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“So, then I pulled down his pants and it was sticking out right at me! I put my mouth around it and started deepthroating his dick.”

“Nice! How big was it?”

“About three inches!”


“Fucking hot!”

“Yeah and when it came time for business it was so nice too! We fucked for literally an hour and by the end I wasn’t even sore!”

“Isn’t that the best?”

“Yeah, I swear I hate big dicks!”

“They’re just so gross and veiny. I’ll take a cute dick I can suck on for hours any day.”

Lilly said as she sat around at the outdoor table at Panera with her friends Sara and Keosha. They loved to gossip about men and talk shit together.

Lilly loved dick, specifically smaller ones. You could suck on them without gaging and your man could fuck you for as long as you wanted without you needing the whole next day to recover. Anything over five inches was too big and gross, but she was impressed any time she was lucky enough to fuck a man with two and a half inches. Of course, you didn’t want it to be too small, with a one-inch dick you just wouldn’t feel anything, but anything from two to five inches was virtually indistinguishable when it was inside of you. Big dicks were fucking ugly though and she only ever slept with a man with a big dick when he had a nice body other than his bursa escort cock.

“I swear, guy with small penises are just so much sweeter and in touch with their feelings!”

“I also kinda prefer small guys because, if I’m gonna be a hoe before I get married- and trust me, I AM, then I don’t want it to be noticeable when I get married to my future husband. I don’t want him knowing this housewife was a hoe.”

“God, I need to get laid” Lilly announced.

So, the next day Lilly texted her friend Damon, who she had slept with before and she knew had a small dick. He happily accepted her booty call and came over that night with a bottle of wine and a DVD copy of Batman Forever. They ordered a pizza and started watching the movie.

“For some reason I thought Bruce was an old man in this and he had some young guy he was training to replace him?” Lilly asked.

“Oh no, you’re thinking of Batman Beyond. That’s a good one too but that’s actually a TV show.” Damon corrected.

Lilly couldn’t take the mundane conversation anymore. She wanted to get off and she wanted to get off now. She turned Damon’s head and passionately kissed him, shoving her tongue down his throat. Practically fucking his throat with her lustful tongue. She tore his shift off of him, and her yoga pants. In her cute bursa escort bayan white panties, her curvy ass pushed and stretched the fabric. Damon quickly took those off of him and as soon as he did, she laid on the couch, grabbed Damon’s head and suffocated him in her pussy.

Damon licked her clit and fingered her pussy. Getting Lilly really, really wet. Finally, she came.

“Ahhh, fuck. Good boy! Now it’s your turn.” Lilly whispered with a sexy, devilish grin.

Damon dropped his boxers revealing his cute, sexy three-inch dick and plunged it into Lilly’s hungry pussy. With Lilly on the couch and her legs behind her back, Damon thrust in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck me harder! Give me that cute little itty-bitty dick!”

Damon grunted in agreement and Lilly easily took his little member. His dick sloshed back and forth in her flooded fleshy cave. Since he was little, her tight pussy did not wrap completely around his cock and the lubrication reduced the friction. Allowing him to last longer. He pumped in various positions, missionary, doggy style, prone-bone and amazon position. His little cock punished that pussy the best it could. And it was not long before Damon felt the cum rise up into his penis and start splurting all up inside Lilly.

“It’s okay! I’m on the pill!” escort bursa Lilly screamed.

Once they were done Lilly pulled up her stretched white panties up. Cum poured out of her pussy making them wet as she sat on the couch waiting for Damon to come back from cleaning himself up in the bathroom. She loved fucking his little dick because it was like barely scratching an itch, making you go crazy until eventually the itch was scratched and it put you over the moon. The ecstasy just took a little more time is all. Once, he got back they finished watching the movie.

Since she wasn’t sore, Lilly decided that she wanted to go for round two. This time she wanted to ride him. His cute little baby dick kept falling out of her sopping wet pussy, but they would always just laugh it off and he’d thrust it back in. There was something about being on top and with a man with a small, unintimidating, penis that made Lilly feel dominant. And women would be the dominant sex on Earth if it wasn’t for the men with the big monster cocks that took what they wanted. But Lilly wouldn’t fall for it, not anymore. Small cute penises were enough for her, and it’s not like she every came from penetration anyway. As long as a man knew how to use his mouth, he was golden in her book. Besides, there was just something cute about tiny dicks when they got all hard.

The next day Lilly walked from her downtown condo to work wearing the same cum soaked panties that had been ruined the day before. As she walked, she thought about her pussy.

Not even sore. She thought. God, I love little dicks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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