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Dave got out of bed and went to the computer at his desk. His daughter Ellie, a sophomore in college, texted him and wanted to talk. As he set up the video chat he wondered what was bothering her, just a day or so before thanksgiving break. She usually came to him with problems rather than her mother. She jokingly referred to herself as a “Daddy’s Girl”… though she had always been more distant from her mother. Amy was just not the warm, coddling type; instead pushing Ellie to go to college, get a business degree, and follow in her footsteps. Dave, a self-employed contractor, quietly told Ellie to just choose a life that made her happy.

Ellie was already logged on when he came online, and Dave noticed she had been crying as she sat at her desk in her dorm. Dave was always amazed at how beautiful she had become. She was the opposite of her mother, with her curvy body, and long brown hair.

“Hi honey, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Oh Daddy, I broke up with Greg, I found out he was cheating on me, ” she replied sniffling.

“Oh no, what happened?” Dave was actually ok with this, as he never really cared for Greg.

“Well, he just said he wasn’t interested in me any more and then he went out and found someone else.” God I’m so stupid. I should have known better. Ummm, I had sex with him Daddy.”

Dave blushed a bit, and shifted in his seat, feeling uncomfortable.

Ellie smiled a bit. “Sorry Dad, it’s just that I’ve always been able to tell you anything.”

“It’s ok honey, ” Dave said. “Uh you used protection right? And you are still on the pill?”

“Yes Daddy, I just feel used that’s all, I thought Greg wanted me for more than a notch on his bedpost.” Are you disappointed in me?”

“Oh No, honey never. And before you ask, no I won’t tell Mom about the sex part. “

Ellie smiled. “The immediate problem is that he was my ride home for Thanksgiving. He said he would still do it, but I don’t want to be in the car with the jerk. “

“Oh that’s not a problem kiddo, I will come get you tomorrow. ” The campus was about a four hour drive from home. ” I don’t have any work scheduled the rest of the week.”

” Oh thank you Daddy,” she smiled.

They chatted for a bit longer before saying good night. Dave went back to bed next to Amy, who was sound asleep.

Dave told Amy what happened the next morning, before she left for work.

“Ok, just watch the weather, they are talking about snow this evening, maybe a lot.”

“I will, don’t worry I’ll take the truck with it’s four wheel drive.”

“Oh god, you’ll embarrass her showing up on a college campus in a contractor’s pickup.”

Dave smiled, ” No, I’d embarrass you showing up in that truck, not Ellie.”

Amy just frowned, as she walked out the door.

Dave arrived on campus late in the afternoon as the heavy snow was just beginning.. As he drove through he always enjoyed seeing the pretty young girls. It seemed the trend this fall was black tights and boots, and as he pulled up he admired the sexy round ass of the girl facing away from him talking to a friend. His hand absent-mindedly slipped down and squeezed his growing cock, until the girl turned and he realized it was Ellie. She smiled and ran to the truck as Dave quickly shifted his coat and covered his erection.

“Hi Daddy!” Ellie said, “Mom must have flipped when you said you were bringing the truck.”

Dave laughed, got out and tossed her bags into the back seat. “We better not waste much time Kiddo, the snow is getting bad.”

Ok, dad, but can we get a bite to eat first? My last class went through lunch and I’m starving.”

The snow was heavy, and it was dark as they pulled out of the restaurant onto the two lane highway. Dave kept it at forty around the curves. He figured it would be midnight when they got home at that rate. He glanced down as Ellie settled back in her seat stretching, her sweater riding up to reveal her soft smooth belly. She glanced up and smiled, and leaned against him.

“Thanks for listening to me last night, Dad” She said. “I love that I can talk to you about anything.”

“Sure Kiddo, you know I’m always willing to listen.”

“I just felt so hurt, I mean, to think that Greg just wanted to get me into bed, it just makes me feel used, you know?”

“I know baby, some guys are just jerks, you’ll learn to pick them out.” Dave put his arm around her.

Ellie kissed him on the cheek and pulled away. “I did something stupid after I found out, Dad. czech couples porno I don’t want to tell you because you might think less of me.”

“What was it Ellie, I doubt I could think less of you. Did you key his car or something? If so he deserved it.” Dave smiled and Ellie giggled.

“No, I didn’t do that, though I wish I had. Uh, well after I found out I went out and had sex with Greg’s best friend to get back at him.”

Dave blushed, “Oh well, um you know when you are upset you do crazy things. You uh used-“

“Yes Dad I used protection,” Ellie giggled. “That the standard response?”

“Did you realize after it was a mistake?”

“Well, , actually it felt good in a couple of ways, ” Ellie giggled. “Let’s just say having someone to compare Greg to revealed his shortcomings.”

Dave had to laugh at that “Well ok then, that is good I guess.”

“Sorry Daddy, does that make you think of me as trashy?”

“No not at all, enjoying good sex isn’t a crime. Just no graphic details.” Greg laughed.

Ellie glanced down at the bulge in her dad’s pants. “Are you sure dad, part of you seems to be enjoying this conversation.”

Dave blushed. “No, well, you know umm sorry guess I’m a pervert.”

Ellie giggled. “No, I don’t think so. I know what mom is like, I imagine you don’t get to have much fun,” she said making bunny quotes at fun.

Dave blushed again, “Hey you know, we made you didn’t we?”

“That was 19 years ago Dad. I mean- Hey what’s ahead?”

Dave slowed down as they saw flashing lights through the swirling snow. State troopers ahead had blocked the road. A trooper approached the car.

“Sorry folks, the county closed the roads until 6 AM. Blizzard conditions up ahead” the trooper said.

“But officer, my truck can get through. We need to get home.” Dave said.

“No can do, sir. I advise you turn around, and stay in Logansville, lots of people are spending the night there. Things should clear up tomorrow morning sometime.”

As the trooper walked away, Dave turned the truck around.

“I better call your mom and let her know.” Dave said. “I guess we can find a room for the night.”

“I guess she will be pissed” Ellie smiled, “She probably will need to adjust her agenda.”

“She will live, the question is whether you can live spending a night trapped with your old man.” Dave smiled.

Ellie hugged her dad. “Of course Daddy.” She replied kissing him on the cheek.

They pulled into the parking lot of the motel half an hour later. Inside they approached the man at the desk.

“Caught in the storm folks?” he said. “We have one room left, but it’s a single.”

“Can we get a cot in the room for one of us?” Dave asked.

“Yes, I think I have one left, let me check” The man replied, handing Dave back his credit card. The man came from the back wheeling an old cot. Dave wheeled it down the hall to their room.

The room was small, just a full size bed and a desk. Ellie grabbed her bag and went to the shower. Dave called Amy, then settled in the desk chair and flipped through stations on the TV. He thought about the conversation in the truck turning sexual, and her commenting on his erection. God, I must be a pervert he thought, thinking about how he admired Ellie’s ass before he realized it was her outside the dorm.

He only felt worse when Ellie came out of the bathroom, her D cup tits jiggling in a white tank top, and her ass barely covered in a pair of shorts. She noticed Dave glaring at her tits and her nipples hardened when she saw him erect again.

“Sorry Daddy, this is all I had packed to put on.” She said glancing at the bulge.

It’s ok sweetie, ” Dave replied looking her in the eyes and smiling. He headed into the bathroom as she unfolded the cot.

In the bathroom Dave grabbed his cock and began to stroke. Truth was, it had been a few months since Amy had shown any interest in sex, and routine masturbation didn’t quite satisfy his urges. That must be the explanation he thought to himself, stroking his cock and the image of Ellie’s large nipples erect against the fabric of her shirt in his mind. His cock was throbbing in his hand when he heard a crash. He stopped stroking and opened the bathroom door, pulling up his pants.

“Is everything ok Ellie?” he asked. His cock throbbed in his pants as he saw Ellie, back to him , leaned over the cot. The round curve of her ass peeked from the tiny shorts.

“Yes czech estrogenolit porno Daddy,” Ellie replied, turning around. She glanced at the bulge in his pants. “Looks like the cot broke, though, as soon as I sat on it.”

“Oh, well, guess I can sleep in the chair, I’ll just put my feet up. You take the bed.”

“That’s silly Daddy, we can share the bed; there is plenty of room.”

“Well, you aren’t a little girl, Ellie, it’s not really appropriate…”

“That’s silly Daddy, besides you need a good night’s sleep, you need to get us home through the snow in the morning. You know I can’t drive stick shift. If it is that uncomfortable for you I’ll take the chair.”

“No, honey, you are right… we can share.” Ellie smiled and got under the covers. She lay back and stretched, her large firm tits arching in the air as her shirt rode up over her smooth soft belly. “Love you Daddy,” she said and turned on her side and closed her eyes.

Dave undressed to his boxer shorts and lay down next to Ellie, trying to keep a good distance. After about 10 minutes he felt drowsy and turned on his side facing Ellie’s back. He watched as Ellie shuffled and sat up.

“Have to run to the bathroom” she whispered. Getting up.

Dave closed his eyes and tried to sleep when Ellie returned a few minutes later. She climbed back into bed, back to Dave. She slowly slid closer to him until her back was against his chest. Dave felt her bare ass cheeks press and rub against his shorts, growing instantly hard.

“Ellie what are you doing?” Dave asked pulling back. “Why are your shorts off?”

“Just getting comfy Daddy,” Ellie giggled. She reached a hand back and squeezed his cock in his shorts. “Holy cow, you are huge Daddy. My hand barely goes around it.”

“Ellie, stop, this is wrong.” Dave said, taking her hand off his cock, now throbbing and stiff.”

Ellie turned around and nuzzled against his neck. “Why daddy? I love you, and want to make you happy and proud of me. You want to make me happy, right?”

“Yes but…”

“Well, I know Mom doesn’t please you enough, and you’ve been trying to hide your hard-on all night,” she giggled. “And my pussy has been dripping wet since I saw it in the truck. It will be our secret… I just don’t feel bad about wanting you inside me, I’m sorry.”

Dave felt his resistance wane as Ellie pulled his shorts down and grabbed his cock. He felt lust and shame as he was unable to stop her as she slowly took his thick head in her mouth, and began to suck him down, slowly bobbing on the thick shaft. She moaned as she took him deeper and he felt his head in her throat until she gagged. He gathered up her hair and she moaned louder as he began to move her head up and down on the shaft, arching his hips up in rhythm. Ellie pulled up and smiled as she lifted her tank top off revealing her large firm tits. Dave’s cock jumped as she brushed his cock head with her stiff nipples and squeezed her tits around his cock. She smiled as Dave moaned.

Ellie slowly slid up Dave’s body her nipples brushing against his chest. She nuzzled his neck again and whispered, “I love you daddy.”

She took his hard cock in her hand and stroked. “I have to tell you more Daddy,” she whispered nuzzling his neck as she stroked him. “When I said I fucked Greg’s best friend, I actually did his two best friends together. She squeezed his cock harder as he moaned. “it felt so good having one cock in my mouth as another fucked me.” She brushed her hard nipples across Dave’s face.

“I’m a bad girl Daddy, I can’t help it. I want you to fuck me so bad, please Daddy.”

Dave turned her over onto her back and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Ellie moaned as Dave bit it gently then moved to the other, then kissed and licked down past her belly to the soft mound of hair around her pussy.

“Oh Daddy, please, please taste me… no one has ever done it before.” She moaned and wriggled her hips against his fingers. Dave slid his mouth over her pink pussy lips and slid his tongue inside her, and then up to her clit. He swirled his tongue over it as Ellie cried out and her hips shook as she came. “Oh yes Daddy, don’t stop!” she moaned grabbing his hair in her hands and thrusting her hips up against his face. Dave fucked her with his tongue, squeezing her soft ass in his hands as she moaned. Taking a finger he teased her asshole as she cried out again with another orgasm.

“Oh please Daddy, czech experiment porno fuck me. Fuck me now please.” Ellie moaned.

Dave stood up over Ellie, she was on her back, legs spread and looking up at him with pleading eyes, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples; his cock erect and throbbing. His lust and passion taking over he kneeled over her and slid his cock into her wet and tight pussy. They moaned in unison as she clenched around his thick shaft and he began to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first then faster and harder.

“Oh yes Daddy, you sick fuck. You pervert, fuck your daughter nice and hard!” Ellie cried out. The dirty talk made Dave’s cock throb even more and he thrust harder, reaching down and squeezing her tits roughly, pinching her nipples.

“Oh YES!” Ellie cried, coming again, clenching Dave’s cock between her legs. With a grunt Dave pulled his cock out of her and roughly flipped her over. He raised her hips to fuck her from behind.

“Oh yeah. Fuck your naughty girl from behind Daddy,” Ellie moaned, gasping as his thick cock slid in her. She thrust back, barely able to keep her legs up as Dave pounded his cock into her, her soft ass slapping against his hips. She cried out as he gathered her long hair and pulled her head back. She was ready to come again as Dave cried out, his cock throbbing as he shot his cum into her pussy, one load and then another. The feel of his hot cum sent her over the edge and she collapsed down as he shot a third load.

Dave collapsed next to her.

“Oh God, what did we just do?” he asked, coming down from the high of the orgasm.

Ellie turned and lay against him. “Mmmmmm that felt so good,” her thigh brushing against his spent cock. She kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you Daddy.”

“Ellie, this was so wrong,” Dave stammered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. But there was no way something that felt this good could be wrong. I love you Daddy, that is what matters.” Ellie closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. Eventually Dave did as well.

Dave woke up early the next morning. Ellie was asleep next to him, wrapped under the covers and quietly snoring. He felt guilty for the uncontrolled passion of the night before. He wondered how Ellie would feel about him when she woke up. He quietly got up and went to the shower.

Any questions he had about Ellie were answered a few minutes into the shower. When the curtain slid back and she joined him, smiling.

“Good morning Daddy,” she said quietly, as she leaned against him and kissed him. Feeling her soft, firm breasts against his chest as her lips touched his, Dave’s cock hardened immediately against her belly. He kissed her back and moaned slightly as her tongue slid and danced over his.

Trying to muster the will to stop, he slowly pushed her away.

“Oh Daddy,” she smiled. She took his stiff cock in her hands and began to stroke it. “Just relax and appreciate what you have here. I love you and want to please you. I am here for you anytime you want me.” She smiled and leaned against him. “No one will ever need to know either.”

She turned around and rubbed the small of her back against his cock as she squeezed the small bottle of shampoo in her hair, small streams of foam sliding down her back. Dave leaned into her, and she pured as he massaged the shampoo in her hair pressing his cock against her. He took his soapy hands and lathered her breasts, pinching her hard nipples slightly. Unable to wait any longer, he lifted her a bit and she put one foot up on the lip of the tub, spreading enough for Dave to slide his cock up into her.

Ellie cried out as he fucked her fast and hard, his hands grabbing at her tits as he arched up into her.

“Oh fuck yes!” Ellie cried, as she came quickly, nearly collapsing against the wall of the shower. Dave held her up and kept fucking her, his cock throbbing and hard she clenched her muscles around it.

Dave pulled out of her, and Ellie dropped down before him, quickly taking his cock into her mouth. She moaned as Dave arched his hips against her face , fucking her mouth, until finally he cried out, and came, shooting his cum down Ellie’s throat.

She looked up at him smiling, and licking his cock as dave struggled to keep his knees from buckling.

After the shower, they were getting dressed quietly in the room, before they left, Ellie came up to Dave and hugged him.

“Are you ok Daddy?” she asked, pressing her body against his.

Dave hugged her back and smiled. Any will to stop what happened was gone. “Yes honey, I’m fine.” She moaned a bit as he dropped his hands and squeezed her ass. “You are my little girl, here to please Daddy, and you always will be. Now let’s get home.”

Ellie smiled up at him as they left the motel and headed for the car to get home for Thanksgiving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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