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I was so thrilled to get our first invitation as a couple to my friend’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. I couldn’t wait to dress nicely and dance with you and show off my handsome, fabulous fiance.

Once there, the evening was magical. She had the party in this historic mansion in Rockville. I noticed upon entering just how many stairways and halls and rooms I saw. My mind immediately started having dirty thoughts of finding an empty room with you at some point tonight. Sneaking off. Just the thought of it started to make me feel wet.

The evening was lovely. Nice conversation, good food. But it was really hard to stay focused. I kept drifting off in my mind about sneaking off with you. I tried to pay attention. I didn’t want to appear rude.

We had a chance to slow dance after dinner, just what I was hoping for. Being so close to you. Intoxicated by your scent. Feeling your warmth. Dancing with you is about my favorite thing in life.

My friend did a great job in that the kids were on the other side of the building with their own music. But the adults got to enjoy music that was much more our speed. I held onto you tighter.

As is always the case when I have any kind of proximity to you, I started to feel aroused. Which wasn’t a leap considering I had been day dreaming for a few hours now about finding an empty room where we could fuck.

And of course, you are so in tune with me that you could feel my longing. My nipples were hardened against your chest. You could feel them and see them through my dress. Pushing against the fabric.

And is usually the case, you responded to me. You held me tighter. I could feel the beginnings of a bulge. Ahh, I love this man so much who responds to me as he does. I am the luckiest woman in the world, I thought to myself. I kissed your cheek and whispered I love you into your ear.

You held me tighter. At one moment taking my hand and kissing it. Front and then back. So romantic. I could feel my wetness increasing.

One more dance and I feared I would cum in public. So I slowly started to walk off the dance floor, leading you to follow me.

We meandered off into the mansion. It was much bigger than I initially realized. So many doors. It was beautiful. And romantic. Each door a potential place for us to fuck.

Some doors were locked. But on a higher floor we eventually found a door that was unlocked. And we ventured in.

I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. It has long been a fantasy to fuck you in a public place and tonight I was going to get my chance. I just couldn’t wait. Baited breath.

We stepped in to a very dark room and I felt around for a light switch. I found one and turned it on. But to our surprise, there were already people in the room. And everyone jumped for a moment. Until I saw them more clearly. Another couple. In a half state of undress.

He had her pinned up against a wall, her skirt hiked up, and he was fucking her.

At first everyone just kind of froze. But then the other couple noticed we weren’t just running out the room. We were just pendik escort standing there watching them.

“It looks like we had the same idea,” said the husband of the couple.

“We did, indeed, I replied.” And then I said coyly, “Don’t mind us. Please continue.”

He smiled at you.

One lucky guy to another.

He said to you something to that effect. You’re a lucky guy. To which I replied, “I’ll do anything for him. Anywhere. Anyplace. In front of anyone, if he asked me.”

The wife was pulling at the husband. Eager for him to continue. So he turned his attention away from us and back to her and started to grind himself into her once more.

You and just sort of hung back and watched for a moment. It was sexy and exciting to watch. But, of course, I can watch for only so long.

I left the light on, which didn’t seem to bother them. I wanted to be able to watch them. And I wanted them to be able to watch us. A side of myself that has grown and developed with my love for you.

I reached behind me and started to stroke your cock through your suit. Did I mention how handsome you looked?

I stroked you and stroked you feeling that incredible bulge growing and hardening. Mmmm. Every once in a while I would run my nails over your bulge and I could hear you gasp with pleasure.

I could your hands starting to lift up the sides of my dress. You wanted access to me right now. Your urgency for me makes me all the wetter and hotter.

To your surprise and delight, you discover that I have no panties on at all beneath my dress. Wishful thinking on my part? 🙂 You hand goes right for my pussy. You feel my soft fur and I hear you moan. Your fingers stroke my hair and it feels so good. I need to feel your cock.

We stay like this for a moment. Me stroking you, alternating between my palm and my nails and it electrifies your senses. You running your fingers through my hair, getting closer and closer to my clit with each stroke. It’s driving me crazy.

I open my eyes briefly and I see that the wife is watching me. She’s not even watching us. She’s watching me and her eyes on focused on my pussy.

She catches me looking back at her. And we just stare at each other in a lustful way. Her watching spurs me on. I spread my legs more, hold my dress up higher with my free hand in order to give her a better view. I surprise myself with this bold move. But I really want her to see me. It’s turning me on. That and your cock trying to break free from your pants.

I tell you to take your pants off. And, of course, you do with no hesitation.

You come right up behind me so I can feel your erection pressing into my ass. You know how much I love that. It’s incredible. So hard. So amazing. God, do I want you.

You resume the massage of my hair. And I press my ass back and try to grind into you. So exciting.

I stare at her and she looks at me. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere I say to her, “What do you want to see?”

And to my delight she answers, happy that we were on the same page. “Play maltepe escort with her clit,” she tells you.

I feel your fingers make a straight shot for me. You expertly separate my lips and zero in on my clit.

I groan with pleasure. All the more heightened by her watchful eyes. It’s sort of intriguing now, wondering what she’ll want to see next.

You feel how incredibly wet my pussy is. I ache for you. I need something inside me. I look at her and she can almost read my longing. “Put your finger inside her.”

And you do and I’m so happy. I need something inside me. Some part of you to feel, to clench my around. And your fingers will do until I can have your cock.

Your fingers are exquisite. You feel my warmth and wetness surround your finger. I moan and push my hips back so desperate to feel your hardness against me. “Another finger,” she says. And I feel you slide a second finger inside me and I become delirious. I don’t know how long I can hold out.

We I grab your hand and put it to my breast. You feel how hard and aching my nipple is and you rub it so gently that I almost scream. But I know we have to be quiet for fear of being discovered. Having to be quiet heightens my senses all the more.

“Bring her here,” she says. And I feel your fingers slide out if me. I’m sad. I need you. But excited to see what comes next. You grab my hand and we walk closer to the other couple. You lead me right to her and I stand against the wall next to her. Her husband fucking away. It’s amazing she has her wits about her to even speak.

Watching intently, I turn to you and you know what I want. I lift one leg and wrap it around you. You get close to me and in one swift motion you press against me and enter me. Incredible. I want to scream but I can’t.

I dig my nails into your back and you pound into me as hard and he’s pounding into her.

We got at it for what seems like a blissful amount of time. You feel so good. This is a night I’ll never forget. This is a night I’ll think of and masturbate to the thought of for a very long time.

I turn to look at her, wondering what her next direction will be. She looks at me. Then she asks me if I’d like to switch cocks for a while.

Everyone stops. This is one of these moments that could go either way. But I’m feeling brave. I look at you and tell you that I’ll do anything for you. And you say you’ll do anything for me. And that it’s my decision. I tell you I love you and look at her and say ok.

You both step away from us. And just when you are both about to switch places, “Just one minute. There’s someone I want to do first.”

So you both stand there, two incredible cocks in front of us. She turns to me and I’m breathless and confused. What does she want to do?

“I’ve been wondering how you’ll taste.”

So she gets on her knees in front of me and I lift my leg and she dives right into my pussy and I’m shocked and delighted at the same time. You both are just amazed and you can’t keep your hands off your cocks. I am delirious. Not only kartal escort do I have an expert tongue having at it with my clit, I’m watching two men struck themselves in front of me. It’s better than any porn I’ve ever watched. Ever.

You both seem to be getting more and more engorged. I want to cum with you inside me. But this woman is eating me in such a way that I don’t know if I can wait. You see the look in my eyes and you know exactly what I’m thinking. So you smile at me and say, “It’s ok. Let go. Cum. I’ll make cum again with me inside you afterwards.”

And with your permission and promise of a second, I close my eyes and let the feelings just wash over me. All of a sudden I feel not only her tongue but a finger slide inside me. She strokes my g spot. And there’s only so much I can take. It overcomes me and I let go and orgasm and I have do it quietly so I’m just dying. I want to scream and I know I can’t. And the sight of me cumming, quietly, turns you on even more.

I hear her groan with delight at what she has accomplished. She stands up and kisses me and I taste myself on her. “I knew you would be delicious,” she says. “Taste for yourself.” And she kisses me some more. And she’s right. It does taste good. And the kiss is incredible. So much tongue.

My hands automatically go to her breasts. I grab onto her nipples and just start enjoying myself. But after a moment’s we both come to our senses and realize we have two fantastic cocks watching us and very ready to cum themselves.

I’m torn. I know I said we could switch cocks. But I really only want you. But I have no need to fear. She immediately grabs for her husband, either hungry for him alone or having forgotten the talk of switching partners. Which is ok with me. We’ll just save that for another time. There’s no way we are leaving this party without their phone numbers.

He presses back against the wall and hoists her up and lowers her onto his cock and they start fucking insanely.

I want to fuck you too. I look over and see a chaise.

I take your hand and lead you to the chaise. I look around and see what I’m looking for… a mirror. I angle the chaise so we are facing the mirror. I tell you to sit down.

I turn around and with my back to you I lower myself onto your hard, throbbing cock. Oh my God, you are hard and feel so good. I’m so wet and I glide down on top you effortlessly.

You cup my breasts from behind me. And I tell you to watch in the mirror.

You do and I can see the excitement in your face. Which excites me. You see your cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

Then, you see my put my hand up to my mouth. I slowly and seductively lick two fingers and put them on my clit. And you watch me flick my clit while your cock just pounds into me and it begins to send you over the edge. I riding you, rubbing my clit, my tits bouncing up and down. And you see it all.

I want to tell you I’m close to cumming again and that I want us to cum together. The words never escape my lips, though. I am too far along and I start to cum. You cup your hand over my mouth to prevent me from screaming, lest we forget where we are, and we all fall like dominoes. You can’t hold back and cum with me. Our new friends, watching us intently while they fuck, are sent over the edge, as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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