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Disclaimer: This story is strictly fiction. All participants are 18 or older.

Driving home, the rain made the dark winding road seem all that much longer that night. The violent storm wreaked havoc, throwing leaves and small branches in front of us all the way. Finally we made our way up the driveway and parked. Running to the house we were both drenched.

Standing on the porch I suggest to Amanda that we both get to bed. She had school tomorrow and I had to be at work early. She kissed me goodnight and headed to her room.

The light from Amanda’s bedroom cascaded out onto the dark hallway carpet through her partially opened door.

As I started to shut my bedroom door, I glanced across the hall, peering into hers. She was standing there toweling off, listening to music. Amanda’s back was to the door, her perfect young form silhouetted in the brightness of her bedroom light. I secretly watched from the darkness as she gracefully moved to the soft beat. The towel around her waist soon loosened and fell as she rocked her hips. Her tight young ass was flawless! Perfectly round, white cheeks outlined by a gorgeous tan. I smiled to myself at what a hottie, my now 18 year old, daughter had become and shut my door.

A bolt of lightning woke me at around 3 a.m. To my sup rise I had a pounding erection. I laid there, trying to remember what I had been dreaming of. A flood of warmth swept over teach that-bitch porno my cock as I recalled the last thing I had seen before I went to bed.

The rain pounded loudly on the roof and a chill crept into the house. I got up to adjust the thermostat. Passing by Amanda’s open door I glanced in. Her bed was cast in an amber glow from the night light on the wall next to it. Her precious body barley covered against the nights cold. I quietly entered her room to pull the blankets back over her. Soundly sleeping on her stomach, I lifted the comforter. Unintentionally, I exposed her naked beauty. The sight of her silky flesh bathed in the soft pink light spawned my first taboo thoughts. I quickly placed the covers down over her and left the room.

Laying in there in my bed, listening to the rain, I began to justify me feelings. I hadn’t been with a woman since her mom and I split up, over a year ago. And here, just a few feet away, was soft tender flesh that I could easily touch without waking. Amanda wouldn’t have to know and if she did wake up I could just pretend to be adjusting her covers.

The thought of sneaking into her room and feeling her soft ass took hold like a wildfire. I was so erect I couldn’t sleep. Images of my hand caressing her tight buttocks drove me crazy. The fantasy grew and I imagined it might even be possible to slide my erect penis down the teamskeet porno crack of her ass.

I got out of bed and slowly made my way back to her room. I stood there for a moment, aroused at the taboo I was about to break. Kneeling at her bedside I carefully slipped my hand under the sheets. Touching her leg then running my hand lightly up her thigh, it was so warm and soft.

Reaching the tight flesh where her legs meet her ass, I followed the sweet contour of her roundness until my hand was on top. Stroking her delicate skin I pulled my hard cock from my boxers.

Fondling her with one hand, I began stroking my shaft with the other. I listened carefully for any change in her breathing , but she was sleeping soundly. I began thinking about how it would feel to slide my hard erection lightly between her ass cheeks.

I stood and quietly pulled back the sheet revealing her perfect little ass. Leaning over I carefully let my dangling cock slide across her tight skin. I hadn’t felt this sensation in so long. Putting my swollen rod between her legs I ran it upward to her pussy. The tip of my engorged cock pressed softly up against her hot hole, but then continued slowly up over her ass.

I was getting so worked up I thought I should stop before I ended up waking her. I knelt back down moving my hands back to her ass and then ever so gently between her parted legs. I ran my fingers tecavuz porno cautiously over her tight pussy. My anxious fingers parted her smooth labia. Slipping my index finger inside her, she moaned softly, but did not move. I wondered what she was dreaming of as I continued sliding my finger in and out of her hot body. Her legs parted, startling me, and for a moment I stopped in fear.

But it was obvious she was enjoying it. Leaning over I placed my face between her legs. I stretched my tongue to taste her sweet juices. Penetrated her with the tip, I heard a soft moan. When I could take it no more, I stood and let my throbbing cock rub against her sweet legs. I came in an explosion that covered her tight little ass with my shiny cum. After I regained composure I gently cleaned her up.

Amanda awoke the next day with no idea what had taken place the night before. To my relief nothing changed from our usual morning routine. “Hey, since I had to work on your 18th birthday last week, what do you say I pick you up from school and we go shopping,” I surprised her. “Seriously? OK, I get out at 2:30,” she happily said and kissed me on the cheek.

All that day at work I thought about Amanda’s sexy, young body and how I was going buy her the shortest and tightest outfits we could find.

Getting her to wear little mini skirts instead of jeans was easier than I thought. She loved the clothes and stockings we bought, saying how her mom would never approve. “Only wear them when you’re with me!” I smiled “and your problem is solved!” I winked. The next week was pure fantasy land. Parading around the house in super short skirts and sheer tops, she made my life exciting again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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