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It was early in May and I knew that bike week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was coming up soon. I had gotten a new Harley the previous summer and was anxious to go down a show it off to the guys who had all seen the old junker I was riding the prior season. One of the guys had called me last week telling me that he had booked a room at one of the beachfront motels for me. If I decided I wasn’t going to be able to use it to just let him know, as there were tons of people frantically searching for rooms. No problem, I called to thank him for the reservation and let him know he could eat his heart out when he saw my new bike.

A few days before it was time to leave for Myrtle Beach my younger sister Chris called about some problem she was having on her job and I told her I was going down to bike week and wouldn’t be able to help her until the following week. Our parents had died in an auto wreck a few years back and she had gotten her own place shortly after returning from college. She lives a few miles from me and we see each other almost every week.

About ten minutes after she had hung up my phone rang and it was her again. “Jim, what would you think about having your sister ride down there with you next week?”

“You mean you want to go to bike week. Do you realize that it can get pretty rough and raunchy?”

“So I’ve heard but I will be with my big brother to protect me.” She giggled.

Chris is twenty-two and quite the sophisticate. She got through four years of high school in three years and earned her bachelors in another three. There were a half dozen companies knocking her door down with job offers and she landed a great one. She is pretty as a picture, about five feet three with a slender shape but a little light in the tit department.

“Well Sis, I’ll be happy to have you keeping my back warm on the ride down but I have to warn you there is a room reserved for me and I have no idea if it has one or two beds.”

“Jim, I guess over the years we have each seen the other naked as a jaybird several times so there won’t be any kind of shock for me. I just hope you can handle seeing a knockout like me sans clothes.” She sort of smirked.

It was raining harder than hell the morning we were planning to leave and rather than ride in the rain I decided to put the bike in the back of my van and drive down in it. We would take the bike out when we got there. I use the van for camping and have it equipped with an air mattress and a water tank. I have a small Porta-Potti I load in it when going camping but that would stay in my garage for this trip. I had a half dozen of tie-down eyebolts installed for tying the bike down when I used the van like this. I would much rather have ridden down on the bike but not a four hundred mile ride in the rain.

Well, as I hoped, the room had one king sized bed but that didn’t seem to bother Chris at all. We unloaded the bike and the rest of our stuff and then went out to cruise the area to see what was happening.

We ended up at a big sort of soccer field where there were a few thousand bikers lying around with some having pitched tents. The booze was flowing like water and you could get high just walking through the field and inhaling the marijuana smoke. It still wasn’t dark but there was fucking and sucking going on all over the field with the audiences simply ignoring the activities.

“Geez, look at the size of the dick on that guy” Chris said as she jerked my head around in the direction of her attraction.

Sure enough the guy was hung like a horse and his girlfriend was doing her best to swallow it all. A few large throat filling gulps and she was puking her guts out all over the grass. You could have heard the laughter all the way to Florida.

Near the middle of the field one guy had his gal bent face down over the seat on the bike as he fucked her from the rear. Some of the onlookers cheered them on.

“Chris, let’s find someplace to grab some supper before this crowd realizes its dinner time and fills every restaurant within miles.”

“OK Bro but you have to agree the views around this field are awesome.”

Just then we came across a guy sitting sidesaddle on his bike with his jeans down to his knees and his gal pal had her top off exposing huge tits that she had maneuvered so they were straddling his cock. He was tittie fucking her without having to move a muscle. She had her face bent low to catch his juices in her mouth as soon as he let them go. Damn, this whole field was one giant orgy.

We found a halfway decent hamburger joint and had our dinner of burgers fries and a piece of pie.

While we were eating Chris looked at me and asked, “Did watching those sex pots in that field make you horny?”

It took me aback she was talking so openly about sex but I answered “They sure did. Especially that one gal giving ‘horse cock’ a blowjob. She looked as if she was going to be to take the whole thing right up to the point where she gagged and threw up.”

Chris taboo heat porno came back with, “I was sort of wishing I had been the gal leaning over the seat of the bike with the guy driving his cock in and out of her.”

“Chris, I am surprised that you are talking so openly about sex. I never heard you do that before.”

“Oh shit Jim, you are acting as if I am a sixteen year old virgin. Lighten up.”

We got back on the bike and rode back out to the big soccer/campground. It hardly looked as if anyone had left for dinner but what it probably was that many went to eat about the same time that an equal number had arrived.

I noticed that we were getting all kinds of cheers and long smiling looks as we slowly cruised up and down the lanes between those sacked out on the grass and the rows of tents. I finally turned around to see that Chris had peeled off her top and was holding herself away from my back so her tits were in plain view for all to see.

“Damnit Chris, you are acting as sluttish as a lot of the other broads here. Get your top back on before I dump you in the middle of these assholes and you’ll get all the sex you ever dreamed of.”

“What a grouch you are.” She snarled as she wiggled back into her top. “I was just having some fun joining in the spirit of things”

“Yeah, well join in without acting so damn sluttish.” I snapped.

“Look Chris, it’s after ten and I’m tired from the trip and am ready to hit the sack to get ready for the fun and games that re scheduled for tomorrow. Bike week here isn’t exactly like Sturgis, South Dakota but they try hard to have some entertainment for the crowd.”

“OK, let’s hit the sack.” She responded.

When we got back to the motel I put the bike back in the van. A Harley is the most stolen bike in the country and I wasn’t in any mood to lose my new one.

I needed a shower and as I came out of ours I faced Chris coming into the bathroom. She was bare ass naked and I had forgotten, or hadn’t seen it in a long while, just how slender and attractive her body was.

She came up to face me and threw her arms around me and purred, “Won’t you come in and wash my back?”

“Ah shit. C’mon, jump in and I’ll be right behind you.” I answered.

The single shower was kind of cramped for the two of us but that made it even sexier. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind where all of this was leading.

She turned to face me with her perky tits trying to poke holes in my chest and asked,

“Why have we waited so long to do this? We have probably missed out on some great sex.” She asked.

By the time we were getting out of the shower my cock was at half- mast. She soon had her arms around my neck pulling my face down to kiss me. While the kiss was going on she lowered a hand to grip my cock I felt her begin stroking it and it didn’t take much of that before I was rock hard.

“C’mon honey. We’ll be a lot more comfortable on the bed.” I suggested.

As we got near the bed she stepped back and gave me a little push. I flopped down on my back and she laughingly dropped on top of me. She slid down and had her knees on the floor with her face directly in line with my cock. She was holding it with one hand while she had the other one softly caressing my balls. Her tongue flicked out and the tip of it was slowly making its way around the bulbous head of my now stiff cock. My cock isn’t like the monsters you read about on the Internet but it is a respectable eight inches.

I looked down at her and watched her slide her hand up and down the shaft which was now wet with her saliva. She let a couple of fingers hold the very end of my shaft while the tip of her tongue was opening up the hole in the head of it. She brought the hand that had been caressing my balls up to my shaft and got a finger wet and then slid her hand back down and spread the cheeks of my ass. The next thing I felt was something entering my asshole and it was the finger she had just wet with her saliva. I couldn’t make up my mind whether what she was doing hurt or felt good. I never had anything up my ass before so this was a first.

She moved her mouth so that it was positioned over the head of my cock and then let it drop so she had a solid five inches buried with the head of it almost touching her tonsils. She then started a normal up and down motion with her head while at the same time she was moving her finger up my ass in much the same way. I didn’t know if she was touching my prostate but before I knew what was happening I was filling her mouth with hot juices. She kept up the motion with her finger while she was licking and sucking every drop from my cock. Whew, what a fantastic blowjob and from my own sister.

I reached down and lifted her up for her face to meet mine and planted a huge kiss on her.

“Chris, I don’t know where you learned to do that but it was unbelievable.”

“Jim, you aren’t going to believe me but that was the first time teach that bitch porno I ever did that with my finger in an ass and I read about it in some ‘how to’ sex book.

“Keep reading that book Sis until you know everything it has to say.”

Well, turnabout is fair play and I pulled her higher on the bed and dropped my mouth to her crotch.

I let my mouth open up her puffy pussy lips while slipping one hand alongside of my mouth and let a couple of fingers search out her clit. As soon as I found it I had my fingers slide the covering back and took the nub between my lips and let my tongue flick back and forth over it. Her moans started big time. I moved one hand up to her chest and took one of her now rock hard nipples and slid my fingers around the very tip of it. Round and round with my fingers on her nipple while my tongue was doing the same thing over the nub of her clitoris.

She started to moan big time and had reached down and was pulling my face deeper in her pussy while she was throwing her hips up at my mouth to give her more enjoyment. I looked up and could see her throwing her head from side to side with her long hair flying to first one side of her face and then quickly over to the other side. It didn’t take long before I heard her moans getting louder and louder. I slid my hand off her tit and moved it over to her mouth to try and quieten her for fear Security in the motel would be soon knocking at the door to see what was wrong. She reduced her noise considerably as she continued to throw her pussy hard against my mouth. Her climax overtook her with one huge moan and the raising of her hips and my face along with them a solid foot off the bed. Whew, she really lets go.

She collapsed back down on the bed and started some very deep breathing as she came down off her orgasmic high.

“Damn Jim, you sure didn’t get that technique out of any book. You are unbelievable.”

We just lay there in each other’s arms making small talk while we came back to normal. She confessed she had lost her virginity to her one and only boyfriend who she had broken up with a few months earlier and had yet to replace him. She let me know she was still on the pill so I didn’t have to worry about using a condom on her.

About an hour of that and I felt her hand roaming all around my balls and my cock was responding exactly as she obviously had hoped. It was half way hard when she dropped her mouth to my waist and then slid down to take the head of it in her mouth. Even though I had had a huge orgasm about an hour ago I was rising to the occasion again. She soon had me hard as a steel rod.

I pulled her up off my cock and had her lying on the bed alongside of me as I rolled on top of her. I was holding myself off of her by being on my elbows and knees and just leaned down to give her a huge kiss. As we lay like that for a few minutes I slid my cock into her waiting and soaked love box. I was into the hilt in one long slow move and she had her legs locked against the back of my knees as I started to pump her. It wasn’t long before her legs had risen to the cheeks of my ass as I began to pump harder. She then threw them in the air wide open as I reached my arms down and put them under her knees and lifted her legs high in the air as I pumped her pussy for all it was worth. Once again she was tossing her head from side to side and biting her lip with the passion.

I was driving my cock deep and hard as I heard the now familiar moan signaling she was about to come. A few more thrusts and she let go and began pumping me the way I was doing her. Her hips were being thrown a foot off the bed up to meet my downward thrusting. A minute or two of that and I was filling her pussy with my juices.

She slid out from under me and moved down to grab my cock with her hands and milked every drop of come out of me. This woman is one hell of a piece of ass … too bad she’s my sister.

Sleep came much later that night. We cuddled and talked for what seemed like hours and sometime during the night, while we were spooning I got another hard on. She must have felt it in her dreamlike state for she moved her ass back to me a little further. I used my hand to reposition my cock and it slipped in to the hilt and that awakened her.

“Damn Jim, what a great alarm clock.” As she started to pump her hips and ass back to meet my thrusts.

I reached around and held a tit and pulled her back to me even more as I drove my cock in and out of her. It didn’t take long before I felt the warmth of an orgasm creeping up to my balls and then with one deep thrust I unloaded another stream of my love juices deep inside of her. My cock still inside of her and it slipped out sometime much later.

We enjoyed breakfast at a pancake house on the strip before heading back out to the campground. They must have had another massive crowd come in after we left there the previous night for it was wall to wall bikes, tits, cocks and asses team skeet porno as far as the eye could see. Things were getting out of hand in the nudity/porn department for we noticed a large group of police on small scooters making their way through the crowds and asking them to clean up their acts. We heard one cop telling them “I don’t care if you fuck from here to New York but at least wait until the sun goes down. If you don’t I am going to be forced to arrest you and that’s going to spoil your whole week here.” It looked as if the crowd was listening because we saw people pulling on their clothes and straightening up their acts.

There was a small bandstand in one corner of the field and some entertainment had started. The group was from Nashville and the music was pretty good. Another corner of the field had been dedicated to concession stands selling all types of food and beer but no hard liquor. A hundred yards further down the side was a group of porta potties and we could see they had put up a bunch of these in a cluster in the center of the field as well. Things looked very well organized and ready for some real fun.

We finally found my friends who had made the motel reservation for me and decided that I would introduce Chris as my gal pal and leave out any reference to her being my sister. The guys were really taken with my new bike and I could see the green with envy color all over their faces. Ah hell, they’ll all have new bikes by next year and the tables will be turned.

We left the field and stopped back at the motel and changed into our bathing suits before walking out of the motel and onto the beach. The weather was in the low eighties with clear skies. Chris had thought to bring a decent beach blanket so we lay out and caught some rays before thinking about lunch. She was longing for some southern barbecue and I had heard about a great place but I thought that it ought to be saved for dinner rather than just lunch. I had tossed a small ice chest into the van before leaving home and filled it with ice cubes from the motel and brought it out on the blanket with us so we had enough beer to last us the day.

Sitting there watching the beach walkers go by was enjoyable when Chris nodded at a passerby asking me, “Isn’t that the gal who was trying to swallow the horse cock back on the campground yesterday?” A young gal with a knockout of a body was sauntering along the beach as if she was looking for someone.

I agreed and caught the gals’ eye and held up a beer in sort of an offer. She nodded yes and came over to our blanket.

I made the introductions of Chris and I and she in turn said her name was Brandy. She was twenty- four and was cuter than hell. I opened a can for her and she joined us on the blanket. The conversation turned to what we saw her trying to do the day before and she began to cry.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“That guy you saw me with yesterday was trying to rape me. I’m a virgin and he threatened me with all kinds of stuff if I wouldn’t do exactly as he said. You saw me trying to do that when I choked and threw up all over the grass. I was just walking along the beach now hoping I could see someone from my home area with the hopes of getting a ride back.” She responded.

“Geez, you were going to start off on your sex life with one of the largest cocks in the world.” Chris answered.

“I guess you’re right. I saw a bunch of the other guys doing stuff with their girlfriends and they weren’t built like the guy I was with.”

I followed on with, “How did he ever get you to do anything for him? Did you know him before yesterday?”

“He lives next door to my sister and I in Florida and when he saw me yesterday he grabbed me saying that he was going to do some big time harm to my sister when he got back if I didn’t go around with him here during bike week. I was taking a bus up to see my father in northern New York and thought I would stop off here to see what it was all about. Big mistake.”

“So he actually threatened you?” I asked.

“Oh yes and a few people who were there heard it and just laughed.” She replied.

“Well, I’m going back to talk to him about it. Either of you want to come?” I offered.

They both jumped at the chance and I told them we would have to drive the van over and then walk thru the field.

The crowd had gotten even larger than it had been the previous night and we just headed over to where we had seen her throwing up the last time we saw her.

Sure enough ‘horse cock’ was at his old stomping ground when we spotted him. I told the girls not to say anything but to let me do the talking. They agreed and I could see that Brandy was nervous as hell.

He saw us approaching when we were still a good ways off and let out a huge bellow about how his little gal Brandy was back to see how much of his cock she could swallow. The crowd around him looked and laughed.

I kept going straight to him with the girls a few feet behind me.

“Well, it looks as if she has found a protector.” He smirked.

I never said anything until I was about three feet from him and then commented on his pretty smile and asked how long it took him to brush his pearly white teeth. It looked to me they were so perfect that he had had them all capped.

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