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Its a really hot night, I’m sat out side on the porch steps of the house watching the sun begin to set. Its been one of them days where no matter what you do you just can’t seem to cool off, I’ve only got shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt on yet I’m still boiling. I lean back against the steps and watch the world go by for a while, smiling to myself, knowing that it won’t be long now till things are gonna get at hell of a lot hotter.

I go inside to grab a cold can of pop out of the fridge and then go and sit back out on the steps again, I don’t open the can, I’m not thirsty, I just want it to cool me down a little, I reach up and hold the cool drinks can against my face for a moment, closing my eyes I slowly running it down my neck and across my chest, savouring the cool feeling of it against my skin. I hear something, and open my eyes, are realise your stood in front of me, shirtless and all hot and sticky from riding your bike. I smile up at you and offer you the can of pop which you take. I stand up and walk back into the house, with you following. I tell you to go upstairs and get out of them sticky clothes, as you do, I follow, you head towards the bedroom to get changed as I head towards the bathroom to start the shower up for you.

As I walk into the bathroom I decide that I too could do with a shower, so as I make my way over I start shedding my clothes, haramidere escort leaving a trail of them behind me. I open the shower door step in and close it behind me, I turn the shower on and cold water comes blasting down on me, I lean back against the wall as the cool water runs down my neck, and over my breasts, causing my nipples to react the cool temperature! the water feels great against my skin, so refreshing, but there’s only so much cold water a girl can stand, I lean forward and turn the dial on the shower slightly so the water starts to warm up slightly, I stand directly under the water now, head back, eyes closed, with my back to the shower door.

The shower door opens and I hear you step in behind me! Your arms slip round my middle as you lower your head and kiss the side of my neck. I turn round and we swap places so that now you can enjoy the cooling water on your skin, I grab the soap from the shelf and start to run it across your chest, until your upper torso is covered in soap bubbles, I step forward slightly and run my hands over your chest, rinsing off the soap as I go, I move around you, grabbing the soap again, and washing off your back and shoulders and you stand there and enjoy the sensation. I trail my hands down to your buttocks, soaping them down, gradually working my way down içerenköy escort the backs of your legs and back up the insides of them again, then turning you slightly so the soap rinses away. I spin you round slightly again, this time grabbing the shampoo, you let your head fall back as I run my fingers through your wet hair, gently massaging your scalp through the lather the shampoo has created, I push you forward again so your stood directly under the shower jet, and you stand there eyes closed head tilted back slightly as you run your hands through your hair, getting rid of the last traces of the suds. I lean back slightly against the wall, watching you, watching the way the muscles in your arms ripples as your run your hands through your hair over and over again, I watch the water trickling down your chest, and stomach and down over your growing cock.

I step forward again and drop down in front of you, taking your cock in my hand I gently run my hand down the length of it, watching it jerk in response to my touch, watching as it starts getting harder, I flick the tip of my tongue over the head of your cock once, again, it jerks in response to my actions and I smile. I look up slightly, your leaning back slightly against the wall, hands behind your head with your eyes closed, a smile playing on your innovia escort lips. I lean forward again and flick my tongue over the tip of your cock again, your eyes open and you smile down at me, I wink in response and whilst keeping eye contact with you, I slip your now hard cock into my warm mouth. I slide my lips up and down it slowly, watching your face as I do, watching the water falling over your naked body. I bring my other hand up the inside of your leg and run my thumb over them, feeling the tighten slightly as I do, you push forward slightly, dropping one of your hands, resting it on my shoulder and I increase the pace and pressure of my sucking on your cock.

I let your cock slip from between my lips and lap my tongue along the length of it, I feel your hand move from my shoulder as you gently but firmly place it behind my head, forcing me forward, silently asking me to take you in again, I oblige, opening my lips and sucking you in.

I can feel you rocking gently against me, I up the pace a little more as the pressure of your hand on the back of my head increases again, you moan quietly, as your other hand now drops down to my head, looking up I can see the look of want in your eyes, as you watch me suck on your cock like a child sucks on a lollipop, without warning you throw your head back as you come, your grip on my head loosens and I quickly replace my mouth with my hand, as your splash your hot cum all over my breasts and neck. you stand for a moment, eyes closed as my hand gently continues running up and down your cock, you look down at me, and taking me hand pull me up to stand beside you, turning slightly you grab the soap and start to wash me down, repeating what I had done to you not so very long ago!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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