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Julie stood in front of the full-length mirror and for the first time in five years was happy with what she saw there. Her long brown hair hung in soft curls over her shoulders and two long, thick strands dove downward from her collarbone and lightly covered each of her supple, toffee colored nipples. She admired her nakedness, the way she looked now. Her belly was flat and tight again and it converged to a perfectly shaven pubic mound, which gave way to wide, luscious hips and long shapely brown legs. Yes, she was very happy and winked at herself seductively as she headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. She hoped that Jennifer still liked to have a little bit of female on female fun. The thought of it made her tingle all over as her nipples stood erect now, poking through her hair. Only time would tell if that hope would be fulfilled. She pulled a white one-piece summer dress from the closet and began to dress herself.

Jennifer sped along the coastal highway on her way to Julie’s house. She hadn’t seen her in a long time and she wondered what they would have to tell each other; the stories they would be able to share. Jennifer had spent the last 3 years working in Europe after leaving an incredibly abusive marriage. Julie was her best friend and had always been able to make her forget all the problems that made life just a little less easy for her. She also looked forward to another thing she and Julie shared, or used to share, and that was a pure, hot bisexual nature. Jennifer began to feel the heat grow between her legs as she thought about Julie and her long legs wrapped around her back as she leaned down to lick the juices from Julie’s hot and welcoming pussy. She hoped that Julie still liked the touch of another woman. Lusty thoughts of her younger days rushed through her mind as her own pussy became wetter and the heat radiated from under her skirt. The last few miles to Julie’s house would be very long and very hot.

Julie was thinking about the last time she saw Jennifer as she was finishing putting on a light coating of makeup to accentuate an already dark and exotic face. She remembered it like it had just happened yesterday and the thought of it sent shivers down her spine as she gently brushed blush onto her cheeks. It seemed for a moment she drifted off to that last memory —

“Come on,” Jennifer said as she ran down the beach to the little tiki bar that had just been set up. Julie watched as Jen ran down the length of the beach, gazing at Jen’s tall body and lean long and creamy legs as she ran. She was wearing her red and white striped bikini and Julie laughed as guys almost fell over themselves watching Jen run to the bar. It was no wonder they looked; Jen was absolutely beautiful, but Julie was no slouch herself and was the opposite of Jen. Jen was like vanilla, very creamy and Nordic looking while Julie was light coffee colored with dark brown hair and exotic islander looks. She didn’t think about this though as the guys who had just stumbled over themselves watching Jen did the same as they passed Julie.

“Did you see those guys back there?” Julie said as she sat at the bar next to Jen.

“No. What was up with them?” Jen asked.

“Eh, nothing,” Julie said, stifling a laugh.

Jen winked as she sipped her margarita. “I know what you’re talking about you big silly. I love to drive those guys crazy, but tonight I don’t want to think about anything else but being with you.”

Julie felt sad, but special, because Jen was moving away to Europe. She had recently been divorced and had taken a job with a French company to get away from her abusive ex-husband. He had never understood Jen and her lifestyle. Julie always thought that he was just in another world, as most people are. Some have evolved to the point where traditional values are no longer present while others are stuck on a merry go round of unhappiness and misery. She chose not to dwell on these things tonight. Tonight was to be special and for her and Jen alone. She looked over at Jen’s blond hair and noted her porcelain like skin. She leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Hey you,” Jen said, pulling away slightly. “What are you doing?”

Julie looked back into Jen’s blue eyes. Jen leaned forward and their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss. Jen put down her drink and took Julie’s cheeks in her hands. She could feel Julie’s breath quicken as her tongue probed deeper into her mouth. Julie’s tongue probed too, faster and deeper and the heat between them grew to an almost unbearable degree. They disengaged and Jen said, “Come on. Let’s go home.” She grabbed Julie’s hand and left five dollars on the bar for the bartender who looked on with a smile on his face. They walked home, arms around each other.

When they arrived no time was wasted. Jen lit some candles and sat Julie down on the bed. Again, their lips met in a fiery wet kiss that sat Jen’s passion on fire. Her hands began to roam around Julie’s satiny warm skin, feeling every inch of her sincan escort bayan luscious body wherever she could. As the kissing continued Jen found Julie’s breasts and slipped them out of the bikini top. Julie let out a muffled sigh as Jen pinched and teased her nipples. The kiss ended abruptly and Jen began to hungrily lick down Julie’s quivering neck. She paused to remove the bikini top and then return to Julie’s chest, this time more slowly to savor every inch of her ample chest.

Julie quivered and moaned in quiet ecstasy as Jen took each nipple between her teeth and lightly nibbled and chewed on them while alternately just teasing and flicking them with her tongue. They grew rock hard under her touch and Julie’s entire body erupted with goose bumps as Jen’s hand made it’s way down Julie’s stomach moving slowly and ever closer to her now soaking wet bikini bottoms. Leaving her breasts now and following the path of her hand Jen kissed down the length of Julie’s abdomen, licking and nibbling all the way as Julie moaned and pushed forward into Jen’s hot mouth.

Jen had reached Julie’s bottoms and licked and sucked at the juices that were soaking the fabric. Julie moaned with delight as Jen gently nibbled at her swollen clit beneath the nylon bikinis. With one smooth movement of her hand Jen pulled the bottoms from Julie’s body effortlessly. Julie put her legs back down and spread them wide in front of Jen’s face. Jen’s mouth watered and her eyes grew large as she looked upon Julie’s naked thighs and pussy. She couldn’t wait to bury her face in that luscious inviting honeypot.

She started at her thigh just above the knee. Light little nibbles and licks that sent Julie’s body into spasms with each tease. Jen worked her hand up toward Julie’s steaming pussy as she continued to tease her inner left thigh with her tongue and teeth. She placed her hand gently on Julie’s neatly trimmed pubic mound. Julie arched her back and let out a long moan as Jen gently rubbed her pussy and teased at the short hair that was left there.

Julie pushed herself down into Jen’s hand with a low groan and Jen made her way from Julie’s thigh up to her pussy. Now, with her face directly in front of Julie’s hot, wet and quivering pussy, Jen inserted her middle finger into Julie’s tight asshole as she began to gently lick and nibble at her swollen inner lips. Julie moaned more loudly now and took gasping breaths as Jen fingered her ass and lapped at her wet lips and clit. Jen knew Julie was way too turned on so she slowed the pace a bit so she could better tell when Julie would cum. Jen’s pussy was wet too and as she was licking the sweet juices from Julie she was fingering herself with her free hand, but she didn’t expect to be able to continue that for long.

Julie’s hip’s began their involuntary gyrating again; pressing firmly against Jen’s hungry mouth. Jen didn’t miss a beat in the rhythm, making certain to take a lick and a nip at Julie’s dripping pussy as she pushed it toward Jen’s face then pulled away. This wasn’t going to do it though and Jen felt like she need to take charge.

“Oh God Jen,” Julie sighed. “That feels so good. My pussy is so hot and tingly. Oh Christ don’t stop. I need this so badly.”

“Julie, move up a little on the bed,” said Jen, taking her mouth away from Julie’s pussy.

“Oh shit!” Exclaimed Julie, not wanting to move but also afraid not to.

Julie slid up to the top of the bed and put her head on a pillow. Jen followed her, still between her legs but now better able to pleasure Julie the way she wanted to. She slithered up Julie’s body, feeling the wetness between her legs as she did, to Julie’s mouth and began the passionate kisses that would again lead to her being between Julie’s legs and into the ecstasy she was seeking. She kissed down Julie’s stomach again and Julie opened her legs wide again and exposed her soft, swollen and wet pussy to Jen. This time Jen didn’t take it so easy. Julie’s body was flushed, sweaty and quivering.

Jen immediately slid two fingers inside Julie’s pussy and began pumping in and out as she latched onto her clit with her lips and teeth. Julie gasped to the point of near breathlessness as Jen latched onto her tighter.

“Oh Fuck Jen. You keep that up and I swear I’m gonna cum all over your face,” Julie said, rocking her crotch against Jen’s hot mouth.

“You come on now baby,” answered Jen. “You cum whenever you want.”

Julie was bucking now more furiously against Jen’s two fingered thrusts and Jen had now went back to sliding her thumb into Julie’s quivering little asshole. And that was all it took once Jen had her mouth firmly on Julie’s clit. Jen could feel Julie’s asshole tighten and the breath stop as a loud, almost terrifying moan escaped Julie’s mouth.

“Oh Fuck Jen! Jesus Christ I’m cumming… Ooohhhhhh shit YES! Lick my clit and finger my ass! Harder!” The moans continued in spasms just as her body quivered with the pleasure.

Jen did as she was instructed as hot, sweet eryaman escort fluid gushed onto her face from Julie’s swollen cunt. Jen could feel each contraction of the orgasm in Julie’s asshole and Julie continued to buck but the moans had begun to die down some as the contractions lost their strength.

Julie let out a moan of complete exhaustion as Jen came up and met her eyes. Jen’s face was soaked with Julie’s juices and Julie gently gyrated her hips against the bed as she looked back at Jen.

“Oh my God Jen,” she said. “That was fucking incredible. No one has ever been able to make me cum like you do.”

Sweat poured from Julie as she wiped moisture from her brow. They made love all night long, each giving and receiving nearly more pleasure than they could handle. Tomorrow Jen would be leaving for France so this night needed to be one of a kind —

Julie came to with a start and a thin layer of sweat covered her body. Her pussy was soaking wet having recalled the time before Jennifer left. She was going to be late if she kept thinking of this. She finished putting on her make up and got dressed. The heat of this passionate memory was killing her and she hoped she could keep her composure while Jen was with her. She went to the refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of Pinot Noir she had purchased, remembering it was Jen’s favorite.

Jennifer’s thoughts switched to the here and now as she slowed down to make the turn onto Julie’s street. She could see the house already and became excited again thinking about what the night might bring and the stories and possibly pleasures they would share. With the last thought of Julie slipping from her mind, she pulled into the driveway.

Julie went directly to the door and opened it when she heard the car pull in. Jen got out and ran to her. They embraced right there on the porch.

“My God Jen, you look great!” Said Julie, running her hands through Jen’s hair.

“Oh no Jules, it’s you who looks great. I told you that weight would come off,” Jen replied with a wide smile.

“Well come on let’s go in. I’ve got a chilled bottle of wine girl. I’ve been dying to hear about your frolics in Europe,” said Julie ushering Jen into the house. Jen smiled and followed all too willingly.

Julie grabbed two tall wine glasses and poured them full while Jen made herself comfortable on the couch. Julie soon joined her, wine in her hands. She handed Jen her glass then sat down.

“So Jules, my God girl it is so good to see you,” said Jen. “You look so healthy and full of life! How do you stay so beautiful?”

Julie laughed and blushed a little. Jen was always able to make her feel a little embarrassed and good at the same time.

“Well I try,” she replied, taking a long sip of wine. “You’re looking damn fine yourself Jen. Looks like Europe did you some good.”

“Yeah,” said Jen with just a little giggle as she began to stare off into space some, a little detached as if recollecting.

“Why don’t you share some of your European adventures with me?” Said Julie.

Jen continued to look into space but snapped to at Julie’s request for a story.

“You know Jules, I do have a story to tell you that I think you would absolutely love. Ever since getting away from here and going out into the world I decided to enjoy as much as I could to the absolute fullest,” said Jen, completely confident and taking a long sip from her wine and smiling almost deviously.

Julie knew instinctively that the story would be a hot one and not one of those of visits to historic places. It would be one involving the bedroom and all the pleasures given and taken there.

“So, tell me Jen. What did you do?” Said Julie with a smile.

Jen looked into Julie’s eyes and again began to giggle and then the tale began… I was in Venice —

I sat in a little café just off the beaten path where I hoped to avoid any large crowds flocking to the art shops. I ordered a nice glass of Italian red wine and was enjoying that when I looked across the plaza and saw a man riding a bicycle toward the café. My heart nearly skipped a beat as he approached. For lack of a better word he was beautiful. Not “good looking”, that’s not a good enough description for him. He was just absolutely gorgeous.

I watched him for a few minutes talking to the waiter. The waiter brought me another glass of wine that I hadn’t ordered. I looked at him strangely; “From the gentleman at the bar,” he said with a smile.

I looked over as the gentleman rose and walked over to me. It was the man on the bicycle. I must have turned several shades of red. He was the typical Italian — dark olive skin, a chiseled face, eyes like chocolate and hair to match. I felt almost dizzy as he began to speak, “Hello. My name is Marco,” he said.

It must have taken me a minute to answer.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer,” I answered clumsily.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” He said in perfect English.

“No, not at all,” I replied hoping he couldn’t detect etimesgut bayan escort the nervousness in my voice.

“I saw you from across the plaza,” he began. “You’re a very beautiful woman. Is this your first visit to Italy?”

I was beside myself.

“Umm… Yeah, this is my first visit here. Thank you for the compliment.”

“Oh, it’s no problem at all. I always remark when I see something I like. Do you like art?” He asked.

“Yes, I love it that’s one of the reasons I’m here,” I replied.

“Good, because I was going to ask if you’d like to accompany me back to my pallazo so I can show you my art collection.”

I was stunned. You’d think I would be scared considering I didn’t even know this guy but strangely I wasn’t and I knew that showing me art wasn’t all he wanted and it was like a spell came over me because suddenly that’s not all I wanted either and because of these thoughts the next half hour is totally a blur to me. I know we made it back to his apartment, what they called a pallazo, and we made it through the door but it was like I was intoxicated because in the next few minutes we were on his couch kissing.

Marco had my top off already and he was naked except for underwear and we were kissing passionately. I was so wet in my panties that I almost couldn’t stand to have them on anymore. I looked down and could see an enormous bulge in his underwear and suddenly I became very hungry. I took my mouth off his and kissed his neck and nipped at his ear which really got him going. His hips started to buck against me as I teased his nipples with my teeth and tongue. I could feel his cock grew even harder as I chewed down his lightly hairy stomach and stopped right in front of his bulging member.

I was like a crazed animal and I couldn’t help myself. I tore his underwear from him to behold his beautiful cock. I wanted to taste him so badly. He was moaning and his breath quickened as I moved my mouth closer to him. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed so it made it all the easier for me. I took his balls in my mouth, first one, then the other then both of them; all the while I was gently stroking his shaft. He moaned with pleasure and a little drop of precum oozed from the head of his rock hard cock.

He was bucking his hips even harder now and I knew that even though I hadn’t even begun with him he would be ready to cum very fast if I didn’t take it easy. I stopped stroking his cock with my hand and gently licked up the entire length of his shaft as he moaned in delight. He moaned Italian words and I have no idea what he was saying but I’m sure it was good. I hungrily, but gently, licked the precum from him and teased his cock with my tongue. I got an instant reaction every time I did. I watched his balls carefully to see if they were tightening up because I didn’t want to make him cum. Right now they were just fine and with that I took the entire length of him into my mouth.

He moaned like a baby as I pushed his entire cock into my throat. I reached up at the same time and tweaked his nipples as I drew him back out of my mouth with hard sucking. I lingered at the glistening head of his cock and sucked it very hard and he nearly screamed. He balls were really tightening up now and I knew he would cum and I couldn’t let that happen. I stopped and quickly removed what was left of my own clothes.

He was breathing hard as I squatted above him. My pussy was swollen and dripping wet as I held his cock in my hand. He looked down as I sat right on his cock and he watched it disappear inch by inch into my pussy. My God I can’t begin to explain how good it felt to have all of him in me. My clit throbbed as the base of his cock rubbed against me. He bucked further into me. He wanted me so bad and I rode him very hard. It was fast and insane. I felt his cock grow even harder as he moaned and his breathing quickened and paused. I could feel him convulse and hot jets of cum spurted into me right when my own orgasm took over me. I lost all control of my movements as I came. I felt like I was out of my body the orgasm was so strong and Marco was still bucking against me. I collapsed onto his chest in a puddle of our mingled sweat. To say I was spent would have been a weak choice of words.

We made love the rest of that entire day until he took me back to the café and dropped me off. I didn’t see him again although I did have his phone number —

Julie’s heart was racing as Jennifer finished her story and looked over at her, sipping wine and now lighting a cigarette.

“My God Jen, after a day like that you didn’t even call the guy back?! I would have been all over that, but I can’t understand why he didn’t seem to have more control of the situation.”

“I didn’t give him the chance,” said Jen puffing on her cigarette. “I didn’t want him to have that power over me. I wanted to dominate him and that’s just what I did.”

Julie was a little jealous knowing her bisexual feelings for Jen but she was turned on by the story. She could feel a little warm wetness between her legs as she continued to sip her wine.

“So, in all this time we’ve been apart and only occasionally writing to each other, what have you been doing Jules?” Asked Jen, crushing out her cigarette.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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