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Kaylee Sanchez was 33 years old and had it all. She was a successful attorney, working at a major firm in Philadelphia. Her boyfriend was a hot shot stock-broker who spent his days trading millions of dollars and making just as much. To go with the professional glory and wealth, Kaylee had looks to die for. She was of Puerto Rican descent and therefore blessed with dark olive skin. Standing at 5’4 with shoulder length, light brown hair, and a 34D bust, she looked like she belonged in a lingerie catalog instead of a law firm. Kaylee looked good and she knew it. And to stay that way, she worked out religiously, so much so that she was beginning to develop the makings of a wash board stomach.

As perfect as life would seem, there was one skeleton very much in Kaylee’s closet. And that was in the form of her 18 year old, trouble maker of a brother, Michael. Michael was the ultimate problem child. Alcohol, drugs, a bad temper, and just a general disdain for any kind of authority, had landed him in his parents’ shit house. Reaching the kind of success that Kaylee had was nearly laughable for Michael. Hell, he wasn’t even able to graduate high school on time and was preparing to start his “second” senior year.

With that as the background, let’s jump ahead to a weekend in June 2007. Kaylee’s parents were attending a wedding out of state and with Michael’s track record, they weren’t too keen on leaving him alone. So Kaylee, who had plans of her own to attend a college reunion, was stuck staying at her parents house and baby-sitting her 18 year old brother. She was none too happy.

Michael and Kaylee didn’t get along much. In fact, they didn’t really even interact or speak to each other. In Michael’s mind, his sister was a bitch who thought she was better than everyone. He would admit that she was hot as hell but it didn’t make him hate her any less. Similarly, Kaylee loathed her brother. He was the black eye for an otherwise successful family.

When she arrived on Friday night, Kaylee made it clear to her brother that she was not in the mood for any shit, “Look Michael, if you weren’t such a fuck-up, I wouldn’t be stuck here and I’d be at my reunion. So how about you do me a favor and stay out of trouble? If you do, you won’t even know I’m here.”

When he heard those comments, Michael could only manage a sarcastic grin. Even Kaylee’s tone of voice was filled with arrogance and conceit. So he fired back with, “Whatever Kaylee. You can’t control me for shit. We both know, I’ll do whatever the fuck I feel like and I’ll start now. See you later, sis.” And with that, Michael was out the door.

Kaylee’s weekend was relatively quiet at first. Her brother stayed out most of Friday and Saturday. He finally came home on Saturday evening and that’s when things got interesting.

When her brother returned, Kaylee was furious and actually somewhat relieved that he wasn’t in jail or even dead. But the only emotion she showed Michael was one of anger, “Where the fuck were you? Mom was asking for you and I had to cover for your ass. Until they get home, you’re not going anywhere, do you understand?”

Michael looked his sister up and down. She looked so damn hot and she knew it. Standing there in her sweat-shorts, which were two sizes too small so her tight ass hung out the sides, and a white tank-top which accenuated her big tits. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out. So in typical fashion, his only response was a biting insult, “Whatever bitch. I’m going upstairs to go to sleep. Who knows Kaylee? Maybe I’ll jerk off to visions of you in that tight little outfit.” When the words left his mouth, Michael was a bit surprised at himself. He fantasized about his sister a lot when they were younger but since she moved out, those feelings died down. Not to mention, as much of a screw-up as he was, not even he ever seriously considered incest…until now.

For her part, Kaylee stood there in stunned silence. She couldn’t believe her brother had the balls to speak to her like that. But she had enough for one day. She just wanted him to go to sleep and leave her alone. A few hours later, Michael was in bed, tossing and turning. His comment about jerking off to Kaylee had stirred something deep inside of him. He wasn’t just idly fantasizing about her, he was now lusting after her. His cock was throbbing and that was despite jerking off just an hour before. Sensing that his sister was downstairs, Michael decided to take his fantasy a step further.

Walking into the spare bathroom, Michael came across his sister’s hamper and carefully sifted around, searching for a pair of used panties and a bra. After a few seconds, he found them. A lacy black thong and matching bra. Curious as to her cup size, he glanced down and saw “34D”. To himself, he muttered, “That fucking bitch has some big ass titties.” He was almost in a trance as he stood sniffing the crotch of the panties and licking the inside of the bra cup. He slowly wrapped his dick in the thong and began to jerk off. He used the bra cup as a pussy, eagerly thrusting türkçe altyazı porno his dick into it. Michael had more than his fair share of sexual experiences. He knew what he was doing and he had quite the cock to do it with. Measuring nearly 8 inches, he was about ready to completely rip through his sister’s bra.

And just like that, the door to the bathroom opened. Michael was so lost in thoughts of his sister, he completely forgot to lock the door or even keep an ear out for Kaylee’s approach. When Kaylee saw him, she nearly flipped out. What the hell was he doing? Her own brother was using her underwear as a cum rag. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, “You fucking pervert! What the fuck are you doing? You’re going to pay for this.” Kaylee then attempted to strike her brother across the face, with a half-punch and half-slap. As horny as Michael was, he still had enough sense to prepare himself for the worst when he saw Kaylee. He knew she would lash out at him so he quickly dropped her bra and panties and grabbed her arm as she tried to hit him.

Michael twisted Kaylee’s arm around her back and threw her across the bathroom counter. She tried to fend him off with her free arm but it was no use. He was too strong. Michael was scared shitless. He had never taken anything this far before and knew that even if he stopped, his parents would still disown him. So, he thought if he was going to fuck up, he might as well enjoy it.

Kaylee’s tight ass was nearly pressed up against her brother’s fat cock and her big titties strained against her white t-shirt. She was being bent over by Michael, her arms held out behind her. She pleaded with him to stop but it was no use. He was going to rape her. “So Kaylee, not so high and mighty now. I’ll tell you what. You suck my cock and I end this right now. You refuse or put up a fight, I will fuck your brains out. I’ve got nothing to lose bitch.”

Kaylee was also used to being in control but she knew this time was different. She had way too much to lose for her to test her brother. So she rationalized it in her own mind. She had no other choice. Her career, her money, her good looks, her life…everyhing was on the line. “Ok, ok. I’ll do it. Then you let me out of here you sick fuck.”

Michael couldn’t believe his ears. He gladly responded, “Suck me off sis and you can leave as soon as you’d like.”

He forced Kaylee down to her knees and for the first time, she noticed her brother’s enormous dick. Kaylee’s boyfriend was small, barely 4 inches. And with all of her focus being on her career, and herself, she wasn’t all that sexually active. She couldn’t help but gasp slightly and widen her eyes upon seeing that horse cock. This wasn’t lost on Michael who responded with, “Yah, that’s right sis. Looks like I have one good thing, huh? Suck it bitch.”

With that, she began sucking her brother’s huge penis. Partly because she wanted this ordeal to end, Kaylee was sucking like a wild woman. She was gagging on her brother’s dick but she didn’t let up. Her head was bobbing up and down. You could hear the slurping noises as she dealt with that massive dick. As repulsed as she was, there was an inkling, deep within her, that was fascinated by her brother’s dick. It was just sooooooooo big. She had her french-manicured hand at the base, vigorously jerking him off, while she bobbed up and down on his dick head. Michael had his head tossed back, holding her hair and guiding her head over his dick. He could last for quite a while with most girls but his sister was sucking cock like a pro. He was about to explode. Kaylee could see her brother was tightening up and about to release. She half wanted this to end but there was another part of her that was in awe of dominating her brother’s monster cock. She was never quite sure which of those emotions caused her to take her free hand and tickle his nuts with the tips of her fingernails. That was the last straw. Michael couldn’t take anymore, “Oh fuck, oh yah, uh, uh, uh, fuck yeah.” He shot load, after load into his sister’s mouth. Kaylee knew it was coming but she still couldn’t prepare herself for the deluge of cum. She immediately started to gag and choke as some of it hit the back of her throat while most of it dribbled down her chin and on to her shirt.

Michael stood there, in shock. His bitch of a sister. The big-shot attorney. There she was. On her knees, covered in his cum with his massive dick hanging in her face. He couldn’t believe it was happening. “Ok sis. You can go. Leave. Get the fuck out of here.” In the back of his mind, Michael knew he wasn’t letting Kaylee go. He would be fucking her in a matter of minutes. And she’d be loving it.

Kaylee gingerly stood up. Her entire life flashed before her eyes. The pricy condo in Philadelphia. The high-paying job. Her almost-millionaire boyfriend. This couldn’t happen to her. She was Kaylee Sanchez. As she stood up, her brother noticed how hard her nipples were. They were nearly ripping through the tight white tshirt. vivid porno Michael had an opening and he took it. “Whoa, wait a minute bitch. What’s this? Looks like you liked this big dick more than you thought.” Michael immediately began to rip at Kaylee’s shirt. She was desperate to fight back but she couldn’t. She was broken. She wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe it was the simple act of sucking Michael’s dick. But, deep down, Kaylee knew she had no fight left because at some level, she had enjoyed it.

It didn’t take long before Michael had his sister’s shirt off her. She was wearing a lacy white bra, her tanned tits ready to spill from the cups. Her nipples were nearly piercing through the fabric. Michael began to paw at her bra, desperately trying to free the monster tits. Kaylee cried and pleaded with him. She wasn’t sure what she feared worse – having this continue or the fact that she wanted it to.

She was openly sobbing, “Michael, please. I’m begging you, stop now. Please, just stop.” But it was no use. Her brother unclasped her bra and left the heavy hangers fall into view.

Michael licked his lips as he saw Kaylee’s tits. They were huge without any sign of a sag. They were nearly perfect except for huge nipples and massive aereolas. Michael generally preferred pert little nipples but his sister’s were gigantic. “Mmmmm, sis, look at these. Looks like you need these nipples sucked a little bit, huh?” Michael lowered his head down to the massive nipples and began to eagerly suck and flick them with his tongue. He was a pro at it and it showed. Kaylee was fighting with every ounce of self control she had but it was no use. Her brother, her own brother, was dominating her. Her body was losing the battle and beginning to respond. Her eyes were getting heavy and her breathing picked up. She slightly arched her back, allowing more of her tit into her brother’s mouth.

Michael knew he had her. He had broken the will of his bitch sister. He began to taunt her, “Not so high and mighty now, huh bitch? That feels good, me sucking on these fat tits? You want it, you want it Kaylee?” She could only nod her head weakly and close her eyes. She was completely dominated.

Michael continued licking Kaylee’s tits for several more minutes. His cock was once again rock hard. He decided to go in for the kill and change his sister’s life forever. He reached down and gently put his hand down her shorts. Kaylee jerked slightly, alarmed at the touch but she was too far gone to resist. Michael felt the crotch of her panties. It wasn’t wet or moist. It was drenched, nearly soaked through. As surprising was the amount of pubic hair on his sister’s cunt. He thought for sure Kaylee shaved but she rarely did. Her boyfriend enjoyed the feel of it and she allowed herself to grow a huge bush. Michael began to thrust two fingers in and out of her sloppy cunt. It was so wet that he could have easily slid his whole fist in there but he was almost beginning to feel sorry for his sister. She was openly cooing now. Her eyes closed, mouth half-open. She was drenched in sweat and practically panting. Michael continued to finger her twat and whispered in her ear, “Come on Ms. Attorney. You’re going to let your fuck-up brother get you off like this? This is incest. You should be ashamed. I’m a high-school drop-out and yet I’m making you cum like there’s no tomorrow.”

Kaylee was hopeless. The insults only turned her on more. She spread her legs wider, and adjusted her ass so she was sitting further against the counter. She did exercise frequently but a fat ass and big thighs were in her genes. She was thrusting her wide hips rhythmically to her brother’s finger fucking. Her washboard stomach was glistening with sweat and her pubic hair was drenched with her own cum. She was approaching orgasm and couldn’t stop it. She felt a tingling in her ass. Michael sensed his sister was reaching climax and he stopped immediately. He was going to torture this bitch.

Kaylee looked at her brother with pleading eyes. She needed to cum. She stared to finger herself, replacing his own fingers. Michael looked down at her and snarled, “What’s wrong bitch? You horny? Did I get you hot and bothered?”

It was a somewhat disturbing scene. Just two days ago, Kaylee Sanchez had delivered a brief to the State Superior Court. Now, she was fingering her hairy, cum drenched pussy while her loser brother cheered her on, daring her to give into him. She couldn’t take it anymore. Crying and sobbing, she looked at Michael, “Please. Please. Make me cum. I need to cum. Eat me Michael. Eat me.”

He couldn’t believe it. Never did Michael think his sister would fall so low and so hard, “What the fuck did you say? You little whore! What did you say?”

Kaylee had no shame, “Eat me. Please Michael. Eat my pussy. Pleeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.” She was practically squealing.

With that, Michael buried his head in his sister’s twat. He was a bit taken aback by all the pubic hair but the whole thing was just so fucking sexy and erotic. Michael knew how woodman casting porno to eat pussy. He was actually quite good at it and he went to town on poor Kaylee. She didn’t stand a chance. He thrashed his head in her vagina, biting down on her clit. Kaylee was owned. A girl who had everything and a brilliant future had just lost it all. She spread her legs as far as they’d go. She smacked her brother’s hands from her tits only so she could bring them to her mouth and lick her own her nipples. Her hips were gyrating. She wasn’t just thrusting her twat into Michael’s face, Kaylee was grinding and fucking his face. Scared that she was about to fall off the counter, Michael grabbed onto her thighs and held her in place. With Kaylee’s fat butt suspended in mid air, Michael bit down with all his might on her clit. Poor Kaylee exploded. “Oh, oh, Michael, ah fuck, oh my god, no, Michael stop, oh shiiiiiiiiit!” If you are familiar with female ejaculation, you will have an idea as to what happened to Kaylee. Her pussy literally exploded on her brother’s face. Cum was dripping down her thighs, you could almost hear it splasing off the floor. Kaylee was only semi-conscious now. Her hair was plastered to her face, part by sweat, part by her brother’s dry cum. Her tits were covered with cum and saliva. She was broken, completely dominated.

Michael stood up, his cock oozing pre-cum. He pulled his sister off the counter and down to her knees. He had to hold the top of her head to keep her from falling. He then vigorously started to jerk off, just inches from her gorgeous little face. The whole thing was so surreal, he only lasted a couple of seconds. One, two, three, and finally four, thick, hot, streams of his cum landed square on his sister’s eye, chin, forehead, and cheek. Kaylee didn’t even to try to move. She simply licked her lips. Most of the cum dribbled down onto her tits and hung off her large nipples like rain drops. Micahel looked down at his pathetic slut of a sister, “Well, it’s only fair. I mean, you drenched me with your cum. I had to repay the favor.”

Michael wasn’t done. He didn’t want to just break Kaylee. He wanted to own her. She was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. He was going to make sure she was his. He was past caring that it was his sister. In fact, it made him want it more. He wanted her life to be filled with as much despair as his life had been. As fucked up as it was, he wanted to crush all the dreams and hopes that had made her such a proud little bitch.

They went into their parents’ bedroom. Michael practically dragged Kaylee. She still hadn’t recovered from the last orgasm. Her legs were weak. Her mind was numb. She knew she should stop. She had worked so hard and accomplished so much. She was losing it all. But, it was just sooooooooooooo big. That dick was soooooooooooo big.

Michael laid on his parents’ bed. This fact wasn’t lost on him. Fucking his bitch sister on their bed was the biggest turn-on of all. He laid on his back and his cock stood straight in the air. Kaylee wasn’t sure but it almost looked bigger. She gasped when she saw it, “Oh my god, Michael. That fucking cock. Oh my fucking god.”

Michael could feel he was losing it. His dick was ready to explode. He barked at Kaylee, “Ride my dick. Ride it. Take all of it in that big pussy of your’s. Fuck me Kaylee. Fuck your dirtbag brother. Come on attorney, shove this cock up your hairy cunt. Do it.”

Kaylee couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to but she couldn’t. She stood over her brother and grabbed the tip of his dick. She slowly began to guide it’s bulging head into her sloppy cunt as she straddled him. Kaylee had a pussy that was larger than normal. That, coupled with the lubrication of all that cum allowed her to take her brother on without too much of an effort. After a few moments of adjusting her ass, she had him completely inside her. His dick filled her soooooooo deep, in parts her boyfriend couldn’t dream of reaching.

Michael was in heaven. Kaylee’s pussy felt great. He reached up to play with her tits and gently massaged them. He then began to raise his hips up and fuck his sister, thrusting in and out of her hairy vagina. Michael continued the pace and then picked it up gradually. He could hear Kaylee’s tits slapping up and down. His sister was whimpering from the pleasure, “Oh Michael, oh, oh, oh, wow, yah, oh, Michael, fuck me, please, pleasssssssssssssse.”

His sister’s begging turned him on even more. He started to fuck her quite hard, like a jack hammer. After the third or fourth thrust, Kaylee’s eyes completely crossed and bulged out of her head. Her mouth opened all the way wide and a trail of drool could be seen dripping from the corner. It was like she trying to speak but couldn’t. Her head began to shake like a bobble head. Her normally olive skin turned beat red and her eyes rolled square to the back of her head. Michael’s balls exploded into his sister. He shot load after load into her hairy twat. He almost became nervous. For a moment, he thought he fucked his own sister to death. But, it turned out he just fucked her into unconsciousness. Kaylee collapsed onto his chest as Michael stroked her hair and whispered, “See bitch. You’re mine now. You belong to me. And what’s even better, your life will be as fucked up as mine, if not worse. Welcome to my world Kaylee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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