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She was drop-dead gorgeous, tall and lanky, jeans spray-painted on, and a pale yellow top that left her tan tummy exposed, and her nipples poking. On her head, she had one of those Santa caps. I was walking into Starbucks, slowly, as it was late afternoon, about a week before Christmas, and I was dragging. The morning had been very busy, and this was my first break of the day. I had parked the car in the only space I could find, which was on the other side of the world, and was slowly hiking toward a double espresso reward. She came up from behind me, strutting proudly along, passed me by, and was heading into the same shop. I was startled a bit and must have yelped softly, as she turned slightly, gave me a beautiful smile, and apologized for not warning me that she was there. I smiled in turn, waved her on, and admired the view as we marched forward.

Once inside, she ordered one of those holiday specials- pumpkin spice or something like that. I ordered mine, and we both stepped over to the other end of the counter to await our drinks. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She glowed. How can I explain that better? There was just this remarkable aura about her that was incredibly attractive, and yet, she appeared to be actually quite pleasant- not the slightest bit haughty or bitchy. There just aren’t many like that walking around in the real world, at least not in mine. She was the highlight of the day.

Of course, I was thinking that it would be incredible to have a woman like that, but at my age, and my shape, I knew that was never going to happen! I think she had probably had a lot of guys tell her this before, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t real creative, but I was just being honest, not trying to score. I hoped that she would take the compliment and perhaps it would brighten her day. I leaned a bit toward her and said, “Pardon me, please don’t think I’m hitting on you- I’m not. I would like to just give you a compliment, okay?” She raised her eyebrow and smiled again. “You are beautiful. I can’t remember ever seeing anyone quite like you. There, I said it, and I hope you are not offended. I hope you have a delightful afternoon.” Then, I grabbed my coffee, turned and headed outside.

I got to my car, hopped in, and headed back up to the office. As I was driving, I noticed the car behind me flash its lights at me, and then pull alongside at the next stop. It was her.

I rolled down my window, as she opened hers. She gave me one of those blazing grins, and said, “Follow me.”

With that, she pulled ahead, cut in front of me, and then made a right turn üsküdar escort at the next street. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but before I realized it, I had signaled and made the same turn. She drove steadily across the river, and then headed into a large condo community. I parked next to her car. She had already jumped out, and came around to my driver’s side window, as I shut off the engine.

“What you told me at Starbucks, was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I know you weren’t trying to be cool, and you just sounded so sweet. I decided I wanted to return the compliment. Come on inside.” So once again, I had the pleasure of watching those amazing legs stride ahead of me towards her condo. She unlocked the door, and motioned me inside. She asked me to sit down on the sofa, and that she would be back in a minute. When she entered the room, I glanced up to see her standing there stark naked- except for that Santa cap. She laughed at my reaction- I’m sure my eyes were bugging out, and I could hardly breathe! She closed the shade, which darkened the room, and then danced slowly around lighting candles everywhere. Now the room had a deep, rich glow, and she paused, with her arms crossed in front of her.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “I was going to put on something soft and sexy, and then I thought it would be fun to just walk out here and dance my bare ass around the room. So… are you okay?” She laughed again, and gave me this big grin, tossing the tail of the Santa cap back over her shoulder.

I still wasn’t quite sure what to make of all this, but as I sat there pondering my good fortune, she began to slowly dance again, sensuously moving back and forth across the room in front of me. She reached down, and flipped on her sound system, and the room filled with music. She found the beat, and closed her eyes, her body moving in time. At first, the dance was almost a ballet, then more modern, but it became increasingly more erotic. She kept her eyes closed, but her hands traced her body, moving slowly down her chest, across her breasts, and her stomach. She turned, arched her back, and spread her legs. Her beautiful pussy glistened as she fingered herself. I stared at her, drinking up every detail, as my eyes moved from her feet, up her firm legs, to her very tight, rounded ass, and that shaved pussy. I am not a stud, and have only had a few women in my life, none who chose to shave, so seeing this smooth, shaved pussy in real life took my breath away. My mouth was dry, and I could yenibosna escort feel my prick growing very hard. She was like an adult fairy tale, this nymph dancing in front of me, touching herself, smiling, and lost in the moment.

She opened her eyes, moved close to me, took her hands and lifted my chin, as she brought her pussy to my lips. “Would you like to taste me?” she asked. I leaned into her as she opened her legs, and brought her center to my mouth. She tasted like cinnamon! I must have looked surprised, as she laughed again at my reaction. “I thought you’d like that.” she said. “Now, let’s get you out of those clothes…”

As I stood up, she moved close, rubbing her breasts against my chest, her mouth meeting mine in a delicious kiss. She kissed me deeply, and then kissed me again. Her hands moved around my waist, then across my chest, unbuttoning my shirt. She stroked my shoulders, removed my shirt, and began to undo my belt and unzip my pants. She said, “Hold still.” Then she moved behind me, pressing her front to my back, as she reached around me, pushed my pants down, and gently stroked my hard cock. I kicked off my shoes, and stepped out of my pants, turning to meet her face to face. She leaned up and kissed me again, this time her tongue plunged into my mouth, as her hands reached between us, and grasped my cock. She stroked me and tongued me. I reached to her and found her wet pussy, rubbing her clit, and running my finger inside her, back and forth. She clamped tightly onto my finger with her pussy and came, a small shudder running through her body. She moaned softly and her lips attacked mine in a frenzy of pleasure. I was getting close, so pulled her away to calm down a bit. She smiled at me differently this time; it was not the bright, innocent smiles like before, but a smile of a woman in heat, a woman who knows what she wants, and is going to get it. Oh, man, she was hot!

She walked over to the middle of the room, and got down on her hands and knees, pointing her pussy up in the air right at me. “Come here now. I want you in me now. I want to feel your hard cock in me now.” That was a picture I won’t forget, her wagging her ass at me, her breasts dangling down, and still wearing that Santa cap. I moved over to her, knelt down behind her, and very slowly, plunged my hard cock into her wet pussy. We gasped at the same time, which struck us both as funny, and laughing, we began to fuck. I pushed deeply into her, and as I pulled out, she tightened her pussy, clutching my cock. zeytinburnu escort It felt incredible. I moved slowly now, savoring every plunge, every pull out, every touch of her pussy along my cock. She rippled inside, which made my cock grow even harder.

As I pumped into her, I could hear her breathing change- she was grunting softly, and making a mewing sound, a small humming that was growing more intense. She squeezed her pussy tightly, and ground back against me each time I plunged into her. I moved in and out faster and faster, and she pushed back, meeting me each time, now growling almost, and suddenly, she started gasping loudly, “Oh, yes! Push hard! Yes! Fuck me hard! OH OH OH OH!!!” and then she was climaxing. I could feel her body quivering as she shuddered in pleasure. She was grinding back against me and panting loudly. Her eyes were filled with pure lust, as she looked back at me, and then she came again. This was very good: I had made her cum twice, and I was still in control, pounding into her, as she was moaning and almost purring. Wow.

She moved forward, popping me out of her pussy, and then sat, facing me, stroking her breasts, pulling and tweaking her taught nipples. She smiled at me again, and then licked her lips. Crawling forward, she took the tip of my cock in her mouth, and began to lick around it, kissing it, and then sucking the crown. She moved more and then took me into her, swallowing my entire cock, her nose pressed against my lower abdomen. She pulled back slowly, and then sucked me deeply into her mouth again. And again. This woman knew how to suck a cock, and she was enjoying mine!

She paused, leaned forward and kissed me deeply, then nibbled on my right ear lobe. She whispered, “It’s time for you to cum. I want to taste you. Cum in my mouth now.” She reached down, and drew my cock into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, faster and faster, slurping and sucking me. I looked down and could see her rounded ass, her long, sexy back, and her silly Santa cap, the tassel swinging back and forth as she pumped my cock into her throat. She reached down with her left hand and tickled my balls. She looked up and said, “Now.” Then she sucked me deeply as she squeezed my balls. I exploded. It was that quick and incredibly intense. I gushed into her mouth, pumping my cum, and she didn’t miss a drop. With each spurt, she milked my cock. I shook as I came, and she swallowed every drop. Finally, my balls empty, my cock slowly softening, she sat back. Her legs spread, she slowly ran her finger up and down, and in and out, of her pussy. What a sight! Santa cap and tits and pussy- and all for me.

“Thanks again for your sweet compliment earlier.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Merry Christmas.”

“Same to you.”

As she stroked her pussy, she smiled. I could feel my cock growing hard again. She noticed, and smiled again.

I said, “You’re beautiful.”

She said, “Come here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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