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Big Dick

This is a prelude to Chapter-1 told from Ananya’s perspective. The story revolves around exhibitionism and lesbian sex. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, I recommend you not to proceed ahead. I have also experimented with a first-person perspective for this story since it gives depth to Ananya’s personality.

All the characters are 18+. The author advises safe sex to all the readers.


Sitting in her boring class, Ananya thought to herself, “I am not your girl next door. I have quite a lot of kinks. I find the concept of finding a guy, let alone a boyfriend, who will support all my kinks has been quite an arduous task. I have seen guys who get repulsed by the mention of what I fancy. Some try to take advantage of my kinks for a couple of nights, of course, filled with uninhibited sex, before dumping me. They all say that I am not a girlfriend material – God knows what that means. Maybe, I am not your saintly mother who will dole out her life for the task of raising kids.”

Ananya was almost on the verge of giving up when she met Aditya in the college library. And, she gave Aditya all the subtle hints that she is interested in him- adjusting hair, eye contact, and a faint smile. She thought to herself, “Sometimes I wonder why girls shouldn’t pick up a guy as guys do – just ask the guy out for a coffee.”

Ananya’s signals did not go to waste. Aditya approached her and introduced himself. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She tried to calm herself thinking he would be another macho asshole. “But, a girl has got to try to get laid,” she thought to herself.

Aditya was straight to the point, “Hi, I am Aditya. I think you are beautiful, and I would like to take you out on a date.”

Ananya was flying. She said yes and gave him her number.

Ananya returned to her room floating. Priya, her roommate, prodded, and Ananya spilled the beans. Ananya undressed and plopped on my bed cross-legged. Priya, my roommate, took a peek at my womanly parts and asked, “Is he okay with you prancing around naked like this?”

Well, it was one of Ananya’s kinks. Priya knew her very well, and she was concerned.

Ananya responded, “All guys like girls prancing around naked. When it comes to raising kids or introducing me to their parents, ‘naked girl’ becomes a problem,” with an air quote. Priya laughed at her remark.

Ananya continued, “So, my strategy is not to think about marriage and kids. Mind-numbing sex is the only goal.”

Ananya’s pussy absorbed the intent of the word, and she squirmed. Priya looked at me and said, “You getting bahis şirketleri wet in front of me thinking about another guy? Cheater,” and nudged Ananya.

Ananya blushed. Priya took Ananya’s face in her palm and kissed her lips.

Ananya and Priya hugged naked post the mind-numbing sex. Priya spooned into Ananya’s arms and slept in the post-coital bliss. Ananya’s mind drifted to the day she opened up with Priya.


Almost a month had passed since Ananya joined the college. She had grown quite fond of Priya. The last month had been really good, but Ananya was getting restless. She wasn’t sure if she could tell Priya or keep mum forever.

Priya read Ananya’s mind and asked, “What’s the matter, princess?”

Ananya kept mum, but she drew an imaginary circle on the floor with her toe.

Priya pressed, “I can sense you are nervous. You know I am trustable, right. You can tell me anything.”

Ananya struggled to speak. She cleared her throat and said, “I guess I am a nudist. Mostly.”

Priya stared into Ananya’s eyes. Priya’s eyes scanned from Ananya’s face slowly to her legs. Ananya felt as if Priya was undressing her with her eyes.

Priya finally broke the silence and asked me, “Do you like to be naked all the time?”

I nodded my head. “When I am home, I am always naked,” I responded.

Priya was surprised. “Your parents? Do you clothe before them?” Priya asked Ananya.

“When I reached 18, I told my parents I don’t feel like wearing anything. My parents had tried to change my preference but in vain. But, I cried till they gave up. My mom was hard on me for some months, then she understood as well,” Priya responded.

Priya, still couldn’t digest the fact. She prodded, “Has your dad seen you naked?”

I laughed and said, “I have hardly ever been clothed in front of my dad since I became 18. Initially, he used to gawk at me. Then he got used to me being naked, I guess.”

Priya continued her questions, “How about visitors? Do you stay naked?”

I answered, “Two conditions my parents had when they accepted my nudity – One was no nudity in front of any relative or friends.”

She asked, “What’s the second condition?”

I blushed, “No masturbation in front of them.”

Priya said aloud, “No way! Your parents talk about masturbation?”

Ananya explained how cool her parents are when it comes to the talk about bees and birds. She answered Priya’s subsequent questions: She wears tampons and underwear during periods, how she has a set of dresses always ready for emergencies, that Priya is the fourth bahis firmaları person who knew about this, and Priya is not needed to go naked with Ananya unless Priya wants to.

She finally asked, “I remember you mentioning that ‘You are a nudist, mostly.’ What was that about?”

Ananya blushed pink, “I get off on it. I get excited being naked. It is a thrill when someone else’s eyes wander over my private parts. I guess I am more of an exhibitionist than a nudist. I get super wet many days back home. I go to my room and masturbate almost every night.”

Priya stayed silent for a while. Ananya finally said, “I can stay clothed if you are not comfortable. It’s alright.”

Priya said, “Hon, you can stay naked when I am here. I don’t think I have balls enough to try what you do.”

Ananya laughed and said, “As I said before, you don’t need to go naked. So, I have your consent to go naked?”

Priya replied, “Yeah, let me see how you look naked.”

Ananya stood up and removed her short-skirted dress. She stood in front of Priya with her panties only. Ananya hardly wears a bra in the room. Priya said, “Nice tits.”

Ananya’s hands clutched the sideband of her panties and dropped them to the floor. She had neatly trimmed her pubic hair. Her arousal was evident with her bulging clitoris and her wet protruding flaps. The room filled with Ananya’s arousal. Ananya was sure that she could orgasm with the slightest touch. Her clitoris was aching for her touch, but Ananya controlled herself.

Priya looked at my swollen pussy lips and said, “How horny are you? It seems you are super wet.”

Ananya replied, “Very horny.”

Priya said, “Go on. Show me how you masturbate.”

Ananya sat on her side of the bed, her back rested on the sidewall. She opened her legs wide enough for Priya to see. Ananya shuddered as she ran her fingers on her pussy lips. Ananya slid a finger inside her wet pussy as she looked into Priya’s eyes. She took her finger out to show Priya her soppy fingers. She slid her fingers back into her pussy and let out a loud moan. The thrill of Ananya’s roommate watching her pleasure herself was so high.

Priya broke the silent show and asked, “Are you fantasizing about your boyfriend?”

Ananya could see Priya breathing fast. She smiled to herself that her masturbation was affecting her roommate.

Ananya responded, “I don’t have a boyfriend dear, only fuck buddies. Moreover, why think of a boy when I have a beautiful girl sitting in front of me? “

Priya looked confused, “You are thinking of me?”

Ananya nodded kaçak bahis siteleri and said, “I am thinking how you will taste down there. I am pretty sure it would be awesome.”

Priya squealed, “Yuck. Who would want to lick pussy. It would be not nice.”

Ananya raised her eyebrows and asked, “So you have never been kissed down there?”

Priya nodded no with her head hung down.

Ananya said, “It is an awesome feeling. Do you want to try it with me?”

Priya said hesitantly, “I like you. But, I am not a lesbian. I like guys. Moreover, I don’t think I look good. You are well-groomed. Any guy would be happy to lap you up. Who would want me?”

I laughed and said, “Hon, you are fucking beautiful. Trust me. I am sure what you are hiding is amazing,” and added, “I like guys as much as I like girls, dear. Trust me, I have had amazing experiences with girls.”

Priya hesitantly said, “I am not sure.”

Ananya moved next to her, held Priya’s chin in her palms, and said, “Do you mind if I kiss you?”

Priya closed her eyes, and her lips met Ananya’s. Her hesitation slipped away as Priya kissed Ananya. Ananya pushed Priya onto the bed, laid on top of her, and kissed her. Priya loved the sensation of naked Ananya lying on top of her. Priya could smell the scent of Ananya’s arousal from her fingers which were deep inside her pussy moments before. Priya’s hands hugged Ananya. Ananya shuddered at the touch of Priya’s hands on her lower back.

Ananya grabbed Priya’s tee shirt and yanked it off. Ananya opened her bra to reveal massive breasts. Priya moaned as Ananya kissed her nipples.

Ananya yanked her pajamas to reveal a massive wet spot on Priya’s crotch. Ananya removed the underwear to reveal her roommate sporting a full bush. The room filled with the fragrance of arousal of the two girls. Ananya planted kisses on Priya’s naked thighs and proceeded slowly to her pussy.

Priya let out a loud moan as Ananya’s tongue flicked Priya’s clitoris. The sensation of the first time someone kissing Priya’s pussy was too much for her. She exploded in a beautiful orgasm as Ananya licked her pussy lips.

Priya pulled Ananya to her face and hugged her. She kissed Ananya on her lips. Priya could smell and taste herself on Ananya’s lips, but that didn’t stop her. Ananya started grinding her pussy on Priya’s thighs. Her orgasm came sooner as Ananya moaned into Priya’s mouth as she kissed her.

The couple kissed plentifully and slept naked hugging each other.


Since that day, Ananya and Priya had made love every day. But, Ananya made it clear that she is polyamorous and urged Priya to explore. Priya had remained exclusive.

Making love to Priya after opening up about Aditya’s date, Ananya thought to herself that she needs to set up a date for Priya as well.

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