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As told to me by my girl.

It was a regular Monday, nothing much to fuss about. The summer day was warm and subtle. I was expecting the boyfriend.

He arrived at 12 PM or so in his wife beater and some tore up jeans. We chatted for a minute and then it was on, as usual.

He began to rub my pussy until I became really wet. He already knows the secret to my pussy is just rub! I’m like the magic lamp of sex. Rub me a few times and you can bet you were going to get laid.

Minutes passed and I was nude on my bed. His cock shoving deep into my mouth. The taste of his cum was salty and not very satisfying as usual. I knew what would next, him bending me over the bed and licking my ass and my pussy until I was soaking wet. Sure it was nice and it felt great but I knew what was coming, so the entire event seemed a bit lackluster and boring.

He did everything as I had anticipated, he ate me out, licked my ass and finally turned me around to begin banging me. Suddenly he whips out a vibrating cock ring!

I asked, “wow, this is new!” He said that his friend had mentioned it did wonders for his girl in bed.

He began to fuck me and the ring definitely improved things but still no big fireworks. I let him fuck me anyway he wanted, finally we ended up doggstyle with his finger izmit escort bayan in my ass. I came but it was your typical boyfriend orgasm; nothing new or exciting.

We finished off with him cumming all over my lips. I object to eating cum and he already knows this but gets a kick seeing cum all over my face. I let him gaze at me for a few minutes and then I towel it off ASAP.

We laid in bed for about 30 minutes when I received a text. He paid no attention. I was surprised to see Rob text me. We had flirted for awhile during a school event but nothing ever happened.

He asked what I was up to. I wrote back, “nothing much, just hanging with my BF.”

He immediately texted back, “well how about you makeup an excuse and ditch him ;)’

I was intrigued!

I nudged my bf and he finally awoke from his little sex coma.

I told him I had to get washed up because I had a meeting to study with a friend. He didn’t ask anything and got dressed. In minutes he was gone!

Rob texted and said he was outside my apartment complex!

I hadn’t even washed up! My luck, it’s laundry day and I had nothing to wear! I managed to find an old jean skirt that was clean and a tanktop but of course, no clean underwear!!! Fuck it! Commando it is. I quickly freshened up as best I could and headed izmit eve gelen escort outside.

Rob stood about 5’11 and was very well built. I looked for my BF to make sure he was not around but he was nowhere in sight.

Rob and I hugged and chatted for a minute. We got in his car and before we could pull out, he reached towards me and opened the dash. He said there was a CD he wanted me to listen to. Suddenly a bunch of skittles bursted out and fell over my lap!

He apologized and began to clean the skittles up. I told him that it was fine but before I could stop him, he noticed something funny about my skirt and well, the fact that I was commando!

Rob said, “Ana, are you not wearing panties?” I was so embarrassed! “No, laundry day and I had no time.”

He laughed and smiled, the entire time his hand rested in between my legs. Suddenly I felt his fingers fondling my pussy lips. I was wet in seconds!!!

He exclaimed, “wow, someone is ready!” I smiled and opened my legs a little more.

Rob’s fingers began to slip in and out of my pussy. First one then two and then three!

I told him that we should just head back inside.

Rob asked about my BF and I retorted with, “do you really care?” He said, “nope!”

We headed back into izmit otele gelen escort my apartment. As we walked in, my neighbor was outside watering her plants. She looked at me and Rob. Rob’s hand basically stayed next to my pussy the entire time! She was appalled and muttered, “how many guys does this girl want?!?!”

I smiled and continued to unlock my door and led him in.

I didn’t waste time. I undid his pants and sucked his thick cock ferociously! He was very into it and the cum that spewed out made it very evident.

I ripped off my clothes and bent over my couch and asked him to fuck me hard!

He stuck his thick dick in me and I moaned with ecstasy. Herman, my boyfriend, could never fuck me like this. Rob plowed into me repeatedly, never slowing down! He spread my cheeks and before I knew it, he was in my ass! I groaned with pain and pleasure!

A text suddenly came through and it was my BF asking if he could comeback over later. I did not respond because my fingers were trembling with ecstasy!

Rob turned me around and picked me up and fucked me against my wall. Legs in the air, ass wet from his cum and my body glistening with sweat!

Rob loved how tight my pussy was!

He was about to spew when I told him not to! I dropped to my knees and swallowed his dick and then his cum! IDK what got into me but I swallowed every single drop!

Two lovers in one day…suddenly another text came through. It was Felix! He asked what I was doing later?

Three lovers….mmm. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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