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* Work of fiction and everybody is 18+ years of age in this story.


Since I was a kid, I accompanied my Mom (nicknamed ‘Dimple’) wherever she went in the afternoon as she didn’t want to me to be home alone. Like many other Indian housewives, she loved spending her free time doing things that my Dad would not approve of – like shopping for things that my Dad wouldn’t buy for her, hangout with her friends that my Dad don’t like and so on. In other words, explore her freedom and leisurely do things between 1pm to 7pm till Dad returns from work. Now that I was 18 buy she would still ask me to accompany her but not so frequently.

One of the things Dimple loved most was getting her hair done. No matter what the occasion was, but yes, she loved spending hours in a local hair salon. The salon was for women clients only but the stylists were both men and women. Mr. Kay, a professional certified male hair stylist in his late 30s was her “man” during her visits. Why am I saying this? You will learn that soon. Kay, himself was a handsome tall guy and no less than George Clooney in his looks. I watched Kay spend hours stroking, blow drying, coloring, straightening Dimple’s natural long black waist length hair. As a kid, I thought length of her hair is directly proportional to number of hours required on a salon chair. Her 3 feet (36 inches) long hair needed at least 3 hours of grooming. The salon used to be empty/vacant in the afternoon and hence not all stylists were required to be present in the salon due to low business hours. Dimple used to fix her appointments with Kay at least twice a week. At times there would be an impromptu visit around 5pm but for marks head bobbers porno not more than an hour. I used to unofficially accompany her for those ones too.

A typical visit would be like me entering the salon with her. Kay would handover couple of comic books and TV remote so I get drowned in my fantasy world. While Dimple would go and sit on a salon chair, facing those huge mirror with light bulbs around it. She would stare in Kay eyes with lots of glow on her cheeks and frowning eyes. Dimple would either sport a huge hair bun just above her head or in a long thick braid. In that case, her braid would go past her waist.

If it was in a bun then Kay would simple use his big palm and slowly twist her bun counter clockwise. This would make her bun slide all the way from top of her head to her neck and hit the back of chair. And within no time I could see her long and loose hair. This view was mesmerizing. I didn’t know why but yes it was. Not only for me but also for my naughty classmates. I studied in all-boys school.

And if her hair was in a long braid then Kay would stand right next to her chair, lift her braid with both of his hands and keep her braid on her shoulder covering one of her breasts. He would then chat with her sharing ideas, styles, do’s and don’ts etc. Later he would slowly start with pulling off that tiny rubber band at the very end and slowly undo her braid inch by inch. She always listened to him with great interest and slowly shake her head in agreement.

I would be watching all of these steps from 12 feets away with partial interest till I see Kay getting in his act. massage porno Some of my classmates shared rumours about Kay having a thing for Dimple.

He would usually stand on the right of her chair and with his left hand, he would start massaging back of her head. He would continue massage for several minutes while he would be caressing Dimple under her ears or upper neck. At times he would discretely hold one of her hand. Their palms joined and fingers tightly holding each other. I thought of it would be part of massage process. Her eyes would be closed with no smile on her face. After almost 10mins he would leave her hand and stop massaging. There would be a short break and during this I felt she look highly aroused but I might be wrong.

Kay would then revolve her chair away from the mirror. Make her face away from the mirror (it means she is facing me). She would give me a smile and point at my magazine with her finger…asking me to concentrate in reading and not at her. I would try to do so but couldn’t. But honestly, I was always interested in what would happen next. Kay would walk get closer to her head full of hair. Make her head bend forwards. And he would slowly collect all of her heavy hair in his both hands to flip it over her face. Picture this, all of her hair over her face while she bent forwards…she would not know what Kay is doing to her…everything would be a surprise. Kay would slowly run his fingers in her hair starting from his head and progress towards the ends. He would then spray a little water in her hair.

Kay knew I am watching and would wink at me. At times he would ask me to assist him with spraying meet-suck and fuck porno water in Dimple’s hair (while she is not looking). I knew Dimple couldn’t see me. I never said no for this task and grabbed the bottle. Standing in front of that thick black silky hair and slowly spraying water in her hair would give me goosebumps. As I continued spraying water all across her hair, Kay would run a large comb in her hair. He had to apply a little pressure to make the comb dig and run through her hair. This continued for few mins and Kay would smiling wink at me and point me back to my seat. The entire experience of spraying water in her hair watch dry strands turn into wet silk would give me mixed feelings about how I liked her.

Next, he would flip all of her hair on her back and revolve her seat again facing the mirror wall.

During a blow dry session then he would get her hair washed on a different seat where she would face the ceiling wearing headphones. Kay would apply shampoo in her hair and let it soak for few mins. He would then offer me to help him blow-dry her hair by holding the dryer. He taught me to follow his comb while I am holding a blow dryer. I loved this part as her hair was long and thick.

She didn’t mind me assisting Kay. There was a reason behind this. Not because she wanted me to become a hair stylist some day. But because she wanted me to be comfortable with Kay touching her. At times, I would notice Kay quickly brushing his hand on her cheeks, or neck or at times on her breasts. Specially while massaging her neck, he would run his palms all over her face then slowly slide to her ear, neck and end with a quick pinch on her nipples. I would hear an impromptu ‘Ouch’ coming out of Dimple. But if I looked at her then there would be no expression or reaction on her face as if nothing happened. Kay would hug her both at the beginning of the session and even at the end. But it was not a courtesy side hug…but a full frontal deep hug.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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