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Destiny grew up like any other typical girl on her block. Her father was a banker and her mother was a homemaker. Both seemed very happy, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving.

One afternoon Destiny walked into her house after a long day at school expecting to find the usual, her mother on the phone or cleaning something around the house. But this day was unusual, to say the least.

She heard low muffled moans coming from her parent’s bedroom. Destiny grinned thinking her father had come home in the middle of the day for a quickie. She thought nothing more of it and went into the kitchen to make herself a snack.

“You must be Destiny,” said an unfamiliar voice.

Destiny jumped up and looked over the refrigerator door to find a strange man standing in nothing but a wet white towel wrapped tightly around his small waist.

“Ummm, yes I’m Destiny, who the fuck are you?” she asked.

“I’m Ted, I’m a friend of your mother’s,” he said, walking over to the sink for a glass of water.

Destiny tried not to look, but this stranger’s body was sexy, tan, tight and built for every type of sin known to women.

“You know you really shouldn’t talk like that,” he said, “Young ladies don’t use that type of language.”

“Yeah well, I’ll use any type of language I want, I live here, you don’t,” she said, standing up and closing the refrigerator.

“Well, I see you two have met,” said Destiny’s mother, Anna, as she peeked around the corner.

“Mom, who is this and why is he standing in our kitchen half naked?” she asked.

“This is Ted, he’s a security guard at your father’s bank,” Anna answered.

“That’s a bit low, even for you Mother,” Destiny said, shuffling past the stranger and walking into the living room.

“Destiny, we need to talk,” said Anna, sitting next to her daughter on the couch.

“What Mother?, you want to tell me how you’ve been playing the good wife while Daddy’s at work?” she snapped, opening her math book to do her homework.

“Maybe I should go,” whispered Ted.

“No, I want you to stay,” said Anna, “Destiny was bound to find out sooner or later.”

“How long has this been going on Mother?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“About 3 months, Destiny it’s been over with me and your father for years honey, I have needs just like any other woman,” she said calmly.

“Yeah, you need to be a slut,” Destiny said, getting up and walking out the door, slamming it so hard it shattered the small windows into pieces.

Anna looked over to Ted, “It’s going to take time,” she said.


A week later, Destiny stopped off at her father’s bank to say hello and possibly spend some time with him. His hours were hectic and they often had different schedules.

“Hi honey,” said her father, warmly smiling and hugging his beautiful daughter, “Wow, this is a surprise.”

“I just wanted to see you, Daddy,” she said, clinging to him like a vine.

“That’s very sweet of you honey, but Daddy has a very important meeting I can’t miss, it shouldn’t escort sincan take long, can you wait?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll go wait in your office,” she said, smiling.

“Sounds good, I’ll join you as soon as the meeting is over,” he said as he walked into a small conference room.

Destiny took a deep breath and happily made her way to her father’s big corner office. She loved his office, it had an amazing view of the city and all the comforts of home, a couch, a refrigerator, even a t.v.

……… “Can I come in?” said a man’s voice from behind her.

Destiny turned around to find Ted standing in the doorway.

“What do you want?” she asked angrily.

“I just wanted to apologize for the other day, I didn’t want our first meeting to happen quite like that,” he said, walking in and closing the door.

“Yeah well, shit happens,” she said sarcastically, taking a seat on her father’s large leather sofa.

“Am I forgiven?” he asked, taking a seat next to her.

Destiny took a deep breath, “Forgiveness is alot to ask for right now, Ted,” she answered, coyly crossing her legs and smacking the bubble gum in her mouth.

“Yeah, maybe you’re right, it has only been a week,” he said, easing into the sofa.

The pair sat there for a few minutes, both bathing in the awkwardness of the moment.

“So, ummm shouldn’t you be out there guarding people from the evils of the world?” she asked, turning to face him.

“No, Jake’s on duty right now, I’m on my lunch break,” he answered, “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“I checked out early, wanted to spend some time with my old man today, besides, I really don’t think I’ll need to use integers in my everyday adult life,” she said, cracking a half smile.

Ted smiled back, noticing how dark Destiny’s eyes were, just like her mother’s, “You have your mother’s eyes,” he whispered, reaching up to brush the bangs from her forehead.

“Everyone says that,” she laughed.

Their eyes locked and soon Ted’s hand was on the young girl’s thigh.

“I don’t think you should do that, Ted,” she said, looking down at his huge hand on her small leg.

He said nothing, nor removed his hand as he leaned in to kiss the unsuspecting girl. Destiny couldn’t move, it was like she was frozen in time. She moaned as he kissed her, slowly sliding his tongue over hers, sharing his warm saliva with her hungry mouth.

He broke their kiss long enough to slide his tongue down past her chin and on to her neck, planting warm wet kisses on her skin.

“Ted ….. Ted,” she moaned, “We can’t do this, what about my mother?”

“What about her?” he said, looking into her eyes again, “She’s fun, but she’s not 18 years old like you and she doesn’t have the body that I’m seeing before me right now.”

Something about this turned Destiny on tremendously, it was slutty and dangerous and even though she knew it would crush her mother if she ever found out, she couldn’t stop. She wanted Ted.

Destiny smiled and slowly spread her legs apart, letting her ankara escort plaid school skirt slide up her long tan legs. Ted looked down and licked his lips, growling softly as the girl’s light pink panties peeked from under.

“You’re so sexy, baby,” he whispered, “As soon as I saw your picture on your father’s desk, I knew I had to have you.”

Destiny was shocked for a moment …. “You mean you fucked my mother just to get close to me?”

“It was the only thing I knew to do,” he answered, slowly pushing her skirt up her hips a bit further, “I have no interest in some aging housewife, I wanted you.”

Destiny could feel her panties becoming moist, something about doing something so wrong, so hurtful, turned her into a wanting slut.

“Take off your pants,” she whispered, sliding onto her back on the couch.

Ted smiled and stood quickly to remove his uniform pants and boxers. After he had slid them down just past his knees, he crawled back up on the couch, this time climbing on top of the sexy slut daughter of his boring housewife lover.

She spread her legs immediately as he crawled in between her thighs.

“No foreplay,” she whispered, “Just fuck me.”

Ted groaned again, a bit louder this time as he reached down to slide the young vixen’s panties to the side. He leaned in and kissed her hard as he guided his cock into her pussy. She moaned as the weight of his muscular body pressed down on her. His cock spreading her pussy lips like a slutty flower as he begin to fuck her slowly.

She wrapped her long legs around him, letting her feet press into his bare ass, guiding him inside her deeper. Her arms came up to his shoulders allowing her long nails to dig into his skin through his uniform shirt. As he began to fuck into her a bit deeper, Destiny reached up and unbuttoned his shirt, completely turned on by his tan hairy chest. They both smiled as one of the buttons popped off and went flying across the office floor.

“Oh God, your cunt’s so fucking tight,” he moaned in her ear, “Your mother’s is nothing like this.”

Destiny raised her hips upwards, bucking into the hot security guard, meeting every one of his thrusts like a professional whore.

“MMMM, I wanna fuck you all the time,” he growled into her ear, “I wanna do you and your mother.”

Destiny was beyond control now. The thought of becoming a regular fuck to her mother’s boyfriend was so sexy to the slutty teen, “I wanna be your regular slut,” she moaned, arching her back and digging her nails into Ted’s chest.

“Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhhhh,” he groaned, pumping the teen whore’s cunt like a madman, “Get on all 4’s,” he growled, “I wanna see that sexy teen asshole while I pound the fuck outta your cunt.”

Destiny wasted no time flipping over onto her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder and giving Ted the ultimate “fuck me” look. This sent him into a frenzy, he quickly grabbed her hips and put his massive cock back into her dripping fuckhole. He began ramming her with violent intensity.

She screamed like etimesgut escort bayan a whore in heat, arching her back and thrusting her perfect ass against Ted’s sweaty hips and body. Her nails dug into the cold leather arm of the couch as her tits swung, banging into each other.

“How you like that, whore?” he growled, ramming the teen’s cunt harder with each thrust.

“TED!!! TED!!!,” she screamed, bucking her hips wildly, riding his cock as if it were a wild stallion.

“Yeah baby, scream my fuckin name,” he growled, fucking into her used pussy.

He reached down and spread her ass cheeks wide open, his mouth watered at the sight of her beautiful puckered asshole. Without warning, he shoved 2 dry fingers deep into the winking hole, sending Destiny into a tailspin.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!,” she screamed, feeling his thick fingers diving deep into her virgin asshole.

“You like that, whore?” he asked breathlessly, pounding her cunt relentlessly and jabbing her asshole deeper with his rough fingers.

“OH, OH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK,” she cried out as her body began to shake, “I’m gonna fucking cum, Ted.”

“Cum, bitch,” he growled, “Flood my cock with your cum.”

“UH UH UHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he groaned, pounding the fuck outta her raw pussy, “I’m fixin to fill you up, bitch.”

Destiny could feel her climax approaching fast, demanding her body to submit. She watched the room begin to spin as her pussy ached and tightened, crushing Ted’s cock.

“TED!!!!!! TED!!!!!!!! OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, OH OH UHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM,” she screamed out, creaming his cock violently as she thrashed around beneath him.

Ted couldn’t hold out anymore, his cock was aching to unload. He jammed his fingers in one more time deep into her asshole, then ripped them out, leaving her hole gaping open. He looked down and watched as he screamed out, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK BITCH, HERE IT CUMSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Shot after shot of thick gooey cum sprayed deep inside Destiny’s used up cunt. She moaned as Ted’s cock jerked violently inside her, unloading the seed she wanted so badly. She bared down and let her pussy suck his cock dry, almost asking for more.

As the last of his seed unloaded, Ted let out a contented sigh, leaning down to kiss Destiny’s bare back, slowly sliding his limp cock from her cum soaked cunt.

“That was just as amazing as I’d imagined,” he said, standing and zipping up his pants.

Destiny rolled over, legs still spread wide and smiled,”Guess I’ll have to ditch school more often.”

“Yes you will, baby,” he said, buttoning his shirt back up, “I want more of that.”

He leaned in and kissed her exposed pussy, licking the lips slowly before standing and helping her to her feet.

The pair had just gotten themselves together when Destiny’s father walked in …….. “Well hey there, Ted,” he said smiling.

“Hello Mr. Tucker,” said Ted, walking towards the door, “Just making my rounds. I saw your daughter was in here alone and I thought I’d drop in and make sure everything was okay.”

“Good man,” said Mr. Tucker, “You deserve a raise.”

Destiny couldn’t help but burst out laughing, knowing in her mind, Ted would be getting alot of “raises” in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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