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Author’s note: This chapter is 30% longer. Small improvement, I know, but I find it hard to write anything that’s not entirely sex =D. There is some action in here, but once it hits the true incest the story will get longer.

P.S. I am holding back on the dirtiness for now because it is our hero’s first time.

P.P.S. Our friends Matt, Libby, and Chloe are in the Southern Hemisphere, so Valentine’s Day does occur at the end of summer.

Chapter 3

After one of the strangest and most angst-ridden days of my entire life, things then reverted almost back to normal between Libby and I. I still wasn’t sure whether she knew the whole story about my fantasy, but I had to assume she knew something; whatever the case, we didn’t speak about it. Neither did Chloe, who gave no sign of caring that I found my sister attractive.

There were no more innuendos, no more flirting, and no more checking each other out. It was definitely for the best, as nothing could come of an attraction between brother and sister. I told myself that what had happened could be explained by inappropriately expressed primal urges. We seemed to have a tacit agreement between us that the events of that day had been a huge mistake. It might have been an anticlimax, but the thought of there being an actual climax was both exciting and terrifying.

I channelled my energy into my girlfriend. That’s right: I had a girlfriend for the first time. Chloe made it easy for me to ask her out, probably because my sis had already confirmed my interest to her. One day at our place she casually mentioned a movie that she wanted to see, and also how it was a shame she couldn’t go with Libby because she had already seen it. I nobly volunteered to go with her and her smile lit up the room.

How different life is when you are in love! Your body feels lighter, the colours of the world are brighter, and all the clichés are new again. I realised that I had been waiting for this my entire life, and I was happier than I had ever been. I was learning things too. For someone so outgoing and flirty, Chloe had a surprisingly vulnerable and self-conscious side. She told me she had been waiting for me to ask her out for almost a year.

Libby helped me to understand the basic points of being a boyfriend several times in small but important ways. Towards the end of the summer, when Chloe and I had been dating for a couple of weeks, she reminded me the day before Valentine’s Day to get a gift, which was something I had never celebrated before. Overall, my sister seemed ecstatic that we were finally together, but in the quieter moments, when she thought that I wasn’t looking, I noticed her smile flagging.

I realised that since her best friend and brother started dating she would feel a little left out. We did our best to include her in activities when we could, and she still spent time with each of us alone, but it was impossible for things to be exactly the same. Aside from working at my part-time retail job, I largely spent the rest of the summer with Chloe, smiling goofily, holding hands, and making out. Libby gradually began to hang out more with her other friends. She also seemed slightly stressed, but I put this down to the approaching start of university – something that none of us were thrilled about.


The majestic old university had seen generations pass through its halls, and under the night sky the new year’s freshmen celebrated the beginning of their college life with a concert. Some danced in front of the stage, others crowded around the long tables serving drinks, and the quieter ones – that included Chloe, Libby, and I – were sitting on picnic rugs and fold-out chairs further away on the grassy oval. From this distance the music was just the right volume. I remembered my own fresher concert a few years back and reflected how much nicer the present was. Back in first year I had been too shy to enjoy myself; but that night I sat on the rug and tightened my arms around Chloe, enjoying one of the last balmy summer evenings.

We had been dating for about a month, and frequently cuddled up together in front of the TV or whenever else we got the chance. Sometimes my roaming hands cupped a warm breast or firm piece of ass, but we hadn’t got much past that. This was not for a lack of effort on Chloe’s part, however. She had become more insistent as our relationship had developed and her outfits frequently bordered on the indecent. I clearly recalled a particular incident in which she had guided my hand up underneath her ludicrously short miniskirt, only for me to pull it back and make an excuse, much to her frustration. Likewise, with a veritable mountain of willpower I had stopped her from rubbing my cock through sert porno my pants yesterday, only just preventing a humiliating accident. I know this sounds crazy, but I was the one holding out on her. Despite the fact that I had fantasized about her countless times, once I knew that I could have her I was afraid of messing it up. At that time my sexual education had consisted of a few crappy “Keep your dick clean, yada yada yada…” lessons from the school nurse and what I had seen in porn. Neither seemed applicable in real life, when I was holding this amazing, willing girl in my arms.

Between tender kisses I noticed that in the evening her eyes were a deep green. Mischief sparkled there and she pecked me on the ear, sending us both into happy chuckles. I vaguely registered looks of envy from other guys sitting nearby and smirked at them when I caught them looking. Libby had been getting more accustomed to seeing us like this, but was still not completely comfortable. She went to get a drink with Kate, another of their school friends who happened to be there.

Chloe leaned back onto my chest and we watched Libby walk over to the temporary bar. Her legs were right at eye level for those guys who were sitting. Heads were turning. We laughed at seeing one staring guy squeal after getting pinched by his indignant girlfriend.

“She’s so beautiful.” Said Chloe suddenly, in a way that implied “Don’t you think so?”

Although most of the male audience were simply disappointed when Libby reached the drinks table and stopped walking, a few of them jumped up eagerly and strode after her. I tensed up slightly as they approached her, watching as they obviously fought over who would get to buy her a drink.

I was on full alert again; well aware of the direction Chloe could be taking. She looked at me, and I shrugged as if to casually say “Well sure.” I think we both knew that I was implicitly pleading with her to keep up our silence on the topic of my Libby fantasy. She wasn’t letting me off that easily, however, and said with a cunning smile

“If, hypothetically, she wasn’t your sister, would you feel…?”

I cut her off abruptly. “She is my sister.”

Libby, for her part, was looking somewhat frightened at all the male attention. Thankfully Kate said something that made them back off, crestfallen, and I relaxed.

A few seconds of silence followed whilst Chloe digested my blatant evasion of the question. Then, so quietly that I barely caught a word, she whispered cryptically to herself

“…harder than I thought.”


Deciding that it had to be either James or Libby, in the end I chose my sister to avoid the mockery I would doubtless have to endure with the former. I had resolved to ask her how not to make a fool of myself with Chloe.

It was the last Saturday before college started, the day after the concert, and she was baking a cake. She’d been cooking quite a lot that summer and, judging by the smell wafting out of the oven, all that practice was paying off. Mum and Dad were out walking, so I took my chance. After a lull in our conversation about the campus cafeteria food I cleared my throat uncomfortably, causing her to look up from the mixing bowl.

“Can I, ahh, ask you a question?” – Man, this was awkward! I could already feel my face growing warm.

She smiled at me curiously. “Of course. I’ve been hounding you all summer with questions, silly.”

I’m so glad that you brought Chloe and me together,” I began, “but now things are getting more serious… you know…?”

She looked at me curiously; I was going to have to say it. “…physically.”

Once I’d said that the rest came faster. “We kiss and stuff, but she wants me to take the next step and I want to do it right.”

She stirred her icing mixture with undue concentration.

“I’ve never been with anyone, Matt.” She said in a very small voice. “I don’t know if I can help you.”

“I just want her to enjoy it and I don’t want to hurt her.” I concluded.

She kept her eyes averted, I saw her swallow, and when she spoke her voice was soft and husky.

“So you want me to tell you what girls really like?”

It was a rhetorical question, but hearing her say it charged the atmosphere. She glanced up coyly and I nodded.

“Be gentle. Touch her all over and find out what she likes.”

Libby’s voice caught and I felt my breathing grow shallower. Part of me realised what a stupid idea this was, asking my sister how to touch my girlfriend when I was repressing my attraction to her, but mostly I just wanted to hear more.

“Keep going please.” I encouraged her.

“Take care of her first, and do it slowly.”

She sex mex porno still wasn’t looking at me and resumed mixing slowly, as if in demonstration.

“Kiss her, and then kiss her… breasts.”

I checked out her heaving bosom, seeing that I obviously wasn’t the only one having trouble breathing. Her nipples were definitely hard. Virgin little sis is ripe for the fucking. My imagination was running wild, picturing bending her over the bench and eating her out from behind; stripping her naked and licking the icing off her tits; making her squeal, confess to being a shameless slut for her brother. All those repressed thoughts were leaking out and I gritted my teeth to fight them down.

“Feel if her pussy’s wet.”

She continued, but had stopped mixing altogether at this point. God I was a fool for thinking that I would ever be over her. The tension in the air was thick and hearing those words coming out of her moist pink lips was unreal. Our eyes met across the kitchen bench. Her pupils were dark and inky, and there was a wildness there that shocked me.

“Then you can touch my…”

Freudian slip. We stared at each other.

“…her clit.”

Saying this she lifted her icing spoon, stuck out her tongue, and licked it sensuously without breaking eye contact. It was as though she was inviting her own brother to eat her out. Somehow “Thanks for the advice” just didn’t seem appropriate. It was so out of character that I couldn’t believe it; she had actually licked it whilst looking straight at me after practically saying to touch her clit.

In a dream I walked around the bench to her side, not stopping until we were inches apart. The proximity was intoxicating, and I could feel her warmth in the air. Nothing else seemed to exist. With the back of my right hand I reached up to her cheek and stroked light as a feather. Her face was so pretty, so flawless, it was just heartbreaking. The skin was amazingly soft and warm under my hand. Her eyes closed in pleasure at my touch and she let out a barely audible moan.

The timer on the oven blared loudly, breaking the spell. A distraught expression came across her face as she seemed to realise what we had done. She ran off to her room and I stood there, stunned and painfully hard.


Five minutes later she had reappeared briefly and mumbled something in passing about catching up with Mum and Dad on their stroll at the park. As the front door slammed I sat on the couch and held my head in my hands. I’d thought that I was committed to suppressing this thing, whatever it was, between us. Now I was questioning my resolve. Had I wanted that to happen? You asked your baby sister how she would like to be fucked, dumbass. Another wave of debauched thoughts assaulted me, even more sinful than the last. I pictured myself savouring her for hours on end, teaching her how to suck her first cock, and pumping her anus full of cum. My carefully constructed denial was falling to pieces. I massaged my temples, willing the images away, but they just got worse. In the most vivid one yet I envisaged her bent over my lap, naked but for a pair of tiny silk panties. Suddenly Chloe appeared and was spanking the living daylights out of her, spanking right onto the spreading stain over Libby’s pussy. Then I realized that my sick fantasies had shown me the solution. Chloe.


I broke the limit, ran the lights, got hooted at twice, and flipped off once, but thankfully didn’t get pulled over by the cops. However, I figured that leaving my cock unattended for those few minutes I saved would be more dangerous for me and Libby both. I pounded on Chloe’s front door until she answered.

“Hey boyfriend…”

I pulled her into a long and forceful kiss. We pulled back, panting.

“Are your parents at home?”

“No.” She replied, still bewildered.


And then I was kissing her again until she kissed back, tangling her fingers in my hair. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I sucked on it sensually. We had never kissed like this before, but this time she could sense my intent, my animal hunger. I picked her up bodily and powered up the stairs, mentally noting never to complain about James being a slavedriver ever again. Within moments I had tossed her on her bed, scattering the handful of soft toys across the pink sheets.

“What’s gotten into you?” She asked with awe in her voice.

“I need you Chloe.” I said simply. I didn’t add: Because my sister’s a fucking tease and I can’t stop thinking about her.

I pulled my shirt over my head and saw that she had peeled her top off and was working on her short-shorts. The bed was a little too small to be ideal, but it held stranded teens porno my weight as I climbed on the end and yanked her pants off the rest of the way. She fell back and I climbed over her, drinking in the sight of her taught body for the first time, clad only in lacy underwear. Her flaming hair fanned out over the pillows as I towered above her. God she was exquisite.

Remembering the advice I had paid so dearly for just minutes ago, I wound back the pace and kissed her gently whilst sliding my palm up her thigh, over her ass, and up the curve of her spine. Chloe’s skin on mine was soft and supple. Wherever I touched it the fiery nymph burnt me. I was so sensitive from having never done this before, having never been so close to someone before. I discovered that it tasted amazing too as I kissed her down her neck. She arched her chest up towards me and her breasts brushed my chest through her bra.

Chloe surprised me by rolling us over and hurriedly unclipping her bra. Then with a wicked smile on her face she planted her hands on either side of me, leaned down and grazed her naked nipples on my chest, hissing sexily at the contact. I began to realise that Chloe’s idea of good sex might not be as gentle and romantic as my virgin sister’s. There were no objections on my part, and overall she was doing a wonderful job of distracting me from the incest fantasy.

I reached up and hefted her full tits in my hands. In response she lifted her elbows up and held her hair back with both hands, exposing herself to me fully as she straddled my torso. Starting with my fingers spread in all directions, I slowly brought them in to squeeze her nipples simultaneously.

“Oh fucking play with my tits.” She moaned.

I obliged diligently for several minutes until at one point she slid back enough for my cock to hit her butt, clearly begging for attention. Chloe grinned as she ground her ass against my cockhead.

“Ooo what’s this?” She laughed as I fought down the incredible sensations her butt was producing. Feeling the need to take back some control, and determined to satisfy her first, I stroked between her legs, right down the middle of her panties. My reward was a slick sensation on my palm and her sharp intake of breath. Thankfully, she stopped grinding on my cock whilst I rubbed her softly.

“Mmmm yeah.” She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip in indulgence for a moment.

“We should have done this ages ago Matt.”

I’m sure my technique wasn’t the best, but she was cool enough not to draw attention to my lack of experience. All she did was pull my fingers up a little higher on the now-moist material. I worked and worked whilst her body and breasts swayed rhythmically above me.

Her hands yanked mine away just when her passion seemed to be reaching fever-pitch. Glowing green eyes regarded me with a burning intensity.

“Do you know why I did that?” She croaked, barely still in control. One hand seemed to be holding the other, trying to stop it from finishing herself off.

“Why?” I said in wonderment of her.

“Because this is going to totally wipe me out and,” she took a shaky breath, “I want to be naked with you inside me.”

“What about con…” I began, but she cut me off in frustration, almost crying out with

“I’m on the pill! Please hurry.”

We changed positions once more, I finally released my cock from the confines of my boxers, and then I reached to peel her panties away. She was suffering in a purgatory of frustration, already halfway to heaven, but not quite there. Even that simple act of undressing caused her to let out a moan in sheer pleasure as the fabric slid over her pussy. I stared at her glistening core. Her widely spread legs revealed that she was flawless and pink, not a trace of hair anywhere. The flesh was swollen with excitement, and a droplet of moisture ran down one lip to wet the linen. Of all the guys she had met, I had done this to her.

“Matt!” It was almost a shriek and snapped me out of my inspection.

I held my throbbing manhood carefully, knowing that I would not last more than a few strokes inside Chloe, my first. She was staring at it hungrily, and at that moment I’d never felt so potent, so masculine in all my life. I positioned and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders intimately. Slowly I penetrated her until I was fully inside. This was sex as it was meant to be, with slick wet pussy and rock-hard cock.

She whispered hoarsely in my ear. “One more baby.”

I took her again and then she was cumming, clinging to me for dear life whilst her walls fluttered around me. It was more than I could bear. I fired home, deep inside her as we became one for the first time.


Author’s note 2: I’ve been thinking that I should switch over to a sex-only incest story. By that I mean skeleton plot only with minimal teasing. Personally I like a teasing sister, but I aim to please you. Leave an anonymous comment if you would prefer that.

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