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I knew there would be a chance of flight irregularities due to a snowstorm forecast for Chicago. I thought I might be able to miss it if things ran perfectly. All the other flights to avoid Chicago were full so I didn’t have many options. I booked a hotel near O’Hare just in case things didn’t work out (as they never do!). My flight left New York a few minutes late, but nothing too terrible, so I thought I still might make my connection to Portland, Oregon.

I was seated in an aisle seat, as I usually did. There was a young woman in the middle seat next to me who was quite pretty despite all of the tattoos and piercings. I’m in my mid 60’s so I have a rather dim view of the “illustrated” youth of today. In my youth, we were about long hair and psychedelics and the only people who had tattoos were sailors. Anyway, the young woman sitting next to me struck up the usual seat mate conversation asking where I was going and for what reason, business or pleasure.

She seemed like a nice girl, probably in her early 20’s. She was well spoken with a quick wit. It turned out that she was going to Portland as well, for a funeral. Her father had passed away due to a freak accident. She said they weren’t close but I could see tears welling up in her eyes despite the lack of closeness. When the flight attendants came around with the beverages I bought she and I each a cocktail. I thought she could use one to take her mind off of her Dad.

Just before we landed she asked me if she could tag along with me while at O’Hare because she didn’t fly much and the place intimidated her. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem and that we would have to move fast to make our connection to Portland. As we landed I could see out of the window that it was snowing quite hard, apparently, the storm arrived early. I grabbed my carry-on bag and after deplaning we checked a departure board and saw that our flight was delayed already. We went to the assigned gate and waited.

“By the looks of the weather and the absence of planes on the ground I don’t think we are going to be leaving tonight.” I said. “We will probably have to sleep in a hotel room. Luckily I booked one at the Hilton here at the airport before we left New York. My name is Joe, by the way.”

The young lady smiled, stuck out her right hand and said, “My name Aggie…it’s short for Agatha. I’m a bit nervous about getting stuck here Joe. I didn’t bring that much money with me.”

“Don’t worry about that. If necessary I can help you out if we get stuck. Let’s just hope our flight doesn’t cancel on us!”

We hung around the gate for over an hour and as we waited, the snow was coming down really hard. The TV monitors in the gate showed the local radar with a huge area of snow moving through and we were on the leading edge. After another hour, our flight cancelled along with every other flight. I told Aggie to follow me as I headed to the Hilton. There was a huge line of people waiting to get rooms but, luckily, I was an elite member with Hilton and was able to go to a special position for quicker service. As I checked in I enquired about an additional room for Aggie. The concierge told me that they were booked full due to a convention in town.

I turned to Aggie and said, “The hotel is booked full as are all of the hotels in the area. I don’t mind sharing my room if you don’t mind. If you do mind, you’ll probably be stuck sleeping on the floor in the terminal. I promise you I will not take advantage of you. Okay?”

“I really don’t want to sleep in the terminal and you seem like a very nice man so, okay.”

I turned back to the Concierge and told him that two of us will be staying in the room. The concierge then informed me that the room had a single king sized bed. I checked with Aggie again and she said that would be fine. We got two key cards and went up to the room. It was pretty large and had a stellar view of the parking lot. It was 6pm and I was feeling pretty hungry and asked Aggie if she would care to dine with me.

“I don’t have the money to eat here!” she cried.

“I told you before that I will take care of that. I can’t watch you starve just because you have no money. So, care to dine with me? It would be my pleasure.”

Aggie relented and so we went to the hotel restaurant. We had a nice meal with a very good red Bordeaux. We got to know each other better while we talked during our dinner. I found out that Aggie was studying at Columbia in fine arts and that she was a painter. She showed me some of her works that she taken pictures of with her cellphone. Despite the small screen I liked what I saw.

“Someday you will be a famous artist and will never have money troubles again.”

She replied, “You are very kind but the chances of that happening are quite slim. I just love to paint! Perhaps I can do your portrait to repay your kindness?”

“I would like that…as long as you can make me look 30 years younger and 60 pounds lighter!”

Aggie laughed and replied, “Why would pendik escort I do that? You are very handsome and distinguished looking as you are. I think you would make an excellent subject to paint.”

“Well, thank you from every old fart everywhere! Maybe we should go up to the room and check on rebooking our flights.”

We returned to the room and I hit my cellphone. It turned out that flights for the next day were cancelled as were most of the next day. Since it was Monday I decided to get us rebooked for Thursday. Hopefully the airline would have things back in order by then. I told Aggie that we were stuck here until Thursday at the earliest and then called down to the Concierge to hold this room for us until then and that she should call her mother and let her know she was okay.

Aggie had the local news on watching a report on the blizzard. It was going to be the biggest storm since sometime back in the 70’s. The huge tract of snow was moving at a snail’s pace on the radar. I looked out the window and couldn’t believe how heavy the snow fall was. I stood and stretched and told Aggie that I was going to take a shower if she didn’t mind. I dug through my bag for my PJ’s and grabbed an old t-shirt for Aggie to use. She thanked me and turned back to the TV.

I quickly shaved and then turned the water on and then stripped off my clothes. I walked into the shower and relished the feel off the hot water on my sore, tired body. I stood there for several minutes letting the water cascade over my shoulders. I then got my head wet and shampooed my hair. I was about to rinse my head when I heard Aggie, very close to me, ask, “Do you want some help?”

I quickly rinsed the shampoo from my head and then looked around to see where Aggie was. She was standing behind me, naked as the day she was born, with a big smile on her face. “What are you doing in here?” I croaked. “I promised you that nothing untoward would happen to you and now you are naked in the shower with me!” I ran my eyes up and down her lissome body. She was very thin with very small breasts. She wasn’t, however, built like a boy as so many thin young women are. She had a nice figure in spite of her petite size. Her vagina was shaved smooth and she had numerous tattoos on her arms, legs and belly. Despite my shock I could feel my penis arising to the occasion!

“I was getting lonely and I love showering with other people…it’s so sensual, don’t you think? Besides I thought you might enjoy it!” And with that Aggie kneeled down and took my constantly enlarging dick into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Aggie was twirling her tongue around the head of my cock while she sucked me hard.

I hadn’t been with a woman since my wife died several years ago and I could tell I wasn’t going to last long. Aggie was doing things with her mouth I had never experienced before. My wife didn’t really like giving head so most of what Aggie did was new. I really thought I was going to pop when she took all of me into her mouth. During this whole-time Aggie just stared into my eyes with a twinkle in hers. I felt my orgasm rising in my balls and warned Aggie of my imminent explosion. She pulled me out of her mouth and began stroking me until my release. I let out a low growl as I began to shoot my load. Aggie had me pointed at her tiny little tits as I let loose with volley after volley of my sperm!

I couldn’t believe how much jism I shot onto Aggies chest. “Oh my god! That was a lot of cum and it was really hot!” She then began to rub it all over her tits and belly. She then stood up and pulled me into a hug, rubbing her body against mine covering me with my ejaculate as well. She then reached up and pulled my head down to her in a kiss. She snaked her tongue in my mouth and I reciprocated enjoying the feel of a passionate kiss. I pulled her under the spray of water and rinsed the result of my orgasm off of both of us. I then kneeled down and decided that turnabout was fair play!

I had never gone down on a woman without pubic hair before. As I got into it I decided that I really liked it! No more stray hairs getting into my mouth or tickling my nose. I got Aggie to spread her legs for me and then I dove in, tongue first! Despite the shower water I could tell that she was quite wet with excitement. I had always liked cunnilingus, despite the pubic hair issue, but my wife didn’t like it too much.

I took full liberty with this opportunity and gave Aggie the tongue job of my life! I licked and lapped between her lips delving into her honeypot as deep as I could. I licked up and flicked her clitoris with my tongue. Aggie threw one of her legs over my shoulder and pulled my head into her pussy hard. I reached up under her and pushed a couple of fingers deep into her depths as I began concentrating on her clit. Aggie was shuddering and moaning as I continued licking and sucking on her clit. Finally, Aggie cried out that she was cumming! She squirted copious amounts of her juice maltepe escort on my chin as she quaked and shook.

Once her orgasm ebbed she pulled her leg off my shoulder and looked at me with total surprise. “Where did you learn to do that? That was the best tongue job I have ever had and I have been with some really talented women!”

I laughed as I processed this last statement. I decided that this wasn’t the last time this girl would surprise me. “I don’t know. I just do what comes natural. I have never been with a shaved vagina before and it inspired me, I guess.”

“Well, for the first time I’m really starting to think that I’m going to like being stuck her with you for three days!”

My mind began wondering what she meant and then began coming up with all sorts of wild scenarios. I could feel my manhood stirring again as I pondered. We then began washing each other which caused me to become fully erect again. Aggie smiled with delight when she saw my erection and said, “We’re going to have lots of fun!” We toweled each other off and then walked into the bedroom. Aggie had, what would be best described as, a painting on her back. I told her that it was lovely and suited her personality. She told me it was one of her paintings. I also admired her cute tushy. It was compact, round and very kissable!

We climbed into bed and Aggie crawled on top of me and began kissing me very hard. I ran my hands over her back and grabbed the globes of her ass, massaging them. Aggie moaned into my mouth as I continued rubbing her backside. Her skin was very soft and I was loving the feel of it. I could feel her very hard nipples press into my chest as we kissed.

Aggies tits were a complete opposite of my wife’s. My wife’s were large and pendulous while Aggies were small and spiky. I rolled us over on our sides so that I could reach and feel Aggies little nubs. I ran her nipple across the palm of my hand feeling it bend with my movement. I then pinched it lightly which got a deep moan from her. “Suck my tits!” Aggie pleaded. I lowered myself down her body and took a nipple into my mouth and began tonguing and sucking it. Aggie moaned louder. “Oh Joe, that feels so good. Bite them for me!” I switched over to her other tit and began nibbling on it getting more moans and groans from Aggie’s lips.

I then reached down and pulled Aggie’s leg up onto my side and reached down and began fingering her pussy. She was really wet (still?) making it easy to slide my fingers deep into her quim. As I continued sucking and biting Aggie’s tits I reached up and began rubbing her clitoris. After just a couple of minutes Aggie had another orgasm as she began shaking and squirting on my hand. “OH MY GOD, JOE! THAT WAS WONDERFUL!” She then pushed me back on my back and straddled me. She reached between us taking my cock and began rubbing it back and forth through her pussy’s lips before placing it at her opening and lowering herself on my staff.

I couldn’t believe how tight she felt as she sank all of the way down. She looked so tiny and fragile perched on me that I was afraid to move in fear of hurting her. She then began to rise up, slowly, until I was barely in and then dropped down, quickly, until I was buried once again. She did this over and over. All I could do was moan as I experienced the exquisite feeling of her pussy. I couldn’t believe this young woman, who was young enough to be my grandchild, was having sex with me with such desire and passion.

I reached out and began rubbing Aggie’s clit with my thumb causing her to moan. “OH GOD! JOE! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” I rolled her over and then began pounding into Aggie’s pussy. She cried out, “YES! YES! YES!” as I thrust in and out of her glorious pussy. My second orgasm of the evening was growing in my loins and I cried out to Aggie that I was close. “CUM IN ME JOE! CUM IN MY PUSSY!” With that I let loose another torrent of my sperm deep into the depths of Aggie’s womb! My spasms seemed to last forever as I kept pumping my ejaculate.

I finally collapsed on top of Aggie gasping for breath. “Oh my god, Joe! I must have cum six times! I have never experienced anything like it! You are the best lover I have ever had!” When I had, finally, caught my breath she pulled me in for another long keep kiss. This girl was so passionate I just hoped I wouldn’t have a heart attack!

I rolled off her after a while laying on my back staring at the ceiling. Aggie rolled her head onto my shoulder and draped an arm over my chest. “I hope you don’t mind that I took advantage of you. You have been so nice to me and I thought I would surprise you in the shower. You really are a terrific lover.”

I smiled, “Well, you did surprise me. I’m a little shocked that you would surprise someone old enough to be your grandfather in the shower! I have to say that I am flattered that you think I’m a good lover. This is the first time I have had sex since my wife died six years ago. I had forgotten how nice it could be, kartal escort so thank you for that! So, what do you say to some sleep. I trust you don’t mind sharing the bed?”

Aggie laughed and said she had no trepidation at all. We turned out the lights, cuddled naked together and fell asleep. I awoke the next morning feeling kind of sore but smiled when I remembered why I was sore. I got out of bed and relieved myself and then made coffee in the small coffee maker in the room. The aroma of coffee got Aggie stirring and she was soon out of bed. She walked over to the windows and pulled the curtains open while standing there stark naked. It occurred to me that Aggie was very comfortable with her body, as she should be. She was a vision of loveliness as she stood there watching the snow fall. I got up and stood behind her amazed that it was still snowing as hard as it was.

“So,” I asked, “What about breakfast? We can either get dressed and head down to the restaurant or we can call for room service. Which will it be?”

Aggie pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t know. Isn’t room service kind of expensive? I don’t want you incurring too much debt on my account. I would be happy to go down for breakfast.”

I laughed and said, “I told you not to worry about expenses. I should be honest with you, I’m actually quite wealthy. I was the CEO of a large corporation for years until I retired 5 years ago, so I made lots of money. That doesn’t count the fortune that I inherited from my wife whose family was rolling in dough. I would have normally flown first class but I booked the flight too late and that is why I was seated next to you. Which, for me, was the happiest of circumstances.

“I gather that you checked your luggage since you had no carry-on so I think we will need to get you some clothes to supplement what you had on you. I’m pretty sure there’s a clothing store attached to the hotel complex, so we will go downstairs and eat and then get you some additional clothes. Sound like a plan?”

Aggie shook her head with a smile and said, “Sure, we can do that. I’m really hungry.”

We got dressed and headed down to the restaurant for breakfast. We were both ravenous after the previous evenings exercise. We both ate heartily while we talked and laughed. Aggie leaned over and whispered, “I wonder if all of these people think you are some sugar daddy or if I’m some prostitute?”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry too much. You’ll, probably, never see any of these people again after this. Now let’s get you some additional clothing!”

I checked with the Concierge regarding a ladies clothing store and he said there were several in the airport and he gave us a list and where they were located. We found one place that had what Aggie needed but were not really her style. But, one must make do with what one has, so we bought her a couple of dresses and some panties (she said she never wore bras). We also bought her a carryon bag for her additional items. We took our booty back to the room and found that the maid had been there already as the bed was made.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’d rather be naked while we are in here! I love watching your big penis swing around when you walk so why don’t you get naked too!” With that Aggie peeled her clothes off and went and stood by the window watching the snow. I laughed and pulled my clothes off too…who was I to argue.

Aggie walked over to an easy chair by the window and kneeled down on it looking over the back while her ass was sticking back towards the room. Her arms were resting on the top of the back of the chair and her chin was resting on her arms. This posture caused her ass cheeks to spread on their own allowing me an unfettered view of her pussy and her cute little rosebud. After a while she turned her head and smiled at me provocatively. I got up and walked over to the chair, kneeled down and stuck my face into Aggie’s ass crack.

I worked my tongue down the crevice of Aggie’s backside and plunged my tongue into the depths of her vagina and my nose at her little crinkled anus. I wasn’t entirely sure of Aggie’s intent but my hope was that she wanted attention paid to her crinkle. I worked my tongue back up and began licking all around her pink sphincter. I was greeted with a deep moan upon touching her anus with my tongue therefore feeling confident to proceed.

My wife may not have cared for oral sex but she did like anal play of all kinds. It was one of the things I missed most about my wife’s parting. I felt confident I would be able to please Aggie’s needs in this area.

As I worked my tongue around Aggie’s anus I inserted two fingers into her pussy, mostly to prepare them for later. I then began to probe Aggie with my tongue. Between my tongue and my fingers Aggie was writhing and moaning constantly. After several minutes of tongue probes I pulled my index finger from her pussy and began pushing it into Aggie’s asshole while my middle finger remained in her pussy. I managed to get my finger into her ass completely after some patient work and began pushing both in and out of their respective orifices. Once Aggie got used to one finger I joined it with the other and then sank my ring and middle fingers into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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