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Helen Parr

“Grace is alive
and my loins are on fire”

I whisper to myself as I follow her tight buttocks through the mass of hot sweating bodies to the side of the dance floor. She tosses long golden strands of hair over her shoulder as she turns, blue-violet eyes looking back at me, coquettishly flirtatious and richly inviting.

“Each small sensuous move
fills my heart with desire”

I murmur, as she spins on the edge of the dance floor and I step into her. Her fingers link into mine, her eyes sparkle under the strobes, her skin glistens, a moist invitation, and then I feel her lips, small and soft, against mine. Her tongue flutters against my teeth and then is in my mouth, caressing my tongue, inviting me to play.

“I’ll have you right now
or you’ll make me a liar”

I mutter into her mouth, as I swing her in a half circle into the wall. My fingers slide teasingly over her right breast, down her side and around her hips to her small tight buttocks as our tongues explore each other.

I squeeze her buttocks and as I slide my hands further under, I feel her small hands slide down my chest, grip my hardening eryaman gerçek escort numaları cock through my pants and then fumble with my zipper.

I slide my hands under her dress and squeeze my finger into the crack of her arse, and down into the valley between her legs. She stiffens as I feel her wet and willing against my fingers, and I feel her breath hot and panting, against my ear. She has managed to get my swollen cock out of my pants and her small hand is tugging at it, trying to fit thumb to finger around its base.

“I want to suck you” she breathes in my ear and then she is gone. A second later I feel her breath on my cock and then her mouth closes over me, warm and wet and oh so divine! The deep penetrating rhythmic base of house music flows over and around us and I see through the strobes and down lights that some of those closest to us are watching us. I smile at them, my hips making slow lazy movements as I move my cock slowly in and out of her mouth, my fingers curled in her hair. The sensations and the location combine to quickly bring me to the edge.

I pull her gently upwards and sincan escort she puts her hand back there as she pushes into me, all wanton curves, her tongue buried in my mouth, the smell of sex strong on her face. I lick the side of her mouth, under her lip, while I slide her panties to the side and twist my finger up into her pussy to the first knuckle.

Her eyes widen as I begin to slowly finger fuck her and I fell her push back into me until I feel her pubic hair lightly caressing the palm of my hand at the end of each stroke. She is breathing tightly and her eyes are fixed on mine, her escalating desire plain to see.

I take my finger out and as I do so, catch at her panties, pulling them downwards. They drop to her ankles and she steps, one leg at a time, out of them. I bend and scoop them into my pocket, then sit, twisting her around and onto my lap.

I know that from where we sit, anyone directly in front of us will see her exposed pussy as I pull her back, kissing her pale neck, licking her ear as my hands opening caress her magnificent clothed breasts. She writhes against my hard cock and batıkent escort turning her head says

“Let’s go somewhere. I want to fuck!”

“Let’s stay here” I reply as my hands lift her buttocks up and position her over my rock hard cock. She does not hesitate, pushing herself down onto my cock instantly and I grunt as the warm wet sleeve of her sex envelops my pulsating prick. She is almost dancing, her hips performing a small circular movement on every down stroke and I am in heaven, that delightful leaden feeling

building slowly but surely in my balls.

As orgasm quickly approaches I grab her hips, forcing a quicker pace. I reach around her, putting my finger in her mouth and she sucks and licks my finger until it is coated with saliva. I push her forward until her tight rosebud is exposed and then slowly and deliberately push my wet finger into her.

Her movement on my cock only intensifies, and I leave my finger buried in her arse as I jerk into her, feeling my cum exploding up and out of me. Then she is writhing uncontrollably on top of me, her release triggered by mine.

She collapses back on top of me and I feel my deflating cock slip from her wetly as the music continues to flow over us, as the lights continue to flicker randomly across our exhausted bodies.

“Our lust has burnt up
Like a funeral pyre”

I whisper dreamily, under my breath, to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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