasts encased in a very sexy black lace half-bra that seemed to push her soft tits up and slightly together. I wondered if it was one of those Wonderbras, although looking at her I realized whether it was or not it certainly seemed to be working wonders on my cock. I put my arms behind my head as I lay there, naked, on my back, letting her see my hardening dick.

“I think it likes me,” she giggled.

“I know it does,” I replied, smiling, enjoying showing myself off to her now. My cock, when soft, is of average size, but when aroused it seems to grow to a respectable enough length, perhaps close to seven inches or so, which it was very rapidly now doing.

Lisa didn’t say anything, but as she reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, I noticed her staring at my cock. Her breathing seemed to become more ragged as she slowly revealed her naked breasts, and when I saw them, as well as her thigh high elastic stockings and bikini panties, my own breathing became more difficult.

“Jesus you’re beautiful,” I said, admiring her youthful perfection.

“Do you want to see my pussy?” she teased.

“Yes, God yes!” I said hungrily. Lisa reached down and slowly began to take off her panties, her hands holding them in place for a moment, playing with me, still teasing me. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it, letting her see the glistening droplet of pre-cum lubricant oozing out the tip, a tribute to her sensuality.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her skimpy bikini panties and slowly rolled them down over her gorgeous, trim thighs and to the floor, stepping out of them, about to drop them to the floor when I stopped her.

“NO WAIT! Please! Give them to me,” I said. She did, her eyes clouding with lust as she tossed the nylon panties to me. I caught them, then brought them slowly to my nose, sniffing them, inhaling her musky scent. My cock twitched, and Lisa grinned.

“I did as you asked. I slept in them all night, and wore them all day. They’re very rank, Rob,” she said, staring at my twitching cock, climbing onto the bed next to me. She leaned down and kissed me softly, her thick lush lips full and pliable. Then she reached out and grasped my hot cock with her slender fingers.

“Oh fuck, Lisa, I love this so much!” I moaned, squeezing her warm, soft breasts, licking them, sucking the nipple on one of them until it became rock hard, then switching to the other.

“Hmmm,” Lisa moaned. I looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed, a dreamy expression on her face.

“Just like on the phone, Lisa. We’ll do everything, just like we did on the phone.”

“Everything?” she purred. “That nasty?” she asked, looking at me through half-opened eyes.

“Anything, Lisa. But first I want to do something… something I think you’ll enjoy,” I said, excusing myself, climbing off the bed. As Lisa watched, taking another sip of champagne, I walked to the window and pulled open the drapes, then did the same with the sheer curtain covering the window. Then I turned on the floor lamp in the corner of the room, clicking it into the high position, flooding Lisa in the soft glow of the lamp.

“My God, Rob. We’re so close to that other hotel someone will be able to see us!” she exclaimed, covering herself with the sheet.

“Yes. I know,” I answered, returning to her, slowly pulling the sheet down, gently tugging it away from her, exposing her naked body to whomever across the courtyard from us wanted to watch us.

“Oh God!” Lisa said, shivering slightly, closing her eyes.

“I want them to see you Lisa,” I said. “I want them to sit over there in the dark, playing with themselves while I eat you… and fuck you,” I added, pleased to her obvious arousal.

“And I suppose you want to have them watching me sucking your cock, too,” she said, her voice low, throaty, filled with desire.

“Yes!” I hissed, my cock rock hard now, eager to begin.

“Then show them. Come up here,” she urged. “Kneel next to me and put your cock in my mouth and fuck me there with it.”

Shakily, I crawled up the bed toward her face, kneeling beside her as she’s requested, my cock so hard and excited it was dripping pre-cum from the end now. Lisa looked up at me, smiled, then lowered her gaze to my cock.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, just before opening her mouth to take me inside.

“Oh Godddd!” I groaned, feeling her young lips encircling my şirinevler escort hot shaft. Her lips were like soft butter, or perhaps warm velvet, as they slid up and down my cock, her fingers gently caressing my balls as she sucked me.

“They’re watching us, Lisa. I can see at least three windows where the room is dark but someone is sitting at the window smoking a cigarette. You’re on display, my sweet goddess, sucking my cock in front of a masturbating audience,” I said, toying with her nipples as she sucked me.

“Hmmm,” Lisa moaned, sucking harder now, bringing me too close to coming, so close I had to withdraw from her mouth.

“No, not yet, sweetie,” I said, leaning down, kissing her on the lips, tasting some of my pre-cum there, feeling the slippery texture on her mouth. And then I began my journey lower, kissing her chin, then her neck, her chest, then each of her soft, perfect breasts, tugging on the nipples gently with my teeth, just enough to tease, not to hurt her, never to hurt her unless she asked for that, and only then in moderation.

“Look out the window, Lisa. See if you can find the men watching you as I go down on you,” I instructed, kissing her flat, hard belly, dipping my tongue into her navel for a second, smiling at her giggle as I tickled her, then moving on, moving lower again, until I felt my lips touching the top edge of her soft, silky cunt hair. I looked at it, toying with it, softly pulling on the long strands of black pubic hair.

“Do it, Rob. Please. Eat me like you do on the telephone,” she sighed, parting her legs for me, spreading herself open.

Again I stared at her loveliness before enjoying it, parting her wet pussy with my fingers, touching her swollen clit, softly, rubbing it ever so slowly, delicately, inhaling deeply, my nostrils flaring as the unmistakable scent of her femininity drifted up to me, driving me wild with desire until I could stand it no longer. With a growl of tormented craving I lowered my face to her pussy and ate her, licking and sucking her with such intensity she came immediately, crying out her pleasure, her body arching up off the bed into my face, her cunt trying to fuck my tongue, moaning and squealing as waves of pleasure washed over her.

I backed off for a moment to let her catch her breath, still not removing my mouth from her cunt, but not sucking on it either, until I felt she was ready to go again. Then I began sucking her again, softly, slowly, sliding my thumb into her cunt as I ate her, while my middle finger rubbed her anus with some of the juices that had run down from her flowing pussy.

“I’m going to eat you for a very long time, Lisa,” I growled from deep between her thighs. “I love eating cunt… more than anything,” I said, which was, and is, true. There is just something about the texture of a woman’s pussy that drives me crazy, especially when I can taste and smell the myriad of erotic flavors and scents a well-oiled and excited cunt can produce.

“Oh God, Rob, it feels soooo good!” Lisa moaned, wrapping her legs around my neck, rubbing her pussy all over my face. Something inside me seemed to snap, and I found myself trying to wallow in her cunt, wiping my face back and forth across it, across the dripping, fragrant, oh so wet pussy, as though I wanted to push my head up inside the very essence of her young, exciting body. Slowly I started to insert my finger inside her ass, using the juices from her pussy to lubricate it. Lisa growled, raising up slightly, making room for me until I felt the finger enter her. I lowered my mouth to her swollen clit and sucked, chewing and nibbling on it, as I softly and gently pressed my thumb and finger together, rubbing them together inside her body.

“OH GODDDDDD!” Lisa screamed, so loudly I wondered if someone might call security. She came so explosively I felt something squirt into my mouth and I wondered if she’d accidentally lost control of herself and peed, noting the intense sweetness of whatever it was she had just released for me to savor. I felt my cock nearing the bursting point now, and as soon as Lisa drifted down from this latest intense orgasm, I withdrew my face from her cunt and slowly crawled up her body until my cock was touching the entrance to her pussy.

“Oh GOD YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME RIGHT NOW!” she begged, spreading her legs for me, touching herself now, masturbating for me as I raised up from her body to look at and enjoy what she was doing.

“You want my cock, Lisa?” I asked, teasing her.

“YES I WANT YOUR COCK!” she shrieked, her fingers flying over her pussy, bringing herself ever closer and closer to yet another orgasm.

“Then take it!” I groaned, leaning into her, sliding deeply up inside her wet cunt, feeling no resistance whatsoever, her willing pussy grasping me, hugging my cock, milking it, the soft ripples of her inner flesh gripping and jerking me off like a million tiny fingers, better than any masturbation session could ever be.

“OH GOD YESSSSSS!!!” Lisa screamed, her head twitching back and forth violently on the pillow, her eyes crazed, staring out the window, the level of her excitement intensified, I knew, by the fact that she could see people watching us now. Two of the men had turned on the lights in their rooms, and Lisa and I could see them masturbating for us as we fucked for them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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