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Note from the Author:

This 3rd chapter features parts 4 and 5 of Lex talionis. There is no violence in this chapter just sex and incest. For those of you who e-mailed me taking offense to the violence in the last chapter I did put the warning in the authors note. Part 4 features Mark’s first encounter with Max enjoy.


Part 3 A fateful encounter.

“It’s time to go Mark.”

I looked up from the spider man comic book I had been looking at to see a tall older woman with blonde hair looking down at me. When she saw me looking she smiled and put her hand out. I looked past her and around the room trying to find Megan. The room was big with some chairs along the wall like the one I was sitting in and a really big desk in the middle with a big fat guy sitting behind it. I had no idea what the room was for and where it was, Mom hadn’t said much in the car on the way over.

I thought maybe it was supposed to be a nice place because mom had helped me get dressed in my best pants and that white shirt with the buttons that I hated. Megan was dressed up too in the pretty red dress that had been in a bag of clothes someone had given mom for us. I sat in the back seat with Megan who seemed nervous so I held her hand. She looked down at me and gave me a big smile. I laughed at her because one of her front teeth was missing, she told me I wasn’t being very nice, but still held my hand.

Mom parked and we got out and went into a huge building and took an elevator way up and, after we got out, came to the room where mom told me to sit. Then, for some reason, took Megan with her and had her sit across from me. There were a couple of women in the office besides the fat guy and one of them gave me the comic book to look at. The women and the guy all talked to mom, I really wasn’t sure what they were saying, but I did hear my name and my sister’s.

After awhile mom stood up and, after hugging and kissing Megan, came over and, leaning over, hugged me tight and whispered in my ear;

“Mommy has to go Mark, you’re going to stay with some nice people for a little while okay?”

“Ummm okay,” I said. “Meg too right?”

Mom didn’t answer instead she kissed my cheek said; “Mommy loves you Mark.” And left, it looked like she was getting ready to cry but I wasn’t sure.


The woman reached down and, taking my hand, gave a little tug. I got up from the chair and let her lead me over to Megan, who was standing with another woman.

“Give Megan a kiss good bye Mark.”

I looked at her wanting to ask why, but I didn’t know her and didn’t want to talk. I guess the woman knew what I was going to say though because she told me;

“You’re going to stay with some nice people, but they don’t have a lot of room, so your sister is going with some other nice people for now, but you’ll see her real soon okay?”

Megan came over and hugged me tight and I hugged her back, when the woman tried to pull me away I held on and so did Megan. The woman behind me succeeded in pulling us apart and as she led me away I heard my sister call my name and start crying. I turned to see her being led away and started crying too. The woman opened the door and started to pull me through, I saw Megan still looking at me, I was scared and wanted to be with her I yelled out to her;


The woman was closing the door on me, I couldn’t see my sister anymore.

“Megan!!!!” I sat up screaming.


I stopped myself before I yelled again and leaned back against the headboard gasping. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was sweating despite the coolness of the room. I looked around trying to get my bearings and remembered that I was at Cynthia’s, her roommate was out with her boyfriend and Cynthia had the air conditioner so we had come here last night.

“Jesus Mark! Are you okay?” Cynthia asked sitting up next to me.

Finally feeling my heart and breathing begin to slow down I looked over to Cynthia, who was white as a ghost. I must have really been screaming. I didn’t answer right away, and Cynthia reached up and gently touched the side of my face.


I found myself leaning my face into her hand, glad for her touch. Cynthia turned to face me completely and, removing her hand from my face, put her arms out and said softly;

“Come here Mark.”

I hesitated. I was supposed to be in control of Cynthia, she was a plaything not a girlfriend and I had already had a weak moment in front of her and shouldn’t let her get close. On the other hand her outstretched arms, looked very inviting, especially because she was topless; her big round tits were at face level and her nipples erect from the chill in the room. I found my eyes leaving those nipples however to focus on her face. Cynthia looked worried and, well she looked like she cared.

“Oh please Mark, what are you five? Just suck on her tits and fuck her.”

I leaned in and, placing my head between her tits, turned so the side of my face was against monsters of cock porno her chest. Cynthia put her arms around my shoulders and started stroking my hair. I put my arms around her waist and hugged her back.

“Awww how sweet! I’m leaving before I fucking heave!”

“You okay Mark?”

As good as she felt I did pull back at that point. I didn’t give a rats ass what the voice thought, but didn’t want to look like that big of a baby. Cynthia kept her hands on my shoulders as I did and, putting my right hand over hers, gave it a squeeze.

“Yeah, I’m okay Cyn. I just…” I shrugged.

“You’re worried about your sister Mark, that’s all.”

“Yeah you’re probably right.” I agreed.

“It’s a shame,” Cynthia began. “The two of you were always so close.”

You don’t know the half of it I thought as I nodded. My gaze dropped from Cynthia’s face down to her tits. Now that I was feeling a little better…

As if reading my mind, Cynthia leaned her head up and whispered in my ear;

“Why don’t you let me help you forget all about it?”

Without waiting for an answer Cynthia turned her head and kissed me. While I returned the kiss my hands slid up from her waist and began fondling her amazing tits, squeezing them and teasing her nipples with my finger tips.

“Hmmm” Cynthia groaned.

“Mmmm Hmmm.” I agreed as her hand found my hard cock under the covers and began slowly jerking it.

Cynthia broke the kiss and, sliding her lips down, started gently sucking on my neck. I let my head loll back and tilted her head to kiss the other side as well. Cynthia turned away from me and tossed the covers off the bed to expose her small hand wrapped tightly around my throbbing prick. With no hesitation Cynthia bent down and, taking just the head of my cock in her mouth, started swirling her tongue around it.

I looked down and smiled at the sight of the Cynthia’s long red hair fanned across my chest as her head began slowly bobbing up and down, taking more and more of my huge cock down her throat each time. I took my hand and began to gently caress the smooth tanned skin of her back. Cynthia brought her other hand down between my legs to start rubbing my balls as she blew me.

“Damn that feels good Cyn.”

I wasn’t in the mood for the game right now. Cynthia had been nice to me this morning, hell she was nice to me most of the time and all I usually did was treat her like crap. No, today I would definitely be much nicer to her. I slid my hand down the soft curve of Cynthia’s full round ass and gave it a squeeze. Shifting over to the middle I slid my hand down between her cheeks, spreading her ass and allowing me to dip two fingers into her very wet pussy.

Cynthia whimpered around my cock while continuing to work it with not only her mouth but both hands as well. Cynthia wasn’t moving teasingly slow but wasn’t going all that fast either and it felt incredible. After pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy I pulled them out then pushed them down the length of her pussy, sliding them though her wet lips, finding and lingering on her swollen clit. Cynthia moaned louder and started moving her hips into my hand.

I caught her clit and began gently rolling it between my fingertips. Cynthia’s hips started moving quicker and she also began sucking my cock harder and faster. I let out a moan of my own as, between her fondling my balls and her jerking and blowing my cock, I could feel myself starting to get close. Taking my other hand I slid it under Cynthia’s arm and, catching her nipple, started twisting it in the same slow rhythm that I was using on her clit.

Cynthia began moaning louder and louder around my cock, her ass grinding in slow circles as my fingers sped up on her clit. I was working her faster because I could feel my legs start to shake and knew I wasn’t going to last more than another couple of minutes. Noticing my legs shaking Cynthia picked up the pace with her mouth as well as her hands. I moaned loudly as she now began taking my cock all the way down to the base of my shaft and was now just lightly tickling my balls with her long fingernails.

“Oh, yeah Cyn,” I panted. “Oh yeah just like that, ohhh don’t stop!”

I normally never made much noise with her, as I wouldn’t want her to think she was any good, but this was one hell of a blow job she was giving me. My moaning was enough to put Cynthia over the edge. Cynthia’s legs straightened out, trapping my hand between her thighs and with a long squeal around my cock Cynthia came hard, bucking her hips back and forth and grinding her thighs together. The entire time she was cumming Cynthia never slowed down on my cock and just as her orgasm was winding down I let out a long moan of my own as my cock exploded in Cynthia’s soft wet mouth.

Cynthia stopped sucking and, holding her head still, started jerking me off hard, sending spurt after spurt of my hot cum down her throat. I slipped my fingers from her clit and dipped them naught america porno back into her pussy pumping them back and forth as I emptied my balls into her mouth. With a groan I felt the last of my cum trickle into her mouth, and Cynthia pulled it from her lips with a loud smacking sound.

Cynthia sat up and turning to look at me smiled and gave me a kiss.

“Feel better lover?” She asked me.

“I’ll feel better after I fuck you.” I told her.

Sliding down from my sitting position I pushed her over onto her back and, rolling over on top of her, crawled down the bed until I was between her thighs and, immediately fastening my lips to her clit, began sucking it in and out of my mouth.

“Oh, oh goddamn!” Cynthia moaned.

I slipped my fingers back into her pussy and, getting my other hand involved, shoved one deep into her ass. Cynthia squealed and moaned as I worked my fingers in and out of both her holes while swirling my tongue around her clit. As I worked her pussy Cynthia bent her legs and placed her small soft feet on top of my shoulders. I let out a low moan as she did. Although Cynthia didn’t know it I had a hell of a foot fetish and loved the feel of her toes curling into my shoulders.

I was also very much enjoying the scent of Cynthia’s pussy, we had fucked twice last night and she had just cum, minutes ago, leaving her pussy with the musky aroma of our sex. I sucked Cynthia’s clit hard into my mouth flicking my tongue across it as I did.

“Ohhhh Mark, ohhhh honey that is soooo nice.”

For some reason her calling me honey sounded good and I began sucking her clit rapidly in and out of my mouth, eager for her to cum for the second time in five minutes so I could fuck the shit out if her pretty little pussy. Right on cue Cynthia’s hips started rocking back and forth and she reached down to start running her fingers through my hair.

“Yes Mark! Oh yes, oh right there!”

Cynthia pushed her feet against my shoulders, lifting her ass off the bed and allowing me to plunge my fingers even deeper inside of her. Cynthia’s fingers went from stroking my hair to grabbing a handful of it and holding my head still as, with one more pump of her hips into my face(,) she let out an adorable high pitched whimper and began to cum.

I held my lips to her clit, continuing to lick and suck as Cynthia squealed and writhed in pleasure. I moaned myself as I felt her pussy, as well as her ass muscles, contract around my fingers. Cynthia arched her back even more and with one more convulsion of her hips that sent her pussy gushing into my face, collapsed back onto the bed gasping.

“Oh my god I came harder than the first time.” She managed to breathe out.

Keeping her feet up on my shoulders I rose to my knees and, grabbing Cynthia around the thighs, pulled her to me and slowly slid the length of my rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. As Cynthia moaned in pleasure I started slowly fucking her, working my cock all the way out to the tip then pushing it back in. Cynthia was so wet that at every time I pulled my cock out it was accompanied by a wet slurping sound.

“Oh Mark, damn that feels good!”

As I slowly fucked her, I found myself enjoying the look on her face; Cynthia had her head back and her eyes closed, her full lips parted and soft sighs of pleasure coming from those lips with every slow stroke. Turning my head I noticed Cynthia’s pretty little foot only inches from my face. Unable to resist I grabbed her ankle and, bringing her foot to my lips, started kissing the tips of her toes. Cynthia giggled and opening her eyes said;

“That feels funny.” She was smiling as she said it and I found myself smiling back.

Taking her other foot I repeated the kisses, when I had kissed them all I went back to her big toe and, sucking it into my mouth, began swirling my tongue around it.

“Ohhh that feels…” She hesitated. “That feels good.”

I worked each of her toes into my mouth then went back to her other foot, as I sucked on her toes I felt myself getting even harder and began fucking her faster. Finished with her toes I grabbed Cynthia’s ankles and, spreading her legs wide, started fucking her harder and deeper. I had gone slow long enough. Apparently Cynthia didn’t mind as she let out a loud squeal as my huge dick began pounding into her pussy so hard our skin was making sharp slapping noises with every thrust.

“Oh fuck yeah Mark!!” She cried out. “Oh yeah just fuck me!!”

Pays to be nice once in awhile I thought as I gave her what she wanted; lifting her up by the ankles so that her ass lifted off the bed, allowing my cock to penetrate even deeper into her hot wet pussy. Cynthia moaned and, reaching down, grabbed the base of my cock and started jerking it off as I fucked her. I gasped as she did and began fucking her even harder.

Cynthia was yelping every time I drove my cock in, her fantastic tits were sliding back and forth as I fucked the shit out of her. nubiles porn As I looked down at her, Cynthia emitted a long moan, and her eyes rolled back in her head. A moment later I felt her pussy contracting around my cock and I realized she was cumming again just from me fucking her. The look of ecstasy on her face coupled with the feeling of her incredible pussy pulsating around my cock, made me want to cum with her.

I pulled my hips all the way back and started hammering into her as fast as I could. Cynthia let out a long wail of pleasure as I assaulted her still cumming pussy and within a few more hard pumps, I gasped and, whipping my cock out, sprayed my hot load all over Cynthia’s soft tanned stomach.

“Oh damn,” I panted as I continued to jerk my cock, sending a couple of more long spurts of cum that splattered on the inside of Cynthia’s thigh.

When I was finished I turned and lied down on my back next to her trying to catch my breath. We were quiet for a few minutes, both of us trying to recover from the power of our orgasms.

“Damn I needed that.” I said quietly.

“Glad I could help.” Cynthia said laughing. “Cause you know, I got nothing from that!”

Cynthia sat up and after wiping my cum off of her stomach with a towel that had been on the chair next to the bed stood up and, leaning over me, said;

“Listen Mark I don’t have to go to my summer class for a couple more hours but I have to finish up a paper.”

“Oh, okay.” I said starting to sit up to leave but Cynthia put her hand on my chest and continued;

“Mark, you haven’t been sleeping, but you look pretty relaxed right now. Why don’t you stay here and close your eyes, I’ll come get you before I’m going to leave, how’s that sound?”

I had to say that sounded pretty damn good, it had been a long week and, if I was lucky, I was getting maybe three hours a night. I did feel pretty damn relaxed right now as well, that really had been what I had needed.

“Okay.” I said. “I’ll try to sleep.”

“Good.” Cynthia said smiling. Reaching down Cynthia pulled the sheet up to my waist, and even slid another pillow under my head. Leaning over she kissed me; Cynthia had been going for a quick peck, but I held her lips with my own and, wrapping my arm around her neck, pulled her close to me, giving her a hug as we kissed. When we stopped I whispered in her ear;

“Thanks Cyn, I… I really needed that.” I hesitated then kissing her quickly again added; “And this.”

“Oh Mark, you romantic, you!”

To my surprise Cynthia blushed, but she was smiling and her blue eyes were practically beaming. Shaking her head she said;

“You know Mark; I’ll never figure you out. Sometimes I swear you’re like two completely different people.”

“Nah, just one really fucked up one!”

When Cynthia left I closed my eyes and began breathing slowly and steadily. The adrenalin rush from the nightmare, and our short but amazing sex session had worn off, and I could feel sleep at the edge of my consciousness, right there but not quite, like a lover’s teasing caress. Rather than focus on the thought of sleep I let the events of the last week drift though my mind. Normally I was never one to beat a dead horse and refused to dwell on things, but lately it seemed like it took too much energy to fight them back, so maybe I would let it take its course.

I did however take a moment to picture the attic, which was pretty cluttered right now, with a jumble of thoughts and emotions all over the floor, and, grabbing a hold of that terrible vision from my past, wrestled it into the room of pain, slamming the door shut before it, or anything else for that matter, slipped back out. It would be ten years before I would see my sister again.

“Knowing her these days it could be another ten.” The Voice began. “I mean who the … hey!!”

The Voice cried out as, gathering my will, I envisioned it trapped back in its room. I had done this so quickly and with so much conviction that the voice was caught off guard and I succeeded in closing the door to its room. I felt around in my awareness and sighed as it seemed to work. Something told me it could get out just as easily, but maybe it would take the hint and stay quiet for a while. Maybe it would realize that part of the reason I couldn’t sleep was its incessant yapping.

I rolled over onto my side and smiled as I buried my face into Cynthia’s pillow. Ever since that night a few weeks ago that I had commented on it, Cynthia had been using strawberry scented shampoo. Of course the smile faded as it ultimately reminded me of my sister. Or more appropriately the sister I used to know. Megan had betrayed me, there was no other word for it. She had lied to me, dragged me into a dangerous situation, drugged me, and as a final farewell stole from me.

In the last year my sister had broken my heart many times, but by hurting herself and others around her. This time however she had broken our trust. Five years ago when fate had brought us back together again we had vowed to always love and take care of each other, that nothing would ever come between us. My sister had broken that vow, allowing her weakness to finally overcome even her love for me. On top of that, a broken heart was far from the only thing my sister(‘)s disappearing act had left me to deal with.

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