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So many times had she done this before, so many times had she spoken the words, done the chore. She was sick of this life, sick of the things her father made her do. She had been slowly breaking away and hiding from him when he was looking for his princess. She had taken refuge in the arms of someone new, someone who she knew would be killed if her father ever found out.

Sarah was twenty, her father had been forcing her into his bed since she had turned eighteen. She “owed” him for all the things she needed, her room and board, food, clothing, a ride to town. She knew she couldn’t hide from him forever, however she also knew she didn’t want to be his sex slave any longer. She’d found love, she’d found Gabriel.

Just thinking of Gabe made her smile. She’d known him her entire life, she trusted him and wanted to be with him. Her father would be angry, he would never let her go. How she longed for her brother. Yes, Gabriel was her older brother. He’d always looked out for her, now he’d begun helping her hide from their father.

She’d tried to move away, but her father had cost her the job she longed for, her scholarship and her future. She wouldn’t let him take Gabe away too.

As she thought back to the first night she’d made love to Gabe, she remembered how safe she’d felt.

It was a few days before, it had been her birthday. She’d gone out with her friends from town, Rebecca and Susan. They’d had too much to drink, danced for hours and came home falling down drunk. Her father had been waiting, he sat in the dark for hours. This only announced his anger, he’d slammed her against the wall, hiked up her dress and fucked her right in the living room.

He’d never been so bold before. Usually he snuck into her room late at night and climbed into her bed, or his favorite was when she’d be in the bathroom and he’d hide in the closet and pop out when she was about to step into the shower. He took her cries as passion and got off on it.

Her father was good at hiding his treacherous acts from Gabe. Ever since their mother had died, Gabe had been out working to keep their home. He’d kept them from bankruptcy and he was often gone for days at a time. Her father used that to his advantage. Raping her over and over while Gabe was away.

This particular night, however, wasn’t his lucky night. When her father was finished using her that night, he’d tossed her to the floor. He’d finished himself off by spraying his cum all over her dress. Then he’s went to his room, slammed the door and she hoped went to bed.

She lay there for a time crying. She was hurt, although not badly. She was ashamed and blamed herself. If she hadn’t gone with her friends, he wouldn’t have been so rough. He wouldn’t have been angry and he wouldn’t have hurt her. He’d have slipped into her bed, got off inside her and slipped back out.

When the front door opened, she tried to cover herself. She wasn’t expecting Gabe and neither was her father. Otherwise, she would have been raped in her room, not the common area.

Gabe knelt beside her, “What happened to you Sarah?”

She just cried softly, resting her head on his knee. He brushed her hair from her face, caressing her cheeks before tucking the loose strands behind her ear. He craddled her face in his hand, begging her to tell him who’d hurt her.

She couldn’t though, so she pulled gangbang porno away and got to her feet. She turned for the steps, but lost her balance and fell against Gabe’s strong, muscular chest. He steadied her and whispered, “Let me help you sweetie.”

She let Gabe’s strong frame support her as she made her way upstairs. Thankfully her father had been so drunk he must have passed out and he hadn’t heard them make their way to the second floor.

When they reached the bathroom, he helped her inside. He locked the door behind them and helped her slip out of her dress. Her thighs had begun to bruise from the roughness, her cheeks were tear stained and she had bruises in the shape of handprints on her arms.

Gabe’s shock at seeing her this way, the anger in his eyes. “Sarah, who the hell did this to you? I’ll go wake father and we’ll go kill the bastard!”

She just sobbed, turning her back to him.

He crossed the small room in two steps, pulling her back against him. “Just tell me Sarah, we’ll get him for hurting you.”

She shook, her body wracked with sobs. She felt she’d never stop. He turned her toward him, his hand ran down her cheek, cupping her chin.

As she looked into his deep blue eyes, she knew she couldn’t hide it from him any longer. “It wasn’t just anyone, it WAS father!”

She began to cry, collapsing against him.

“That bastard! I’ll kill him myself!! How dare he put his hands on you!!”

Gabe’s voice got louder, he was almost shouting. She was afraid, so afraid that if their father knew she’d told her brother, he’d kill them both.

She slipped a finger over his lips, “Please, don’t! He’ll just kill us both.”

His features were hardened, his eyes glowing with anger. “You sleep with me tonight, we’ll go out to the camper where we used to play. Until I can figure out how to protect you.”

He helped her into the shower, turning his back to her as she undressed. She had watched him, determined to save her from their vile father. She quickly cleansed herself from all his disgusting stench.

When she finished, she’d wrapped herself in a towel and he’d led her to her bedroom. He guarded the door as she’d put on a bra and panties, pulled on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, tugged on her socks and boots.

After packing a bag with all the clothes her father wouldn’t let her wear, she’d grabbed a few of her personal items and the money she’d hidden from her father.

They quietly stepped out into the hallway. She slipped her hand in Gabe’s and his fingers intertwined with hers. He pulled her close to him, breathing into her hair, “I won’t let him hurt you again, I promise.”

They slowly made their way down the stairs, across the room and out the door before their father awoke. They ran across the field, toward the old path that led to the camping area her father had forbid them to go to when their mother died.

Making their way through the woods, it was dark and she was afraid. Gabe had wrapped his arm around her shoulder and held her close.

When they arrived, the old camper looked worn and beat up on the outside, but once they’d gotten inside and barred the door, it was heaven for them. He’d carried her to the back, laying her on the old bed. He climbed up beside her, the light from the moon reflecting across her face. czech harem porno

He pulled her against him, kissing her forehead. She rested against him, feeling his warmth and the heat between them. She could feel his throbbing cock against her stomach. She was shocked that he was hard, but not in an angry way.

She looked up at his face in the pale moonlight, he was so handsome. He was her protector, her bodyguard, she wanted him as her lover too.

She leaned up, pressing her lips to his. The warmth of him, the closeness. It got the best of both of them. She felt the electric force between them, connecting them.

Her lips parted, his tongue caressed hers. They lay like that for awhile, kissing, holding each other.

Finally, he spoke up, “If we keep this up, I’m going to explode. I need you Sarah, do you need me?”

Her hands pulled his face back to hers. She answered him with her lips. Teasing and tugging on his, begging him for more without one word.

He pulled her onto him, she pulled her legs up, sitting in his lap, his fresh, warm meat pressing against her wetness. He pulled the sweatshirt she wore over her head. The red lacy bra she wore screamed “Fuck Me” and he intended to do just that. Tugging his shirt over his head, he tossed it aside and moved her to her back, so she was under him.

As her breasts covered in red lace pressed against his bare chest, he kissed her, deeper, more passionately. She rubbed his muscles, teasing him with her nails on his back. His tongue tasted her sweetness, loving her more every moment.

She begged him to be inside her, but he wanted to take his time. He didn’t know if she would ever allow him full access to her body again and he didn’t want to miss anything. He slipped her sweatpants down, tossing them to the pile of their disguarded clothing on the floor. She lay beneath him, looking like an angel in red. She was so beautiful in her bra and panties. He almost came all over himself.

She lay looking at his face, smiling. She’d never been this loved, never felt this beautiful. She never wanted to forget this moment. She opened her legs, allowing his body to get closer to hers.

He kissed and suckled her neck, teasing her and forcing her to beg for more. She held his face while he opened her bra, while he suckled her nipple. It was hard, protruding and begging to be teased.

He was more than happy to tease her, to please her. He wanted to be the one she made love to every night. Cupping her breasts, he pushed them up, burying his face. He licked and sucked and licked and sucked. She needed him more and more. Her panties grew wet, soggy with her juices.

She needed him, she wanted him inside her. Her legs wrapped tightly around her waist, his cock was pressing against her, rubbing against the lace. She could feel him, he was big, bigger than her father and gentle too. He would be a wonderful, caring lover. If only she could get him inside her.

He lowered himself, tugging her panties down to reveal her bare, pink cunt. Her clit was swollen and he knew she would cum at the instant his tongue found her love button.

He softly kissed her thighs and stomach. His hands kept her legs open, allowing him to breathe in her sweet scent.

His mouth found her sweet spot. He hungrily buried his face between czech mega swingers porno her thighs. She arched her back and begged for mercy, he couldn’t help himself. She was so sweet and innocent, his cock was already about to burst. He had to have her now.

She felt orgasm after orgasm sweeping over her body. Her back arched upward and her legs pushed closed, but he wouldn’t remove his tongue from her tender nub. He teased and tickled, slurped and flicked at it.

She screamed out for the fifth time, begging him to stop. Wanting him inside her, instead of his face teasing her love hole. He finally acknowledged her, lifting his face and searching in the darkness for her.

She sat up facing him, fumbling with the button and zipper, she spoke softly. Teasingly, she asked him, “You want me to suck you off? How badly do you want to be inside my mouth?”

His tender little sister was a whore in bed. He loved it. He replied back, “Sarah, quick teasing and suck my cock!”

She tugged his pants down, letting his cock spring free. It hit her breasts, wetting them with pre-cum. She took his full length in quickly. He pressed her head forward to him, forcing her to take him entirely in. She choked, but she managed to keep him there for a moment, his dick poking her throat.

Sarah bobbed her head, over and over. Doing this thing with her tongue that had him about to explode. She finally licked from tip to balls, taking care to suckle each of his balls. Surprisingly he had shaved his entire area, she loved the feel in her mouth.

Suddenly, he released his cock from her mouth and pushed her back on the bed. He climbed over her, pressing her tits together. He slipped his cock between her tits, pushing in and out. She flicked her tongue out, wetting the head.

Slick now, his cock slipped between her breasts easier and easier. He pumped over and over, his balls tightening with each motion. He grasped her by the back of the head for one final thrust before he moved off of her.

Laying in the middle of the huge bed, she looked so small and innocent. He was about to burst and he had to contain himself. He needed to be able to enter her without spraying her insides full of his cum.

She slid to the end of the bed and flipped onto her stomach. She teased him, slowly propping her ass up toward his cock. He could see her silhouette in the dim light, she was fucking hot. Her ass backed against his hard cock. She was teasing him, begging to be fucked. His little sister the whore!

He moved fast, slipping between her thighs into her tight little pussy. He spread her with his large girth. She moaned, begging for more. His cock pushing deeper and deeper inside her, he could feel her stretching to hold all of her.

He pumped and pumped, sweat pouring off his muscles. She got louder and louder, he was glad they didn’t stay at the house. He’d have had to explode in her mouth to keep her from screaming!

Finally, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pressed deep inside her, holding her against him. She arched her back and he pulled her up into his arms. She leaned her face into his neck, he kissed her chest. He held her legs, she was spread wide with his dick deep inside her.

He felt his explosion, he couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to. He sprayed his cum deep inside his little sister. She kept him inside of her, sucking him dry.

They collapsed onto the bed, he pulled her close against him. She fell asleep in his arms, with promises of safety and love. He watched over her as she slept, unsure what tomorrow would bring. He was happy, though, and content. He would always cherish and love her, forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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