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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

TW : Rape is a *very* reprehensible act. And just because I write on it does not mean I do not condemn it. If it is something you’re uncomfortable with, please move on to another story.

With love,


Had he ever been that anxious? Probably not, concluded Lancelot while walking toward the King’s quarters. But after all, he never had to face his King and friend’s gaze while knowing he knew about the treason he committed. He never intended to, of course : but Lancelot fell in with Guinevere at the very second his eyes laid on her. They never did anything together — they would not dare — but the feeling was enough : the knight betrayed him.

And the King knew it. Lancelot found his sword being replaced with Arthur’s, between him and Guinevere, at dawn.

He knew.

And as soon as he approached the castle, he had been summoned to report to his king in the royal quarters. Only a fool would wonder why… So, every step toward the royal quarters seemed heavier than the previous one. And finally, he was standing in front of the wide, imposing, and elegant doors of the royal quarters. The guards announced him, and he only heard Arthur’s voice answering a “Let him in”.

The doors closed behind Lancelot, that was struggling to make eye contact with Arthur. He was observing him, in the most perfect silence, hands tied behind his back.

– I suppose you already know the reason why I asked you to come here, Lancelot.

Gathering all of his courage, the latter finally connected his eyes with the King’s, and silently nodded.

– Very well. What do you have to say about this?

– That I have no excuse for the sins of my heart. I will not try to lie to you, and I know that what I did is inexcusable. I only ask that you let me leave by myself. I will leave without making any disturbance, I swear to the Lord.

His words got welcomed only by more silence, until Arthur started to approach.

– You thought that you could fall in love with my wife, your Queen, seduce her, make a fool of me, and get away with it with only a voluntary exile?

His voice was harsh, severe, and only made Lancelot feeling worse about this situation.

– No, of course not. I just thought-

– You didn’t, Arthur cut him off. You didn’t think, Lancelot. Or more accurately, you thought with what’s between your legs.

Arthur started to walk around him, and the knight did not dare to follow him with his eyes. He had never seen his friend so raging mad… And it was kind of scared about it.

– I don’t like this, but I have to take measures. I cannot leave this unpunished, you understand.

In his back, Lancelot heard the sound of a key turning the bolt of the door. It was odd, to say the least, but he was not exactly in a position to question anything Arthur was doing.

– So, if you’re so interested in my wife, and her in you, I suppose I must understand why.

The King got back in front of him, and their eyes met. A few seconds went by, before he ordered :

– Undress yourself.

Lancelot was about to ask a “What?”, but he didn’t even have the opportunity to that Arthur istanbul travesti made some clucking sounds with his tongue, shaking his head.

– It’s an order of your King, Lancelot. Will you defy this one as well?

He was trapped, and the knight knew it. So, after a few seconds to realize what he was about to do, he undid the ties of his top, slowly revealing his chest, built with years of training, and bearing the marks of the numerous battles he had fought for Arthur’s kingdom. He didn’t even try to see if he was looking, simply standing there before finally deciding to drop his bottoms as well. The only thing left to cover his body was his undergarments…

– Go on. The rest goes too.

– Arthur, Lancelot tried to protest once again.

– Don’t you dare make me repeat this. Off.

What was he trying to accomplish, asking him to undress him completely? Humiliate him, probably, for daring laying his eyes on the woman he married in front of the Lord… And it was definitely working.

Slowly, Lancelot removed the undergarments, exposing his most private parts to the man that was his friend until then. He didn’t even try to hide them. Somehow, he knew that he would just meet with another protestation from his King.

He saw the latter moving towards him, step by step, and getting in his back once again. And before he could even realise it, Arthur’s hand was on his cock, slowly moving from top to bottom. Lancelot gasped, frozen by the surprise. Getting undressed was one thing… Letting himself being touched in this intimate part of his body by another man, his friend a fortiori, was another. But still, he was not sure of what to do : if this was anyone else, he would have ended this madness a long time ago. But the situation was particular… And he knew that he was not exactly in a position to refuse anything.

– Arthur…

– Shut up.

– Please, you have to understand…

– Oh for God’s sake, if you won’t shut up, I’ll make you.

He let go of his cock, and went back in front of him. While undoing the ties of his underpants, he made eye contact with him once again.

– If you’re so eager to steal my wife away from me, let’s see how good you’d be at filling her shoes.

He went to sit on the footboard, revealing as well his member. But Lancelot didn’t budge, and apparently, it pissed the King off.

– I do not have all night, Lancelot.

As he was observing himself from above, the latter saw himself finally moving forward and kneeling in front of him. He could not believe what he was about to do. Taking a man’s cock in his mouth… Even in his wildest dreams, he never would have thought about it. It took him a few instants to break the paralysis he was plunged into. His eyes were riveted onto this member presented in front of him : large, long, streaked with veins and hair.

Finally, he opened his mouth and slowly approached it of the cock. It touched it, timidly, wondering what the hell he was doing. He then stroked out his tongue, letting it run all along it. But it did not seem to be enough for Arthur, that grabbed him by the hair to plunge his cock in his mouth. As soon as it was inside of it, he let out a long sigh of contentment, istanbul travestileri soon followed by others provoked by the pace he was imposing Lancelot to adopt.

– Look up, the King murmured.

Deeply aware of the fact that contradict him was not a good idea, Lancelot rose his eyes, meeting Arthur’s. He saw his face being flushed by the pleasure he was — somehow — getting out of this fellatio Lancelot was providing him with, and an intriguing light inside of his eyes. The King fasten the pace, hardening the grip on his hair, and before he could realize it, Arthur was grumbling loudly and a slimy liquid filled his mouth. Lancelot tried to pull back, but his friend was holding him way too firmly to make it possible, and so he had to bear it.

Some semen run from his mouth, dropping on the floor, before finally Arthur let go of his hair. Lancelot gasped for air as soon as he had managed to swallow that sticky liquid, looking at Arthur having still his eyes closed.

– Please, let me go now, he asked, wiping the white fluid of his chin.

Arthur’s reaction was not what he would have presumed. He laughed, shaking his head, before standing up and pulling his friend’s along with him by grabbing him by the arm. In a split second, he found himself being projected in one of the pillars in all four corners of the bed, and one of Arthur’s hands placed itself on the middle of his back to keep him here.

– I’m not nearly done, you traitor.

– You had what you wanted, he tried to make his case.

– Because you really think sucking my cock is all that Guinevere does since we’ve been married?

In a second, Lancelot felt a fingertip brush against his asshole, making him gasp. The finger was wet, proving that Arthur still made the effort of putting him in his mouth to help the intrusion. A few instants after, it was forcing its way inside of the conduct. Lancelot gritted his teeth because of the pain provoked by this action, forcing himself not to let out a grunt.

The finger went in and out of his anal conduct, quickly joined by another. Lancelot was grabbing the pillar so tight that his articulations were becoming whiter and whiter.

– What’s the matter, Lancelot? Something wrong?

– You’re a mad man, Arthur, he answered, his teeth still gritted.

– Oh, am I?

As a retribution, the pace of his fingers accelerated, getting a grunt out of the knight. He would have given anything to be able to get out of this room, to escape from this treatment he never asked for. Arthur’s hand reached for his cock, starting to stroke it. His other hand, still on his back, was no longer pressing on it so firmly : he knew Lancelot was not going to try to run, too ashamed about his treason.

After a while, the movement on his member helped to ease the pain he was feeling from behind. He closed his eyes, trying to focus on the good sensation rather than the other one, and to forget than the one providing him this good sensation was the one he thought as his brother from another mother. Because, still… That hand moving up and down on his cock felt really good.

– I think it’s time to turn to serious matters, murmured Arthur in his ear.

Focused on the pleasure, travesti istanbul it took Lancelot a few seconds to understand what he had just said, only to realize that Arthur’s fingers got out of his asshole. And he was afraid of understanding what that announced…

– You’re not going to-

– Oh I am, Arthur interrupted him.

Just as he was finishing in sentence, Lancelot felt something pressing once again against his asshole. And that was — definitely — not his fingers anymore. The knight found the courage to look over his shoulder, only to see that Arthur’s member was as hard as a rock. Their eyes met, just as Arthur pushed the latter through. Lancelot let out a scream of pain : the fingers did stretch his rectum canal a little bit, but this cock was way bigger than a few fingers.

– Oh my god, he murmured, pressing his forehead against the pillar he was leaning on.

Arthur did not even wait for the pain to fade to start thrusting inside of him, getting only more pain grunts from the knight.

– Oh, stop being such a wuss. I even took the time to prepare you beforehand, that’s more than you deserve, traitor.

And yet, he reached for his member once more, stroking it. Arthur was definitely furious about this all situation, but it seemed as he was still considerate about ensuring that this moment was not all about pain for Lancelot. And after a while, the pleasure started to irradiate the knight’s body once more, thanks to Arthur’s hand stroking his cock, allowing the pain to fade a little bit, both sensations merging with the other.

But finally, Arthur stopped this treatment, focusing on the thrusting he was giving Lancelot. He went even faster inside of his ass, grabbing his hips to allow it. But the knight was not protesting in pain anymore. Eyes closed, hands on the pillar, he surprised himself realizing that, somehow, it was feeling… good?

He even let out a soft moan, and that was what made him get a grip of himself… What was he doing?

– Oh, really? he heard Arthur say in his back. If you’re enjoying this, maybe I choose the wrong punishment…

– I am not.

– That is not what I just heard, Lancelot.

Arthur fastened the pace even more, and the knight could not hold back another moan. His cock was hitting on his prostate, and each time it did, he felt a burst of pleasure roaming all over his body.

– Maybe that’s what you were wishing all along… Arthur murmured in his ear, pressing his body against Lancelot’s. Maybe you’ve been lying to yourself this entire time, and what you truly wanted was not Guinevere, but taking her place…

Lancelot did not even answer, only able to keep moaning, pressed against the pillar. All the crazy situation did not even really matter right now, or the fact that he was getting fucked by another man, his friend all the more. The King grabbed his cock, making his pleasure rise even more, and that pleasure was everything that made sense for him right now.

Arthur finally ejaculated inside of his ass, at the very second when Lancelot did the same, but on the pillar in front of him. But he did not move straightaway, making a few more thrusts inside of his canal.

– I better not see you even near Guinevere, from now on. You don’t talk to her, you don’t look at her, you don’t even think about her, is that clear?

– Cristal clear, Lancelot answered, panting.

– I’ll be watching you, Arthur murmured in his ear, squishing his butt cheek with one hand.

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