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Author’s Note: Please give this story a chance before you bail-out on it. From other reader’s comments, I have learned the longer you stick with this story, the more likely you are to finish it. So get your sense-of-humor and imagination ready! Thank You for your Patience.


Sean grew excited, hearing the knocking at his front door. The escort agency had dispatched a new girl to answer his call tonight, and he looked forward eagerly to meeting her. Imagine his disappointment when he opened his front door and saw a bunny rabbit standing there.

Had the agency that had been so reliable, made some sort of mistake, sending him a bunny? She was a cute bunny, he supposed, she had large brown eyes and smiled at him sweetly, innocently. She was grey, with long white ears and a fuzzy white tail.

“You’re a bunny rabbit,” Sean said, pointing out the obvious. She nodded her head, wiggling in delight.

“Yes sir! I’m a bunny rabbit,” She said, her foot suddenly twitching, thumping down on his wooden porch rapidly. “My name is Thumper.”

Certainly, Sean thought, there must be some mix-up. The agency had never mixed-up his calls. The agency had always been very reliable. But his agency had sent him Thumper.

“But I didn’t order a. . .” Sean explained. The suddenly sad looking Thumper’s ears drooped noticeably, and her foot stopped thumbing on his porch. Looking out over her, into the street, Sean began to wonder if the people who lived across the street had seen this cute bunny come to his door. “Come in, come in, please,” Sean said, opening his front door wide and standing aside, so Thumper could enter his home. He watched her as her ears quickly perked up, hoping she wouldn’t start that annoying thumping again.

“Thank you sir,” she said. “And can I say, sir that I am very pleased…”

“Wait a minute,” Sean interrupted. “Why did the agency send me a bunny?”

“Sir, I was the only young girl at the agency,” Thumper explained. “When you called that is. I have been there all day, hoping I would get a call, sir, do you understand?”

Though Sean nodded his head, he hardly understood at all. He led Thumper into the living room and asked her if she would like to sit down. “Thank you sir,” she said. She knelt down on the floor and leaned back, resting her little butt on her feet, and looked up at him with her large brown, her cute little nose wiggling just a bit. She seemed nervous, Sean decided, her nose wiggling like that.

“How old are you, Thumper?” Sean asked her.

“Eighteen, sir,” Thumper responded enthusiastically. “And I am a very healthy, energetic teen.”

“I see,” Sean said, not really seeing at all. “And you are really a rabbit? Or is that just a suit you are wearing?”

“I’m only part rabbit, sir,” she explained. “Much of this is just a costume. But not all of it. I really am very comfortable dressed like this, do you understand?” Sean nodded, again, not understanding at all. “Would you care for me to remove what I can sir?”

“Please, Thumper, if it wouldn’t bother you too much.” Sean answered, sitting down on his couch, curious. Young Thumper immediately stood before him, and peeled off her bunny suit, whatever would come off anyway. Sean grew more confused when he saw a slim, curvy young woman standing in front of him. She had long blonde hair, from which rose her pretty ears.

Well, she looked like a young teenage girl. But she was covered completely, except for her very cute face, with very short and fuzzy grey hair, all over her body. Sean wasn’t absolutely certain it covered her whole body, for she stood before him, still wearing a small furry white bra and furry white panties. He thought her fuzzy white underwear looked nice on her grey lightly furred body.

And her body! She was indeed a healthy little teen. He stood and approached her. At six feet tall, Sean towered over Thumper. She was a slim one, she was, Sean thought, with curvy hips, thin waist and flat tummy. It appeared she had firm breasts, under her fuzzy bikini, that seemed a little too large on her petite frame. Sean liked that in a girl. As he circled around behind her, admiring her firm fuzzy teenage legs, he noticed she had a tremendous ass. It didn’t really bother him so much, he thought, that right above her ass was a fuzzy white tail. Thumper’s tail seemed to be shaking somewhat.

“Does your tail shake like that always, Thumper?” Sean asked, admiring her ass some more, wondering what goodies lay under her shaking fuzzy white tail.

She twisted her upper body slightly around to answer him, fixing her large brown eyes on him. Sean saw her cute little human nose was quivering too. “Only when I am nervous, sir,” she explained. Sean nodded, as Thumper watched him circling her. Her ears seemed to follow him too, he saw, admiring their flexibility. She seemed to relax slightly, as he stood before her again.

Sean found himself wondering what he should do with this sexy thing before him. She certainly had otele gelen escort cute brown eyes, and full pink lips. She had a slightly bad case of buck-teeth, but what bunny girl wouldn’t, he thought to himself, as he looked at her standing anxiously before him . “Sir, if I might add. . .” She started.

“Call me Sean, please, Thumper.” he told her.

“Sean, please, I wanted to say that I am sure I can be very pleasing, if you will only give me the chance.” She said, enthusiastically.

. “I see,” Sean lied. “How long have you been at the agency, Thumper?”

“Almost a week sir,” Thumper said, with a brave smile.

“Hmm. . . and you have had how many calls?”

“For me? Specifically for me, sir?” She asked. Sean nodded. He saw her small smile fade, her ears droop.

“None sir, I mean Sean. . . but I have gone on three calls!” She added.

“And. . .?”

“This is as far as I have gotten, to be honest Sean. I have not been invited inside, until tonight.” She admitted, her ears drooping further. “There are not many calls for little bunny girls, Sean.” she added sadly, her ears dropping even further. Sean felt sad for Thumper. She had gone to work for almost a whole week, and hadn’t been fucked yet. Poor bunny girl . “Are you sexually. . .” Sean asked, “experienced?” Thumper’s ears immediately rose, tall and straight.

“Oh yes sir!” she claimed. “Me and my brother, we screw. . . we screw like little bunny rabbits Sean.”

“You little brother is. . .?”

“Eighteen too, Sean,” she answered, smiling bravely.

“And his. . .?”

“About the size of a small carrot, Sean,” she answered. Sean thought that may be trouble. He told her so.

“I am about the size of a cucumber, Thumper,” he said. “A large cucumber.” Thumper immediately showed signs of excitement, her foot thumping on his floor, her tail wiggling away. Her ears flexed several times, in confidence. Her excitement soon passed though, as she quickly regained her composure.

“I’m sure you will find me comfortably tight, Sean,” she promised. “And so eager to please.” Sean was encouraged by her bunny-like enthusiasm. He had further questions though.

“Anatomically, could you please. . . are you like. . .?”

“Just like a young teenage girl, Sean.” She promised. “I have a tight teen pussy, and a very tight teen ass.” She looked up at him with her large browns eyes. “My breasts are very firm sir, if you would like to examine them, perhaps?” Sean nodded.

“I would like to examine you breasts, Thumper, if it wouldn’t be a bother.” The young teen quickly unsnapped her furry white bikini top, and proudly showed Sean her breasts. Sean was very impressed with them. They looked very firm, and her pink fleshy nipples poked through her short grey fur, very hard and erect.

“May I feel them, Thumper?” Sean asked.

“Please Sean,” she answered, smiling. “Please feel my breasts.” Sean took a breast in each of his hands. His bunny girl immediately grew very excited, her foot thumping on the floor. “Oh Sean. . .”

Her breast felt very firm, and he enjoyed her soft grey fur, he found, as he stroked it, petted it. He liked how excited Thumper got as he fondled her firm full fuzzy breasts.

“Feel free to squeeze them,” She offered. “And pinch my hard nipples.” Sean did just that, squeezing her firm breasts gently, and pinching her hard erect nipples.

“Oh Sean,” She moaned. “I enjoy the feel of your hands on me, fondling my breasts.” Sean continued to fondle her, wondering if perhaps he wouldn’t keep this girl here, tonight.

Certainly, he was under no obligation to accept her, he could send her right back to the agency. But he liked her enthusiasm. Her excitement thrilled him a bit. She was a bit unusual, for sure, but perhaps it would be nice to fuck a young bunny girl for a change, he thought. But he knew he needed a bit more information.

“Thumper, would you mind removing the rest of your fuzzy bikini?” Sean asked. She shook her head, and quickly removed her bikini bottoms. And stood before him. “Would you mind turning around, and perhaps bending over a bit.” Thumper shook her head. She wouldn’t mind in the least.

She turned away from Sean, and slowly spread her legs, and leaning forward, resting her hands on her furry knees. Sean grew excited at what he saw. Her little pussy was furry, for sure. But it was a puffy little pussy, with pretty pink fleshy pussy lips rising slightly out of her soft grey fur. Sean admired her little pussy and told her so.

“You have a very pretty little pussy, Thumper,” He said.

“Thank you Sean,” she answered sweetly. “It would gladly welcome your large cucumber, if I may be so bold. . .”

Sean appreciated her answer, but began to wonder about her little butt hole, when he saw her little fuzzy white tail raise up. Underneath, was a pretty pink asshole. It looked very very tight to Sean.

“That’s a very cute and pendik escort tight looking asshole, Thumper,” Sean said. She thanked him again.

“It’s my weakness, my tight little asshole, Sean. Do you understand? You see, I love it when my brother puts his little thing in my tight little butt hole,” Thumper said with a little giggle. Sean liked that trait in a girl, he certainly did, and it was not an ordinary trait, he knew. Sean decided, then and there to give his little bunny girl a whirl. Why not. He may never get a chance like this again, he pondered.

“Well, Thumper, I have decided,” Sean said to her. She looked up at him, her brown eyes wide, her long white ears twitching with excitement. “I have decided to give you a try.” She immediately began thumping her foot quickly, something that Sean found a little annoying. “Perhaps, Thumper, you could restrain your anxious little foot?” The thumping immediately died down.

“I’m very…” She started, her foot thumping twice again on his floor. “Oopsy! I’m very sorry Sean,” She said with little giggle. “It happens when I get excited, you see?” Thump. Thump. Sean smiled at his young girl encouragingly.

“Would you like something to drink, or a snack, Thumper?” Sean asked kindly.

“Perhaps Sean, if you have a small carrot, or maybe some lettuce?” Sean knew he was out of lettuce, but thought maybe he had a carrot or two in his refrigerator. He went to check, and soon returned with a small fresh carrot for her.

“Please, Thumper, sit down and make yourself comfortable.” Thumper sat down on his couch, and Sean sat next to her, as she crossed her nice legs in front of her on the couch. She examined her carrot, and dipped it down between her legs, and slid the tip of her small carrot between her pretty pink pussy lips, just a bit, and pulled it out. Sean watched her closely, as she slid the carrot into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it sensually, sucking on it lightly.

“Mmm.” she said. Soon she nibbled the end of the carrot off. She chewed it slowly, and swallowed.

“This is a very tasty carrot, Sean.” Sean was glad she enjoyed her carrot, and watched her as she dipped it between her legs again, sliding it lightly into her pussy.

“That’s unusual, Thumper,” Sean commented. “To eat a carrot that way.” Thumper looked at him, again slowly sticking the carrot in her mouth, sucking on it lightly, and moaning.

“Mm…I like bunny juice, Sean,” She explained, biting of a small bit if her carrot. “On my carrots. It taste very very good.” She dipped the carrot to her pussy again, getting it juicy. She held it up for him. “Would you like a bite of my carrot, Sean, with some juice on it?” Nodding his head, he said yes, he certainly would! She leaned over, holding the carrot in front of Sean’s open mouth, and slowly sliding it in. Sean sucked on the carrot, tasting her bunny juice. It was marvelous! Sean had never tasted anything like it before.

“Your bunny juice tastes wonderful, Thumper!” She was very pleased to here this and smiled proudly.

“My brother sure does think so.”

“Thumper, may I please…lick some juice from your furry little pussy?” Sean asked, hoping he wasn’t offending her.

“Oh Sean! I think I that would be wonderful!” Thumper turned to face him on the couch, and leaned back, resting on her elbows. Her legs fell slowly apart for Sean. “Please Sean, help yourself to all the juice you want.” He looked between her fuzzy little legs, seeing her pretty pink lips and dove right in. Her little pussy, though furry, was very soft and puffy. He found little bunny girls could be very sensitive.

“Oh Sean! Your tongue feels so good on my little pussy, please lick away!” Sean was soon flooded with juice as he licked and licked between her soft wet pussy lips. Her pussy was very firm and wet, and exactly like a teen girls pussy should be, but tasted very very good! He slipped a finger into Thumper’s pussy, to get more juice from her, and found her to be very tight and warm inside. She moaned encouragements to him.

“Good Sean, good!” She moaned “You are making me very wet with bunny juice, licking me and fingering me like that.” Soon Sean felt her little foot thumping away on the back of the couch. “I’m so sorry Sean, I’ll try to control myself better,” She cried. He assured her it was ok. He was learning young bunny girls could be excitable. Her fury thighs were soon squeezing Sean’s face lightly, as she rubbed the top of his head with her furry hands, cooing softly and moaning his name.

“Oh Sean, yes baby, lick me Sean…You are so good Sean!” She moaned. Sean felt happy to be pleasing Thumper. When he looked up at her, she was just sticking her carrot back into her mouth, sucking on it with an eagerness that excited him. She pulled it out soon, though, as she started to moan louder.

“I’m cumming Sean, please don’t stop licking me Sean, oh please keep going, oh please, oh it feels rus escort so so good! Whheee!” Sean was flooded with more bunny juice than he could imagine. And he tried to suck it all up, licking and nibbling lightly and her long pussy lips, and catching the juice as it dripped down toward her ass hole. “Oh Sean, that’s wonderful!” Too soon though, Thumper was pulling his head up from her lap.

“I get very sensitive after my orgasms, Sean,” She explained as the very tip of her ears folded over, again and again. She saw him watching her ears, and explained. “They do that, when I am in this excited state, Sean, I hope that doesn’t bother you.” Sean shook his head.

“No Thumper, I like your expressive ears.” Sean told her, softly petting her furry thighs. She began to rub her hard little nipples when he said that, telling him he said the nicest things to her.

“I think you are very sweet, Sean,” She said smiling shyly at him, while beginning to massage her ample breasts.

“May I rub your breasts for you Thumper?” Sean asked.”Please do Sean, I would enjoy it if you rubbed my breasts.” she said. “But do you have a bed, Sean, perhaps, we could…”

“Certainly Thumper, please follow me.” Thumper picked up her little bunny suit, and hopped after Sean. In his room, Sean took off all his cloths, and lay back on his bed, his young Thumper following him. She crawled on top of him and hung her full firm furry breasts over his face. Sean was soon petting them, suckling them, and massaging them to the obvious delight of a thumping Thumper. Soon, Sean felt a warm furry hand wrap around his cucumber sized organ, which had grown very hard. He thought her furry hand felt marvelous as it began to massage his cock.

“You have such a beautiful BIG cock, Sean,” She declared. “It excites me to no end…” She began to coo softly and then asked Sean a very very serious question.

“May I, Sean,” Thumper asked shyly, “Kiss your cock, please?” Sean groaned and encouraged his little bunny girl to take his cock into her mouth. Sean briefly grew forlorn when she swung her full firm furry breast from his face, but grew happy again, when she spun around and he found himself looking up at her fleshy pink pussy lips. He stroked them several times, collecting more juice from her. He saw that often her little fuzzy white bunny tail rose, twitching in excitement, exposing her little pink asshole.

And her mouth! It was so full of saliva, warm and soft. Little bunny girls, he soon learned had absolutely NO gag reflex. He felt very pleasured as Thumper sucked hard on his cock, except…

“Thumper, could you perhaps be a little more carefully with your cute little buck teeth?” Sean asked. Her little fuzzy white tail wiggled in affirmation. As her little furry bunny hand massaged his large balls, Sean felt himself growing excited. He suggested that perhaps he and Thumper move on to other things. Thumper was here to please, she assured him, Spinning around again, her pussy over his cock.

“Maybe, Sean, you would like me to mount you?” She asked, with a very cute smile and large brown eyes. “With my pussy, Sean?” Sean nodded, that would be nice. Slowly, Thumper began to lower herself onto his cucumber sized cock. She felt wonderful, Sean thought, as she slid down his cock. He was amazed with her long white fuzzy ears, as they twitched, folded and stretched as she took pleasure in him beginning to fill her.

“Oh My, Sean,” Thumper cried. “Oh me oh My! What a nice cock, oh it is filling me so!” She squirmed on him excitedly, delighting Sean, visually and physically. What a wonderful girl, Sean thought. Her pussy was so warm, soft and wet. She had very powerful, and talented, young pussy muscles, and they squeezed him just right. “Oh yes! Oh yes! You feel so good!” she cried, her little foot thumping next to his knee. “Oh fuck me! Oh fuck me! Brrrrrr!” She began to slide up and down on his cock, her firm sexy bunny legs easily lifting her up his cock and quickly lowering her, again and again. Her little pussy muscles tugging and squeezing his cock so pleasantly. Sean felt his lap soon covered in juice. Thumper lay her fuzzy little hands on his chest and looked into his eyes. “I love riding your hard cock with my tight teen pussy, Sean, I love it I love it Ewwww.” She cried, her ears expressing their joy, reaching for his face, as she leaned down over him, and stoking his cheeks. He felt her warm breath on his chest, her ears on his face, her pussy sliding up and down his cock so tight, so wet, so warm. And….

Thumper began to purr, and her purring grew more loud as her hips thrust her pussy up and down on his cock faster and faster. Soon the purring was vibrating his hard cock so wonderfully, and just right, too!

“I cumming!” she cried, her ears hugging his face tighter. “Cumming! It feels so good! You’re so big! Ohhhhh!” Sean lost control just then, and his cock began to pump his semen into Thumper. Lots of semen. Thumper’s pussy muscles seemed to grasp him tighter, more intimately, as she rose and milked him of his semen. Sean groaned pleasurably, excitedly, thrilled with his little teen girl and her tight teen pussy. Soon, her ears were lightly stroking his face, as Sean found himself looking into her large brown smiling eyes. Her purring was gradually dying down, to Sean’s disappointment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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