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Well Diary, who would have thought that I would get to have this much fun with my brother? It wasn’t quite as simple as perhaps I’d thought it would be after I let Grant know that I was knowingly fucking him.

I’d abandoned him in bed and rushed off to work, which gave him a lot of time to think. Boys shouldn’t think too much, because it just leads to trouble. Grant wasn’t home when I arrived home so I set about cooking a nice dinner for us, looking to celebrate the fact that we would be able to talk openly and have lots of sex.

Grant came home and was kind of cagey and struggled to meet my eyes when he was talking to me. It took some coaxing to get him to sit down and let me know what the problem was. It was quite simply the fact that he knew that having sex with his sister was something that he shouldn’t be doing. He was struggling with the fact that he really enjoyed it and wanted more. At least once we got to that point we were moving forward. I assured him that I wanted it too and that if at any point in time either of decided that it should stop, that it would. It seems so simple when I type it out, but trust me, it was hours of conversation all over the apartment. When I finally had him agreeing to what I wanted, we were sitting at the little table in the kitchen again having coffee.

‘So like are we going to share a bed now or something?’ Grant asked me when it was getting close to time to sleep for the night.

‘You know, I kind of like the idea of still having separate rooms, but fucking when we want. I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not looking for you to be my boyfriend, just a fuck buddy kind of thing.’

‘Wow, sounds ok to me,’ he laughed.

‘I don’t want you to hold back either.’ I too had been thinking during the day (though clearly not the way he had) and wanted him to know what I wanted him to do.

‘What do you mean?’ he asked me.

‘When ever you want me, let me know and there’s a good chance you can fuck me. And if I am asleep or sleepwalking and you get the chance to take advantage of me, do it. You have no idea how much it turns me on to think that I could wake up with your cum dripping from my pussy and not even remember it getting in there.’

‘Seriously? You want me to fuck you in your sleep?’

‘Yes, I give you permission to do anything you want to me as long as it doesn’t hurt me.’

‘Holy shit.’ I could see his imagination spinning up to speed and enjoyed the different emotions that crossed his face. I wondered what that permission would mean for me and felt myself getting wet thinking about it.

‘So if I pulled my cock out now and asked you to suck it …’

‘Why don’t you try it and see what happens?’ I asked, excited. Grant stood up from the dinner table and quickly worked his cock free of his shorts.

‘Nikki, will you suck my cock please?’

‘So polite,’ I grinned, crooking my finger for him to come closer to me. ‘Of course I will.’ Grant walked to my side of the little table and I grabbed his rapidly stiffening cock. I pulled him so that he stepped close to me, between my legs and I wrapped my lips around him, sucking him deep into my mouth. God I loved sucking his cock. I loved the feel of it sliding over my tongue, probing against my cheek, being thrust as deep as I’d take it. I moaned around it as he thrust at my face, loving the fact that it was happening at the dinner table. How fucking dirty!

Grant’s hands moved to my head, his desire guiding him as he tangled his fingers in my hair and fucked my face. I grabbed his balls and rolled them in my hand, then wrapped my other hand around his shaft, pumping it, wanting him to cum for me. I kept sucking, licking and pumping and before too long was rewarded when he came with a vocal cry, emptying his balls into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed until he had nothing left to give me.

I grinned at him as he sat back, scooping a little bit of cum that had dribbled down my chin back into my mouth.

“Thanks Nikki,’ he said, smiling.

‘You’re welcome,’ I replied, picking up my coffee to finish it.

I think he was still a little stunned that it had happened so simply and he appeared completely unsure as to what should happen next.

‘Relax, I have no expectations Grant, if I decide that I’m horny enough to need you, I’ll be sure to let you know. Right now I think it’s time for bed.’

I headed off to bed wondering if I’d stay there, wondering if perhaps Grant might even come to visit me now that I had given him permission. I think sucking the cum from him was a mistake though. Nothing happened.

When I woke up the next morning I was disappointed. I was surprised at just how much I had apparently been hoping for something to happen. I rubbed myself a little and then got up, sighing that work wasn’t going to allow me the luxury of a long sleep in or even the time to masturbate properly. I quickly showered and then set about dressing for work. I pulled a bright red thong from my underwear drawer türbanlı porno and paired it with a black cotton bra. I was about to pull more clothes on when I decided to be cheeky and went out to the kitchen to have breakfast in my underwear.

I sat at the table eating my cornflakes wondering if Grant was going to appear. I wasn’t sure what time his first class was, so he may have been going to sleep in. I heard the toilet flush and grinned. Grant shuffled sleepily into the kitchen wearing the boxers that he’d slept in. When he saw me sitting there, his eyes bugged out, bringing a big grin to my face.

‘Morning sleepyhead.’

‘Yeah, um, morning,’ he replied. He grabbed some bread and popped it into the toaster before turning back to take another look at me.

‘New breakfast outfit?’ he asked, eyes roaming up and down.

“Thought I’d try something different,’ I teased. I glanced down and was pleased to see that his cock was hardening in his boxers. He knew where I was looking and coughed, a little embarrassed.

‘This is going to take some getting used to you know. It’s weird enough that you’re so open about checking out my cock, let alone walking around the house like that.’

‘Oh I’m sure that you’ll be ok,’ I laughed.

‘Can I see your tits?’ he asked quietly, obviously only just starting to test the notion that he could ask for what ever he wanted whenever he wanted.

‘Of course!’ I put my spoon down and reached behind my back to release the clasp before hanging my bra on the chair next to me. My nipples stiffened instantly in the cool morning air and I loved the way Grant just stared.

‘You know I’ve got to know them pretty well in recent times, but its still fucking amazing to see you just sitting there like that.’

‘You don’t have to stay all the way over there,’ I replied. He took one step toward me, but his toast popped up, distracting him.

‘Maybe I’ll just enjoy the breakfast view,’ he replied.

‘What ever you like.’

He buttered his toast and spread some Vegemite on it, eyes struggling not to flick back to me all the time. When he’d done that he came and sat at the table, spending most of his time admiring my small tits. I played up to it, partly for fun and partly because the whole situation was getting me horny. I pulled and tweaked my nipples and massaged my tits for a bit, knowing that his must be getting cock hard beneath the table where I couldn’t see.

I wasn’t sure what to do next. Part of me wanted to jump him, part of me just to tease him. I decided to go with the tease and to make him be the initiator if he wanted more than that. Having finished my cereal, I stood up and deliberately stretched, arms high above my head, elongating my body. It flattened my tits against my chest, but that did nothing to shift his eyes from them.

‘Time for me to head to work then,’ I said, moving over to slip my bowl and spoon into the dishwasher. I stepped close to Grant and he tentatively reached for me, but pulled his hand back at the last minute. I retreated to my room to dress, frustrated and horny.

That night as Grant prepared dinner, I sat around where he could see me, once again wearing less than I normally would have. I was still wearing my red thong from that morning and had pulled on a tight fitting t-shirt after discarding my bra. I was rewarded with my brother walking around the kitchen at half mast the whole time he was prepping. I expected him to ask me to take my top off again or something, but he showed incredible restraint and in the end I went to bed with nothing having happened. I could have screamed. How the hell could he resist me? I thought 18 year old boys were walking sex machines. Fancy having a hot sister willing to do anything you want and doing nothing about it. I let it go and went to sleep, thinking that if nothing happened the next day, I’d tackle him on it then.

When I woke up the next morning I was in Grant’s bed. I had my pyjama top on, but no pants. I dipped my hand to my pussy. It wasn’t just wet. It was cummy. There was no sign of my brother. I grinned to myself. My fingers played around and soon I was masturbating, rubbing my clit with delight.

I hadn’t quite managed to cum when I realised that Grant was standing in the doorway watching.

‘You fucked me!’ I said. It was a gleeful statement rather than any sort of accusation.

‘You really like that I did that to you in your sleep? Do you remember?’

‘I have no recollection at all, it’s fucking awesome.’ Grant was only wearing his boxers and his cock was rapidly hardening again.

‘Let me suck you while you tell me about it,’ I demanded. Grant came over to the bed where I had him lay down on his back. I climbed between his legs after ripping his boxers off. I held him in one hand and started to suck his cock as he related what happened the previous night.

‘It wasn’t that different to a lot of the other times to be honest,’ he started. ‘I was sleeping but was woken by the sound türk porno of your door opening. I was about to get up and see where you were going when you appeared in my room. You were wearing your pyjamas and climbed into my bed. You just laid there and I was left rock hard next to you wishing that you’d do something more. I mean, it’s fucking hot when you start playing with me and I think you’re not even aware of it. Or maybe that never actually happened?’

‘It happened,’ I assured him.

‘Anyway, after watching you walk around in that sexy thong all night I was too horny to just let you sleep there. I wanted to find out if you were really serious about letting me do anything I wanted to you as well. So I pulled off your pants and started playing with your pussy. Then when I had it nice and slippery I climbed on top and stuck my cock inside. You slept through the whole thing, even when I exploded. I felt bad just leaving you full of my cum, but you’d said you wanted it, so I got off, rolled over and went to sleep.’

The last was uttered with something of a strangled groan as I plunged my mouth as far as I could down his cock and held myself there. I needed to fuck him again.

With a gasp, I released him and then quickly moved to straddle his cock. I sunk down on it with a cry of pleasure. Grant reached for my tits, squeezing them. I quickly pulled my top off so that he had better access and then bounced up and down on him.

‘You’re the freakiest fucking sister ever,’ he laughed, his hands dropping to my waist as he thrust himself off the bed to ram his cock hard into my pussy each time I descended on him.

‘And you fucking love it!’ I said to him.

‘Damn straight!’

‘Cum in me again Grant, fill my cunt, I need it so bad,’ I demanded as I fucked him. He responded enthusiastically and soon was spurting deep inside me. I sat back on him and frigged my clit to orgasm.

‘Now that’s what I call a good morning,’ he grinned at me. I leaned forward and plunged my tongue into his mouth, kissing him long and deep.

‘Thanks Bro,’ I said before dismounting and heading for the shower.

I was under the water when I heard the door open.

‘Mind if I join you?’ he asked me.

‘Not at all!’ I replied happily.

We spent the next 10 minutes washing each other. There was no sex, but there was a lot of intimate touching and when Grant was washing my back his hand slipped down to my butt regularly. I loved it when his hand slipped all the way between my, legs. A couple of times his fingers brushed over my anus and I wondered whether he was doing it deliberately.

‘Ever done a girl’s bum?’ I asked him.

‘What, like fucked it?’ he asked, surprised.

‘Yeah, or licked it or fingered it.’

‘Um, no not at all.’

‘Well, keep it in mind, even if I’m asleep.’

‘You’re kidding.’


‘Holy fuck.’

I laughed at him, but once again the time pressure of getting to work kicked in and I had to rush to get through the rest of the morning and get to work on time. I was horny all day. I bet Grant was too.

When I came home I dug around in my clothes until I found a tight little pair of lycra exercise shorts. I didn’t bother with underwear, I wanted them clinging to my curves. I had just finished admiring myself in the mirror when Grant called to let me know he was going to a bar with some friends from uni. That ruined my plans for the evening.

Instead of sitting around teasing Grant, I watched some crap on TV and eventually went to bed. Worse, I woke up in my own bed. I was alone and not in the slightest bit used. How perfectly ordinary.

I decided to make up for it by being even more ruthless the next morning. I got up, showered, went through the make up and beauty routine and then simply didn’t dress. Rather than dress skimpy, I had breakfast in the nude.

When Grant stumbled out of bed just before I was due to leave for work, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. ‘Er, good morning,’ he muttered, trying desperately to clear the sleep from his eyes.

‘Morning indeed,’ I replied a little tersely. He didn’t pick up on the nuance in my voice, probably because he was too busy ogling my body. His cock sprang to attention. I watched as he adjusted it inside his boxers to get comfortable, giving it a squeeze.

‘Fuck. Nikki, could you please suck my cock?’ he asked, walking toward me.

‘Sorry Grant, I have to finish dressing for work.’ I stood up, leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek (just so that my tits brushed against his chest) rubbed past his cock and left him in the kitchen.

I hurriedly dressed, pulling on a black thong, matching bra, white blouse and a high waisted skirt that pulled the blouse in beneath my breasts, accentuating them nicely. I finished with bright red stilettos and then casually walked out past Grant, swinging my butt as much as I could in the tight skirt, knowing he was watching.

I came home to find Grant in the throes türkçe alt yazı porno of preparing a nice dinner. He even had a cook book out.

‘Wow, what’s the occasion?’ I asked him.

‘Oh no special reason, I just thought that I should show a little more appreciation for how awesome you’ve been living here with me and all.’

I grinned at him as I walked toward him. My stilettos brought me much closer to his bare footed height and it was easy to pull my head to his and slip my tongue between his lips. The kiss fired up as our tongues duelled within our mouths and our hands eagerly explored each other’s bodies.

‘What would you like me to wear for dinner?’ I asked him.

‘What you have on is perfect he told me. There’s something so fucking sexy about you looking all professional.’

‘What even better than what I had on this morning?’ I asked.

‘Well not necessarily better, but sexy in a very different way.

‘You know, sometimes less isn’t better.’

I nodded, understanding that leaving some mystery added to the allure sometimes.

‘Well, if I don’t get to change, there is one thing I’ve been meaning to do all day,’ I said to him. I squatted on my heels and fished out his cock so that I could suck it into my mouth. I had been intending to hold out on him even longer, but the fact that he was going to the effort of cooking a nice dinner overcame my crappy mood. Besides, I wanted him so bad that it was hard to stay mad at him.

I took my time enjoying his hardening cock and its smooth skin until he tugged away from me apologetically.

‘God knows I don’t want you to stop Nikki, but I don’t want to ruin this special dinner.’

I sighed and left him to it, going to the fridge to get a bottle of wine instead. I found a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and unscrewed the cap. I fished a glass from the cupboard, feeling Grant’s eyes on my bum as I stretched for it. It turned me on so much knowing that my brother was lusting after my body.

‘Wine?’ I asked him, turning to show him what I was pouring for myself.

‘No I’ll have a beer though thanks.’

I went back to the bridge and grabbed him a beer, having to move a cucumber out of the way in order to reach it. As my hand closed over it I was reminded of Grant’s nice hard cock and by the time I was sitting at the table with my wine, dirty thoughts were again zipping through my mind.

I shimmied my skirt up and sat with one foot on the chair next to me so that Grant would see my black panties whenever he turned to face me. I loved the double take it caused when he finally noticed. Of course having noticed once, it wasn’t long until he struggled to pay attention to what he was doing with the food prep. I decided to step it up and bug him even more. I rubbed myself through the thong, moaning at how good it felt. I didn’t even have to pretend with the moaning. It would have been harder not to.

Grant was struggling to concentrate on his cooking. His cock was rock hard and I was in the opposite direction to the one that he needed to be facing to finish his prep.

‘You’re dinner is at risk here you know,’ he said to me, his eyes struggling to break away from the sight of my fingers which had now progressed inside my panties.

‘I’m sure I’ve eaten worse,’ I laughed at him.

He turned his back on me and with a study in concentration, focused on his preparations. I moaned more, but it didn’t work. Apparently he’d found his inner mettle. I’m not sure what brought my mind back to the cucumber, but I thought of it and grinned. I hopped off my seat and took it from the fridge. He glanced at me, but not for long enough to see what I had grabbed.

I took a seat again and as I had before, lifted one foot onto the adjacent chair, my skirt hitched well up and out of the way. I rubbed the tip of the cucumber against my panties, feeling them mashed against my wet pussy lips. It was such a tease, feeling the hard nub of the fruit unable to penetrated because of the fabric.

‘Well this just won’t do,’ I said. I put the cucumber down on the table with a bit of a thump and then stood up and shimmied out of my thong. I sat back down, noting that Grant had once again avoided peeking. It couldn’t last. I picked the cucumber up again and in a matter of moments had it between my lips. I moaned as it slid inside. It was nice and fat and stretched me wonderfully. I hoped that my vocal performance would finally break Grant’s concentration, but it wasn’t to be. I had one hope left.

While holding the cucumber inside my pussy with one hand, I picked up my thong and threw it at Grant. It sailed over his shoulder, travelling further than I had anticipated. It hit the wall of the kitchen and dropped on the bench in front of him. ‘What, you think I’m some sort of rock star?’ he asked before he’d even turned around. ‘You’re throwing underwear at me?’ Then he did turn around and saw what I was doing. I love that shocked look he gets on his face when I completely surprise him.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ he asked, as if it wasn’t obvious enough.

‘Just having a bit of fun,’ I groaned, pushing it deeper, watching Grant’s eyes watching it disappear. He came closer to me and pulled his cock out of his pants.

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