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“Let’s go downstairs,” he said, looking for some time to get himself together. “There’s the futon down there.”

Shari said, twirling slightly, standing in front of him stark naked, pale and delicious, “Sure.” She tossed her head, making her lush short hair swish around her face. She turned and walked to the basement door, and he had to hurry after her and her sashaying ass.

The basement wasn’t much, kind of dingy, but the rec room was nice enough; it had been the first project he and Sara had done when they bought the house. Now, as he rushed after Shari, it made him think of rec rooms from his teen years, places to illicitly make out. The thought made him smile to himself. He skipped to Shari’s back as she opened the hollow-core door and playfully tapped her fine, fine ass. She laughed out loud and ran to the futon.

He half-tackled her, grabbing her waist and pressing up against her from behind. She went down on the bed, and he covered her, gently holding himself above her, pressing lightly against her shoulders and back. She opened her legs and he adjusted, running his nicely hard cock between her legs, gently rubbing the very tip against the lips of her lovely pussy. Her lower hair tickled the head of his cock, and he carefully contacted her, sliding, until she was wholly wet again.

Shari said, turning her head, “Kiss me.”

He complied, beşiktaş escort leaning up, an act that made his cock bend down and nestle between her amazing ass cheeks. The kiss was awesome, perfect. He could smell her, feel her, and she was smiling as she kissed him, and then raised up with her lower body and smushed her ass against his body. He had to gasp out loud, and Shari giggled.

She said, laughingly, “Aren’t you just the ass man.”

“Uh hunh,” he grunted, and pushed his cock against her, delighting in the feeling. “Jesus Christ, you’re beautiful,” he said. “You are gorgeous.”

Shari humphed a little and said, “Let me up and let me turn over. I wanna get nailed down.”

He reluctantly allowed it, raising up and getting off her sideways. As he did she flipped over, quickly and lightly. She spread her legs, bent her knees, and grabbed his head to kiss him again. He couldn’t wait at all and got between her excellent legs, positioned himself, and pushed into her. She gasped and groaned, then bucked a little, and with a mutual shove they were fucking again.

Shari whispered, kissing him, “Pound me.”

He did it.

They positioned themselves, nicely, and he nailed her to the futon mattress, fucking roughly. Shari made some real noise, a series of “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” yelps, beşyol escort and he found the sound of her voice cut through his thoughts and emptied his head of anything but the sensation of her thin, sensual body. He got rougher, really slamming into her, and she got even louder.

“AH! AH! AH!” She wrapped her legs around him, clenched his neck, and took him. She was really yelling, now, and was muttering in between the yelps, which had turned into shouts, and as he slammed into her she moved her legs. He could feel her wetness, she was really, seriously wet, and he just pounded her body.

Shari came. He couldn’t believe how fast she came. The buildup of sexual frustration took over and she let it all go, slamming against him, shouting in his ear, and had a solid, workmanlike orgasm, grabbing on him and digging fingers into his back. She screamed in his ear.


Then he came, and when he came inside of her, she came again. It was amazing, and something he’d only managed with Sara a couple of times, and that with the ‘help’ of some toys. This happened spontaneously, and he had to let himself go and enjoy it, fucking Shari as he came. She took him, shouting obscenities and slamming on his cock, taking his come and thrashing madly. She grabbed his hair and clenched him close, beykent escort her volume settling down and her body slowing movement.

He heard himself yelling something, but couldn’t tell what it was; he was too out of it.

After a few more spasms he was done, but he stayed on top of her, covering her body with his and weighing her down. When she finally let go with her arms, hands, and legs, she flopped her hands straight out at 90 degree angles and spread her legs. He slowly, carefully, slipped out of her body and settled sideways next to her.

“Uh. Fuck almighty,” Shari said. “Fuck.” She licked her lips. “God damn I needed that.”

They laid like that for a while, Shari with her arms splayed out, chest heaving. Then he saw she was laughing. She said, “You yelled out your wife’s name while you were fucking me.”

He tried to think what he’d said, but couldn’t manage it. He said, reflexively, “Sorry about that.”

Shari turned to look at him, laughing. “Sorry for what? It’s funny, it’s sweet.” She sat up, stretching. “I am so totally telling Sara you did that. It’s sweet.” She arched her back, showing off her fabulous ass on the futon mattress. “Oh, fuck, I needed that. Thanks.”

She stood up, pale and naked. She said, “Well, I gotta go get Connor from the sitter. Thanks again.” She looked around. “You guys did a good job on this room, I like it.”

He looked around. “Thanks.”

Than Shari walked out the door and upstairs. He listened. He heard her go in the bathroom, then heard her get dressed, and when he heard her sandals walk to the back door and leave, he sat up, thinking about what had just happened.

He knew he was in for an interrogation from his wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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