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It was a warm June day when I left home and headed to an even warmer climate. My destination was Cayman Brac for a week of relaxation and scuba diving. I’ve been a regular at a resort in Cayman Brac for several years and after I became an instructor, the dive shop treats me as one of their own. I’ve asked them to pair me with newly certified divers who don’t have a partner.

Everything about the day was uneventful, which is how I like my day of travel. The first night after dinner, all the divers gathered in the shop to get their gear. There were three without dive buddies so two were paired together and the remaining diver became my buddy. Her name was Lisa.

She was close to my age, tall, brown curly hair and a nice figure that was accented by a tank top. She was neither a ‘looker’ nor was she plain but she did have green eyes that lit up with her killer smile.

Introductions were made and as I expected, she was new to diving. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable we felt with each other in the very beginning. It felt like we had a mutual attraction from the get go. She was not the least bit shy and after a few minutes of conversation I felt sure we were in for an enjoyable week.

We were checking out the gear Lisa was renting when Tim, our dive master, came over. “Hi Lisa, I see you’ve met Larry. He’s a great diver and also an instructor so you’re in good hands.”

“Thanks Tim. I feel certain that Larry will take good care of me.”

We adjourned to the bar and after ordering some red wine, found a table by the pool where we could chat and get better acquainted.

“So Lisa, what got you interested in scuba?” A question I ask all my new students.

“A few months ago a couple that my boyfriend and I know, got certified and were all enthused about it. I liked their idea of the four of us taking scuba trips together. I should have seen the warning signs because it took some coaxing by the three of us to talk my boyfriend into taking a diving class. The short story is that he freaked out in the pool session and not only bailed out of the class but dumped me too. I guess I should be grateful because I had been considering moving in with him. Now I’m free to enjoy myself and this trip. How about you, what’s your story?”

I certainly liked what I heard. “My story is similar except mine started with a divorce several years ago. There were things we talked about doing when we dated and it all turned out to be a total lie. Taking up scuba was one and, like you, I enjoyed it; enough so that I became an instructor. This resort was the first place I came to as a new diver and I’ve been a regular ever since. I’ve even taken some advance classes from Tim to give me the credentials needed to become a dive master instructor.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. Tim wasn’t joking when he said I was in good hands. As you know I’m new to all of this and ah … I don’t know what your plans are for the week but I hope we can do more together than just be dive buddies.”

She gave me that tantalizing smile and I took a deep breath. “I would like that very much. My goal is to relax and enjoy.”

“I like that.”

“What kind of work do you do?” I asked.

“I’m a project coordinator for a construction company in Grand Rapids. My job is to support the project managers in the field. My last job was on a power plant in Canada. The work is intense but I enjoy it. The hard part is using the vacation time I accumulate. What about you?”

“I’m an engineer at a power plant. I’m involved from the design all the way to check out of various projects including some major construction.”

We shared stories about the things we’ve seen in our line of work and how much we had in common. Good wine and great company make for a beautiful evening but it had been a long day and when I caught myself trying to suppress a yawn I suggested we call it a night. I walked her to her door and as we faced each other, it was all I could do not to kiss her. Much to my surprise and delight, she leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you, Larry for a wonderful evening. Would you swing by at 7 and we could do breakfast together?”

“I can’t think of a better way to start the day.”

Needless to say, I had Lisa on my mind and a stiff member that needed my attention. I was encouraged by our interaction and conversation. I certainly hope she would be more than a dive buddy. I fantasized about getting naked with Lisa and it was her hand around my cock, jacking me off.

I arrived at Lisa’s door at the appointed time and she looked terrific. She greeted me with a big smile and I threw caution in the wind, yielded to temptation and gave her a brief kiss on her lips. When I pulled back and looked at her, she had an even bigger smile and kissed me. Our lips were parted and our tongues did an intimate dance. It was all I could do to keep my hands off her. We hugged and I was certain she could feel my growing dick against her middle.

“Good morning to you too,” she said.

I smiled and said, “Wow. bahis firmaları And here I was afraid my kiss was being too forward.”

“And I was hoping you wouldn’t take long to kiss me,” she replied.

My heart was racing, my swimsuit was constricting my erection, and my mind was in full sexual fantasy mode. I deftly made a wardrobe adjustment and took some deep breaths to regain some composure.

I made my mind shift gears by discussing our first dive together. Lisa was very interested in hearing about this diving area, knowing I had been here many times. She was a good listener and asked excellent questions. I felt confident in her dive training and told her so.

On our way to the boat, we stopped by the shop to get our gear. I suggested we leave our tee shirts and shorts in our lockers and put on our wet suits there rather than wait till the boat ride. She agreed and, after she slipped out of her shorts, she pulled her shirt off. She then gave me a big smile.

“Looking good madam,” I said as I gazed with delight and lust at the way she filled out her one piece.

I didn’t hesitate removing my tee shirt and after seeing that no one was nearby, I pulled down my shorts. I like to wear a Speedo that is about the size of men’s briefs. I also have a smaller one for a backup. The outline of my erection was clearly visible and Lisa’s eyes never left it as I stepped out of my shorts.

“Looking good yourself,” she said with a big grin.

We exchanged a quick kiss and headed to the boat. Once everyone was on board and gear stowed, Tim gave his safety briefing. The dive site was about a twenty-minute boat ride which allowed us the opportunity to chat with some of the other divers. I couldn’t help but notice how Lisa kept looking at me and when I glanced her way, she was usually smiling.

We did two morning dives and they were great. I enjoyed finding small critters for Lisa to see and I used my slate to write down their names. The ocean is a different world and she was truly excited about the experience. Once we were back on the boat, we had some time to wait before our second dive. She was all ears listening to the other divers talking about what they saw. She turned to me and said, “There is so much to see and learn.”

“That my dear, is one of the fun parts about diving. Many divers keep a log of what they’ve seen and also learn about the fish and critters’ behavior. A good diver never stops learning.”

She smiled and said, “I’m half tempted to send my ex-boyfriend a thank you note for not completing the class and also for dumping me.”

I squeezed her hand and smiled back. I was thankful too.

The second dive was just a magical for Lisa as the first. I could tell she was a bit more relaxed and moving about with more ease. Back on the boat, she asked Tim and me about some of the fish she had seen and we did our best to try and identify what she described. I suggested that over lunch we look at the reference books that are at the shop.

Once the boat was back at the dock, everyone headed to the rinse tanks with their gear. We hung everything out to dry and Lisa said she wanted to change into a different swimsuit before we went to lunch. I decided to do the same and dropped her at her door and went to my room to put on my other Speedo. If she thought the other looked good, I wonder what she would say about my smaller one. Even though I was encouraged by Lisa’s playfulness, I had to remind myself to just let things happen as they may.

I put on a tank top I had purchased from the shop last year and a pair of shorts and headed over to her room. She opened the door and I looked at her and said, “Wow! You look terrific!” She was wearing a lovely black cover up that revealed a small red bikini. She looked very sexy.

“I almost didn’t bring this but now I’m glad I did.”

“Me too.”

We had just started our lunch when Tim came by and joined us. He brought two reference books for Lisa to look over. One book was on fish ID and the other on critter ID and between the two of us we were able to identify many of the animals she had seen earlier. She was very excited and thanked Tim for a great first day.

After lunch, I said to Lisa, “What’s your pleasure for the afternoon?”

“The pool and some adult beverages. What’s your drink of choice?”

“I’m not a beer fan so I tend to drink whisky sours or Manhattans.”

“I’m not a beer fan either and I like your choices.” She grabbed my hand and said, “First round’s on me.”

We were lucky and found a pair of lounge chairs with an umbrella. I pointed out to Lisa that you can burn very easily in the Caribbean sun.

I grabbed a raft from the bin by the pool and we jumped in the water. I put the float beside her and told her to jump on and I’d push her around. She quickly complied and lay back with her legs hanging over the sides. I placed my arms under her knees and began to walk around the pool with the water about chest high. That put her high in the water and my face a few inches kaçak iddaa from her crotch. The slit between her pussy lips was well defined by her bikini bottom and it had my mouth watering. My swimsuit barely contained my hard-on.

“Isn’t this great,” she exclaimed as she splashed her hands in the water. “A perfect day and I love the view.”

“I like it too.”

She looked at me and I gave her a wink.

“Well, there’s that too,” she said with a laugh. I felt her shift a little and I swear she spread her legs a bit more.

After a few minutes she said, “I’m getting hot, let’s change places.”

I didn’t object but I sure was enjoying my location and activity.

When I mounted the raft, I duplicated the same positon with my legs. Lisa gave me a grin and placed her arms under my knees. There was no way she couldn’t see my erection because it took up most of the swimsuit.

“You look very sexy in that Speedo,” she said and returned my wink.

What’s a guy supposed to say? I decided on a safe response and said, “Gosh, ma’am, thanks.”

Suddenly she stopped and placed her hands on my ankles. She slowly moved them up my legs to my swimsuit.

I looked at her and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just curious about something.”


“Well I noticed this morning you have a very nice hairy chest but your legs are bare and I wanted to feel them and check them out. They are very smooth and I know this sounds silly, but … ah … do you shave your legs?”

I laughed and replied, “No. It’s just the way I’m built. I’ve found it strange too. Other guys have hairy legs and I don’t.”

We were interrupted when some children came splashing into the pool near us. I jumped off the raft and left it for the kids. “Let’s find a hammock down on the beach,” I suggested.

We were in luck and took possession of the last one. All hammocks are made for two people and, more importantly, they were protected from the sun.

Hammocks are not the easiest things to maneuver into and after some struggling we were side by side, facing each other. I think Lisa was still thinking about our earlier discussion because she took her hand and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and then moved her hand up and down my leg.

I just smiled at her while wishing I could run my fingers over her breasts and up her leg too.

“I can’t get over how smooth your legs are. It isn’t fair that you don’t have to do anything and I have to shave my legs all the time.”

I laughed, “You aren’t the only one making that complaint. I had a girlfriend make the same statement. So I volunteered to shave her legs.”

“Did she let you?”

“Yep. I shaved them and …” Oops, I caught myself.

“And?” She paused and then smiled. “And you shaved her pussy too?”

“Uh-huh,” I said sheepishly.

She closed her eyes and blew out her breath. “All of it?”

“Completely bald.”

“Oh my. That is quite an image.”

I couldn’t help but notice her nipples pushing hard against the fabric of her top. The thought of kissing them ran through my mind. I liked the way this conversation was going so I thought I’d keep adding to it.

“It was an enjoyable activity.”

She smiled and I could see she was enjoying this too. “So how did you determine when her pussy was smooth enough?”

This was bringing back pleasant memories. “I did an oral exam.”

Her breathing was getting a bit harder now.

“Did she reciprocate?”

We were definitely on a path of no return. “A couple of times. She was afraid she might hurt me so after I shaved my cock and balls, she performed an oral exam.”



She closed her eyes and smiled. After she took a deep breath, she placed my hand on her leg. “Do you think my legs need shaving?”

I put her hand on my erection and kissed her. “Do you reciprocate?”

She gave my dick a gentle squeeze and said, “Your place or mine?”

We made a bee line back to the resort. If anyone had seen us, they might have thought we were late for something by the way we practically ran past the pool/bar area toward the rooms.

We picked up Lisa’s razor and headed to my room since I had a double bed. Once inside, shaving was not even a thought. I quickly untied Lisa’s top and pulled the bottoms off. Finally, I was looking at her beautiful naked body. She had her pussy nicely trimmed to accommodate her collection of swimsuits. She was careful pulling down my swimsuit and my erection stood up, tall and proud. She gave it a kiss and held it in her hand as we made our way to the bed.

She quickly was on her back with her legs spread wide as she guided my dick straight to her love hole. She closed her eyes as I slowly entered her hot and wet canal. All that sexual banter and play had me ready to explode and I certainly didn’t want to cum too quickly. When I was fully in, she smiled and said, “Oh my. I like the way you fill me up.”

I was in heaven and thoroughly enjoying the sensation when kaçak bahis she started flexing her vaginal muscles.

“Oh baby, I really like that.”

I pulled partially out and began thrusting, slow and easy. She rocked her hips to match my movements and soon we were in a steady rhythm. We were lost in a sexual ecstasy. Her breathing increased so did my tempo. Soon she was panting and close to a climax so I pushed in deeper and harder.

Suddenly she arched her back and her whole body tensed and then, with a long moan, she climaxed. I stopped and felt the wetness of her orgasm and the way her body shook with each wave.

After a few moments of recovery, I rolled us over while still inside her so she could be on top.

My hands were on her breasts and my fingers were squeezing her hard nipples while she rode my hard cock. At first she was deep and just rocking back and forth but that soon gave way to rising up and slamming down hard. I could feel my balls getting wet as she climaxed over and over.

I was close to my own climax and with her last orgasm, I pushed my hips up and shot my load deep in her cunt.

She collapsed in my arms, breathing hard and her body damp with sweat from her hard ride. “That was absolutely wonderful,” she murmured.

“You’re wonderful,” I whispered back.

After a few minutes, she rolled off so we could cool down. I reached over and traced the small outline of her pubic hair. “Is this your handiwork or do you have it done?”

“I do my own but I’ll be happy to let you take care of it. “Speaking of which … ” And she took my dick in her hand and examined it. “Looks like you did a good job shaving. I’ll just see if you need a touch up.”

She moved between my legs and began to lick my member. She moved to my balls and gently took each one in her mouth. It was erotic to watch and feel her lick my growing dick. An even better treat was when she took it in her mouth and began a sensual blowjob.

“Oooohhhh Yeeeessssss, oh baby that is so wonderful.”

It was the kind of sensation you don’t want to end when suddenly she stopped.

“I want to finish this after you take care of my pussy.”

I looked at her and moaned. “I’ll hold you to that,” I said with a smile. “Grab your razor and follow me.”

I fetched a chair and we followed my hard-on into the bathroom. “I’ve been looking forward to this,” she said.

“That makes two of us.

“I’ve never waxed or shaved my pussy bare before but after we talked about it earlier, I’m excited about having you do it.”

I set her up on the counter and turned on the hot water. I sat down in front of her and pushed her legs wide. I gazed with delight at her beautiful pussy, still wet from our love making.

“Like what you see?”

I placed my mouth on her clit and gave it a long wet kiss. I looked at her and smiled. “Oh maybe just a little.”

The resort supplies various toiletries and I selected one that I like to use. “In case you wonder what I use to shave with, I have been using plain and simple hair conditioner for all my shaving needs for a long time.”

I transferred the conditioner to my fingers and, taking my time, applied it liberally to her pussy. I admired my handiwork and said, “Now we wait for a minute or so to let it work its magic.” I kissed her and said, “I fantasied about us fucking last night but it pales compared to what our day has really been.”

Lisa reached down and took my cock in her hand. “My fantasy was pretty much the same. You’re right. This is even more fun and we have a week to make our fantasies real.”

“Did you masturbate?”

“Oh yes. I enjoy Jilling off all the while wishing it was your fingers on my clit. Did you jack off?”

I laughed. “We think alike, I fantasied it was your hand bringing me off.

“We will definitely make that dream a reality.”

I held the razor and said, “Time to make miss pussy completely bare.”

Shaving her was very easy. I started with the mound and worked my way to her labia. I wanted to make sure it was smooth because dragging a hard member across any stubble hurts like hell. This is one area where waxing has the advantage. Then again, I’ll get to shave Lisa’s pussy a few more times this week. A task I’m sure she won’t object to.

I turned on the shower and while I was waiting for it to get warm, I ran my fingers all over to see if I missed any spot. “Satisfied?” she asked.

“Not yet. I’ll do my final quality check after I give it a good wash.” And a good wash I gave it, too. It helped having a shower nozzle on a hose. However as much as I enjoyed playing with her pussy, I was looking forward to eating it more.

Just as I was ready to turn off the water, Lisa took the soap and gave my dick a good washing. It quickly got hard and she playfully stroked it. “I want to fuck this with my mouth.”

“I’m gonna to fuck your cunt with my tongue first.”

We quickly dried each other and I surprised her by taking her in my arms and carried her to the bed. “Ooh, aren’t you the man.”

I positioned myself between her legs and spread them wide apart. Kneeling down, I once again enjoyed the loveliness of her newly shaved pussy. I looked up and gave her a smile and a wink. “Beautiful.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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