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Hello, my name is Paul and I met Carol at the company where I work. Carol was a sales representative who was trying to sell some products to our company. I would chat with Carol while she was waiting to meet with our company buyer. She was a very attractive woman in her mid thirties with slim pale blue eyes and blond hair. She was short, just barely five foot tall but had the greatest ass on her. Her ass was small but was well defined and carried high where it swayed when she walked.

We hit it off and after a few dates, we started a serious relationship. Carol had a daughter in her teens named Dana. Dana and I got along great and as time went on I became the father figure that she had always wanted. Her real father and carol’s ex was a real jerk. They divorced about five ago and since that time, he did little to help them financially or be of support to his daughter. Despite his lack of support, he continued to meddle and try to maintain control over their lives. I spent many a night at Carol’s home but never moved in because of avoiding any custody battles over Dana.

Prior to our relationship, Carol and Dana were having troubles making ends meet and were on the verge of middle class poverty. I made good money and shared my good fortune with the two women that I cared about. They started to enjoy life as I provided nice vacations and afforded a decent standard of living. Dana was the most appreciative as she was able to dress like other kids in high school. She had a hard time trying to fit in when money was tight. I changed their life in many ways.

Carol and Dana had a great mother and daughter relationship. Carol was very liberal with her daughter and never interfered with Dana’s friends or activities, unless Carol sensed that something was putting her daughter in danger. This rarely happened as Dana had a good set of friends and none of them were into drugs. The only time that Carol and Dana would not get along was at the softball games they played in. They played on a team for mothers and daughters which brought out a real competitive side in both of them. It was not mean spirited but they would get into a game where one would try to out do the other.

Carol opened up sexually after we started our relationship. Not that she was sexually naïve but her past marriage left her repressed. She was a wonderful oral lover. Due to the fact that I literally worship her wicked ass, we got into anal rimming. After her divorce, Carol would masturbate to erotic stories downloaded from the net. We explored into this more where I would read her stories while she masturbated and she would return the favor. I was open to almost any story but she liked stories of threesomes where the girls are bi and incest stories about mothers and sons. She is curious about bisexual women but doesn’t have the desire to make it a reality and the mother son thing is a safe fantasy since she had no sons.

We discussed swinging with a threesome and more but she didn’t want to share me with anyone and wanted to just keep it a fantasy. Carol was very self conscious about her breasts. Bearing a child and age had been kind to them as they were small to begin with and now sagged. I got her breast augmentation for her 38th birthday and now she sports a very firm 34 C’s. The surgery did more than make her boobs bigger but the surgery accentuated her nipples. They became almost more noticeable than her boobs.

It was December. Dana was going on her Christmas break and she was going to turn 18 that week. I decided that it would be nice to go to this shopping district in a nearby city where there are upscale shops and the best restaurants in town. It had special lighting for the holidays and is just beautiful to walk the area at night. We made holiday plans to do some Christmas shopping and celebrate Dana’s birthday. After about a five hour drive, we arrived at our hotel in the center of the shopping district. It was a nice upscale hotel with a great indoor heated pool with a 20th floor view of the city.

We got this nice suite where Carol and I had a separate bedroom and Jacuzzi tub and Dana had the living area with a pullout bed from the couch. We were tired from the drive and after unpacking, went for an early swim. Carol and Dana had put on matching red bikinis. In the bikinis, Dana looked like a much younger version of Carol, same eyes, same nose, and same hair. The only exception was that Dana was much taller about 5’7” and skinny. We went to the 20th floor and dove into the pool. Even though the outside temperature was in the thirties, the water was a nice 80 degrees. We relaxed in the pool for an hour and we realized that we were hungry after traveling all day and in fact it was about dinner time. We went back to the room to change.

It was going to be a casual dining and mainly window shopping for the evening. We changed and did a short bit of window shopping and eating but returned early as we were tired. Tomorrow was going to be the big day of shopping. It was also czech taxi porno going to be Dana’s 18th birthday and I wanted to take them to the best steakhouse in the district.

I helped Dana pull the bed from the couch and did what to I could to keep her comfortable with extra pillows and blankets. She went to sleep rather quickly as Carol and I were watching cable in our king size bed. We were both horny but we were even more exhausted and decided that we should get some sleep. We would have fun tomorrow night, starting with a relaxing bath in the Jacuzzi. I woke up about 8 in the morning, made the in room coffee, and called room service to order breakfast. After the coffee was ready, I woke Carol and Dana. After breakfast arrived, we dressed and got an early start on our shopping in the district. By 3 in the afternoon, we had shopped until we dropped. All of us were carrying several bags back to the hotel and I wondered if we put the bags in the car that there would be room for passengers. Carol and I took a nap for about an hour while Dana watched MTV.

Later we got dressed for dinner and headed to the district for the best steak in town. We arrived at the steak house and were escorted to our table. The waiter quickly got our drinks and took our order. Carol had a margarita, Dana had a coke, and I had a VO and coke. After the waiter left, I switched my drink with Dana’s and she appreciated the gesture as a sign of her growing up and turning 18. I’m sure it was not the first drink that she ever had. We had a great dinner and finished with something for Dana’s birthday. Carol and I ordered special cheesecake for Dana’s birthday and Dana was enjoying her little party. We were almost done with dessert when the hostess was leading two masculine looking women to a table.

“Looks like a lesbo couple.” commented Carol

“Mom!” whispered Dana “They might hear you and besides, I thought you were more open minded than that.”

“I am” giggled Carol “but they are so butch and kinda ugly. I guess most of them are”

“Mom, my friend, Suzie, is gay!” prompted Dana “and she is beautiful, you said so.”

“Suzie!” inquired Carol, “your best friend since 6th grade? I thought she was dated someone on the football team.”

“Actually its’ sort of a cover” whispered Dana with a smile, “She is in love with his older sister. He is just a nice guy, doing a nice thing for his sister and her girlfriend. Besides, there is nothing wrong with what they do.”

“I know, there isn’t but as long as I have known her and as many times as she has spent the night at our house, I would have never guessed.” whispered Carol “You aren’t gay are you?”

“No mom!” said Dana and smiled “but I’ll tell you this that there is nothing that feels better than having a woman go down on you!”

“I see” said Carol coyly “Well Miss world of experience, have you ever been rimmed?”

Paul almost choked on his food with that and of all times and all things to get competitive about.

“No, I have not and I don’t know what that is.” said Dana reluctantly

“OK” smiled Carol knowing she won that one, “Paul, you explain it to her.”

I must have turned 10 shades of red and thought how did I get in the middle of this?

Pausing for a moment and trying to figure how I would explain anal rimming to Carol’s daughter. “I think” paused Paul, “that it is something better experienced than explained with words and when I find the right words to explain the experience, I will tell you”

Carol was about ready to laugh but I nudged her in the ribs and Dana just looked at us like we were crazy. This battle over, I quickly got the check and we headed back to our hotel. The air outside was cold and we could see our breath as we walked back through the decorated district. I hoped that room service had my surprise for Dana ready.

We entered our hotel room and as I was removing my coat, Dana came over and gave me a big kiss and hug. On the table was a iced container of champagne, three fluted glasses, and card reading “Happy 18th Birthday Dana”.

Carol whispered in my ear, “Do you think it is OK for her to drink?”

I replied “You are only 18 once and this stuff is pretty mild. Maybe it will make her sleep better and we can have some fun!”

I popped the cork and poured the golden liquid into the glasses. Each of us took a glass and toasted Dana on her birthday. We drank our champagne and chatted about the stuff we had bought today. Dana sat on the couch to watch some cable. I refilled two glasses

and took them to the Jacuzzi. I started to fill the tub and poured some bubble bath into it.

While the tub was filling, Carol and I changed into our robes. Dana heard the Jacuzzi starting to run and come over to us.

“You guys” said Dana “Its’ my birthday and I don’t get to use the Jacuzzi? That’s not fair!”

I looked into those sad blue eyes and said “If you don’t mind being with your Mom and me, join defloration porno us if you like” That got me a sharp nudge in my ribs from Carol who was looking to have some fun with me. Dana went back to watching TV. After about 20 minutes, we figured that she didn’t want to be with mom and I, so we got naked and slipped into the warm bubbling water. Carol was sharing my lap and we were drinking the last of our champagne when Dana walked. She was wearing her robe and carrying her glass of champagne.

“I changed my mind” Dana said “I love you two and this has been such a great weekend.

There is no difference between all of us in the swimming pool or in the Jacuzzi.”

“Dana, honey” exclaimed Carol “We aren’t dressed!”

“That’s OK” said Dana “neither am I” as her robe fell to the tiled floor. “Its’ not like I have not seen you two naked before.”

I just glazed at her beautiful nude thin body. How nymph like she was and a natural blond like her mother. Carol started to feel a rise between her thighs and I got another sharp nudge in my ribs from Carol. Dana slid into the water across from us. For awhile it was very quiet as all of us relaxed in the hot bubbling water. The bubbles started to disappear as the water ran through the jets and Carol’s breasts came into full view.

Dana took her last sip of champagne and said “Mom, you boob job is so great. I think that I’ll get one when I get older.

“Enjoy your natural ones while you’re young” giggled Carol “and when you want a boob job, don’t make them too big”

We chuckled and Dana said “I really want to thank the two of you for this wonder weekend. I ’m going to hate going back home tomorrow. I just wish I had a bed instead of that sleeper sofa.”

“I’m sorry honey” said Carol “I didn’t know that it was uncomfortable. We could have gotten adjoining rooms or something”

“That’s OK Mom” said Dana, “I should not complain”

“Dana, you can sleep in the king size with us” said Carol, “there is plenty of room and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable” Carol got a sharp pinch on her butt from me. “Paul and I would not have it any other way”

“Thanks, guys” said Dana “I’m getting out as I’m becoming a prune in here” Dana

eased slowly out of the tub as she was very relaxed, slipped on her robe, and headed for our bed. The water was starting to cool down and we followed suit. I turned on the cable as we relaxed on our bed. “Mom, what do they feel like?” inquired Dana

“What does what feel like?” asked Carol

“Your boobs” said Dana “ I mean, do they feel like your natural ones or what?”

“Of course they feel different but they feel good and they do make me feel better by myself” said Carol “Even my nipples stand out more and they are more sensitive than before”

“They do” said Dana “I think your nipples make your boob job look so good. Can I touch them? I mean I have only felt your natural ones before when I was little”

“Sure honey” smiled Carol

Dana sat up and untied Carol’s robe, exposing her upright breasts. Dana moved her hands lightly across her mother’s breasts. They were so round and so firm. Dana moved her fingers to Carol’s harden nipples and massaged each one. Dana then put her index finger in her mouth and took that finger and rubbed it across one of Carol’s nipples. Carol was enjoying this attention from her daughter and Dana sensed that it was OK to do more. Dana bent over and placed her mouth over her mom’s left nipple. While feeling Carol’s breasts, Dana started to suck on her mother’s breasts. I was enjoying this and getting hard over the scene transforming before me. Dana slid her hands down along Carol’s waist, opening her robe, and totally exposed her mom.

Dana eased out of her robe and whispered in Carol’s ear “I’m going to show you what a great feeling it is heading head from another girl.” Dana moved her head between her mother’s legs and Carol open them obligingly. I could never have imagined this or planned this but I was certainly going to enjoy it. I removed my robe and while observing Carol and Dana, started to stroke myself. Carol was in heaven as I observed her with her eyes closed, a smile of satisfaction, and his hips slowly moving as Dana was giving her mother head.

I started to look at Dana’s ass. It was so unlike her mother’s as it was thin, flat, and bony but I knew that I had to get a taste of it. I leaned over to Dana and whispered “Honey, you are going to experience what I could not describe in words.” I spread her legs apart and ran my fingers across her cheeks. They felt very sleek and smooth. I began to kiss from her hip across each cheek. I spread her cheeks apart and ran my tongue along the inside of each cheek and saw her small pink rosebud. My tongue ran down the center of her butt crack and started to lick and dart at her rosebud. Dana let out a small moan and intensified her tongue on her mother’s pussy.

I slid my finger across her wet clit doktor ofisi porno and eased it into her pussy hole. Dana let out a gasp as I worked my finger to its limit while tonguing her ass. Carol was close to climax as her moans got louder and she pushed her hips into Dana’s face as hard as she could. Carol relaxed down and was starting having little orgasms as her stomach muscles quivered.

Carol looked to the side to see my face in Dana’s ass. Dana looked up at her mother and said “I’m so hot from this, make me cum!”

Carol moved to the side and whispered to me “I want to see you make my daughter happy.” She raised Dana on all fours and then sat cross legged to watch and touch herself.

I got up on my knees and guided my cock into Dana’s pussy. It was so warm and tight.

I stopped for a moment to savor the sensation of young pussy and started rhythmically

to pump her pussy. Dana glanced to the side and made eye contact with her mother and smiled. Carol was enjoying the show and rubbing her clit.

Dana buried her face in a pillow for awhile and started to moan “fuck me, fuck me” as her hips started to buck against mine. Dana was cumming hard as I pumped her and then I pushed hard, filling Carol’s daughter with my hot cum. We moved slowly in unison until both our orgasms subsided and as we broke apart, Dana rolled on her back.

Carol leaned over to me and said “that was so wonderful. I love you two so much” Looking at the sweat pouring off me, she said “go get a shower” I got up and gave both of the girls a kiss and headed to the shower. Carol lay down next to Dana and smiled.

“Did you like that?” smiled Carol

“Paul is an excellent lover. The best I’ve had in a long time.” replied Dana “did you like what I did?”

“Oh I loved it but I don’t think that I can return the favor, not just yet.” as Carol loved lovingly into Dana’s eyes, “It was the best head I have ever had and don’t tell Paul I said so. You would only hurt his feelings. You know Paul is my partner and he is not yours to share when you want. Only when I say it’s OK. You understand?” Dana nodded and smiled.

“You can call Paul, Daddy, if you like. We both would like that.” Said Carol “So, you learned to do all that from Suzie?”

“Mom, Suzie and I learned so much together when we were younger.” explained Dana “We learned about masturbation together and tried stuff like French kissing and oral sex.

We are still best friends but Suzie is gay and I like guys so we only do stuff once in a great while.”

“I see” said Carol, “Looking back, I should have been the one to teach about masturbating but I was not as open minded back then. We can still do it together once in awhile. That would be fun, just you and me getting ourselves off. Maybe I’ll read you a hot story while you touch yourself”

“I would love to do that with you” smiled Dana “I have often thought doing that with you. Sounds like he is done in the shower and I need one too.”

Dana got out of bed and walked cross legged to the shower trying to keep the cum from running down her leg. I passed by her, gave her a quick kiss, and sat next to Carol. Carol and I hugged, kissed, and smiled into each other’s face. “That has to be one of the greatest sexual moments in my lifetime.” I said “I still can’t believe we did that.”

Carol smiled and said, “I didn’t plan it to happen, it just did and I loved it. Dana did too. I really felt in control and if things were going too far, I could have stopped it at anytime but once things start, you want to see where it goes, I suppose. Now Paul, I want experiment once in awhile but don’t get the wrong idea. Dana isn’t not yours to screw when you feel like, you are my partner and I love being one on one with just you. OK? ”

“Yes” I nodded “and since Dana is 18 and there will not be any custody issues, I think we should talk about marriage or at least living together” I don’t think that I ever saw a bigger smile on Carol’s face than then. Carol started to play with my cock and said that would make her very happy. She had me stand up and she got on her knees and began to put my cock in her mouth. There is nothing like the feeling of growing hard in Carol’s mouth.

Dana walked in from the shower and said “You look happy, Daddy”

Carol pulled away, smiled at Dana and said “Come join me.”

Dana kneeled next to her mother and Carol guided my cock into Dana’s mouth. She started to move her lips up and down my shaft while Carol played with my balls. Dana pulled back and licked some precum across her lips.

Carol said “Daddy, lay on the bed” which I did and then Carol asked Dana “You do that pretty good, do you swallow or watch it squirt?

“Both” smiled Dana “but I love the taste of a guy’s cum the best”

Carol had Dana lay across my stomach and she started back to sucking me. Her flat chest and hard nipples felt so good pressing on my skin. Carol raised my legs so she could lick

my balls and later tongue my ass. I was in heaven. Even though I had cum a short while ago, I could feel a big cum getting ready. Carol moved away from my balls and began to caress Dana’s face as she bobbed on my cock. She pulled my cock out of Dana’s mouth and put her hand and Dana’s hand to work stroking my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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