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Part 1

The southern Louisiana heat was searing as Cindy stepped into the airport gangway. She had heard stories of the heat and humidity, now she was knowing it. She remembered asking her boss “why there?”, her answer was a shrug of the shoulders.

The taxi ride was fast, but cool. The interstate yielded to busy downtown streets and modern offices soon gaveway to the older buildings. The hotel was on the edge of the French Quarter and right on the Mississippi river.

The black man in a white linen jacket opened the taxi door and summoned a younger man to retrieve her luggage. “Welcome to the Hilton, ma’am.”, he drawled and helped her from the cab. The shiny glass and brass doors opened into the bustling, cool, lobby and soon she was whisked upstairs. “If you need anythin’ atall ma’am, just let me know. Yes’m, Aster will see to it you is well taken care of.” His smile revealed missing teeth, and his words seemed to hold hidden meanings, but she quickly dismissed them. He accepted her generous tip and slowly ambled from the room, closing the door as he left.

A large king sized bed was surrounded by the unexpected comforts of the room. She surveyed the accommodations, flipped on the bathroom light, then the television. “Not bad, not bad”, she spoke to the mirror, “I think I’ll stay.” She chuckled to herself, as if she could leave.

She changed clothes, stepping from the traveling attire that had become wrinkled and well worn. She could see the river from the window of her room and she wanted a closer look. She began to tour the hotel, through the lobby into the adjoining mall, and onto the docked casino boat. The “chunka-chunka” sound of slot machines, the bells and flashing lights, seemed right in place with the floating sounds of a Dixieland band. She strolled casually through the decks. All around her coins flashed then disappeared into shiny metal machines, cards were shuffled and dealt rapidly by deft hands, wheels spun and the gamblers reached for more money. The top deck was quiet, no loud machines or gamblers, just a bar and small food line. She stepped into the open air just as the boat’s horn announced the departure from the dock and the Captain announced the last river voyage of the day.

The wind blew gently through her flowing blonde hair, sending the scents of the river whistling past her. She watched the city skyline begin to move, the tall buildings, the older crumbling ones, the docks, and the setting sun. She leaned against the rail watching the city change along the riverfront. The dark brown water splashed against the bottom tossing white spray softly into the wake.

She Learned, page 2

There were few people on the top, most doing as she, watching. A woman stood to her right, only a few steps away, also leaning casually against the rail. Her looks, her appearance was stunning. Her hair was silky black and fell about her shoulders in soft waves. Her skin was a dark tan and her features were stunningly sculptured. “She could be a model”, Cindy thought to herself as she watched her move from the rail toward the bar.

She turned back toward the skyline, toward the ebbing river as the scenes continued to change. The watery highway became a parking lot for boats and ships, small ones, large ones, neat ones, rusty ones. The gray Navy ships seemed out of place amid the river’s other guests. The boat turned, making its last daily voyage and return to the hotel’s dock. She began to feel the affects of the travel and knew the room, the bed, would be most welcome…. Sleep came quickly.

The meeting room was large and strewn with narrow tables and green bedecked chairs. She chose a seat near the front and was soon surrounded by new faces, women chattering in small talk, the nervous hellos, the unsure greetings. The stack of papers before her had a cover sheet with bold letters, CONFERENCE ON WOMEN’S ISSUES. She thought about the title, she was a woman, this is definitely some kind of conference, but she was unaware of the issues. ‘After all’, Nancy had said, ‘someone must represent the division.’ Yeah, someone. She was selected, had just finished Team Apache project, she was available. Yeah, someone!

For two hours a stream of women made introductions, pointed to exits and diagrammed the locations of every bathroom. At one point the speaker spoke vaguely of the purpose of the conference, then welcomed everyone to New Orleans. Finally! A break. The corridor filled with women in conversations, laughter, and the undaunting numbers of who-will-ever-remember introductions. Refreshments, snacks, fresh air. She was looking around the sea of faces when one became instantly familiar. It was the same dark haired beauty from the riverboat. She looked even more lovely, more elegant. Cindy couldn’t help but notice her and caught herself looking around the room throughout the morning, catching a glimpse of her. She became confused, troubled, by her sudden admiration of this woman.

It was fate that stepped in that afternoon to change the course Ankara escort of two lives. Cindy accidentally brushed against the woman while trying to pass through the crowds. The silky black hair flipped around, the face was a canvas for dark brown eyes and a captivating smile. “Excuse me. I didn’t mean to bump you.”

She Learned, page 3

The smile didn’t waiver and a soft hand extended toward her. “It’s alright, please. Adrienne Jubeau.” The name seemed to slide from her lips, Szhubow, as she pronounced it.

The hand was soft, the nails long and expertly manicured. The golden jewelry was elegant against her dark skin. “Cindy Brown”, she replied holding, gently shaking the welcome hand.

“I’m glad to meet you Cindy. I noticed you yesterday on the River Queen and wondered then if you were here for the conference.” You noticed me?, Cindy asked herself as Adrienne continued to chat and stared at Cindy’s deep blue eyes. “It is pleasant to ride the Queen occasionally and just relax. Did you enjoy it?”

“Indeed. Yes. I’ve been on river boats before but the sights of New Orleans made it different. The boats in St. Louis don’t afford the same views.”

The conversation continued, as if they had known each other for years. “I’m a native of the New Orleans area and live about an hour from here. I decided to stay in the hotel to avoid the traffic and to be part of the hustle and bustle of the conference. Are you, do you have plans for tonight? If you don’t I would love to show you the French Quarter.”

“No. No plans. I’d love it.”

“Great! Six-thirty, in the lobby. We’ll have dinner, tour the quarter, and be real tourists.”

The conference droned on until 4:30 before someone finally decided enough was enough. Adrienne waived to Cindy as both disappeared into the flow toward elevators and stairways. The room was cool, the bed a welcome moment’s rest from the hard chairs. Cindy kicked her shoes across the room and stretched out on the bed. Her thoughts dashed to Adrienne and became confusing flashes. She tried to make sense of the anticipation, sense of the admiration of this sensual woman.

She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it on the bed. As quickly she stepped from her skirt, slip, and panty hose. She moved to the window and stared out toward the dark river, alive with barges and boats. She watched the ferry move from one shore to the other, but her mind drifted. She realized her hand was squeezing the nipple of one breast through the soft bra. Her breathing was rapid, her thoughts confused. “Stop it!”, she shouted to herself, turning from the window. She undressed, showered, then dressed for the evening.

The River Page 4

She stared at herself in the mirror and awakened to a frightening reality of her attraction to this dark skinned lady. She had had fantasies, another woman, making love, but only fantasies. “No!” she yelled at her image, “she’s friendly, just friendly. Don’t be a fool!”

Adrienne was standing with another lady as Cindy emerged from the elevator. Her hair was long, her long slender legs seemed to slide from the white shorts and disappear into tennis shoes. Her top was loose but hinted at an ample bosom. She bid good-bye to the lady and turned to see Cindy move toward her. Her smile was captivating. She placed a hand on each of Cindy’s shoulders placing her face close. “It is time to introduce you to New Orleans, Creole style. The jazz, the Quarter, the great food. Are you ready?”

Cindy nodded. “I’ve been ready since you invited me this afternoon.”

Adrienne tossed back her head and laughed. “Are you hungry? What a stupid question. Of course you are, I am. Let’s go.”

The early evening was still warm, humid, and the crowds were beginning to stir. They walked casually past the old square, past Cafe DuMonde and the smell of fresh coffee, past the flea market and the sounds of vendors closing shop then left past old buildings and shops. Adrienne pointed out old stores and both laughed about items in the windows. They stopped at a corner cafe. The tall French doors made up the walls, and all stood open as if the cafe itself was outdoors. The small panes of glass were surrounded by old green painted wood that seemed to reflect the age of the building and the style of times gone by. The cafe was dotted with small square tables, each covered with green linen, each with a small yellow flower rising from a crystal vase. Only a few tables were used, those by couples busy eating, talking, enjoying a Louisiana evening.

A petite dark woman met them, “Two?” Adrienne answered in a language dotted with French. The woman smiled, answered in the same robust Cajun, led them to a table, took their order and bid them “bon apetite” as she placed the plates before them. The food was delicious, the wine sinfully delicate, the conversation light, pleasant.

“Now it is time to play tourist”, she laughed, placing her napkin on the table. “It’s time to show you Bourbon Street. It’s really a tourist trap, but everyone has to Ankara escort bayan say they’ve seen it. Perhaps a bar or two, a little music, you think?”

She Learned, Page 5

The lights of the shops, the glitter, the hucksters in front of the strip clubs, the mass of people walking endlessly, the smells of food, beer, and stale water puddles added to the reality of Bourbon Street. The famous and infamous bars, a hurricane glass following a potent drink, Dixieland jazz in small clubs, Jell-O shots along the street, all filled Cindy with the excitement of the Quarter. She was led along, through the maze of people, through the car-less streets, over pools of spilled beer and trash.

Adrienne filled her mind with the spirit of the street and the tourist side of New Orleans. “Seen enough?”

“I think I have. As interesting as it is I’m getting tired. This is a lot of walking!”

“Good. Let’s go.” Adrienne led her away from the lights and crowds down small streets until they emerged near Cafe DuMonde. There they drank special coffees and tasted beingets.

“Any more of these and I won’t fit into a thing I brought”, Cindy said as she wiped powdered sugar from her fingers. She glanced up to see Adrienne staring at her eyes. Once she had her attention she suggestively drew her slender fingers through her lips then licked the residue from her mouth. Not once did she take her eyes from Cindy’s until she was finished. Cindy was immediately taken by the lady, her heart pounding fast, her body reacting. She was wet.

She followed Adrienne as they walked slowly back to the hotel. “I want to thank you for showing me New Orleans.”

“Oh. You haven’t seen New Orleans. You’ve seen the French Quarter. The city, my city, is much different. Probably just like St. Louis, or any other city. But, I’m glad you are excited and that you are pleased with me.”

“Pleased with you? Why wouldn’t I be pleased? You’ve shown me the French Quarter, introduced me to wonderful food, what more could I ask!”

Adrienne didn’t answer, walked along quietly, speaking of the city, the air, not of an answer. They reached the lobby and stepped into the elevator. “What room?”, Adrienne asked.


She Learned, Page 6

Adrienne pushed 7 and leaned back against the wall of the car. She gazed at Cindy’s eyes, her hair, but didn’t move. The doors opened and she followed until both stood at 714. “When we were walking”, she began then reached down and took Cindy’s hand in hers, “you said, ‘ what more could I ask’ and I didn’t answer you. Can we go inside, and talk?”

Cindy was shaking, visibly shaking, as she unlocked the door and stepped in. A small lamp glowed near the bed, the only light in the room, and behind her she heard the door gently close. Did Adrienne come in? Her heart pounded, she thought she could hear her own heart, her own breathing. She turned. She was there.

Adrienne reached for Cindy’s hand again, holding it as she moved closer. Once she was close she leaned forward placing her lips against Cindy’s, gently, softly. She stepped back and looked longingly into the blue eyes. “I hoped you would ask for that, but I’m afraid I have made a mistake. I should go.” She turned quickly to the door and Cindy did not stop her. She said nothing to stop her, nor made any move. Inside her heart was pounding, her mind was screaming, her brain racing, and she was frozen. The door opened and closed again as quickly, Adrienne was gone.

She Learned

Part 2

As she closed the door behind her, sliding the brass chain across for safety, she leaned heavily against the wall. She had kissed. “She kissed me”, the thought racing across her body. She began to tremble as she edged her way to the bed.

She sat on the still made bed and began removing her clothes. The taste of the soft Brown lips still ingered, the instant tingle remained. She stepped from her panties, the crotch wet from her own juices, and stood near the window. She parted the curtain slightly to stare at the water and lights. Her hand began to roam her naked body moving quickly below the patch of soft blonde hair to the pulsating clitoris below.

She pictured the soft brown skin, undressd, imagined her shape, her smell, and rubbed intently on her clit. The feeling was overpowering, climax came quickly. Her other hand rpessed hard against the window glass as her body spasmed with orgasms. She returned to the bed, laid down, and brought her fingers to her mouth. She tasted her sex, smelled her perfurme, imagined it of another.

The second day of the conference began as the first, droning speakers on incomprehensible subjects. She saw Adrienne across the room. Her shiny hair was back from her face, rolled into a French braid. She seemed intelty tuned to the speaker and unaware of the admirer.

The first break. Cindy was surrounded by ladies she had met earlier and quickly engaged in small talk. She saw Adrienne talking to a strikingly lovely black woman. The break ended, the speeches Escort Ankara continued, lunch.

She was walking with two ladies when she heard her name called. She turned, it was Adrienne. She excused herself and waited. “Lunch?”, her voice bouncy and light, her shiny black hair, her soft red lips.

“Yes. And I’m hungry. I sort of slept through breakfast.” Cindy answered.

“Ha! Ha! Too much night life, eh?

“Oh, no! Too comfortable a bed.”

Adrienne threw back her head and laughed. She took Cindy’s arm and led the way. Lunch was a shrimp po-boy, another new experience she would add to her memories. “What would you like to do this evening?”

Cindy shook her head, “I don’t know. Haven’t thought about it much,” she lied. She had thought about it, about a lot of things, no decision, desire. “I’m not sure I want to tramp through the French Quarter again. But, this is your city.”

“Good! Let’s go across the river and have dinner. There’s a wonderful restaurant right on the bend of the river. The food is good, the view is terrific. Are you game?”

“Sounds wonderful.”

She Learned

Part 2, Page 2

The Sun was still heating the later afternoon when they entered the river ferry. Adrienne led the way to the benches on the top deck. Around them was a myriad of travelers, some evidently headed home, others merely riding the free ferry, and those who seemed destined for the same restaurant. Below them the cars clanked one after another across the ramp and into the parking deck.

The walk to the restaurant was short, but interesting. The old sidewalk ambled along the levie and all around were couples sitting, watching the river traffic. The rain washed brown boards of the building seemed to echo some charm of what the old site must have been. Inside the air conditioning was welcome, the decor soft, inviting. They were seated near a wall of windows, the view spectacular. Across the river lights began to glow as the Sun began to ebb behind the landscape. A large container ship rounded the river bend, it seemed close enough they could reach out and touch it. “I told you the view was great!” They both watched the ship complete it’s turn and disappear.

“What would you recommend?”

Adrienne closed her menu, looked across the table as she perched her chin in the palms of her hands. “Crawfish Etoufee.”

“A too fay?”

She laughed quietly at Cindy’s try at the local language. “Right, a-too-fay. Spicy, warm, a local favorite. I think you’ll like it.”

It was warm, delicious. The chilled white wine cooled the warmth of the Cajun spices and added to the exhilarating taste. Time was unimportant. No rush. Dark now. The sidewalk was dimly lit, the lights of the city dancing in the river waters. They were the only ones on the ferry’s benches. The breeze of the moving boat blew Cindy’s soft blonde hair, brushing it across her shoulders, about her face.

Adrienne reached out, taking strands of the billowing hair into her fingers. “Your hair is beautiful. So soft. I like it down, long.”

She turned toward the sultry voice, the dark eyes were staring at her, into her. She felt a hand touch her face, then gently hold her chin, steady her. As slowly, as gently, the hand was followed by soft brown lips, a kiss. She returned it, softly, gently, then felt her lips being parted by a searching tongue, pressing into her mouth, dancing with her own tongue. “I find you very attractive”, Adrienne whispered, her hand softly brushing Cindy’s cheek. “Do I, have I frightened you? You’re trembling!”

She Learned

Part 2, Page 3

“Not, not frightened. Confused. I’m not, I’ve never, never been with another woman.” A soft hand settled atop hers, patting them, holding them. “We’ll take it slow”, she whispered, “unless you don’t want me to.”

Cindy didn’t really answer, she didn’t know what she wanted. She wanted to feel excited, she wanted to feel the tingle of that kiss again. She wanted to understand this side of her sexuality, her fantasy. Inside her body was in turmoil, trembling from the inside out, anxious, afraid, excited, wet.

Adrienne’s room was one floor above. The window was aglow from the city lights below. She opened the curtain letting the the mixed colors of the neon, street lights, and building lights shower the room yet keep in soft, cozy darkness. She leaned against the window, looking across the room. Cindy remained just inside the door, middle of the entry, her face awash in the windowed reflected light. “Are you afraid? I want you to stay. Do you want to leave?”

Cindy shook her head as Adrienne moved toward her. She kissed her again, softely, then hard, the tongues dancing a passion dance between seeking lips. Soft brown fingers began to push the small white buttons through the cloth openings. Each time a button gave an opening it was followed by a kiss against the exposed flesh now uncovered. As she finished the last button she tugged the blouse, pulling it down, away, and into a heap on a chair. Her tongue trailed from the waistband up, reaching the packed bra. Her hands quickly unhooked the elastic strap, then slid it away. Pink nipples, hard, standing erect, ready, anticipating a touch, a nip, feeling the cool air.

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