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Dave picked up the phone … His prick surged as he heard her quiet but sexy “hi”….. “and Hi to you” he replied without thinking.

“I have got to see you soon” Annette breathed into the phone.

“Don’t waste a minute come down now” ….he replied.

On the other end of the phone Annette was struggling to come to terms with her sudden flush of desire. She felt the tension build up between her legs, her nipples were standing out like beacons, her breasts were hard, her mouth felt dry. She fell back against the wall in her first ever phone call orgasm.

To Dave It seems only seconds before she was at the houseboat door.

“What a woman”!!! he thought out loud as he opened the door.

His eyes travelled from her painted crimson toes to her feet made sexier by the black stiletto heels.

Slowly ever so slowly his eyes slid up her long legs. Legs that were provocatively encased in shiny black stockings.

He licked his lips as he imagined the touch of her stockings especially the lace around the top so close to her sex.

His eyes reached the flimsy silk mini that barely hid her pussy lips, or the cheeks of her backside. She was squirming and blushing like a teenager under the intensity of his scrutiny

She could smell his passion . She felt the heat between her legs and she reached out to softly stroke his face.

His eyes rose from her waist ,staring into her eyes. He moved to touch her for the first time since she entered the room;

Annette’s mind raced as she waited for him to kiss her.

Would his kisses have the excitement that had seduced her a few days ago…?

Within minutes she had the answer. She felt her self grow moist at the touch of his lips so sexy but so soft .

The kiss took on its own life, as their lips parted and their tongues met. Their mouths grew wet their breaths grew ragged and loud. They explored each others mouth in a kiss that she later described as having curled her toes forcing her feet from her shoes.

Her nipples ached for his touch. Her pussy was sopping wet. His hands never escort bostancı moved from holding her face. Her brains screamed

For god sake get a move on!!!fuck me!!!come on fuck me!!

His mouth sucked her tongue deep inside .He seemed to taste her as his mouth and extra long tongue explored the limits of her mouth and throat .

All sorts of thoughts were rushing through her brain, memories of his large thick penis and his copious cum were now joined by her discovery that his tongue was not only filling her mouth but was reaching places where she had never had a tongue reach before.

Annette moaned, arching her back pressing her breasts hard against his chest and pushing her warm moist thighs hard against his rampant cock.

He inhaled her scent. He seemed to run his nose over her smelling her heat.. His mouth nibbled on her lips. He kissed along her jaw around to her ear, quickly slipping his tongue in and out of her ear, then biting then taking the whole ear in his mouth, taking her breath away with the electricity his tongue was creating.

His hands roamed through the hair along the back of her neck drawing her tighter and tighter to his mouth and his nibbling nipping lips.

His lips licking and nibbling trailed down her neck, then up and down again, and again.

His kisses and caresses sent a shiver up her spine. She gasped as her moisture seeped then seemed to flow from her body.

She looked into his eyes and saw the molten desire.

A moan escaped from her lips, he had brought her to a peak again and again with his kisses. Her juices were flowing down her legs.

She was his.

He could do anything he wanted with her she was his sex toy his plaything but still he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to use her.

His hands were moving down along the side of her body lingering over her hips then moving on to her thighs and to her pussy.

His hands reached the zip of her mini , as the zip opened she shrugged her hips to let it drop to the floor. His hands roamed over the silky tops of her stockings ümraniye escort to her freshly shaven pussy.

His hands stopped there, but there was nothing to stop him . she had not worn anything under the mini .

“Christ” he thought she would have had her pussy fully exposed as she drove down to meet me.

His prick reared at the thought.

His fingers caressed the tops of her legs, and then playfully pinched her pussy’s warm folds. His fingers teasingly entered her and then withdrew.

He felt the tremors running through her body as he guided her towards the bed, still kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders.

He gently lay her on the bed and stood looking down in amazement at this most beautiful horny creature. She lay there , legs bent, lipstick all over her face, her beautiful pussy shiny with passion .

Annette was crooning “I want you!!! hurry!!! I want you!!! Make love to me!!! Pleaseeee, Oh please fuck me”

His rampant cock poked out the bottom of his shorts, his red brown body burnt by years of sun glistened with sweat. He licked his lips as he dropped his shorts and his cock freed of its constraints stood out like a flagpole.

He placed a knee each side of her thighs. Squatting over her his hands softly stroked her breasts.

She could stand no more.

Her legs moved quickly, wrapping themselves around his back pulling him down . Her hands reached for his head drawing his lips down to her breasts.

His hungry horny mouth engulfed her whole breast, then eased off licking in circles around her nipple and along under the firm yet soft breast. .He moved a hand to the other breast and tweaked and pulled her nipple.

But she wanted to fuck and she would not be denied.

Her hand grabbed his hot horny cock and fed it inch by inch into her swollen pussy

Her mouth was impatient as it roamed over his chest and neck, biting on his nipple, making little sucking noises, “Put it in, fuck me, you lovely sweet thing” she crooned as she pushed her hips up to take his enormous cock right kartal escort bayan in to the hilt.

They lay together , “your so big so hard” she moaned

“Your beautiful, you are the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.. your magnificent” he responded.

Gradually they started to move at first slowly….. then frantically….. as their emotions took over. At first it was like a battle as they seemed to fight for control, then they both started to move together.

He gripped the cheeks of her arse and pulled her hard against him with each stroke. Her finger nails dug into his back drawing blood.

“I want it all give it to me deeper, deeper” she cried

He drove into her with all his strength as he did the bed bounced and rattled; he could feel the house boat move as they bucked together…

“Oh oh oh” she moaned, her body bounced under his onslaught…The wind was bounced out of her making little grunting noises. “uh uh uh uh uh uh”

Her head rolled back, her eyes rolled in her head as his throbbing enlarged prick filled her.

Her bloated pussy was wrapped tightly around him she could feel every inch as it plunged…. in an out….. in and out.

He could feel their juices running down between them. He plunged into her hard, then harder, deeper and deeper.

She felt her built up and then the flow of her juices as his cock erupted.

Slowly they kissed and stroked each other as they relaxed and regained their breath. He kissed her eyes closed, playing with her sweat soaked nipples.

His fingers stroked her inner thigh, one slowly entering her, then another. One sought her very sensitive nub, the other curled up and in, touching a spot that sent waves of shuddering emotion throughout her body.

Annette was in turmoil her live was changing by the minute.

For years she had been the head of the districts social set. She and the in crowd had frowned on those who paraded their infidelities or were caught cheating and went through messy divorces.

Her life had been well ordered and planned.

Now here she was on his houseboat, on her back, legs wide open, after being fucked…… and fucked…… and fucked, hoping and praying that David who she had known for less than a week would continue to want her and not treat her like a one day wonder…

More to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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