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This is the fourth part of an incest story, taking place between a twenty-six-year-old daughter and her father. In fact every character in this story is over the age of thirty except for the first person twenty-six year old narrator.

Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, and more on Sharing a Bed with Daddy, SABWD Part Two, and SABWD Part Three, all of which you should read before this one for context.

As with all my stories, this takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.

Please check my profile to read about a contest I’m running in September for one of my other series.

This one has a longer build up than some of my others, so please be gracious in indulging my story. This story also contains some peeing, not in an erotic way, but in a voyeuristic way, so if pee-play isn’t your thing don’t worry when you get to that part.

This series started as an experiment. I’ve written some incest before, but this was my deepest dive into it. Thanks for your indulgence into one of my kink interests.

Enjoy reading!



From Part Three

“Whenever you want.” I said. “Tell me when you want me and I’m yours.”

“Don’t tempt me.” He said quietly.

I pulled him close and put my mouth to his ear.

“I want to taste your cock.” I whispered to him. “Consider that your invitation to temptation. Call me and tell when you want me.”

I kissed him quickly and got into my car. I started it, and with my foot on the brake began to roll down the driveway.

“I have about twenty miles until I get to the crossroads. One fork takes me home.” I said. “The other means neither of us will have to sleep alone tonight. Call me.”

I moved my foot to the gas pedal and headed for the road.


And now:

I sat watching the clothes spin in the laundromat dryer, pretending to read a magazine, but in reality I was staring at an ad for running shoes and thinking.

Just three hours ago I’d left my childhood home which my father had just sold. A ferocious rainstorm had caused me to unexpectedly stay the night, and because we hadn’t planned on me staying over my father and I had ended up sharing an old rollaway bed.

In that narrow bed I had crossed a sexual line with my father that I’d never seriously contemplated crossing outside of my fantasies.

And we didn’t just cross it once either.

I’d stroked his cock until he unloaded in my panties, and then later during the night he’d fucked me, and I’d happily let him pump me full of his cum.

And then right before I left he’d made me cum again, fucking me from behind in the empty house.

I’d let him know before I drove away that a simple phone call was all it would take for me to scrap my plans of heading back to my apartment in favor of joining him at his new house.

And I’d made it clear that I was very willing to join him for more sexual exploration.

I’d been less than five miles into my trip when my phone had chirped with his incoming text.


I’d smiled, knowing that even though he was probably struggling with the reality of what we’d done, he obviously wasn’t ready to nail that door shut quite yet.

I’d begun immediately to fantasize about what we’d do that night, and wondered exactly how much I could read into the text he’d sent.

After cumming in me last night he’d briefly gone down on me. Now I wondered if he wanted to spend longer licking and tasting his own load as it oozed out of me but had held back for fear of going too far with me.

Of course that wouldn’t have been too far. My father would have no way of knowing this, but I have a cum fetish myself, and would have delighted in tasting his cum on his lips, after he’d sucked and licked it from my swollen cunt.

I realized that I was making myself horny.

I’d walked out of that house for the last time with my pussy lips swollen and dripping from the fucking he’d just given me, and it didn’t take much to bring my body back up to the edge of sexual need.

But if I wasn’t going home there were some realities that I had to deal with.

I needed a change of clothes. At the moment I was wearing a t-shirt, a bra, jeans and some old running shoes. My panties were balled up and sodden with Daddy’s cum.

All my clothes from yesterday had gotten wet in the storm, and they were wrapped up inside the cum and sweat covered sheets we’d fucked on last night, the whole bundle needing to be laundered.

And of course I needed a shower. I’d showered before leaving my apartment yesterday morning, with the intention of returning last night. I’d had a change of clothes with me but hadn’t really thought I would need them.

I was far from a germaphobe or neat-freak, but the idea of spending too much more time unbathed didn’t appeal to me. Nor did the idea of putting on something dirty afterwards.

I could easily tipobet365 yeni giriş stop and buy something new to wear, I decided. And I could buy shampoo and bodywash, so showering at my dad’s new place shouldn’t really be a problem.

I wanted to time my arrival for after the movers were done unloading, so I purposely drove the speed limit and stopped to dawdle over an early lunch. Loaded up on food and gas and caffeine, I got in the car again, determined to find someplace to shop to help fill in the time.

I soon found an outlet mall, and headed for one of my favorite stores. I bought a package of inexpensive socks, a sweatshirt, three t-shirts, two pair of jeans, a package of cotton panties, and two sports bras.

Before I checked out I got bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and added some mid-range perfume to my cart. I figured that some of this I could maybe leave at my father’s new house for another visit, and the rest would buy me a day or two until I could get home and do laundry.

On the way to the checkout I bought a new gym bag, big enough to fit all the clothes I just bought and then some.

As I was putting the bags into the car, I noticed a boutique across the street. An adult boutique. The sort of place that several years ago would only have existed out by the airport, catering to men buying movies and inflatable toys in brown paper bags.

Now they cater to women almost exclusively and carry much more in the way of lingerie and toys for couples. Although if one still wants an evening of solitary masturbatory fun the store will happily sell you what you need to make that happen, regardless of your gender.

I moved the car closer to the boutique and sat thinking for a minute. I had an idea in my head, but I wanted to think about it a bit more.

I decided to give myself a good excuse to sit and think.

I got into my trunk and tore the tags off of my new purchases and added them to mine and my father’s wet clothes from the evening before, along with the two sheets from the rollaway bed, and my panties that I’d used to give him a handjob.

I then drove back towards the place where I’d had lunch and found the laundromat that I’d seen. I parked and headed inside with my load. I used my credit card to buy soap and dryer sheets, and to get coins out of the machine.

Then I sorted all my laundry and started three different washers going. And while they were washing I sat and thought.

I had no desire to turn my relationship with my father into something romantic or long term. Not only did that seem like a disaster waiting to happen for both of us emotionally, but I was also very sure that that’s not what he wanted either.

However, I had no problem exploring this with him. He obviously had been without sexual release for a long time, and if I could help him find sexual pleasure and avoid jerking off to dirty magazines then I felt like I was doing him a real favor.

Besides I loved him and wanted him to be happy. And along those lines he might be someone safe for me to explore with, someone who would be slow and patient, and willing to indulge me in some things I wanted to try.

He’d obviously enjoyed the feel of my panties on his cock when I used them to catch his cum. If I hadn’t been worried about making a mess, I wouldn’t have done that, but since I had it was an image I couldn’t get out of my head.

Even if he wasn’t fantasizing about pumping another load of his hot cum into a pair of my panties I certainly was.

And if he wanted to do it again, I certainly wanted to be prepared, and the pack of cheap cotton panties I’d just bought probably weren’t the most erotic thing in the world to use.

In the dark he hadn’t noticed the kind of panties of course, and it’s likely that he didn’t care. If he’d gone that long without an orgasm, he probably would have enjoyed that handjob even if I’d wrapped his cock in a scratchy wool sweater.

But I kept thinking about the boutique. I could find something sexy to wear. Not necessarily a costume or anything too kinky. But something a bit less everyday than panties and a t-shirt. Even if Daddy didn’t know I was wearing them, I always felt so much more erotic and sexually confident when I dressed sexy.

When the three washers were done, I combined everything into two dryers and set them going for eighty minutes. The only other customer in the laundromat was a middle-aged lady sitting by a bank of washers doing a crossword puzzle.

Leaving my clothes here a few minutes shouldn’t be a problem. There were plenty of empty machines and there didn’t seem to be an after-lunch rush.

I left the store and drove back to the boutique. I parked close and went inside, pausing inside the door to decide which side of the store I wanted to head towards. The right side seemed to be where the sex toys were, and the left had the lingerie.

As much as I didn’t think this relationship was ready for sex toys, I’m always tempted to browse in a place like this. I have tipobet365 giriş a nightstand drawer full of vibes in my apartment, and I’m always willing to try a new one. However, I was fighting a clock, so I went left towards the apparel.

The store was well lit and clean, with deep carpeting and soft pink and red colors on the walls and shelves. Quiet music played from somewhere, and a scented candle flickered up by the checkout counter.

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, so I headed for the panties first. I noticed that the lowest shelf of each section seemed to be a bin, each shelf having a specific color in its respective bin.

I bent down to look and noticed that the prices were much lower than I thought they’d be.

“May I help you find something?” asked a pleasant voice.

I turned and saw a nicely dressed brunette about ten years older than me. She was wearing a light blue skirt and a dark blue blouse, which did little to hide her abundant figure.

She had piercing blue eyes, made to seem even more blue by her dark hair and what I assumed were carefully selected clothes. Her nametag said: MARIE.

“I have a sort of date tonight.” I said. “And I’d like something sexy to wear.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place.” She smiled. “What sort of look are you going for on this ‘sort of’ date?”

“Well it’s fairly casual, so I’ll be wearing jeans and a BLOUSE.” I said. “But underneath all of that I’d like to be a bit more……well…..I’m not entirely sure.”

“Informal but flirty?” she suggested.

“I don’t want to come across as too forward.” I sighed. “But I do want to catch his eye.”

“Well what sort of things is he the most excited to see you in?” she asked. “Panties and a bra? Or maybe a stockings and a garter?”

“This is a pretty new relationship. I’m not entirely sure what exactly would catch his eye.” I told her.

I saw no reason to hold back. It’s not like she knew me or would have any reason to suspect that I was talking about my own father.

“So maybe something more traditionally sexy.” She suggested with a wink. “Something that lets him know you want him to see what’s underneath, without quite begging.”

“That seems like a good description of what I need.” I laughed. “He’s about twenty years older than I am and I’ve never tried to be sexy for someone that much older than me before.”

I wasn’t sure why I told her that part, but I felt a ribbon of naughty pleasure pulse through me as I said it out loud.

“Well let’s see if we can find something that would be sure to catch the eye of most men.” She said.

“I know his favorite color is red.” I said, bending down to look at the red panties in the bin closest to me.

“Oh you don’t really want something from down there.” She said.

She bent over and picked one up, stretching it in her fingers.

“They’re mesh,” she said, “designed to look sexy but they’re not comfortable. They’re priced to be disposable.”

“Disposable?” I asked.

“Sure.” She said. “For someone working in the, let’s say, entertainment industry. She can leave these behind as a souvenir, without losing any money. Whether they’re thrown from a stage or left in a hotel room.”

“I got it.” I said. “Sort of like slutty business cards.”

“Exactly,” she laughed, “at least that’s how I treated them when I was a dancer.”

“My date,” I said, “he might enjoy something nicer. Panties I could leave him as a sort of memento. But something, sort of comfortable. Like silk?”

“Will he be wearing them after you give them to him?” she asked softly. “Forgive me if I’m being too nosy, I’m just wondering about whether they need to stretch to fit him.”

“He won’t be wearing them.” I whispered. “But they might be used to…..uh…..well to…..”

I blushed, trying to find the words. I couldn’t believe I was telling this stranger these details.

“Something soft he can enjoy against his erection?” she asked softly. “Don’t be embarrassed. There’s not likely to be much you can be planning to do tonight that I haven’t done myself.”

“Yes.” I said with a relieved smile. “Exactly.”

“So do you want a sexy outfit you can change into?” she asked. “Or something you can wear under your clothes?”

“Under my clothes would be the best plan I think.” I said. “Leaving the room to get dressed might seem a little too planned.”

“Come here.” She said, turning and walking towards the back of the store.

We turned a corner and entered another aisle. She turned and looked me up and down, and then walked a few steps further and stopped.

“These sets match. Panties, bra, stockings, a set of nylons, and a choker.” She told me. “You can wear the nylons and leave the panties and stockings for another time or wear just the stockings under a skirt and tease him. It will give you options depending upon your mood. Find your size, and then I can hunt down whatever color you prefer.”

She’d guessed my size pretty well, and we were standing so close that the second tipobet365 güvenilirmi set I pulled out was correct.

“Red?” I asked her. “Unless you think pink?”

“That’s a tough choice.” She said. “Red is a bit more daring, and pink is a bit more conservative, so it probably depends on what you’d like him to think.”

“I’d like him to think I’m new to all this so he could teach me.” I confessed in a soft whisper. “But he won’t buy that.”

“You’re young enough to get away with that.” She said. “If you want to. No reason he has to know that you’re anything less than learning from him.”

“We were together last night.” I told her. “Even if I’d claimed that last night, he wouldn’t buy it two nights in a row.”

“I know what you mean.” She grinned at me. “Older men love to sexually teach their partners. That really gets them going.”

“It got me going too,” I whispered, “if I’m being honest.”

I had no idea why I kept telling her these things. But I suppose there weren’t many people I was going to be able to tell these stories to.

“May I suggest something?” she said. “And then I’ll leave you to decide.”

“Absolutely.” I replied.

“A black t-shirt with your jeans.” She said. “Over yellow panties and a yellow bra with black trim.”

“Yellow?” I asked.

She took the set from my hand and winked at me, and then lead me out of the aisle, and further back into the store.

I followed her into an aisle with panties and t-shirts, all of which had words printed on them.










The selections seemed endless.

“Something playful, that reminds him of innocence, but indicates that you might be willing to trade that innocence for something only he can give you. That might help sell the mood you want.” Marie said.

I’d have never thought of something like that, but now that she’d suggested it I could almost picture peeling off my jeans to reveal yellow innocent looking panties. Panties with something deliciously nasty written on them.

“But my feelings aren’t hurt if you don’t see anything you want. You know best what you’re looking for.” She gave my arm a quick squeeze and then turned towards the register.

“I’ll definitely look.” I whispered, almost to myself.

“I’ll go pull one of these in red and one in pink your size and have them at the counter for you. Take your time and look around. Just call out if you have any questions.” She said.

I ignored the t-shirts and started looking through the panties. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not, but I was okay on time and could afford to look for a few minutes.

As I browsed, I was thinking that the original set she’d picked out for me would be ideal in pink. Sexy but traditional. I could wear the bra and panties and save the rest for another date at another time.

I had just about made my mind up when I came upon a pair of yellow panties that had ‘DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL NEEDS SPERM’ printed on them, and my heart thudded in my chest.

I could almost see myself, my nipples stiff, visible, and needy, wearing only this pair of tight yellow panties emblazoned with the words ‘DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL NEEDS SPERM’ clinging to my hips.

I could also picture Daddy, staring at me with lust in his eyes.

I stood stock still, contemplating for just a moment, before making my mind up. I took the yellow panties down and saw that on the back in smaller printing it said: ‘PROPERTY OF DADDY’.

With my heart racing I moved to the bra aisle and found a bra in my size that matched the yellow panties exactly. On my way back to the counter I spotted a rack of make-up.

Nothing fancy or formal, more the kind of thing you’d use to dress up to roleplay. I paused for a moment and found a dark maroon lipstick and knew that it would be just the thing.

I headed towards the counter.

“Find something?” Marie asked when I laid the panties, bra, and lipstick on the countertop.

“I did.” I said. “And I think your suggestion will be perfect.”

“Not exactly traditional.” She said with a grin. “But sometimes tradition isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

“I agree.” I told her with a smile. She had no idea how much her words applied to my life right now.

“Shall I put these back?” she asked, indicating the packages she’d pulled for me.

“Maybe I’ll take the pink set.” I said. “No sense being unprepared for my next date.”

“Absolutely.” She said. “Do you need anything else?”

“A black t-shirt.” I said.

“Of course.” She smiled. “Solid black, or do you want to see if any have something written that catch your eye?”

“Plain and solid, I think.” I said. “Unless……”

“Yes?” Marie asked.

“I don’t suppose,” I whispered, even though we were alone in the store, “you have one that says ‘DADDY’S GIRL’ or something like that do you?”

“Let’s go check.” She said with a glint in her eye.

I followed her back over to the aisle we’d been in, and we went past the panties. We got to a rack of t-shirts, sorted by color. She started to slide them forward, one at a time, her eyes taking in the writing.

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