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Part 3 – My sexual schooling continues

This is my third “adults only” fiction sex story.

Short hairs get shaved; fantasies come true

I strongly recommend you read Parts One and Two before reading this story, which is Part Three of my story.


At the end of part one, you will remember that Jan, the owner of the massage school, asked me to take her to Sunday brunch.

The planned Sunday brunch was an ambush.

Jan had planned her little surprise for more than a few weeks.

I thought it would be the two of us, Jan and I, going on a special date for Sunday brunch. Weekend brunch can either be a prelude to having the next date be dinner and leading to first time sex, or it can be a prelude to an afternoon of sex. You should know that I was open to either opportunity, having just spent Saturday afternoon, evening, night and Sunday morning with Rylee.

Rylee and I fucked each other’s brains out.

Read on below to see how things went with Jan on Sunday.


That hot tub scene was just the opening act of what turned out to be 18 hours of nonstop fucking, sucking; touching, licking, kissing.

I spanked her bare ass; Rylee loved it!

I massaged her entire nude body and spent a lot of time teasing her rosebud; she really got off on me playing in her forbidden zone.

Despite her telling me she was not going to let me fuck her ass, I knew given the way she responded to my probing and touching she would let me … someday. Soon.

Rylee said that she was on the pill, hadn’t been laid in months and was open to anything I wanted to do with her, sexually.

I was 28 and for the first time in my life I was with a hot babe with plenty of time to explore her nude, hot body.

Given my sexual drought, I was very interested in coming in her mouth and pussy as often as I could humanly do so.

Neither one of us had any energy left by the time we finished ravishing each other’s bodies.


We didn’t have any clothes on once Rylee got me naked after the first full swallow of my pent-up sauce as I sat on the edge of the hot tub.

I knew I couldn’t (wouldn’t) last long that first time, with her mouth teasing me and her groaning at the pleasure she was getting just from sucking me.

That groaning was an element that I hadn’t experienced before when a woman was giving me head: the vibration of her groans increased my pleasure too.

I didn’t last long at all.

I couldn’t last long.

Her oral skills were the best I’d ever experienced.

(Not that I was all that experienced. I loved getting blown but only a few ladies had sucked me and none to completion).

Rylee’s hands holding mine down on the top of my thighs, she went to town on my hard-throbbing penis and I exploded with into her warm wet mouth

after just a few bobs of her head up and down on my cock.

It felt great that she was going nuts with that tongue of hers, but it only increased my pleasure and decreased my ability to withstand her oral skills from accomplishing her goal.

I moaned I was going to cum but that only caused her to increase the speed and the pressure, which increased my pleasure and with a roar I hoped my condo neighbors didn’t hear over the music and the sound of the gurgling water, I came like I had never before.

I blasted a load that seemed to come from my very core and emptied my balls.

God bless Rylee, she just took it all … all of my baby batter… into her warm, wet, willing mouth and when I was done thrusting and moaning, she lifted her head off my still slightly dripping cock, slowly stood escort ankara up and shared with me her prize.

Opening her mouth wide, she displayed my heavy salty white load on her pink tongue and then with a smile, her eyes never leaving my face, with one gulp, swallowed my essence.

There was no gagging, no sputtering; no hesitation.

Rylee was a swallower, my first ever.

Even now I get stiff thinking about her nude body, fully displayed to me, her eyes on mine, as she swallowed a mouthful of cum, knowing she was pleasing me like no other woman ever had.

She had a gleam in her eye, saying to me without a word being spoken that there was a new woman in my life, one that was going to take care of my sexual needs from now on.

With that she leaned over to the ice chest, reached in and grabbed a bottle of beer.

Still standing there as my still hungry eyes took in her magnificent naked body, Rylee twisted off the top of an ice-cold bottle of Bud Light and guzzled down a few big swallows, washing her mouth free of my lingering sauce.

I was still hard and she was still hungry to suck, so she set the beer bottle down and without hesitation she bent down, slowly because her back was still tight, and went back to work on my cock, trying her best to ward off the inevitable softness and keep it in an erect state so she could use it however she wanted me to fuck her.


I want to make it clear we did not make love.

Being in lust, we fucked.

It was like two animals mating in the wild.

While I was the Alpha Male, I wisely let Rylee lead, thinking that she’d be one happy camper if she was fully satisfied sexually.

Two things I remember about that day, that night and the next morning: Rylee liked to fuck, she loved my hard cock in her pussy, but she also loved her pussy being eaten.

Rylee assured me that she was on the pill and was free of STDs as she hadn’t been with anyone, including her live-in boyfriend, for months.

As she was licking and teasing my cock back to full-strength, she made it clear that wearing a condom was not going to be acceptable to her.

“I want you bare inside of me” she cooed as she kissed me, allowing me to taste her penis breath.

I was worried that without a condom I’d cum too quick, spoiling our first time.

I first took her from behind as she bent over the edge of the hot tub, my hands on those magnificent; firm, large breasts with very sensitive nipples.

Given the fact that I just exploded into her mouth, that wasn’t the case; somehow, I was able to plow her pussy, bring her to an orgasm or two without cumming, and then she’d make it clear I was to lick to another orgasm.

Then, back inside of her again for some more what I called “long distance fucking.”

And, for the first time since I started having sex, I didn’t need to wear a condom.

I’d never had sex without wearing one, and it was addictive.

There is nothing like fucking bareback.

I didn’t say anything to Rylee about this being my first time to be bare in a pussy but I sure did enjoy it.

For being a few years younger, Rylee was light years ahead of me when it came to sex.

Not only was she horny as hell, and to me seemed almost insatiable, she opened her entire body to me.

There was nothing she wouldn’t do.

Well, there was one thing on her list that was off limits.


When we got tired of the hot tub, we went inside my condo and stayed there until the next morning.

I ordered pizza for dinner, and Rylee answered it with just a towel wrapped around her waist, etlik evi olan escortlar providing the delivery guy a view he wasn’t expecting.

We fucked and sucked all night long and when we weren’t fucking or sucking, we napped in each other’s arms.

I have no idea how many times I came in her and she was totally orgasmed out; exhausted from the sex.

But it was a “good tired.”

Rylee left at 9am, and we had barely slept at all.

Yes, she got her massage.

She didn’t cut the hair on my head but promised to come back and do it soon.

She did shave my pubes which was a little nerve wracking having someone with a razor and shaving cream all over my dick and balls, but she was right, her tongue felt a lot better without my crudely trimmed hair getting in the way.

We kissed goodbye; she waved as she drove off.

I had no idea when I was going to see her again.


I had less than an hour to shit, shower and shave, get dressed and to drive to Jan’s house.

She had invited me to Sunday brunch.

I even managed to hit a grocery store and buy her some flowers.

I showed up early, which pleased Jan to no end.


Jan is one of eight cousins, five women and three guys, who gathered once a month for Sunday brunch to discuss family and business.

Of course, spouses were welcome and so were offspring, and if anyone wanted to bring a friend, male or female, that was fine too.

So, brunch for eight often turned out to be brunch for as many as fifteen.

But this time it was just the cousins and me, so there were nine of us.

Like I said, it was an ambush, but Jan told me later she didn’t want to scare me off and she also didn’t want to say anything because it was also a job interview.

For me: I was the interviewee.


I wasn’t a total stranger, two of Jan’s male cousins were in my basketball league and we knew one another well.

I knew a third cousin because we had golfed together in some charity tournament.

I didn’t know any of Jan’s female cousins, but it was clear to me that while they were all very attractive, Jan was the prettiest.

Everyone was very nice to me, and pleased to meet me, but I was going to fail the test if I had to recall everyone’s names.

At one point the ladies excused themselves and gathered around a separate table where they passed around sheets of paper.

There was a lot of laughter and joking going on.

I took a hard look at what they were doing, and I noticed that the sheets of paper being moved around the table were the handprint drawings that Jan had of her students.

What could be so funny I thought?

I did notice that the ladies were very, very nice to me after we all got back to the main table to enjoy our dishes.

Jan not only sat next to me, but she was a little more “hands on” with me than before.

After a three-hour gourmet meal, Jan and I left and drove back down towards Sacramento.


“What were you all laughing about?” I asked her.

“You really want to know?” Jan teased me.

“Yes. I do.”

“Did you know that the length of a man’s penis is three times the length of his thumb?”

“You’re joking.”

“No, I’m serious. Totally.”

“So, is that why you had me trace my hand on that piece of paper?”

“Yes. You and every guy that walks into the school.”

I didn’t know what to say, I wasn’t mad, just not sure where this was going.

Jan broke the silence by saying “I’m the oldest of the cousins and the I’m the one responsible for finding men demetevler genç escortlar for my female cousins to date. I scope out the guys, make sure that they are who they say they are and of course, make sure that they can completely satisfy my cousins.”

I turned to her and said, “You sleep with all the guys; all the male students?”

Jan laughed and said “Only in my dreams. I just make sure that the men I introduce to my cousins are not married, convicted criminals, are gainfully employed, and of course, have a penis to get the job done.”

“Did you share my information with your cousins?”

“Of course.”


“On paper, you come across as large. But when you jacked off on Friday night on my tits, well, the hand drawing didn’t do you justice.”


(Well, what I wanted Jan to say was “If it’s okay with you Rick, I’d like for you to spend the afternoon in my bed with me, so I can see what you’re capable of. You know, try you and that very big cock of yours on for size in my very tight, hot wet pussy.” But she didn’t say that).

Instead she said, “You have a nice cock Rick but we can’t have sex just yet … “

“Why not?” I replied.

“Because I’m sort of seeing someone.”

I didn’t ask anything to follow-up and she changed the subject.


What happened that afternoon was that when we got back to her house, Jan invited me in for a swim in her backyard pool.

She didn’t have anything for me to wear and suggested I swim naked … not a bad idea, I thought, thinking that it might lead to something.

Wearing a tiny black two-piece thing that barely covered her pussy and her tits, she swam out to me in the pool.

She was surprised at my newly shaven state but didn’t say anything about it.

Jan did comment that my dick looked a lot bigger without the hair.

We splashed and kissed and rubbed up against one another and then we moved over to her hot tub, where she proceeded to blow me, slowly, oh so slowly, savoring every millimeter of my hard cock.

Jan wasn’t able to deep throat me all the way, but I appreciated the effort. Her tongue work was excellent!

And, as for my balls, she loved to kiss and lick them and took them, one at a time, into her warm, wet mouth.

She ended up taking my load on her ample chest after having me beg to come … and then she pulled me by my still hard cock to her backyard massage table where she rubbed me like a lover.

I was able to fondle her as I lay on the table, but I wasn’t able to get her to take off her top or her bottoms.

This left me frustrated and horny and Jan eventually eased my pain by stroking me to completion as I lay on my back, my hard cock wobbling in the light afternoon breeze.


I got home at 6pm having done nothing to prepare for the week ahead.

There was laundry to do, dry cleaning that should have picked up, sheets to be stripped off the bed, the dishwasher needed to be emptied, the bathrooms cleaned.

The refrigerator and the pantry were bare.

Having female distractions was hard on a guy … it was fun but it came at a cost.

Sort of feeling sorry for myself, I picked up my phone when it pinged me that I received a text message:

“Rick, I just broke up with my asshole boyfriend. He is a lying; cheating bastard and I’m done with him! Can I sleep over at your house until I can find a place to live? Please? Rylee”

For a moment I did a quick compare and contrast between Rylee and Jan. Did I want just hand jobs and no swallow blow jobs from Jan, and no date in sight for being able to fuck her?

Or did I want sex anytime I wanted it from Rylee; no rubbers required; she swallowing without hesitation; the opportunity for my first anal sex in the not-so-distant future?

What answer did you think I sent her?


Look for another chapter soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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